Indiana AG: NFL Players Should Take A Stand... Against Black-On-Black Crime

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Authored by Curtis Hill, Atorney General of Indiana, via The Daily Caller,

The right to protest doesn’t necessarily mean that the protest is right.

While the NFL kneeling saga continues, it is becoming less clear what the kneeling is about.

When it began last season, the kneeling was a protest against alleged police brutality and the incidence of blacks killed by police.

This season, following criticism against kneeling NFL players by the president of the United States, NFL players picked up the pace in a series of kneelings, arm-lockings and various forms of unity expressions during the playing of the national anthem before the start of each game. Yet it is unclear what players are now protesting. Police brutality? Racism? Are they just mad at the president?

Highly paid athletes protesting in the comfort of billion-dollar stadiums under the protective gaze of security personnel does little to evoke the image of historic civil rights protests of the ’50s and ’60s. Those valiant heroes of our past were largely ordinary people courageously taking extraordinary risks, at great cost, in the name of racial justice. They stood for freedom.

It is that same freedom that now enables NFL athletes to protest whatever they choose in whatever manner they choose. So how have they chosen? They have chosen to protest during the anthem. They have chosen police officers killing blacks as their cause.

Whether justified or not, loss of life caused by a police shooting is traumatic for the community. Given the legacy of racial injustice in America, that trauma is magnified greatly when the person killed by the police is black.

The lives of black men and women do indeed matter, and NFL athletes have every right to protest the tragic loss of any life, including black lives.

These players recognize that their NFL celebrity status affords them a unique platform to call attention to matters of importance and perhaps even a responsibility to speak out.

And now that the world is watching, the NFL has an opportunity to speak out, in great force, on a tragedy of unspeakable proportion - the senseless loss of young black lives to black-on-black violence.

While it is true that each year a number of blacks die as a result of being shot or otherwise killed by the police, that number is but a fraction of the number of black people murdered by black people. In 2015, 259 blacks were killed by police, according to data collected by The Washington Post. Even if we were to presume that all 259 police shootings were unjustified, that number is dwarfed by the estimated 6,000 black lives senselessly murdered by other blacks.

We live in a nation where blacks make up approximately 13 percent of the population and yet account for more than half of the murders. Shockingly, 90 percent of those victims are murdered by other blacks. Something is terribly wrong.

Black-on-black youth gun violence is costing thousands of lives a year. Generations are being wiped out. Witnesses of these murders frequently are unwilling to cooperate with police, allowing many murderers to get away with it — meaning no justice for that life lost.

To be sure, in the rare instance in which the police officer’s actions are unjustified, that officer should account for his conduct — including arrest and prosecution for murder whenever warranted by the evidence. Even one unjust shooting is one too many.

But contrary to the tone of many protests concerning police shootings, not every police shooting is unjust. In fact, the overwhelming majority are proven to be a reasonable use of force often connected with violent criminal behavior.

Yet none of the 6,000 murders of young black people was justifiable. None. Every single death was preventable. Every single murder demands justice. The killing must stop.

And the NFL’s opportunity? Violence is a constant threat, and blacks are being murdered at alarming rates in cities all over this nation — including cities that host NFL franchises.

These NFL franchises and athletes can magnify the urgency of this tragic loss of life. Their actions on the field and off can unite them as men of influence who stand for justice. Rather than kneeling in silence, they should choose to stand as men of character and courage and tackle black-on-black violence.

How many more young black men will die at the hand of another black man between the final whistle of last Sunday’s game and next Sunday’s kickoff?

This tragedy deserves the attention of every American.

NFL players may be just the right men to start this protest and stand up against black-on-black violence and give voice to a movement whose time has come in order to save the lives of young black men.

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Bastiat's picture

This man tells the truth.  Clearly he has no place in US politics in 2017.

YUNOSELL's picture

It's good they are realizing it's not just a black and white issue

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

It's good to hear people in prominent political positions actually standing up to tell the truth. It seems that the violent/shrieking reactions from the left and the press (but I repeat myself) scared too many people away from speaking out. I'm glad some are standing up to the nut-jobs. No thanks to McCain, McConnel, et al...

Blythes Master's picture

Black Lives Matter, except when they don't.

His name was Seth Rich.

knukles's picture

Hah ha ha ha ha
Some people's besides me gettin' tired of this shit.

LightBulb18's picture

Maybe it’s time we pass A law saying white men can’t be president no more.

Rex Andrus's picture

RFK was the last white man who tried to be president. For this he was made an example. JFK was the last white make president.

N2OJoe's picture

Why don't they take a stand against the epidemic of black on white crime?

Who cares if dindu's kill each other? I feel bad for the innocent people who AREN'T involved in the gangs, drug dealing, and gimmedat'ing.

overbet's picture

Whites are killed by police about 2 to 1 versus blacks. There is no such thing as disproportionate violence against blacks by police, even though one could certainly justify if there were. 

giorgioorwell's picture

Classic ZH comment.

