Vladimir Putin: "Don't Back North Korea Into A Corner"

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Nobody puts little Rocket Man in a corner.

As we've noted time and time again, tensions between the US and North Korea have only intensified since Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed last month that the two countries were on the verge of a nuclear conflict, a warning that the North’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN echoed on Monday, but has so far done little to dent the rally in global stock markets.

But with Russia at least ostensibly reining in support for Kim Jong Un’s increasingly isolated regime, Putin inadvertently channeled the late, great Patrick Swayze during a speech at the annual Valdai Discussion Club meeting on Thursday when he warned that foreign powers should avoid "backing North Korea into a corner." Doing so would risk provoking a desperate, violent response, he said.

Putin added that the North is a “sovereign state” and reiterated his call that the standoff between the US and its regional allies and the Kim regime could only be resolved with dialogue - a solution that Russia and China - the North’s primary benefactor - have been pushing for months, NBC reported.

"Whether one likes the North Korean regime or not – it should not be forgotten that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a sovereign state. Any contradictions must be resolved in a civilized manner. Russia has always been calling for such approach," he said.

Since early August, the UN Security Council has passed two rounds of painful economic sanctions against the North - decisions that both China and Russia signed off on. Yet so far, there appears to be scant evidence that the sanctions are harming the North’s economy or its missile program as the North’s economy has long relied on arms sales and other illegal activities to generate badly needed foreign capital.

Unfortunately for the US, the sanctions appear to only have strengthened the North's resolve. Since they were implemented, the North has criticized President Donald Trump’s threatening rhetoric as tantamount to a declaration of war. It has also threatened to conduct a seventh nuclear test over the Pacific Ocean, to shoot down US jets that pass close to its airspace while also warning that a nuclear conflict could erupt any day.

Though he didn’t single out the US during his remarks about North Korea, he soon launched into a diatribe about US hypocrisy, citing its withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and its noncompliance with the Prohibition on Chemical Weapons, Sputnik reported.

"As is known, in 2002, the United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and, as initiators of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons... it initiated the agreement but does not fulfill its obligations," Putin said at the Valdai Discussion Club.

"The country remains the sole and most powerful possessor of that type [of weapons] of mass destruction. Moreover, the US moved the deadline for the destruction of its chemical weapons from 2007 to 2023. For a state proclaiming itself to be a champion in nonproliferation and arms control, it is inappropriate," he said.

The US recently dispatched the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier, to the waters east of the Korean Peninsula to participate in military drills with the South Korean Navy.

As one might expect, the North has decried the exercises as a threat of war, and promised retaliation. Russian media recently reported that the North is planning another missile test.

However, in a sign that the US might finally be listening to Russia and China’s advice, Trump reportedly told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to give talks another shot, after warning him earlier this month not to waste his time.

But the question remains to be seen: Can the two sides work out a truce that lead to a meaningful pause in the North’s nuclear program, while the US withdraws some of its military equipment (including its THAAD missile defense systems that make China, Russia and North Korea nervous)?

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Alok's picture

exactly....  this is how adults behave...

wee-weed up's picture

Ha! When has Putin, or any other Russian leader, ever been concerned about another country's right to sovereignty?

skbull44's picture

Or any Imperial power for that matter...


J S Bach's picture

Putin is one of the few mature statesmen out there.  So refreshing after having to listen to the vapid hot air of the Western lickspittles.

I Art Laughing's picture

Russia is an empire too. It's got more falling apart to do (albeit not as much as the EU and US.)

gigadeath's picture

Bush came out from under his rock today... Its times like these I wish the Great Dear Leader and most honorable rocket man can teach us the art of the artillery firing squad.

Buzz Fuzzel's picture

Soverigen country?  I don't think so.  The same family has ruled for over 50 years.  It is a soverigen family in urgent need of dethronement. 

Volkodav's picture

     better look dictionary   Sovereign country is power within

     Sovereign people definintion might be otherwise...

