Swedish Police Chief Rages "It's An Attack Against Society" After Station Bombing

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A police station in the southern Swedish city of Helsingborg was hit by a powerful explosion in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

As The Local reports, a large part of the building and even the windows on the building opposite were damaged by the force of the blast, though nobody was injured.

Sweden's National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, was visibly shaking when he raged:

"This is very serious. An attack on the police is not just an attack against society, but on everyone's safety,"

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast about 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.

The alarm was raised shortly after midnight, and there was severe damage to both the entryway and the inside of the building.

"The whole entrance has been blown away. The windows are shattered and there's damage to the doors themselves," said Lennart Linderos from the regional emergency services.

On Wednesday morning, bomb technicians had finished their survey but other technicians were still at work. Asa Emanuelsson, a police press officer, said that the rest of the property would be investigated during the day.

"It has suffered extensive damage, but exactly how much, we don't know yet," she said.

Local residents said the explosion was powerful. "I was in my kitchen and felt the apartment shake. It felt as if someone had thrown something at my balcony," a resident told Helsingborgs Dagblad.

Heavily armed police officers were stationed outside those buildings on Wednesday.

Suburban feuds between criminal gangs fighting over territory have taken place in major Swedish cities in recent years. The explosion wasn't immediately being investigated as terrorism.

"It is fair to believe that this is a consequence of the good police work we do," police spokesman Patric Heimbrand told a news conference.


"We work in heavy criminal environments and some of them could be irritated. But to those I'd say that we cannot be influenced."

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told Sweden's TT news agency the blast was "extremely serious" and it was "an attack on our democracy".

"Violence against police must never be accepted," he was quoted as saying, adding that the fight against serious crime must be intensified "with stricter laws, better tools and increased resources to the police"

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Joe A's picture

Autoplay? Seriously ZH? We have become Business Insider?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Swedish Nordfront are sitting back and waiting patiently for this situation there to explode and for them to begin restoring order to certain parts of the country, further pushing their support elsewhere.   

From my understanding, Skåne has the highest concentration of NordFront members in all of Sweden, and is also one of the most "conservative" parts of the country.  Its also where Malmö is located.  When things eventually start really melting down there, I imagine they'd start purging the countryside and then move onto Malmö.  Once order is restored in this part of the country they'll move north and be greeted as heros. 


HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

-Barbara divörsity™ Lerner Spectre
"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre

"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit...
The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian–Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."Practical Idealism - by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi


johngaltfla's picture

Weird. The Swedish police told most of the female rape victims of the "migrants" that they had to help their new residents assimilate and not press charges. I guess when you cause the Police Chief's coffee to spill on his lap that's much more serious.

wildbad's picture

finally the muzzies are goring the right oxen.

where were the politically correct police for the past 5 years as the collectivists were attempting to rape their way through a social paradigm shift.

Handful of Dust's picture

The police station is partially to blame if they did not have a sign posted out front, "Do Not Bomb Us."

mtl4's picture

The chief is finally experiencing his NIMBY moment........too bad they still don't have the balls to act on it.

I know how that would get fixed where I live, it's old school but it sure beats the heck out of 911 response time.

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I just got back from a meeting with a judge, where I ended up chewing him out.  The accused, a non-swiss portugese, did not show up.  The police were totally unwilling to help me, so after several registered letters and court summons, finally the police had to hand deliver the summons to him, yet he still did not show up.   

This was for an advance on some home repairs and new security measures I had provided him.  After almost a year with him lying about waiting for materials, I took him to court.  

The judge basically blamed me for making the 30% cash advance, and confirmed that they can/will not do anything to get the parasite thrown out of the country.  Meanwhile the Police all over the country are on a rampage extracting fines from the populace for things like not wearing seat belts or not having the dog on a leash. 

Yet these Swedish policemen, just like the Swiss, want to pretend that they "protect us".  

Twee Surgeon's picture

You mention 3 Neutral countries. The Police in those Countries can only protect you from Newts with their magic Amulets.

All others paid in blood, for your freedom.

Song_Of_Roland's picture

I think you might be giving them more credit than they deserve. The Swedish guys I know are neutered. Most Western Europeans for that matter... I just hope you are right.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Other than Golden Dawn, the Swedish Nordfront movement is the only "right-wing" movement in Europe that is ready to act now.  

If anyone can pull it off it'll be the Swedes.  If they don't do it, we're all screwed.  I guess I could move to Maine. 

