Bernie To Americans: "Sure, You'll All Pay More Taxes... But You'll Get More Free Stuff"

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the runner-up for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2016, told an audience on CNN Wednesday night that Americans would be happy to pay more in federal income taxes if he could just explain to them it would mean they’ll get more “free” government benefits, including health care, child care and college.

As's Derek Hunter details, in a televised debate against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Sanders told the audience the American people would support his economic vision if only he were able to explain it to them.


“If we can explain to people, ‘Yeah, you’re going to be paying more in taxes. It’s going to be a progressive tax system,'” Sanders told the crowd,


“‘The wealthy are going to pay their fair share, not the middle class, not the working class, but everybody will pay some more. But you’re gonna get free health care, and maybe you’re gonna get free child care, and maybe your kids are gonna be able to go to college tuition-free. You know what? You’re gonna better off than under Ted’s system.'”

Sanders recently introduced a Medicare For All bill to extend the government-run health insurance program for the elderly and disabled to all Americans. His bill, which has garnered support from one third of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, would extend benefits not only to all Americans, but to illegal aliens as well.

Additionally, as Justin Caruso reports, Cruz said, “Let me just ask, since this is a tax debate, what is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat on taxes?”

Sanders paused for several seconds before saying, “Well, I don’t know the answer to that because I don’t know…”

Cruz cut him off, saying, “I don’t know either.”

Sanders then launched into a sales pitch on democratic socialism, saying,

“But here is what I think. As a democratic socialist, similar to the people in Denmark and Sweden and Norway and Finland, people who have by and large a much higher standard of living than we have, people who guarantee health care to all of their people as a right, where kids have free, free preschool education, where retirement benefits are much more generous than the United States.”

He added, “I believe that in a civilized society, people, especially those on top, should be asked to pay their fair share so that every man, woman and child in our country can have a decent standard of living.”

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It's better than spending all your shit on MIC

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"And best of all, it will score me a new mountain getaway to go with my beach house....."

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So if Iz gots nuffin' I can live fo free.  Sheeeeit.


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Entitlements work both upward and downward.

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Euro zone must seek convergence of living standards: Commission

Scary,   Is this where Bernie would take us?





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More correct:

Entitlements works upward. The crumbs downward. 


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... because the government is so wise at spending your money today.

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As opposed to paying more in taxes so Trump gets more free shit? Because that's what we got.

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Most people who voted for Obama will vote for this. You can't fix stupid.


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lol awesome those are trumpkins!! true red white and blue murhicans rofl

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How dare you???  Don't you get it?  It's ok for our tax dollars to go towards spending on CIA slush funds, and big military contracts, and keeping the Bush's oil interests protected, and bailing out banksters and insurance companies (even if they fucked up), and making sure large corporations can engage in stock buybacks, etc... But spend a single fucking dime on poor people or the middle class - well that's socialism buddy!  And we all know that socialism is bad ..m'kay we except when it's socialism for rich people and banks and the MIC, m'kay?

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About what I expected - ZH readers who froth at the mouth at the mere mention of the word socialism but are unable to comprehend the fact that the crony capitalism rampant in the US is just as bad - if not worse. 

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Why don't we just recover the $40trillion (and counting) from unaccountable adjustments of annual accounting to government departments BACK TO THE PEOPLE, get rid of the IRS, and pay for all of this without the need for fiscally divisive discussions?  Cut the Free Shit discussions because those who have been paying into the system since 1997 have already paid for the debt AND the free shit.  Look it up.

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It's a lot worse than that. California for once did a realistic estimation of how much it would cost to provide medical for everyone in the state. They came up with $10,000 per person annually which of course also funds the biggest government agency the state has ever seen. Add 4 zeros to 335,000,000 and you get 3,350,000,000,000 or 3.35 trillion dollars which is just about what the entire receipts of the federal government amount to. Then they borrow another trillion or so dollars. Just the medical for everyone would double the taxes of the taxpayers. The companies and corporations are already paying some of the highest taxes in the world. Doubling the taxes on them would shut down almost every business in the country.

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"It's better than spending all your shit on MIC"

LOL! Where do you think all that extra tax money will go? Do you really think that higher taxation will go into actually helping the public?

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Commies have infected many sectors of America. Bernie and Obama are an examples.

Hillary and Bush are examples of a rabid neocons.

Be alert and support Americans for these elections coming up in November.

Stay away from Commies and neocons.

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Commies and neocons ; a rose by any other name......

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“Taxes are the price we pay for civilization” - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Same as “Rape is the price women pay to avoid being murdered”

Hey Bernie: fuck you
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The quote comes from a time when income taxes were maybe 10% of what they are today.  Now they're the price we pay for rampant parasitism.

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Stalin and Hitler also wanted the wealthy to pay their "fair" share. Funny, how the socialist narritive never changes. On the subject of paying the fair share, what percentage of your excessive income do you pay in taxes comrade Sanders? Effing hypocrite.

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You can bet it makes perfect sense to his moronic supporters.

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It is only because of free market kike charlatans that people lost faith in the ability of the white man to practice good business.

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The white man has been priced out for sometime now.

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Bernie, where does the money come from, exactly, and how do you propose to get it?


larceny noun  lar·ce·ny  \ ?lär-sn? , ?lär-s?-ni \

plural larcenies

:the unlawful taking of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently was arrested and charged with larceny

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'Bernie Sanders lost the Iowa Caucus by .03 percent. In other words, Bernie would have won if six stoners had managed to get off the couch '

    ~ Conan O'Brien

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it comes from the computer, spent into existence, it automatically becomes part of the national debt.  they don't need taxes to pay for anything, they create USD.  long as we have abundance (and not scarcity) there is minimal risk of inflation.  the real question is what happens to the exchange rate if the us government  starts printing tens (or hundreds) of trillions of dollars per year for all of this fiscal (or social) shit?  would think the value of the dollar will collapse internationally.

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Election : An advance auction of stolen goods, ie larceny by proxy.

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So when people don't have any wealth or property to take, THEN where do taxes come from?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Well, thats been the problem with socialism/communism throughout the ages.  Sooner or later, you run out of other peoples money.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

I demand free Dom Perignon, free Bolivar Coronas Gigantes...and free, HOT, Ukranian women!

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Bernie Sanders’s Kibbutz Found. Surprise: It’s Socialist.

50 years on, Bernie Sanders still champions values of his Israeli kibbutz

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What a socialist .

Pay more taxes - what a dolt.

Goverment nanny in the U.S. for all.

Glad I left 

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Dried-up scumbag preaching to rubes and takers

taketheredpill's picture

Or....cut Military expenditures?


Sliced into ribbons's picture

How dare you not support the troops. Now stand up for our national anthem!

ItsSnowingInColorado's picture

Demonize the developer, doctor, and university. Then demand their product.  

Housing is a human right, property rights are not a right. Go to any major democtratic/socialist metro, they make development so dififcult the only people who can build are large corporations, and the .gov. 

The government doesnt like competition. 

E.F. Mutton's picture

I'll buy that for a dollar Bernie! 

Hey, dude, loan me a dollar?

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I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. I promise, the pension funds will be there waiting for you on retirement. 

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As a democratic socialist

That's exactly what (((they))) called themselves in the Weimar Republic, too.