     Ukraine is example never a sovereign country

     Ultimate power there has always been from outsiders

Buzz Fuzzel's picture
Definition of sovereign
1a :one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty

b :one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere

c :an acknowledged leader :arbiter

Blankone's picture

Putin says NK is a sovereign country. Yet Putin not only agreed to the UN economic sanctions against NK but also signed into to law Russian sanctions.

Perhaps Putin would like to give up all of Russia's nukes to set a good example to NK. What could go wrong?

The article also says that selling arms by NK is illegal but we all know the US and Russia sell more.

WTFUD's picture

Yeah China & Russia signing up with the US to Appease them was folly. They should have told Vichy DC to FUCK-OFF or their Warships in the Korean Peninsula would be toast.

Putin should have learned his lesson by now not to appease these murdering sociopaths.

serotonindumptruck's picture

+1 for incorporating "lickspittle" into your comment.

That's a good word, and one that should be used more often.

Stuck on Zero's picture

"...the US moved the deadline for the destruction of its chemical weapons from 2007 to 2023."

That's because we found that it's hard as hell to get rid of them. Despite having spent billions to figure out how to neutralize them we still don't have a great solution. They are leaking, unstable, untransportable, and no-one wants them.  It just goes to say, some things are easier to make than to get rid of.

JohninMK's picture

But a way was found to get rid of Syria's.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Ha! When has Putin, or any other Russian leader, ever been concerned about another country's right to sovereignty?


PT's picture

It's really simple:  "When your enemy is making a mistake, get out of the way."  Why would Putin bother doing anything wrong right now?  All he has to do is be nice and stay out of the way while the US self-destructs through it's own greed, immorality and stupidity.  Putin doesn't have to lift a finger.  In fact, if he did lift a finger then he would only make things worse for himself.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Don't Back Russia into a Corner

silverer's picture

That's an interesting thought. The last time that happened, some guy named Adolph had a very bad day.

caconhma's picture

Putin understands quite well that a nuclear war between N. Korea and the USA will immediately escalate into a global nuclear war with China and Russia participation. Although Putin does not give a shit about N. Korea he does not want to burn to hell together with chickenhawk & imbecile Trump.

Volkodav's picture

      When has he not?

      Consider that "Russian Leader" would be Russian Federation

      Soviet USSR was never a Russian construct

      From 1917 thru Stalin was never Russians in control

      then Krushchev, Breznev, Chernenko Ukrainian

      and Gorby half Ukrainian   Andropov Jewish

      Yelstsin compromised, blackmailed 



jamesmmu's picture

THE Redpill: Russia bribed Clinton's to get US Uranium and Obama admin. covered it up! Podesta Lobbied for Russia and Russia sold Uranium to IRAN!


I Art Laughing's picture

Got anything to say about decades of threats from the propped up tin-pot Mr. Putin?

serotonindumptruck's picture

The USSA will make the first aggressive move, under the guise of self-defence.

We should all expect a major False Flag soon, ala' Gulf of Tonkin or The Sinking of the USS Maine to kick off the hostilities.

Then, once China and Russia become involved militarily, WWIII and global thermonuclear war will soon begin in earnest.

The American Empire is collapsing, and Washington DC will need to be isolated and destroyed to prevent the DC psychopaths from destroying the rest of the world in an insanely-inspired temper tantrum.

I Art Laughing's picture

You're right.


They need to kill off our military. Nukes aren't coming in this round. Trying to keep the elites from draggin us to war isn't going to work. Lusitania and Pearl Harbor are other prime examples. I welcome the end of empire. It's past time nations started asserting themselves from the globalists.