Ghordius's picture

explain a bit that "ready to act now"
you stated you are American. in Germany. with a German wife and child
now you pin your... what? dreams? hopes? on... what again? an armed insurrection? pogroms? what, exactly?
Sweden... isn't your turf, btw. if you were a Nationalist, you'd have a modicum of respect for that. so... what are you? a.... "Nordic"? and what is that, if yes?

it's sad to see that you look now as if you were pretending so hard for so long. does your wife... know?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

"Ready to act now" means should things start falling apart tomorrow, they already have structures in place to bring about an order in these countries these groups seek to impose. Me commenting on this isn't me interfering on their turf, but merely opining on what I've read, as I clearly wrote at the beginning of the second paragraph. 

The irony of your comment here, is you comment on many nation's policies, reactions, politics, internal struggles with reckless abandon. When I do it ... suddenly its a problem. 

I pin my hopes and dreams on the destruction of the political and social system you so desperately want to hold onto. Why? Because if you continue to get your way, in a decade "Europe" will be completely unrecognizable. 

Thanks Ghordo, you had the benefit of growing up in an ethnically homogeneous Europe.  You got to benefit from all the advantages such a Europe had.  Your politics and priorities are attempting to take that away from me and my child, and you seem flabbergasted there is pushback. 

Your hubris is often remarkable.  

Ghordius's picture

yes, I am engaged in construction
you are engaged in dreams of destruction. and that for reasons you can't state. meh

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You are constructing the destruction of Europe. 

Congratulations, ass. 

Ghordius's picture

dream on your dreams... of destruction
or go and destroy some village in order to save it, or something
sad. once, you were not all ad-homs... and nothing else

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Once you thought clearly.  Now you support the EU and what it "stands for" irrespective of the consequences. 


sun tzu's picture

People sell their children for money. Gordo is one of them

bloofer's picture

It's puzzling that you view the importation of a large and manifestly violent criminal--and almost invariably parasitical--element as "constructive."

Perhaps you don't know the meaning of words?

Song_Of_Roland's picture

A critical mass of support is necessary before anything can take place. Movement, in terms of cultural awakening, recognition of rule of law, etc., is slowly occuring and can be seen in recent elections, although democracy is probably too slow nowadays.  However, such an event would be the perfect occaison for the EU to test its gendarmerie, unless enough support is reached and Article 20 (Right of Resistance) is plausible.

Maine? I am guessing away from the coasts, in red territory.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Sure, a lot of this support right now is stifled by many in the domestic population being employed and part and parcel of my employment contract is I may not participate in or have any contact or association with "right-wing, racist, bigoted, homophobic or xenophobic" organizations.  In German labor law (which governs my work contract) allows for my immediate termination should my association with any such group be proven. 

How does the German government, for example, define "right-wing" ... open to a court's interpretation.  Further I need to put food on the table, pay rent, gas in the cars, etc., etc.,  I have an economic incentive to be passive. 

When the next financial crisis comes and people like me lose their jobs, what incentive will I have to remain docile and quiet?  This will be the point these "right-wing" organizations explode in size; when unemployment in these Northern European nations hits double-digits and there is asset-price deflation. Not only will people lose their economic incentive to NOT participate, imagine being a German family of five, hubby, wife and three kids. You're in your mid 40s and have paid into the system for some 15 years now. 

You get from the government in unemployment and government assistance just a tad over 2.000€ per month (assuming the euro remains the currency after the next financial crisis gets underway).  If you are from Senegal, for example, who just showed up with your wife and three kids, you get 2.500€ per month from the the government in aide and assistance. 

I imagine that won't go over too well with the newly unemployed. 

What would really get these fires going is the general insolvency of the Bund. Imagine for a second the German government's ability to make timely payments for the welfare and refugee state gets either disrupted in part, or is completely illiquid. 

Lets say it goes completely illiquid -- no one gets anything. What do the refugees do?  They just paid a ton of money and traveled thousands of miles to wind up in a nation now as poor as the one they came from.  What are they going to eat and who will give it to them?  Will these people sit on their hands and wait to starve, or will they do here what they did in their home countries and do what it takes to survive. Do you think the "do what it takes" will be beneficial for the domestic population or not? 

