"It's Very Common": Baltimore Teacher Admits To Passing Students That Never Showed For A Single Day Of Class

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Teaching can be a thankless job.  Talk to almost any educator in the public school system and you're bound to get a earful about grueling hours, disrespectful kids, infuriating bureaucracy and minimal pay.  As such, it looks increasingly like the teachers in Baltimore's public schools have decided to just stop teaching altogether and pass every student that walks through their doors.

In the latest installment of a growing scandal revealed by "Project Baltimore", an investigative reporting initiative launched by Sinclair Broadcast group in March 2017 to examine Baltimore's public school system, a teacher at Calverton Elementary/Middle in west Baltimore has come forward with proof that grade changing is not only common in his school district but explicitly encouraged by senior administrators.

According to Fox45, below is the end of year text message that Calverton teachers received their principal, Martia Cooper, instructing them to "please double check end of the year averages and make sure they are 60 and above."  The message went on to say that any "averages below 60" should be "corrected" so that failing students could be pushed through the system.

“Good Morning people! (Secretary) is printing report cards so finally you can get cumes finished. Please double check end of year averages and make sure they are 60 and above, except our four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7). If you find any grade averages below 60, pkesss (sic) have (secretary) correct and give me a copy of those student names. Thanks!”


The unidentified teacher who came forward to expose the text said it's very clear what the intent of the message was.

A Calverton educator, who reached out to Fox45, claims to have received that text. “[It instructed me to] go into my grade book, make sure no students are failing, and essentially change the grade if they are failing so they will pass with a 60 percent,” said the teacher, whose identity we are concealing upon request.


“I was frustrated as a teacher. We’re public servants. And when we see things like grade changing, that’s self-serving. That’s not helping the kids.”


After watching Fox45’s recent investigations into allegations of grade changing at Calverton, the City Schools employee contacted Project Baltimore to say a couple things. First, according to the teacher, grade changing at Calverton is “very common.”


Second, the educator told Fox45, changing grades is the easiest and fastest way to pass more students, which makes the school and its administrators look better. But, it does a huge disservice to not just the kids, but our entire community.


"Teaching a whole generation of kids that they don’t have to be accountable for their actions, or that hard work isn’t valued or valuable when they are in school, is so discouraging and damaging.”

Adding insult to injury, the same teacher said that he even passed kids who had been on his roster all year but didn't bother to show up for a single day of class.

But this teacher says grade changing at Calverton goes much further than just taking a failing grade and making it a 60. Some students who pass, according to this educator, don’t even have grades because they’ve never showed up to class.


“There were students on my roster all year that I had never met, had never seen. On paper they passed my class and passed onto the next year.”


“I love my job and I love my students,” concluded the teacher. “I want to see the students at Calverton and other schools across the city, get a fresh start. And it’s going to be hard because the students are used to this now. But the students deserve better and our city deserve better.”

Makes you wonder what those "four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7)" from the principals text above had to do to actually fail a grade.

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"In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."   G. Orwell

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Yo, get dem niggas on up out of dis bitch.

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Don't worry the Marxist ideologues will blame whitey.

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And they defrauded the taxpayers by collecting federal funds for each day a student attends school.

Betcha thought schools took attendance and take steps to force kids to attend school because they want them kids to be educated ? Nope. It is to collect federal funds.

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That sounds like a major federal offense. Maybe the kids will come to school after the administration and teachers get their street creds.

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I think those Michelle student lunches turned a lot of kids off, to the point of not even bothering to show up because they would have to eat that shit or starve.

"America's Mom?"

What a joke.

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or that hard work isn’t valued or valuable

According to its price on the global free market, hard work certainly is neither valued nor valuable. As a matter of fact, it's dirt cheap.

Why lie to the kids about this?


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and so... the value of an American higher education drops to zero...

talk about worthless investments...

Irish Yoga's picture

... on a long enough timeline... everything...

GeezerGeek's picture

Still worth more to the average American than all of CONgress combined.

CONgress is only of value to lobbyists, which is why they drop so much money on the congresscritters.

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Frickin white people with your 2 parent families and your automobile or alarm clock and busstop. If this don't prove white privelidge I don't know what does.

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What's worse, many of those white people use good grammar and can spell words. And when they're not sure, they look them up.

Their ya goe.

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Bet the "four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7)" students were conservative biased. /s

Korprit_Phlunkie's picture

Those 4 didn't pass the mandatory diversity training.

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Fo'suh ain't goin dat shit, dumb shit class. Shown up first day, get ma name on dat shit. Fuck, gots a D fo shown up once, smoked shit, sat wit Tray all day. Shhhiiiit, foo. Moms so proud I goin through skooo in fo years. Shit, cousin take like six years fo just one year. I gonna gets diploma and shit. Eat dat shit, foo. 

