Hurricane Ravaged Dominica: "It's All Gone" And Fighting For Survival

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In just the blink of an eye, island life on Dominica was turned upside down.  Like Puerto Rico, Dominica was violently ravaged by Hurricane Maria, and residents are still fighting for survival.

The wooden frames and scattered, water-damaged belongings are all that remains of some homes of on Dominica, which was ravaged by Hurricane Maria last month.

Without warning, the storm rapidly accelerated from a Category 3 to a Category 5, and residents said they could do little to prepare.

 “There was lightning, there was heavy rain…[it was like] the hurricane was in the house,” said Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit according to ABC News.


“We have lost everything that money can buy, and that is a fact.”

The roof of Roosevelt Skerrit’s house was blown away and its floors flooded. On the night Hurricane Maria hit, Skerrit took to Facebook to post updates including one that said, “I am at the complete mercy of the hurricane. House is flooding” and another that said, “The winds are merciless! We shall survive by the grace of God!” Later he posted, “I have been rescued.”

“You can still see the shock, the anxiety, the fear the trauma in the eyes and the expressions of people every day,” he told ABC’s Nightline.


“Their entire life investments, life’s savings, blown away.”


Another now displaced resident named Emmanuel Peter said he can still remember the roar of the hurricane-force winds.


 “It was just whistling, whistling,” he said. “I thought it would burst my eardrums.”

Puerto Rico was not the only island in Hurricane Maria’s path, and almost a month later, both islands still look like post-apocalyptic zones.  But the island with the highest death toll per capita was Dominica; a close-knit, mostly Christian nation that was left at the mercy of a hurricane that shared a name with the mother of Christ: Maria.  

To date, 26 people are confirmed dead, 31 are still missing, and more than 50,000 people are displaced on the island that has a total population of roughly 74,000.

When  ABC’s Nightline visited Dominica six days after the storm, the only way to reach its interior was with the United States military. Upon arrival, many who had the option to evacuate the island were already in the process of doing so, including 1,300 students at Ross University Medical School, an American college based in Dominica.

“I do feel sadness for the people of Dominica,” said Carey James, the college’s associate dean of operations, analysis, and admissions. “My wife’s family is from Dominica … and it’s hard to see a place that you love go through that kind of a storm.” And nearly four weeks after the storm, people are still fighting to survive.

No one on the island has access to running, drinkable water, and with sewage systems destroyed, residents are contending with fears of diarrhea, dehydration, and dysentery. Much of the island still remains without power. For the vast majority of Dominicans, the choice to leave their home country isn’t financially available. More than 85 percent of houses have been damaged, and of those, more than a quarter simply do not exist anymore, leaving many of the residents homeless.

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2banana's picture

If only they had some bitcoinz...

tmosley's picture

Indeed. They could leave that shithole behind and start over anywhere, life savings intact.

J S Bach's picture

I hate to write this but... when you live in Hurricane Alley, you have to expect this sort of thing.  Therefore, they should try to erect more substantial edifices.  Even if it takes a little longer and requires bricks, stone and mortar... it can be done.  And one can't entirely blame it on lower IQs... I mean, look at the 105 IQ Japanese who build nuclear power plants along known high-risk earthquake zones.

johngaltfla's picture

Of course the MSM will conveniently slant the blame to Trump when the island is a member of the British Commonwealth.

secretargentman's picture

Time to buy when rubble is in the streets?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Didn't George Soros just "donate" 18 BILLION dollars to a charity????  Why isn't he coming to the rescue of these people???   Oh wait, the "charity" was HIS charity--Open Society.  Let the people of Dominica FEND FOR THEMSELVES!!!

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The Clinton Global Initiative could screw them over like they did to Haiti.  Anyone wanting to go to Ross might want to take a look at these pics:  .  Medical school is now going to be on norovirus cruise ship instead.

Zer0head's picture

js Bach

it was a fucking CAT 5 that hovered over the fucking island for a couple of hours - like living in bumfuck Kansas Tornado ally with an F4 Tornado parked over your trailer park for 2 hours They didn't have a fucking chance and Home Depot wasn't planning on opening there until late next century

Deplorable's picture

Tornados don't hover, they sweep over your house in less than a minute and scrub the ground down to the bare dust. 

Your neighbors house across the street could survive intact and your house is gone with the wind.


Antifaschistische's picture got it.  What soros did was not a charity, it is a tax dodge.

bonin006's picture

I think I saw an application for reconstruction funds from Soros. All they had to do was agree to house 2 Muslim "refugees" for each family member for free in their new house (and they had 10 years to pay back the money).

johngaltfla's picture

I was offered a nice bar/restaurant there once about 11 years ago. The night time earthquakes and active volcano was a tad bit of a turnoff.

herbivore's picture

If they lowered the price for a passport to a mere $25,000 they'd have thousands and thousands of takers here in the good ole US of A. In the blink of an eye they could raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Or Frisco practically on the San Andreas faultline.

XBroker1's picture

Do you really think the Japanese ppl had a say in where the power plants would be built? Or was it the criminally insane so called elite?

venturen's picture

they built it there...because it was already polluted by previous nuke weapons developed there...and government don't have to bother with environmental laws...those are for the little people

GodSpeed_00's picture

Dude...they got hit with a Category 5 hurricane. There is NO preparing for that. Any who tries to blame "IQ" probably has a low one themselves.

BarkingCat's picture


There are structures that can withstand category 5 hurricane. 


However, I am not going to contribute this destruction to low IQ.

Most of these people could not afford that type of construction anyway and those who can afford it, can also afford to rebuild.