Lets say it doesn't go completely illiquid, but just partially fails and the pool of benefits gets dramatically reduced. What does the government do?  Does it cut benefits to both the refugees and the domestic population or just the refugees?  If they cut payments to both groups of people go above a few paragraphs to the 2.000€ v 2.500€ per month example for what happens.  If they cut payments to just the "refugees" to keep the domestic population supported, see the paragraph above. 

This is what I think Ghordo fails to appreciate.  He bases current immigration policy on the idea our financial system can continue as is forever and ever and ever amen. It can't.  What then? 

EDIT: Looking in the Bangor area, but wify and I don't know much about the area.  Planning a vacation there in the next few years to scope it out.  I don't think the system holds together that long.  Our decision will ultimately rest on how Germany addresses our new "Mitbürger" from the third-world and how the U.S. addresses its problems going forward. Looking for basically a white ethnostate somewhere. 

JohnG's picture

I'm looking at (northern) Idaho.  It's as homogeneously white as you are going to get in the US.  I'm in the south now (east of Atlanta, GA) and have lived here all  my life.  We are being overrun with Mexicans, imported third worlders and blacks returning to the south from all over (don't know why that is.....).

It would be a big change.  My family has been here for many generations and I own significant assets, but I am not yet rich enough to insulate myself from it all and need to move really soon I think.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Beautiful country up there. I was in Idaho with the Mrs. two years ago and that group of people is very woke. 

Biggest fear there is rainfall, or the lack of constant year-round rainfall. 

Handful of Dust's picture

Many areas are that bad now. Most malls look like Somalia now or a dirty central american mall. The interesting thing is many malls IN central america are actually cleaner and safer then the ones here in America now.

Obama "fundamentally changed America" and is seeking to continue that goal to destroy.

Song_Of_Roland's picture

I used to live in a county that has experienced an amazing amount of "enrichment" over the last ten years. It was ranked in the top ten counties in the US many years in a row, but as things got worse (crime, etc.) its position remained because it scored higher in "diversity". The mall there is now shithole, but... diversity!

Most people I know are participating in white flight, or asian flight for that matter too. 

when the saxon began's picture

I am confused by people who think the USA is a refuge.  I feel like we (USA) are far less "European" than any country in europe.  I could be all wet, but isn't Poland, Czech, Hungary, or even Russia a far more homogenous stronghold of Europeanism?  Is it that you are trying to hang on to the western economic lifestyle at the same time???

Song_Of_Roland's picture

I feel that in Germany your association wouldn't have to be proven, but that you would have to prove you are not associated with any such group. Furthermore, "right-wing" does not need to be defined. Under "Volksverhetzung" you can get pined for almost anything. In this civil law system, precedent doesn't matter and vague statutes can apply to almost anything. Maybe this also keeps many people silent?

A financial crisis is most likely the only thing that would wake people up here. However, there are a few caveats to this scenario. First, the average German family has less than two children. Many people do not have children at all and so if they lose their jobs, 2K a month will be plenty, plus whatever they have saved. Families and people in a similar situation will most likely band together in such a crisis, also probably because they have a similar view of society.

Second, unemployment ist quite low among native Germans, as non-natives do not seem to want to work or care to assimilate (see figures concerning Denmark and the Netherlands., ca. 86% of social benefit recipients are non-native). Whether they will lose their jobs or be put into part-time work (which happens a lot in Germany) would be interesting to see. The reaction of the young and those with families would be the most important part, but the young are hitting the point of no return in terms of ethnic/cultural make-up. 

Third, predicting refugee behavior is a little difficult seeing as nobody would have thought a refugee would burn down an Asylheim simply cause of chocolate pudding... A possible cut in benefits might cause some to actually go back as their purpose here is no more. Or it might go in the opposite direction, which is more likely, but most Germans don't have it in them, especially since the majority of Germans are over 40.

I think a financial crisis will determine the outcome, that is, whether one will take place or not. It depends a lot on how far down the road the German gov can kick the can. Demographically, Germany's future is already set. This though doesn't seem to cause a reaction from most Germans, so only a financial crisis will cause any type of response.

 Ghordo fails to appreciate that "destruction" is not always physical or negative. You could say the Treaty of Lisbon destroyed the supremacy of national law in many areas. For Ghordo positive, us negative. My desire to see the destruction of the EU is positive, for me. It is the ending of institutions, not physical destruction or peoples or locals.