Interesting math you are doing there...are you forgetting how small a part of the population blacks are and adjusting for population size?    You either failed statistics or don't know what it is.  

Once you adjust for population size, blacks are 2.5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police.  


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Adding to the full story, how much more, or less, likely are blacks to commit crimes than whites where police become involved (potential for being shot by police exists)?

I don't know the number but my guess is that it is greater than 2.5 times. Please post the correct number.

Sam Clemons's picture

There's a book about that. Called Crime by Color.

But once you look at the stats, you'll then learn it's the white man's fault for creating a society where the underserved turn to violence.  

In America today, it's always someone else's fault.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture


I've heard more than one story from older people who grew up in poor area. They tell me that crime wasn't bad in their poor (underserved) neighborhood becasue everyone knows who's kids were who's, and the parents taught their kids right from wrong. Now with gubmint being the baby-daddy in a HUGE number of cases, values are not taught, nobody knows anybody else, and crime is high.

knukles's picture

Right on my brother.
The whole problem is not one of crime; it's one of a lack of stable 2 parent households.
The Democrats (LBJ said it, not me about having the nigs voting Democrat for the next 100 years) built the edifices of state housing slums and ghettos, pay women to have children, and then support the horror via Sec8 and EBT, etc. as opposed to expanding jobs.  Jobs?  Yeah, jobs, just like the ones all over Detroit, Chicago and additional cities (to pick but one example) nicked under NAFTA when all the auto manufacturing left.  The list goes on and on.
It all relates back to more state and less family; with a resulting no values whatsoever ... see, government makes a pretty shitty family unit.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I'm sure the brainwashed Blacks and Leftist Scum pushing this agenda will label this AG as an 'Uncle Tom,' as opposed to actually debating the issue.

It's difficult to win an argument against the truth.

bonin006's picture

From the Hey Jackass website, for Chicago in 2017, there were 493 black victims, 17 white victims, 55 black assailants, 2 white assailants and 482 unknown assailants. Assuming the unknown assailants track with the known, and with Wikipedia saying in 2016 the population of Chicago was 32.6% white and 29.3% black (29.7% Hispanic) this makes the black per capita homicide rate for blacks (55/2) x (32.6/29.3) = 30.6 times greater for blacks in Chicago.

In Saint Louis, Missouri for 2017 they have 105 black homicide suspects and 1 white suspect. 49% black, 43 % white.


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Holy shit!!! I was guessing maybe three times higher for blacks. This is orders of magnitudes higher.

knukles's picture

To be reported on post haste by the MSM tonite with Lester Holt.

IntTheLight's picture

Read crime in boystown and wrigleyville. People there are literally targeted.

Rex Andrus's picture

Most of those identified as white are hispanic.

Donald J. Trump's picture

NFL should take a stand against crime.  All crime.  Why should they only take a stand against black on black crime?  Is black on other races crime ok?

giorgioorwell's picture

I agree, it's not one or the other...take a stand against both

IntTheLight's picture

You have to also factor in black men committ the majority of violent crimes so it is to be expected they might get shot by a cop.

giorgioorwell's picture

It's not an either or proposition, a much higher percentage of blacks are killed by poilce "in error" regardles of if they are in Chicago or not due to deep systemic racism and a military trained police force (which ZH's love to complain about except when the militraized police are killing blacks)..... AND Chicago and many cities have an out of control crime and gang problem that is only growing worse the more unbalanced our economy and society become. with the ghetto-ized populations suffering first and most viciously.  

and no, it's not genetics or race that caused these things ding-dong, anymore than the vast unemployed white populations of the south are that way because of racial inferiority.

IntTheLight's picture

The south side was once all white and very safe. Blacks took trains north for jobs and trains stopped in the south side. The violence inflicted on the white population caused massive white flight.

White flight is a reaction to black criminality. You don't desert your home and your history in a neighborhood that you invested so much in just cause of skin color. It's behavior. If you look at housing in every major city with a black population, you will notice the homes are beautiful, classically built. Those are old neighborhoods whites fled. That's the reality.

Anyone whose family never encountered this is a very privileged white. Anyone whose family lost so much, thinks like me. A lucky person is one who can watch their children and grandchildren grow up nearby and see generations of people they have known for a lifetime. Friends, their parents, the friends children. Ties that bind.

aurum4040's picture

that small population of blacks you refer to is responsible for more then 50% of violent crime/murders. How does 13% of population end up responsible for more than 50% of the murders? How? They kill at a rate that is 4 to 10 times higher then each other race in this country. They are at least 50% more likely to have a run in with the cops in general. The real question should be how and why blacks are not killed by cops at a higher rate considering the sheer number of interactions involving violence potentially requiring police use of force. In reality and overall there is NO difference in killing percentage based on race. Educate yourself, please. 

swmnguy's picture

Violent crime correlates to poverty, not color.  Middle-class blacks aren't killing each other.  And ever spend time in a hellhole of white poverty?  Violent as shit.  Indian Reservatios?  Off the charts.