GodSpeed_00's picture

Of course...I'm not saying that the preparation for a CAT5 Hurricane should not be done but once the storm comes you're pretty much at it's mercy unless you live in a reinforced concrete cube with no windows and steel doors. That's CAT5 proof. Do you want to live in a house like that? Nobody does. If the house is not built like that then anything can happen, wherever the home’s weak point is, such winds will find it and assault it.

bonin006's picture

Normal Japanese people would not do that, only politicians and corporate officers. Same as in the USA.

But ordinary people could make their homes far more resistant to storms. Even wood frame construction could be made several times stronger using construction adhesive and screws rather than the sloppily applied pneumatic staples (with half of them missing the studs).

GodSpeed_00's picture wooden house is going to be standing after a direct hit by a CAT5 Hurricane, I don't care what kind of building materials and methods you use. Have you ever been in a Hurricane that strong or anywhere near those winds? Not like a tornado just passing over but sitting there for hours slamming you? If I put you in a wooden structure in a CAT5 Hurricane we'd come out after it passed to find you dead.

bonin006's picture

Look at the photos. Plenty of houses basically intact except for the windows. If they were twice as strong to begin with and they had screwed plywood over the windows they would be in good shape if they didn't get flooded. Are you a structural engineer? I didn't think so.

nasa's picture

Stop being a fucking moron.  Just because a few houses are still standing does not mean that they are habitable.  Everything is fucked for these people, many who didn't have a pot to piss in the day before the storm.  It wouldn't have mattered anyways as it was a Fucking Cat 5 storm and shit doesn't survive a Cat 5.  

tmosley's picture

If they didn't have a pot to piss in before the storm, then why should anyone be concerned? Their situation has not worsened at all.

But of course, they did have things before the storm. They simply failed to secure them with the level of rigor called for when living in an area frequented by hurricanes.

garcam123's picture

Let;s go with you're an asshole.....nap....yer a know nothing asshole.

The only part of engineer you are is the last car on the fucking stupid train.........asshole non engineer!

Fuckin stupid fuck!

tmosley's picture

Not an argument.

You are experiencing cognitive dissonance.

bonin006's picture

garcam has his head up his ass yet calls me an asshole. What is the reason behind denying that things could be done better than they typically are? Is garcam a government troll who doesn't want people to escape from dependence on government, or just an ignorant asshole?

BarkingCat's picture

Probably from the same demographic that the people that go wiped out are from.


I livedin Tampa Florida for a year and saw new homes going up being built from concrete blocks, reinforced with rebar and concrete. 

There is a reason why they built them using those materials.  Hurricane is not going to knock them down.


Someone obviously did not read "Three Little Pigs" and now angrily huffs and puffs.

GodSpeed_00's picture

You can sit at your keyboard and pontificate all you want. At the end of the day you don't know what you're talking about. You've obviously never experienced or prepared for a CAT3 - CAT5 Hurricane. I don't have to be a structural engineer to know wooden structures can't survive a direct hit with the max winds of a CAT5, this is common sense for anyone that actually understands the power of a CAT3 storm, not even to mention a CAT5. How do you know they didn't screw plywood over the windows? Because the plywood isn't there anymore in pictures after the storm? Did it occur to you that plywood could get blown off regardless to if you screw it in? The only reason those few buildings are standing is because they're concrete, obviously the roofs are damaged along with everything else inside. 

Omen IV's picture

False Equivalency!

Politicians !!!! Cohersed by the USA to take substandard system from GE

with the high water mark for hundreds of years storms was by the hill in the village

This is no different than the crap given to the Ukraine nuclear plants by Westinghouse for fuel systems all fail

All garbage - US SCUM at work

HRClinton's picture

At least they don't have assholes like you. 

GodSpeed_00's picture

If they had Bitcoin they'd have the money to rebuild.

venturen's picture

Maybe the NFL could help them...they hate America, they have lots of money...they could start the DFL...problem solved...they would have their own country

GodSpeed_00's picture

Dominicans are not American and have nothing to do with idiotic American politics.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Case study for when TSHTF.

sand_puppy's picture

When "the shit" comes in the form of a hurricane it would be good to live in a half burried 'Earth House' type structure on a hillside (so it doesn't flood).

Here is a picture of a half underground home:

bezel-bob's picture

Sucks to be them...

Never One Roach's picture

Where is the Clin-toon Foundation?

There must be no money there to embezzle.

tmosley's picture

Walnut sauce is no longer in style. 

tmosley's picture

Peanutz LOVE spirit cooking, it seems.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Perhaps the Obama Foundation will pick up the torch and loot the disaster aid and traffic the children?

venturen's picture

they need a reliable supply of women and children to molest

stacking12321's picture

maybe not, but there still "orphans" to "save" from the ravaged island - clintons need to get right on that - pizza don't grow on trees, you know

johngaltfla's picture

No oil, no gold, no 16 year naked interns so the Clintoons could not care.

Sanity Bear's picture

I don't understand how people can live in hurricane alley and not be prepared for hurricanes.

tmosley's picture

Black people are never prepared for anything. No conception of the future.

I notice that the surviving structures were of cinder block construction. That is what? 50 cents per square foot more than wood frame construction? Anyone with a brain would be living in one of those homes. Wood frame is for temporary structures and maybe tool sheds/dog houses in that part of the world.

serotonindumptruck's picture

JFC, tmosley!

Not my downvote, but what does it require for one to receive positive affirmation on a comment that is factual and relevant on ZH?

You speak the truth, and I don't agree with your downvoters.

How do I join the party?