I have been checking out PA, not the eastern side though. Regardless of where you go in the West, except Eastern Europe, there seems to be a battle going on for the West and its culture and identity.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Its interesting, with German labor law (I got into hot water here at current employer a few months back for recommending the book The Bell Curve to a coworker.  I became very familiar with German employment law in this regard very quickly.  Its funny, being associated with a "Right-Wing" group or promoting "racist or xenophobic" opinions will get you fired here faster than sexual harassment, a fist fight with the boss or theft of office supplies.  The only thing I've found (and based off what my attorney told me) that will get you fired as quickly is fraud. 

A few points I'd like to make to your above analysis: 

1) While the average German "family" has less than two children, the term "family" and "household" are used almost synonymously here. According to the Bundesstatistikamt, which keeps track of this stuff a family is a person who has registered a primary household "Wohnsitz".  Single cat lady in her 50's ... "family" ... single college kid in a WG ... "family" ... old couple in a nursing home ... "family". When you look at family structure in Germany, its just about 2 kids on the dot among the native population.  The problem is too many Baby Boomers decided to have no kids, and thus fucked the system.  

2) That 2.000€ per month is based on unemployment of both Hubby and Wife + Kindergeld - social contributions. The biggest difference causing that 500€ split is contributions into the social system, as the German family in my example still must pay specific social contributions such as basic health insurance premiums, Kita/Kindergarten Gebühren, and no subsidized clothing, school supply or transportation allowances.  "Refugees" all benefit from these added "freebies" which the domestic population isn't entitled to, crazy as it sounds.  If its just a husband and wife they'd be getting around 1.200€ per month, whereas husband + wife from Senegal get about 1.500€.  Same situation.

3) Families WILL band together in such a crisis.  Mom and Dad will move in with Oma and Opa, lots of eating at home Oma and Opa will do lots of free babysitting so Mom and Dad can look for new jobs.  What WILL be problematic will be how the "refugees" react. If their benefits are taken away, either by political will or by insolvency and they decide to self-deport ... how would they do that?  The only reason they got from Italy to Germany or from Greece to Germany was infrastructure setup by NGOs and these governments to keep these people moving north.  The NGOs will all be wiped out in the next financial calamity and you think the Serbs or the Italians are going to let these people BACK into their country?  No way.  The smart ones are self-deporting right now, unfortunately its a tiny minority. 

4) Once the benefits to the "refugees" are cut off, whether that be free food, free walking around cash, free place to stay, etc., etc., their reaction will turn to survival.  Water is plentiful in Germany, so no one will be dehydrate themselves to death and most streams here are safe to drink.  What will they eat? They won't have any money, so at first I assume many will resort to begging and petty theft. Depending on the severity of the financial crisis (and what comes thereafter) will determine how far down this rabbit hole we go. Assuming supply lines stay up and food prices take off -- I assume the domestic population will still be able to feed itself as well as these people.  This I see as the "worst case" scenario, as nothing would change.  In order to put some common sense back into the population here we need food scarcity, at least in urban areas. If it resembles the Great Depression in the U.S. or the hyperinflation and the late 20s in Germany (which I think is more likely) supply lines will stay up, marginally for some products but there will be lines to acquire food, and the lines I see as "best case" scenario.  Odds are you have to skip a few meals a week but you won't starve. You'll have the Germans be German and wait in line with the idea that "everyone gets some" while the new comers do here what they do to aid trucks in Africa and the Middle East -- beat the shit out of everyone in their way until they get theirs. Such an event, if repeated for a while would thoroughly kill off the "Wir haben eine besondere Verantwortung" towards these people, especially when you watch your three kids miss food for a couple days because in the food line Muhammad and his four cousins Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad and Muhammad decided to take it all and sell it. 

Ultimately, the "right-wing" will need to capitalize on and highlight the differences to the domestic population on how the domestic population and our new "Mitbürgern" deal with scarcity. (For example, Germans v Africans) I think the muzzies and Africans will be their own worst enemy and do most of the work for us. 

5) I'm not too worried about demographic future in Germany or most of Western Europe.  Why?  Once we deport some 2-5 million people there will be massive housing surpluses all over the place and prices for housing will collapse.  The "bad parts of town" will no longer be "bad parts of the town" and the cost of living will reduce itself dramatically.  Further, crime will be lower, schools will improve, there will be more spaces in hospitals, schools, day cares, and the like. I think the pendulum in society will begin revert back towards the "right" "conservative" side of things and having a family with lots of kids will be the "thing" to do again.  Further, if Germany goes down to 65 million people that's fine with me. That was the size of the German population in 1871 and wouldn't be the end of the world. Couple cheaper housing, better schools and safer neighborhoods with a rebirth of the "nuclear" family and the population will right itself, and quickly. Lastly, I'm not of the opinion (nor do I think you should be) that we need to maintain a constantly growing population for the sake of the welfare state.  The welfare state got us into this mess and I hope we learn our lessons when we go to rebuild in the future. 

