"It's Very Common": Baltimore Teacher Admits To Passing Students That Never Showed For A Single Day Of Class

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Teaching can be a thankless job.  Talk to almost any educator in the public school system and you're bound to get a earful about grueling hours, disrespectful kids, infuriating bureaucracy and minimal pay.  As such, it looks increasingly like the teachers in Baltimore's public schools have decided to just stop teaching altogether and pass every student that walks through their doors.

In the latest installment of a growing scandal revealed by "Project Baltimore", an investigative reporting initiative launched by Sinclair Broadcast group in March 2017 to examine Baltimore's public school system, a teacher at Calverton Elementary/Middle in west Baltimore has come forward with proof that grade changing is not only common in his school district but explicitly encouraged by senior administrators.

According to Fox45, below is the end of year text message that Calverton teachers received their principal, Martia Cooper, instructing them to "please double check end of the year averages and make sure they are 60 and above."  The message went on to say that any "averages below 60" should be "corrected" so that failing students could be pushed through the system.

“Good Morning people! (Secretary) is printing report cards so finally you can get cumes finished. Please double check end of year averages and make sure they are 60 and above, except our four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7). If you find any grade averages below 60, pkesss (sic) have (secretary) correct and give me a copy of those student names. Thanks!”


The unidentified teacher who came forward to expose the text said it's very clear what the intent of the message was.

A Calverton educator, who reached out to Fox45, claims to have received that text. “[It instructed me to] go into my grade book, make sure no students are failing, and essentially change the grade if they are failing so they will pass with a 60 percent,” said the teacher, whose identity we are concealing upon request.


“I was frustrated as a teacher. We’re public servants. And when we see things like grade changing, that’s self-serving. That’s not helping the kids.”


After watching Fox45’s recent investigations into allegations of grade changing at Calverton, the City Schools employee contacted Project Baltimore to say a couple things. First, according to the teacher, grade changing at Calverton is “very common.”


Second, the educator told Fox45, changing grades is the easiest and fastest way to pass more students, which makes the school and its administrators look better. But, it does a huge disservice to not just the kids, but our entire community.


"Teaching a whole generation of kids that they don’t have to be accountable for their actions, or that hard work isn’t valued or valuable when they are in school, is so discouraging and damaging.”

Adding insult to injury, the same teacher said that he even passed kids who had been on his roster all year but didn't bother to show up for a single day of class.

But this teacher says grade changing at Calverton goes much further than just taking a failing grade and making it a 60. Some students who pass, according to this educator, don’t even have grades because they’ve never showed up to class.


“There were students on my roster all year that I had never met, had never seen. On paper they passed my class and passed onto the next year.”


“I love my job and I love my students,” concluded the teacher. “I want to see the students at Calverton and other schools across the city, get a fresh start. And it’s going to be hard because the students are used to this now. But the students deserve better and our city deserve better.”

Makes you wonder what those "four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7)" from the principals text above had to do to actually fail a grade.

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nothing is going to change unless the parent cares.


70% of black kids are from single mother homes.



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LBJ should be resurrected so he can be properly lynched.

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Naming more streets MKL Bvd will cure these problems.

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Maybe, but can they spell  "MLK?"  Can they read "MLK?"   

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Well, it does serve one useful purpose - to let us White folk know we're now entering a dangerous, hateful, racist. lawless neighborhood. Lock the doors and get the fuck out fast. 

Even the liberal, 'progressive' Whites know that, though they seldom admit it.

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Legions of stupid and ignorant niggers being turned out by inner city schools. Fit only to collect welfare, spawn niglets, and vote Democrat.

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They are pretty good at rioting too when soros calls.

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"I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." - Lyndon B. Johnson

Mission accomplished.

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Teach them to carry a rifle and point them at the latest enemy of the MIC. At least they'll learn discipline and maturity, teamwork and patriotism.

Many will come back and want to exterminate the hood rats.

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teachers and principal who gave appropriate failing grades

would be condemned, criticized, and probably fired because

nowadays student failures are not regarded as the students' fault or shortcoming,

but the teachers.


(that belief has been propagated to help mask a host of social ills)

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I can tell you from experience who the system hates even more, and that's teachers who get stellar results.

