Trump: Russian Uranium Deal "Is The Biggest Story That Fake Media Doesn't Want To Follow"

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As we reported yesterday, as the media continues to lose their collective minds over $100,000 worth of Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russians during the 2016 election, the Senate Judiciary Committee has finally decided they're going to take a look into a shady Russian deal - first  profiled here last summer - that handed Putin 20% of America's uranium reserves, was approved by the Obama administration during an ongoing FBI investigation into charges of bribery, extortion and money laundering by the Russian buyer and netted the Clintons millions of dollars in donations and 'speaking fees."

Recall that on Wednesday it was reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee launched a full-scale probe into a Russian nuclear bribery case, demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had uncovered the corruption before the Obama administration in 2010 approved a controversial uranium deal with Moscow. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the committee chairman, gets his first chance to raise the issue in public on Wednesday when he questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an oversight hearing.

"It has recently come to the Committee’s attention that employees of Rosatom were involved in a criminal enterprise involving a conspiracy to commit extortion and money laundering during the time of the CFIUS transaction," Grassley wrote in one such letter addressed to Sessions.


"The fact that Rosatom subsidiaries in the United States were under criminal investigation as a result of a U.S. intelligence operation apparently around the time CFIUS approved the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction raises questions about whether that information factored into CFIUS’ decision to approve the transaction," the chairman added.

Fast forward to this week when thanks to newly released affidavits from a case that landed one of the Russian co-conspirators, Vadim Mikerin, in jail, we learned on Tuesday that not only was the Obama administration aware the Russians' illegal acts in the U.S. but it may have also been fully aware that "Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow."

It gets better: in an unexpected twist, the FBI's investigation into this particular Russian plot began in 2009 under none other than Robert Mueller, now the special counsel in charge of the Trump case... and ended in late 2015 under the controversial, former FBI Director James Comey who was relieved of his duties by President Trump. "Surprisingly" when the DOJ finally arrested Mikerin in 2014, following 5 years of investigations in a massive international bribery and money-laundering scheme, rather than publicly celebrate, they seemingly swept it under the rug.  In fact, there was no public release concerning the case at all until a full year later when the DOJ announced a plea deal with Mikerin right before labor day.

 * * *

Putting all that together, it is not difficult to see why the story has gotten percisely zero mainstream media coverage in the past 48 hours, or past year for that matter.

But not the president... Upon waking up on Thursday, Trump immediately went on twitter to slam the "Fake media" for not following the Russian uranium deal, and once again accused both Obama and the Clintons:

"Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn't want to follow!"

We expect that now that Trump plans on making a daily twitter spectacle of this particular Russian involvement, the DOJ and FBI may have no choice but to reopen the investigation, with potentially adverse consequences for Mueller, Comey, including perhaps Clinton and Obama.

In a separate tweet on Thursday, Trump said he thought there is enough to support in the Senate to pass its 2018 budget resolution, a key step toward tax reform, but added, "who knows?"

"Republicans are going for the big Budget approval today, first step toward massive tax cuts. I think we have the votes, but who knows?" he tweeted.

Later on Thursday, the Senate is scheduled to vote on the budget resolution bill, which is a crucial step before the Republicans formally work towards a tax reform package by the end the year. Currently, the GOP control 52 seats in the Chamber and with Mississippi’s Cochran off due to sickness, there is a slimmer margin of error to pass this resolution which seeks to authorise a deficit increase of cUS$1.5trn over the next 10 years. That said, with the late backing of Senator Collins from Maine, the bill is expected to pass before the weekend and ahead of it going on to the next (tougher) phase, which includes drafting the tax bill and getting it through the committee and the full Senate.

If Republicans pass the budget resolution, they can utilize a legislative tool called reconciliation that would allow them to move tax legislation through the Senate on a simple majority vote. Otherwise, tax reform would need 60 votes, which would make the GOP proposal's passage much less likely as it would need to pull support from all Republican lawmakers as well as some Democrats.