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I have been expelled, in detention, had mediocre grades in high school. Played lots of sports, drank a lot of beer, smoked some pot. Even was in five different clubs in high school. I only got my shit together when I joined the military. Fun times and scared to death times as well.

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I'm a Middle School teacher now. We are under the spotlight by state and federal eyes due to some successes we are getting from changing to a Montessori platform. The kids are doing well, sans the ten percent who hi-jack the class. We are underserved so we do not have a class that takes the discipline students on. This helps the rest, but Lowest the students can get is a 50. I'm trying to give robust content and I'm finding my way to infuse it, but the REAL issue are the homelifes of the students. The modern American family is a mess. Many of these kids do not have internet besides their phone. Much of the ire comes onto the shoulders of teachers and about 50 percent care and work hard for the kids. The other half are lazy. Teachers in my school work hard and it's paying off for the 2/3 of students who work hard. I'll make some great Americans. That's my goal. To create critical thinkers.

Long story short, we are in a real mess, but the way to getting students and the system better starts at home.
What these admins have done is inexcusable, however.

I'm teaching my students about John Locke right now. I had a lesson on capitalism and placed some real world applications where they learn what TRUE capitalism can be beneficial to most IF THEY WORK. One student said that everyone should just get stuff for free. I asked how that's paid for.....no answer. I use the example of shoes. Scarcity and value comes easy on those terms for them.

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Good for you. Just don't let the SJWs know you're teaching stuff about some dead white guy who probably benefitted from a surplus of white privilege.

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Please explain white privilege.

Omen IV's picture

White Privilege is an average IQ greater than 100 - the IQ produces a work ethic and a culture that cannot be duplicated by blacks with a IQ of 85 or less


which the blacks call racism / bigotry / discrimination - but is merely their absence of IQ - blacks are not educable !

konadog's picture

No, the libtards now have an official name for that. It's "cognitive privilege".  I wish I was kidding. You can't make this shit up.

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I'm in SC. Liberty is still taught.

mkkby's picture

Funniest comment.

He thinks he's teaching capitalism, but he doesn't give grades lower than 50. Teaching capitalism while practicing communism.

And he calls this *critical* thinking.

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Stupid teacher, no need to grade change if you just give them a passing grade on every assignment/test to begin with.  You only give A's and B's to minorities, A,B,C's to whites this way you are never accused of discrimination since the minorities earn the highest grades in your class.  You also lobby to get rid of any standardized testing as they are racist and will demonstrate your students dont know jack.

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I guess 'flattening the curve' applies here as well

GeezerGeek's picture

This stuff is of little importance. What IS important is that Trump is a racist, a sexist and is inconsiderate of the feelings of black women whose husbands have died (voluntarily) serving in this country's military. And further...

Well, you know the attacks have no beginning and no end.

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And, you base your opinion on what?

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Even the best high schools are not preparing our kids for college or vocational training.  They are all dumbed down.  Ask a graduating senior what is 20% off of $8.00 and 95% cant tell you the correct answer.  Ask them to show you Iraq on a map again the vast majority can't.   Ask them to write a paragraph on socialism and one on capitalism again what you will get back for the most part is gibberish.   Our public and even many private schools are little more than baby sitting.  Your kid has to be well read and for the most part self educated to get ahead...

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'And when we see things like grade changing, that’s self-serving.”

Actually it's fraud.  Hello prison; goodbye presion.

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And to top it off, Baltimore and its poverty pimps spend a FUCKLOAD of State and Fed.gov money.   So-called "public education" is just another welfare scam for government employees and its cronies.

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Obviously the teacher cannot spell either.

Village-idiot's picture

That letter was from the Principal.

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Half the people writing ZeroHedge articles can't spell either.

I think this is because all their proofreaders died of an aneurism.

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Like some others here, I've also taught in inner-city public schools at the middle school and high school level. I couldn't give you an estimate as to what percentage of inner-city blacks are actually ineducable, with an IQ of 70 or under. But I do know that around 25% are very able and are forced to attend schools where it has been made literally impossible to give them an education.

These kids go to schools where most classrooms are continually disrupted, and where the din of talking and shouting students is so loud that the teacher often can't be heard by the students. Hell, half the student body is running and shouting in the halls, so that it can be difficult for a teacher to be heard above the din in the hallways, with the classroom door shut. (And you'd better believe it's locked.

Some of these schools are in an almost continual state of riot, with furniture and books being thrown out of windows and property being destroyed. Fights are commonplace, especially in middle schools, along with plenty of bullying. Kids come to school drunk or stoned.

The 25% of black kids that are definitely educable have gone to school in this kind of environment since kindergarten. If they learned to read and write, it was against all odds. Probably another 25% are also very able, but this "learning environment" deprived them of any chance of getting even a rudimentary education.