I do agree however, I wish this would just hurry up and happen. Should Germany decide to take in 10 millions africans and arabs I can start learning Polish, or Hungarian or get the family to Maine or the Pacific Northwest somewhere. 

Time will tell. 

Song_Of_Roland's picture

I think we are on the same page here with most things.

I do, however, think deporting 2-5 million will not happen. How do we deport? Their countries of origin are either unknown or they are not wanted there. As you say, we can't send them back to Italy. Adding to that, the German government is quite inept when it comes to deporting. Plus, we just got ca. 2 million in the last two to three years. With Familiennachzug coming, how many more can we expect and then expect to deport in the future?

Demographically, 30% of those under 18 have Migrationshintergrund (though technically our kids are included) and 39% of those under 5. Do they go back too? Do third-generation-Gastarbeiter who can't even speak German get to stay?

This is the challenge of our times. I think people are beginning to vote in a manner that says, I am willing to sacrifice some things, maybe welfare spending (as it is part of their thinking here), to maintain our identity/culture. Unfortunately, I think it is too late. Molenbeeks will spread and the end result is violence/Balkinization.

I would recommend the US before Poland and Hungary, mainly because of 2nd A. In 2015 Austrain firearm stores sold out, and now the EU wants stricter laws, so applicable to all EU member states.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I'm hoping "we" as a society elect to suspend allowing these people to benefit from the welfare state in any form and offer them a free one-way flight to their home country.  I think the combination of the two would do the job for 80%+ of them, and forcing the deportation of the rest shouldn't be that logically difficult. Lots of aircraft and pay some shithole African nation a fixed sum per person they take, irrespective of country of origin.  What they do with them thereafter is irrelevant. 

The German government puts no effort into deporting people, as the powers that be are too afrid of beign called mean names. So these people get to stay.  Should the German government put their mind to it -- they could clean the whole nation up on a matter of months. 

I don't think its necessary to deport everyone who is brown or black, and honestly that would be complete overkill.  We need to deport:

1) First generation welfare leeches.  If someone came here without the ability to financially support themselves ... out. 

2) For second and third generation immigrants, it would depend on what jobs they do if they have a job, can they speak the language?  Are they integrated?  If they're second+ generation and cannot speak the language fluently and cannot financially support themselves ... out. 

The Familiennachzug will be the end of this country.  Some 2 million "immigrants" from the third world have shown up here in the past 24 months, 85% of them male.  If they get to bring their "Kernfamilie" (So if over 18 wife + kids, if under 18 mom+dad+siblings), that's five million people. 

Take the cultural and ethnic destruction of the population out of the equation -- where do these people live?  What schools do their kids go to? Where do they go to the doctor or dentist?  My wife is a German doctor and the medical system here is already at its limit. 5 million people in 12 months?  Forget it, it would be chaos. I'd be really after the wife then to pack up and leave.  Simply from a logistical point of view, this would be a bigger feat than deporting them. 

If that was to actually happen, then I agree deportation would be impossible and then there is only one option left ... something that no one wants. Either that or the end of Western Europe. 

If this was to happen, perhaps Hungry or Slovakia or Russia would invite Germans into German colonies to live and work with the intent of expanding their own declining populations and boost tax revenue. I know Latvians really like Germans. I don't think all of Western Europe is going to get fed into a multicultural blender with no escape.  I figure some country somewhere will offer asylum to white Europeans and allow them to resettle.  

Perhaps the answer is something none of us have thought about, but being an American, I can tell you the U.S. has some very very very dark days ahead of it. I hope that isn't your automatic "Plan-B"

when the saxon began's picture

Your (our) governments are plainly responsive to evil non-native (((institutions))).  As long as those governments can control money creation, media and the levers of power, the evil will remain in control.  I see no reason to think they won't feed the invaders first.  The people with the weapons serve the moneyprinters.

when the saxon began's picture

Yes.  Everything changes when life becomes hard.  Life in the west has been too easy for too long.  Too many people take the status quo for granted.