Improved grading for weaker students? Half a standard deviation, please. When you get 5 SDs improvement, you become public enemy number one. More girls going on to STEM degrees? They want a 5% improvement. When you get a 2,500% improvement, it makes them look like the total f#ckwits they are, and they do their level best to get rid of you. And absolutely nobody wants to know how you did it if you are an old white guy.

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Yea! Non participation education...

Did they get a trophy too?


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My blood is boiling over this bullshit.  To comment further is just a plain waste of my fucking time. 

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Obviously, the kids education is not of primary importance at these schools.  If that's not what is important, then I wonder what these schools' purpose and priority is? 

Second, I wonder what is political leaning of the school adminstration that decides this?

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High salaries of the administrators is what's important to them.  The occassional scandal of misappropriating funds applies somewhere along the line too.

Ckierst1's picture

Performing their jobs as minimally as possible, as directed by admin, while avoiding hassles and maximizing their pay.

Some years back, 40% of the people on the floor of the Democratic National Convention were members of the teacher union/NEA- ei., socialist.  

I support separation of education and state/education privatization.  I dislike the term "schooling".  Public schools are another Republican Reconstruction Era fiasco.

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The Baltimore cops who ran away from protesters must have been grads of Baltimore schools.  Go Maryland!!!

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Everything is corrupt and people just accept it, that's the way it's going to be until the end.  It's hard to give a crap about the inner city because we all know it's a lost cause.

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With all the problems and crimes niggers cause, do we really need this 13% of the population in the USA?!?

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Remember when college wasn't just a rite of passage, but something you had to earn?

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Federal government needs to get out of the education business.

School is not for everyone.

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Don't worry boomers. Your pensions, retirements , and investments, are manipulated up to 60% safe. We can only wonder how proficient the A's had to prove themselves to be. 

"My friend's got a dependent parent and he hates that bitch, he tells me everyday..."


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Every time I read an article like this makes me think Marc Faber is right on.  

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School funding is based on fake statistics so both the school board and the union fake it up to maximize revenue from the city county and state plus some federal funds.

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Making students dumber than they already are by advancing them academically. Not suprised its in Baltimore. After all it is Baltimore, one of many Democrat Party controlled hell holes.  The same Baltimore School District that had Deray Mckeeson as its head of Teacher and Staff Recruitment.

And Baltimore hired a new Superintendant of the their school system. Wonder what SHE will have to say obout this. The usual Sergent Schultz refrain, - no doubt.

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I taught grade 9, 10 & 11 math so I was with the same students from when they arrived at age 14 (gr. 9) until they graduated (gr. 11)...if they graduated.

In gr. 11...beginning of the year review of exponents: 3^2 = 9 (3 squared = 9) and I had about 40% of the class answer 3^2 = 6 even though it was the third year I was showing those same students how 3 squared is different from 3 x 2 

Unfortunately, some lacked the cognitive ability to succeed; for others, they simply did not care to succeed academically - and it's not always about a difficult home life or socio-economic reasons - or race.

It's about how they perceived society...their trust or hope in the future. It's as though our youth are no longer buying the narrative - MSM - they've become numb, apathetic, disenfranchised form society. Not much different from many on ZH, as a matter of fact :-)

Those students may not care or remember exponents, but they're not ignorant...in fact, they are quite articulate and very eager to share stories about the Illuminati or social injustices or abuse of power....AND always ready to challenge authority - they are the rebels.

Every society needs it's rebels to challenge injustice, so let's not be so quick to disparage these kids but rather, extend our adult "wisdom" to them. Remember, we are living in difficult times. It is difficult for them also.

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Now we know why all current USA millennial's have less brains then walking dead zombies ...

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What's worse?  Passing kids who are clueless morons or admitting rich kids who are clueless morons to top universities who get in just because Daddy is rich?

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But, if you don't admit rich, clueless children, where will your Presidents get the qual's they need to look good internationally?

I mean, just simply buying a Masters is so ragheadish ;)

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I taught history at university in the U.S. for five years.  I taught many graduates of the U.S. public school system.  Except for the students in engineering, foreign languages, medicine, and the hard sciences, they are all functionally illiterate in their native language.  Elementary math is beyond them.  Of course, the functional illiteracy of the U.S. population is all the fault of the parents and public school administrators.  The teachers are not to blame.