Philanthropocalypse's picture

You have zippity doo dah idea about welcoming "the end of empire", buddy.  You might want it to end in some "snap of the fingers" way, so that the next stable system just slides smoothly into place behind the "end of empire", but NO ONE with a heart or a brain wants to see it end as some sort of "Crash" or even as an "Economic Reset". You may want it gone. I sure as hell want it gone, but I do not "welcome" it leaving. 
I don't know if you are a sh!thead. I seem to recall you posting many times before, and I seem to recall thinking you may be one, before now, but I'm gonna use this opportunity to state an opinion: I wish all the shitheads on ZH would just fuck off for awhile. Just stop posting your shithead one and two sentence bullshit. Maybe if no one posted anything shorter than a good two paragraphs, and some few hundred words of actual English, using actual and appropriate grammar and punctuation, spell-checked, and then re-read for errors the comp can't catch, then maybe an argument can get from thesis to synthesis in a coherent form that can be assimilated and possibly passed on to others as an example of the rational discourse available here on the ZH boards. Perhaps we could then attract new and capable commentators to the boards, and perhaps our efforts here could be appreciated and emulated by other outlets, so that some actual societal progress in argumentation and logic could be made.

Whaddya think? Would all the shitheads mind just shutting the fuck up for a while, maybe a month or two, tops, so that the adults on these boards can get some actual argumentative work accomplished?    

Mr Hankey's picture

"Societal progress"....."actual argumentative work accomplished" Only ONE way this can go.Vengeance & justice negate any logical and peaceful resolutions.Too much impotent,murderous rage built up from being turned into inmates in a giant rape gulag.I have absolutely nothing to lose .I want to see 'murica BURN.TO.THE.FUCKING.GROUND.

Mr Hankey's picture


Cynicles II's picture

"The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” 
--Benjamin Franklin--

Pliskin's picture

Yeh, Putin says "Fuck you u.s.a. you've caused enough trouble around the world..anymore and you'll be wiped out!"


I Art Laughing's picture

  Says the Emperor of Russia. Oh, the irony. See all the "free" peoples that Mother Russia provides over (both in hard and soft Empire)? You're welcome to move to Cuba, Chechnya or NK to see how wonderful it is to live in the places that Russians have fucked over.


Is it noble to trade one (((master))) for another? I'm still fond of English as a first language.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Who could believe in these American tales?!

I Art Laughing's picture

So are you a (((Russian)))? Or just a bullshitter?


Seems like a lot of guys on here that think that Russian shit doesn't stink.

edotabin's picture

Forget it. All they know how to do is down vote. All talk, no real action though. Just like the liberals; all ideology and no real-world, practical application.

Look, im the first to say the US empire and those behind it have pulled some serious scams, killed, stirred shit up and intervened in foreign affairs etc. That being said, I'd still rather live in the "West" and be able to talk about things in hopes of moving things towards the better as opposed to having a 70 year old wound like ding dong on top of my head.


silverer's picture

I'd like to see those threats listed and their sources. And as you know, just jabbering with the mouth doesn't count. Let's take a look at what's on paper. I'm waiting.

FORD_FIESTA's picture

Wipe the Planet of this guy and his cronies.....then give all of NK to the South.

Only way to be sure is Nukem from Space.

JohninMK's picture

Great concept but lacking in reality as there wouldn't be much of the south left to give NK to.

Plus an aweful lot of technology and production capacity that we rely on would be gone.

PGR88's picture

Putin is doing what Stalin did 70 years ago.   Use the DPRK to cause trouble between China and the USA, both rivals of Russia and his power.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Putin is doing what Stalin did 70 years ago.   Use the DPRK to cause trouble between China and the USA, both rivals of Russia and his power.

Did you read that in your Red Scare comic books? Clearly you are uncomfortable with history.

silverer's picture

It started with threats from the west due to NK testing. Let's see, only the US has the right to test nuclear weapons. Because the US says so. And the US is cool, and their congress is filled with gods who are cool, and whatever they say is divine and you should do what they say and everyone else, too. Period.

balz's picture

Putin is right again. He is the only adult in the room.

alexcojones's picture

Putin the Most Respected Statesman in the World.

Our guys? Not soo much.



I Art Laughing's picture

Yeah, nothing like lauding the leadership abilities of the Kim dynasty.


3 generations of being strung along by the Stalin/Mao holdovers has been wonderful for the people of North Korea.