Twee Surgeon's picture

I have always found it curious that Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal could declare themselves Neutral and Sit out World War 2.

How the fuck exactly does that work ? Finland gets hammered by the Nazis and the Russians, Norway gets Invaded by the Nazis but Sweden just say's "Sorry, mates, we are neutral and can not play, this time around." The Gestapo are taking vacations in Portugal and chatting with Ambassadors from abroad in Coffee shops beside the sea and catching a few Sunbeams.Perhaps the Swedes do not have the memory of many dead and flattened city's so they just take what they have as a norm, an expectation of how things will always be.

It would be a nice world if everyone just got an 'I'm neutral ' Baseball hat.        "Oh, I'm sorry, I was going to steal your car but now I see you have a 'I'm Neutral' sticker on the dashboard so I'll be on my way." it's like the 'Get out of jail free card' of modern political tragedy.

Unless there is a huge hidden game plan behind the whole fraudulent fiasco. Franco's Spain was a Messerschmidt practice run and a place to escape to during that war.  not like the Iberian peninsula would have any strategic benefit to anyone ? They just were not invited and that is racist. There are some large old plans still afoot in Europe.


Rubicon's picture

Sweden was supplying iron ore for the Nazi war machine.

And blonde hair and blue eyes titillated Mr Hitler.

Come to think of it, it used to titillate me too.

Twee Surgeon's picture

So what were the Portuguese and the Swiss supplying ? Why didn't the Greeks just say they were Neutral and the Italians too  ? But the Italians still had dreams of Empire. There are lots of blond women in Portugal and what I think you are trying to imply is that Portuguese women are lazy. that's Racist.

44magnum's picture

Switzerland is the home of the BIS , cant have any war interfering with worlds banking now can we? Some rogue country might get the bright idea of bombing the fuck out of the real war creators and killing cartel bankers.

Azannoth's picture

If you wanted real world peace, you would need to nuke just 2 countries, Israel and Switzerland

german Wunderkind's picture

Tungsten; the portguese sold tungsten to germany

bloofer's picture

Yes, this is why Sweden was not attacked by Nazi Germany. They were its iron orre supplier. (Or steel supplier.) Sweden would have blown up its own mills and mines if attacked.

Sweden was safe, not because of diplomacy or bloodlines or being everyone's friend. They were safe because they were able to make a very credible and very serious threat: No steel for Germany would have meant swift defeat for Germany.

Ghordius's picture

how? easy. three criteria for successful neutrality:

A - you are liked (and useful) by both belligerent sides,
B - you are not in the way,
C - you are not worth the hassle

Belgium, for example, did not suffice C in both world wars

but the key criteria is A. this is what many don't understand: diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy

sticking up a finger, shouting "rah, rah", behaving like a di*k or a hooligan... and you throw A over board. you have to be credible, in your willingness to please... foreigners (and neighbours)

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So basically, what you're saying is Poland is fucked? 

They definitely fail A and B and only pass C because of implicit U.S. backing. When the U.S. goes the route of the USSR, well then, it fails all three. 

Ghordius's picture

have you ever asked any literate Pole? he will tell you that Poland will never rest easily. two reasons: Germany and Russia

Poland, historically, only existed when both were at peace... with themselves AND the rest of Europe. when not, Poland... disappeared, Partitioned. (exchange Austria for Germany going back in time)

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So you would think they'd at least try and get along with everyone, no? 

I have spoken with a few very literate Poles on the topic. They basically told me that shitting on the Germans and the Russians is a part of their culture and a national pasttime. You can read diaries, or minutes of meetings going back centuries where the Poles were doing the same thing. 

Its why they keep getting divided and partitioned. 

Ghordius's picture

sure some do. quietly, and preferrably in Polish

you don't really *have to* shout your cultural and national quirks for the whole world to hear, you know? see... diplomacy

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You don't have to show everyone here your ignornace.  

I heard the German version of Pippi Longstocking's theme song recently, made me think of you:


I copy/pasted the relevant part for you below: 

Ich mach' mir die Welt
Widdewidde wie sie mir gefällt ....

Basically the only way you can look at the world as it is and hold the beliefs you do. 



Ghordius's picture

that part is true: "Ich mach mir die Welt"
what do you do? engage in one (destructive) fantasy after the other
that's not "machen", which is (constructive) doing

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I like parts of the world, but I like more what certain parts of the world could be, should they decide to throw off this "we're all the same" bullshit so much of Western Society has bought into.