Here is a true story about my time teaching survey courses.  I had to provide examples of my grading to ensure that it was "in-line" with department norms.  After an exam, I had to submit an example of an A, a B, a C, and a D to ensure that I was grading properly.  (Everyone knows what an F grade was.  It was reserved for someone who knew absolutely nothing at all about the course material).  After 2 hours of grading my exams, I had an A, a B, and a C.  I was tired and had other work to do, so I looked at my course roster (this was a survey course) for an "Education major."  I pulled her exam out (all the education majors are women) and graded it.  Sure enough, I had my D.  It is common knowledge by everyone who teaches survey courses in U.S. universities that education majors are the worst students in the university: worse even than communications majors (who get jobs in journalism).

 Here are a few other stories from my time at university in the U.S. Once, I wanted to petition the English Department to teach the English language, rather than "literary criticism," "gender studies," or whatever it was that they were teaching.  I was told that it was not the job of the Engish Department to teach people how to write.  The History Department was to teach students how to write for history.  The Political Science Department was to teach people how to write for politics, and so forth.  After this, I spent the first class of each semester, history class, teaching students the elements of speach: what is a noun; what is a verb; an adjective; and so forth.  Then I taught them the elements necessary to produce a complete sentence.  Then I taught them how to write a paragraph.  Then, I taught them how to write an essay.  This was before cell-phones.  I can only imagine the illiteracy now.

A girl, wearing a mini-skirt and a tank-top without any undergarments, came to my office hours to ask what she could do to improve her grade (which was a D).  I told her to study.  She reported me to the College for sexual harassment.  I was arraigned before a committee of 4 that included the Chair of the Department, who was a radical lesbian feminist, 2 other lesbians, and 1 gay male professor.  Fortunately. I had a colleague as a witness who appeared and stated unequivocally that I did nothing wrong.  I was "released" with a warning.

I was in a large meeting with a group of professor and PhD candidate course instructors.  The subject was what could be done to make university more "open" for diverse students of different racial and economic backgrounds.  After listening to one hour of inane drivel, I looked up and stated in a soft voice, "Lower the tuition."  An entire room filled with supposedly intelligent people looked at me as if a cow had just fallen from the sky onto my head.  No one said a word for at least 30 seconds, then they proceeded to go on about the plans for a "cultural diversity center" and "gender diverse bathrooms in the dormitories."

I could go on and on.

bannedonce's picture

Fascinating. My experience with graduate level studies in theology suggests there is still some hope; the smartest and best educated people Ive ever known were Thomistic theologians, philosophers, and classics professors. I wonder if most of the problems you discuss are simply a result of "the bell curve" and represent natural human separation. Man is not born "equal." Most men are average or below average intelligence and dont have the disposition or upbringing required to read and write carefully. Those who do have it...will (generally). 

A more important question is what to do with those who are more suited for brute/manual labor jobs in a world where most of these jobs will soon be given to autonomous robots. Dindus arent going to give up a mop and broom to start repairing janitor robots. How will these people occupy their time? Rioting, drugs, sex, and obesity are going to explode as we have more and more automation and entertainment becomes the overriding occupation. How many hours a day can one fill with Wendy Williams and candy crush? Does that approach anything resembling human fulfillment? A life of tv, food, sex, and drugs should sound like a living hell but for most people that is where they are headed and I think our education system is a preparation for just this sort of thing.

There are no easy answers and the system is designed to avoid asking the right questions.

AurorusBorealus's picture

Thomists?  Classics?  Next year, my book should be available in English and Spanish.  You will find it interesting.  The subtitle is "God's Plan for History."  It is a world-history, but also an in-depth Bible study that presents the correct way to read the Biblcal text through an understanding of the symbolism in the sciptures and the word-games in Hebrew that occur throughout the Bible and have disguised the meaning of many Biblical passages, especially the prophecies.  My readers will discard Thomism, Calvinism, and all sorts of other "isms" that have emerged over the centuries: of this, I am certain.

After reading my book, you will be able to read the Bible like Daniel read the writing on the wall at Babylon.  Change the vowels (which do not appear in the original Hebrew script) and the whole meaning changes entirely.  For example, the writing on the wall at Babylon can be read,  "Mina, Mina, Tekel, Upharsin" or as Daniel correctly read it: "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsyin."  Now do this to the entire 11th and 12th chapters of Daniel, with an understanding of the symbolism and how it is used, and an understanding of how some words (such as the word for "arm" and "seed") have a double meaning ("arm" and "seed" can be the same noun in Hebrew) and are used to create word-games.

bannedonce's picture

What's your name and where do you teach. You sound like one of the professors I had. 