Of course, poverty does tend to correlate fairly closely to race, though not nearly as closely as it does to crime.

Blacks aren't more dysfunctional or violent than anyone else, adjusted for poverty.  And as any educated Conservative can tell you, poverty is about a whole lot more than a mere lack of money.  That can be remedied, and often is.  True poverty is the various manifestations of not having the sense of a position in society, role, expectations from self and others, positive goals, and the ability to think on a timeline longer than immediate survival.

None of this is relevant or germane to "Black Lives Matter," however, nor to the Indiana AG's comments.

When we expect no more of public servants, and equate the police morally to the most violent and dysfunctional of our monsters of poverty, we're saying a lot about our society and our own expectations and values and sense of moral relativism.

Nostradumbass's picture

So then Whites are at least 2.5 times less likely to be involved in violence where a LEO feels the need to use lethal force?

IH8OBAMA's picture

"Black Lives Matter, except when they don't."

And in inner cities where they are killing each other in mass.


WestVillageIdiot's picture

There is nothing sexy, or sanctimonious, about making the statements that the Indiana AG made. Therefore, he is certain not to get any credit, or compliment for these comments.

The statements have to be inflammatory and silly. The NFL's version of Al Sharpton, Colin Kaepernick, isn't here to speak sense or start a dialog. He is here to make silly statements, never rooted in fact, and to be loved by his brand of racists.

NoVa's picture

NFL lost me when Cowboys  took a knee before an then but  last year refused Dallas Cowboys to put a sticker on helmet honoring 5 police officers ambushed and murdered by BLM.  

Nfl is now like female roller debry.  

Never One Roach's picture

And Obama refused to criticize BLM for klilling those cops.


Shameless disgusting Marxists.

vealparm's picture

Obama......"Shameless, disgusting, white hating half black Marxist."

Row Well Number 41's picture

Nfl is now like female roller debry.

No it isn't, female roller derby is fun to watch, like a cat fight on wheels.

Rex Andrus's picture

Indiana AG is a politician, the DA who ruined the most lives and got caught lying the least. The usual scumfuckery.

Gatto's picture

Maybe now you'll get more applicants into your "waving rag CULT"!  Praise da brightly colored fabric, with enslavement for all and all for enslavement!

Lumberjack's picture

Since they want to become political...

How about wife beating, drugs, the banksters, Hillary, Global warming fraud, congressional insider trading, congress exemption from obamacare, how taxpayers fund their stadiums and their owners etc.. If I missed something please feel free to add here...

I won’t be watching all these marvelous revelations as they happen on tee vee, so please let me know how it worked out.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Benjamin Franklin

giorgioorwell's picture

it's not an either or proposition, both things are correct, a much higher percentage of blacks are killed by poilce "in error" regardles of if they are in Chicago or not due to deep systemic racism and a military trained police force (which ZH's love to complain about except when the militraized police are killing blacks)..... AND Chicago has an out of control crime and gang problem.   Both things are true, idiots.


Never One Roach's picture

Only white dimwits watch these thugs anymore:


NFL Players Arrested Every 7 Days On Average

Rex Andrus's picture

National divide and fool Felony League

IntTheLight's picture

Oh please. You sound like a fool. Blacks are not like the ones you see on tv. That's make believe which you should have outgrown by age 5

jcaz's picture

Naw, we NEED black-on-black crime- it's been the most efficient way to weed them out of the herd..... It's not like we lost 6000 prospective oncologists or even $7/hr workers....  In fact, screw the NFL- I'd pay to watch THAT league;

Darwinism works.

overbet's picture

Dont forget abortion. Blacks about 30% of abortions at 13% of the female population

jcaz's picture

Watts vs East St Louis for the National Championship- pay per view, baby.  Wildcards Flint Mi and Gary Ind playing for 3rd place.......

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Newark is still complaining about the selection committee process.

jcaz's picture

It's a league- gotta play your way into the finals-  maybe Newark will draft better next year......

Freddie's picture

F**k the NFL, NBA, NCAA and even high school ball.  I loathe the players, owners, league and TV shit.  The TV announcers on Talmudvision like Chris Berman, Al Michaels, Murray Goldstein, Mort Goldfarb, Marv Albert, Sol Cohen, Rich Lerner (golf channel), Golda Meir are just as bad.

The ones who really sicken me are dumb white American males who continue to watch and support the NFL, NBA, NCAA and even high school Trayvon ball.  fu**king retards who love their Trayvon thugs and rapists.