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turnoffthewater's picture

What am I missing, this is yesterday's news. Oh wait...most like to read ahead of the news

overbet's picture

He is teeing it up. Lock the bitch up! 

Warning 0hedge comments being infiltrated by liberal filth

wildbad's picture

Jeff! Wake up Jeff! Get to work!

overbet's picture

@ trunoffthewater you are missing is when the prez speaks/tweets attention is being called to the matter. 

VinceFostersGhost's picture



That.....and Seth Rich.


Tap this thing on?

mtl4's picture

The amreican people are less and less amused by the $hitshow of the last administration with each passing day........this swamp draining may get ugly soon.

Occident Mortal's picture

It's a big club and you ain't in it.

BennyBoy's picture


"the FBI's investigation into this particular Russian plot began in 2009 under none other than Robert Mueller"

There was lots of evidence but no case.

Trump Russia connection, no evidence but a case is being manufactured.

Byte Me's picture

SwampShit about to meet Fan bigtime. Just as soon as Jeffy grows a pair and appoints an underling to sic onto Mueller about his part in this disaster.

philipat's picture

What about that Big Red "Reset" Button? You know, the USD 145 Million plus Speeking Fees in exchange for selling 20% of US Uranium supplies to Russia? Quite apart from the inherent "corruption" implicit here, the other base question is, if Russia is such a "Villain", WHY would any US Government agree to sell 20% of its Uraniun supply to this great Russian Dog? Just asking because the MSM seems to have lost the plot.

Now, the incomprehensible thing here to anyone with any intelligence (which I guess excludes Libtards) is WHY would anyone continue to believe the MSM Russian BS?

Wake up America!

Al Gophilia's picture

Why isn't Trump calling Sessions onto the mat and chewing his ass out. That little rat bastard is collecting pay on false pretenses. 

Reptil's picture

With Mueller in control of the FBI of course there's no case. 
It was swept under the carpet. 

WillyGroper's picture


fox/murdick trying to redeem their "fake news."

too late...they all lie.

WTFUD's picture

High Treason!

Can you imagine if it was exposed that Trump signed that deal?

Is Hillary still outside the country? If yes, then surely she should be arrested and extradited home in ankle-chains. The Clinton Foundation and Personal Accounts FROZEN.

If not, then fuck-off, it's just one giant kabuki theater here.

Uncle_Cuddles's picture

Where you gonna get ankle chains that large?

FactDog's picture

Having been through a political state prosecution myself,  I can assure you the news we read (even here) is way behind the facts.  We are probably reading information that was known to the suspects 2-3  weeks ago.   HC announcing she isn't running 2020  is just a way of trying to tell the State that they do not have to chase her anymore: she is out of politics.  This will not work because these investigations take on a life of their own and can't be stopped, particularly with the Republicans chasing the Dems.  

The "quiet before the storm" comments had nothing to do with NK,  they were about  HC. 

HC is in a lot of trouble here.

Siamo pazzi's picture

We need at least one arrest ! Third is turning into a nation of lawlessness ... opposite of Law and order . We cannot hold up the Republic under such conditions . They boots get her.. if will also bring down the Domino effect . We need a prosecution now ! Yes

hoist the bs flag's picture

what swamp draining? where?

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In addition to this uranium deal, the Obama administration, by protecting opioid distributors and quintupling Afghan heroin production, looks to be one of the most corrupt and anti-American administrations ever.

overbet's picture

Has he tweeted about Seth Rich? I dont recall that. 


Prez tweets = flashlight bitchez

Arnold's picture CNN MO all over this.

"...Wheeler is also quoted as saying that someone within the DC government or the DNC is blocking the investigation into the Rich murder from going forward..."

doctor10's picture

This is the part where we find out whether we have Rule of Law.  We are a heterogenous enough country; we really can't afford the social consequences if not.