Bottom line: Black kids--those who really can be educated--are being systematically and purposefully denied an education. This is by design.

I honestly suspect that if you kicked out the bottom 25% of black kids who are disruptive and uneducable (for whatever reason), and offered the remaining 75% an education and demanded they meet expectations as to both behavior and academics, ther performance of the remaining 75% would probably look a lot like that of white kids.

There are all-black Catholic schools that succeed in educating black kids. My understanding is that their performance doesn't equal that of kids attending all white Catholic schools, but I would guess that it's not much different from that of all-white public schools.

There is a pretty good percentage of black kids who have nothing whatever wrong with their brains. I should know, since some of them outsmarted me a number of times. Their main trouble is that they are being not just kept stupid, but deliberately made stupid.


Gulfcoastcommentary's picture

In the US, ~90% of blacks have IQs below the white average of 100 (median IQ of 85 and a std dev of 13).  But it's much, much worse in inner cities. I've read articles where there are ZERO kids proficient in math and verbal skills in inner city schools. I suspect that's close to the reality. That means that EVERY kid should NOT be advanced to the next grade.  Obviously, they can' t do it without cheating.  Like everything about the absence of black culture or the lack of intelligence, there is a massive propaganda campaign to cover-up the facts.

Blacks Score Much Lower on All Academic Tests (incl cognitive ability):


Vilfredo Pareto's picture

In my training program in Memphis a couple of psychology interns commented that the schools were complaining they were making too many diagnoses of mental retardation.  I wonder who was right, the schools or the interns?


What would it say about an area if 25 percent of students or more had an IQ in the MR range?   Why couldn't that be true?  Any halfway intelligent person found a way out of the hood, so what remains in certain areas?

bloofer's picture

Some schools are eager to designate slower (for whatever reason) kids as LD, because LD kids' test scores don't count when they calculate average test scores for the district--thus allowing a school district to claim it's kids have higher test scores.

Ckierst1's picture

Special Ed = More $$$ 

Omen IV's picture


JustPastPeacefield's picture

Yes, there are Catholic schools in some cities that sport a fair number of Haitian students. They might not, on average, have the raw brainpower of the White students, but they have what counts - good parents. And church on Sunday. Most definitely church on Sunday, in your Sunday best. 

Sadly, there was a time when public schools in major cities could offer them the education that only Catholic schools can offer them now - a good fundamental education with respect for rules and discipline. Serves us all well, and I'm damn glad I got it. It's also why I generally don't need a spell-checker. (thank you Sister Cutzyabalzsov.) 

Sometimes I wonder if blacks are too dull to see that they are being systematically exploited by the more clever of their tribe, and the 'liberal' whites - if you can call people like Maxine Waters clever. But then, she's managed to accumulate power and money on the backs of millions of poor and ignorant blacks, so even if she has an IQ of 80, she certainly is clever - in a devious way. Human emotions are so easy to manipulate, particularly when combined with limited logical skills. And human nature is what it is. Such a shame.

One final note, since weed has been legalized, it's become really obvious that black guys are virtually always high. Virtually all of them. Sometimes I want to scream - is there a single fucking nigga that doesn't absolutely reek of weed! Does it ever occur to you racist morons that if you go through life stoned on that fucking skunkweed you probably won't have an outcome like, ... Li FangHe for instance. Every fucking black guy fucking reeks of it. Every fucking one. That might be part of the problem ya fucking racist morons.  

Elmo Blatch's picture

The kids are alright. They know how much a gram and an ounce is. They can book the numbers fairly easy. Some even know a little chemistry for cooking meth. 

Village-idiot's picture

This sounds like valuable knowledge for their future career.

rejected's picture

Nobody gives a shit,,,been like this for years.

Public schools are simply babysitting and feeding services provided by government.

Only time parents show up at schools is when there is a game schedued,,, otherwise they don't have the time.

my new username's picture

Both Obamas and their two daughters benefitted from this positive discrimination.
Chelsea Clinton too.

Downtoolong's picture


I recently read an article on MSN titled, “If you can solve these three problems you’re a genius”.


All three were classic word problems that can be solved with introductory algebra; now part of most middle school curriculums.


So, in conclusion: If students were really learning what schools claim to be teaching, most students would be geniuses.


I don’t need algebra to know that something doesn’t add up here.






Village-idiot's picture

Right, but you do need common-sense, which seems to be in short supply these days, along with honesty.

DennisR's picture

The black community seems to accept this practice as OK.  

Nothing going to change unless the parents care. 

Kidbuck's picture

In all fairness the fathers are blameless because none of them know who or where their kids are.

Village-idiot's picture

Maybe, but their well-educated mothers should be able to teach them useful skills like:

How to game the system.

How to double-dip.

Prostitution 101