TexasAggie's picture

I was in Graduate Schoo; in the late 60's and early 70's in engineering. I see that very little improvement has occurred. Eduation majors and journalism majors had the lowest GRE in the University then so now they are the spokesperson on the news as gray-haired wise men/women

TexasAggie's picture

I was in Graduate Schoo; in the late 60's and early 70's in engineering. I see that very little improvement has occurred. Eduation majors and journalism majors had the lowest GRE in the University then so now they are the spokesperson on the news as gray-haired wise men/women

Bay Area Guy's picture

While there are certainly some unfit teachers out there, the far larger problem lies with the adminstrations of pretty much every school district in the country.  I'm not sure how it works in other states, but in Califormia, the lion's share of school funding comes from the state and it's based, in part, on attendance.  So, right from the start, administrations direct their teachers to fudge the attendance figures.  A kid that is truant for a day is a kid that doesn't get the district money that day.

Problem number two is that such a relatively small percentage of the district's budget goes for actual in class costs.  In one of the districts I'm familiar with, at least as of ten years ago, only about 1/3 of everey budget dollar went for actual in class costs.  The balance went for administration, busing and other costs pretty much unrelated to teaching Johnny that 2 + 2 = 4.

Thirdly, districts change the direction of their curriculum seemingly at a whim.  They always have to have some kind of snappy acronym program set up with high, lofty goals that, again, have little to do with teaching Johnny that 2+2=4.  Most of the goals have to do with ensuring equal results for all and other SJW rhetoric.

Lastly, districts force teachers to teach to the lowest common denominator.  No administration wants to have large numbers of kids who fail, not for any idealistic reason, but because they fear the loss of the almighty dolar, as kids who fail are a threat to be truant and the attendance funding factor kicks in.  So they tell teachers to dumb down the curriculum so that more and more can pass, but, unfortunately, that means that the smarter kids are bored to death and a bored kid is a kid that's going to act up in class, which, in turn, causes even more disruption and loss of teaching time.  Or, they can just go the route of this story and falsify grades.



Free Man's picture

Yawn. That doesn't matter.

Blacks & browns have very low IQs, so generally they will never succeed without being carried by whites & yellows.

And whites & yellows are tired of it,

To hell with the lowlife blacks & browns, let them take care of themselves. Let's let them thin themselves out.

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This is where football players come from.

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I've had a couple of appointments with teachers in their (Baltimore) schools and when I walked through the school to the respective break rooms, I listened to some of the LOUD "conversations" between the kids. It was a completely different language. Punctuated with YO! YO! and "that nigga be..." ...amazing... This was in the hallways and class was in session!

Meyer Bauer's picture

There is something unfair here and could be corrected with a reward of some sort.

In addition to everyone passing grades without attending school, doing any work to learn and remaining ignorant the rest of their lives; these "students" should be given a commendati0on or trophy for attaining the next grade level. It would make them feel better about their non-accomplishment.

redmudhooch's picture

None of this is an accident or mistake, they want you to be stupid..

Smart people fight back, can't have that.

They were caught red handed doing this in Atlanta years ago, they're still doing it today.


Free Man's picture

No worries. Very few blacks are smart.

When they riot what do they do?

Burn down their own neighborhoods. LOL

Dumb as mud fences.

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Unequal outcomes aren't an option. Pass them all !

Free Man's picture

And they still fail at everything, well, a few can play basketball & sell crack.

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This has been going on for generations to benefit colored minorities.  No surprises here.  I am surprised though that we persist in trying to educate blacks and browns.  They have no capacity for higher learning, innovation, or abstract thought.  They are though good for picking cotton, fruits, and vegetables, and for land-scaping.  

SweetDoug's picture





Where is the Black Community's outrage over this?


Where are the Black Community's so-called 'leaders' like Sharptongue and Jackson?


Why haven't they been able to blame this on racism and whitey? Because this is a black teaching issue.






Free Man's picture

It's a very low black IQ issue.

They just are not functional in anything but a primitive society. Even then, just barely.

Compunded by the fact that they breed like rats.