Its also the part where we find out how much longer a market for T-bonds remain.We also need the world to soak these up enthusiastically for another 15-20 years.



boattrash's picture

...or maybe this is the part where John Q Public says "Fuck it! If the law doesn't apply to them, it doesn't apply to us".

Like all things, it's simply a game of numbers that's required to bring real change.

MrBoompi's picture

This is the part where we find out the deep state has its own legal system.  

Chupacabra-322's picture

Seth Rich

The Awan brothers Espionage Crimes.

Geroge Webb.


XWeatherman's picture

Yea, tell us mr. prez, why hasn't your boy Jeff Sessions jumped on this.  If he won't do his job, let him go.

Mullet Master's picture

I have noticed the brainwashed idiot libtards on here. I wish big Pharma had a pill to cure these idiots - LIBERALISM IS A DISEASE - LET'S FIND A CURE...

Bill of Rights's picture

Big time especially in Trump threads, once again these Pieces of shit are trying to take over the chat...

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Bill,

Not on my watch. They can start with the following list.

Irrefutable proof of the absolute, complete, open Lawlessness by the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC., its CEO & Board of Directors.
1. Torture.
2. WMD lie to the American People.
3. Lying the American People into War.
4. Illegal Wars of Aggression.
5. Arming, funding & training of terror organizations by the State Dept. / CIA & members of CONgress.
7. McCain meets with ISIS (Pics available).
8. Clapper lies to CONgress.
9. Brennan lies to CONgress & taps Congressional phones / computers.
10. Lynch meets Clinton on tarmac.
11. Fast & Furious deals with the Sinaloa Cartel.
12. Holder in Contempt of CONgress.
13. CIA drug / gun running / money laundering through the tax payer bailed out TBTFB.?
14. Illegal NSA Spying on the American People.
15. DNC Federal Election Crime / Debbie Wasserman Shultz.
16. Hillary Clinton email Treason.
17. Clinton Foundation pay to play RICO.
18. Anthony Weiner 650,000 emails #PizzaGate Pedo Crimes.
19. Secret Iran deal.
20. Lynch takes the Fifth when asked about Iran deal
21. FBI murders LaVoy Finicum

Pick your poison. A False Right / Left Paradigm of
Tyrannical Lawlessness.

Miss Expectations's picture

22.  Weinstein masterbated.

23.  Jesus wept.

HRClinton's picture


I heard that you can BAKE the disease out of them, but that never really caught on.

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Cull her, cull bush clinton Administrations, live on tv.

Bill of Rights's picture

Retard one and two above, cubicle buddies.

Katos's picture


Giant Meteor's picture

And I might add, it's been working really well for them so far ..

Well ok, there was that little election misfire .. point taken ..

Thus the "I got shivved" novelette  ..

I'll tell you who's been gettin shivved, the former republic, and it's every day low low price citizens, day in, and day out .. oh I don't know, over the last 40 years or so , but of course the set up took place long before that ..

Lowest jobless claims since 1973!

Well that's swell Bob,  just great ..



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It will die a Podesta Death.

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your missing your Soros payments... go fetch!!

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Hillary, will you please just go drink yourself to death before you end up in the Aryan Brotherhood in the Arkansas Federal Correctional Facility. I ask this coming from a place of compassion on your behalf.

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What is the Statute of Limitations on this?  If seven years, time may have just run out to prosecute this.  Almost like it was by design. . . .

turnoffthewater's picture

Sorry, it's early there

chunga's picture

Lucky for you, the fake news experts aren't covering your refusal to talk to Assange either.

That's pretty big too Mr. Dotard.

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It's not a swamp, it's a toilet...

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Its a sewer!!!!!!!


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Boss, we're gonna need a lot more Oxyclean and Drano.

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Path to drain the swamp? I hope so.

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Trump definitely should push to indite the Clintons, as that will change the entire political landscape. One of the untouchables getting touched..