...And "Horrible, Unacceptable" GE Goes Green

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Having tumbled 10% in the pre-open after massively missing earnings expectations and slashing guidance, panic-dip-buyers have stepped in and (thanks in large part to passive index buyers flooding into The Dow), General Electric is now green...

"Kitchen sink" is the new no-brainer... as CEO call sit "horrible and unacceptable"


Dow-buyers helping out (and it looks like some Dow vs GE pairs hit at the open)...


It seems Dow at 1000x the price of GE remains solid resistance...

Who could have seen that coming?

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Shitonya Serfs's picture

Probably because Yellen went to empty her Depends at the White House

BaBaBouy's picture

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... BUY BUY Fucking BUY Anything ... Just BUY ~

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Just take me out back for a good ole fashion ass whooping for not BTFGED.   Opportunity lost.  Next....

robertsgt40's picture

You really can't make this sht up. These aren't markets, they're rackets.

Mtnrunnr's picture

here's a tip: if it is an american icon, or related to the mass destruction of jobs OR the distribution of wealth from the poor to the rich, it's going to finish green.

Not Too Important's picture

GE is owned by the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds own the Western world's printing presses.

Of course GE will be saved.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Friends in government means never having to be competent.

Malinvestment is a zombie company's best friend.

yogibear's picture

OMG, a DOW stock dipped, Algos pannicked and stepped in to buy!

Rigged beyond rigged.

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Shut up and BTFD...!!!

shizzledizzle's picture

First round of stimulus, complements of Janet.

CPL's picture

Shares changing hands.  Level 2 says there's only one buyer and one seller.  Means two people are goin to lose their hands for putting their hand in the cookie jar.  They make it easy to find them now.  There's no volume.  Years ago they could have hidden in a herd of buyers and sellers.  But there they are...two fat bulls in a wide open field looking at some dog doing a crazy dance off yonder...maybe a wolf...maybe a coyote.  The puzzled stare of the two bulls now focused on watching the dancing canine, they didn't see the 500 pairs of eyes in the canopy reflecting light moving in to flank them.

Philo Beddoe's picture

That is what I call Investing! 

There should be some more investors at around 330pm to lift the boats a bit more. 

HowardBeale's picture

"...more [investors] at around 330pm..."

Right after some shill comes on CNBC to claim Buffet stepped in to load up...

lester1's picture

Clearly the stock market is being propped up by the unaudited Federal Reserve's PPT !

nope-1004's picture

GE is a political firm, just like GMC and other bailout recipients.  No analysis needed.  Buying its stock is buying a US treasury note.


Rebelrebel7's picture

Correction. GE was a political firm. Since they no longer own NBC and GE capital managment, they have lost an incredible amount of influence, and are about as relevant as Woolworths. 

yogibear's picture

Not even a NK nuke, unless it hit the NY Federal Reserve building, could cause this rigged market to drop.

Rex Andrus's picture

GE has 104 Fukashimas in the US. Jerry Brown is burying 70 Chernobyls 200 feet from the beach. It's only a matter of time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvuM3DjvYf0

The Count's picture

The straw that broke the camel's back will happen when hundreds of stocks drop at the same time.
Then its bye bye time.

Philo Beddoe's picture

I think you meant buy buy. 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

I'm still looking for the Equiafax data on the Dark Web to setup fake accounts.... sell the ascent. 

wintraiz's picture

yes and you have been saying that since the dow was below 10,000.  how much money you lost beingshort?

The Count's picture

Hmmmm let me check, that would be zero since I don't play this version of the greater fool. Booze and women, yes. Immediate return.

Rebelrebel7's picture

Fooled me Tyler! I thought that GE, was suddenly onboard with 100% renewable energy.

wintraiz's picture

ha.  ge going bak to washing machings

Rebelrebel7's picture

It looks like my boycott GE bumper sticker in the 80's and early 90's  was not as effective as I had hoped. That was before the internet.

HominyTwin's picture

I would say HFTs, but HFTs would be selling based on their word clouds sucked off their Bloomberg terminals, which are negative. It's the antigravity market. Everything floats. BTFD everywhere. I would say the FED, but they're not that stupid. It's the BOJ I bet. The BOJ is just that stupid.

AlphaSeraph's picture

Swiss central bank is my bet.

2banana's picture

GE used to be an industrial company that had a financial arm.

Then it went to being a financial company that used to make a few things.

Then it should have went BANKRUPT but got a big obama bailout and Warren Buffet got a great no can lose deal.

GE, today, makes almost nothing.  But it does crazy financial deals.


They kinda mirror the history of America.


Seasmoke's picture

Without a doubt the most rigged week ever in the history of this cesspool of corruption

KansasCrude's picture

 The Dow and the entire market is signalling the developing Hyper Inflation of the USD.   Remember Zimbabwe and Venezuela were both leading stock markets gainers until the shit hit the fan.  Who gives a rats ass if you have the best stock market if your currency ain't worth burning.   We are rapidly entering stage 2.

AlphaSeraph's picture

You might be right. If the USD goes to shit, ALL currencies go to shit.

"The Economist" 1988 cover. A Pheonix wearing a gold medallion perched on top of a pile of burning paper currency notes "WORLD CURRENCY 2018".

Tick tock. Times about to run out. Beast system 2018.


Ricki13th's picture

Exactly 2018 is going to be interesting. Countries are running from the Petrodollar 

Codwell's picture

The Central Bank strikes again. Can't have a flagship corporation stock fade. 

vesna's picture

Wait for Trump's FED candidate, this is going exponential. All markets are belong to me. (FED)

HowardBeale's picture

Zimbabwe's a piker compared to the U.S.

HowardBeale's picture

GE to green is the kind of stuff that rings the bell--not to mention stocks like PCG (with a beta of essentially zero) down 30 % and up 20% within 5 days. Now THAT'S investment grade!

We're fucked...

kavabanga's picture

General electric higher industrial output. 

Shares of General Electric have come under pressure in the last year due to management's uncertain theme regarding the company's future after GE Capital spin-off. 

The spin-off aided the company's focus on its core industrial business providing core products and services to fast growing industries. 
Following higher industrial output numbers and an overall increase in demand from the aerospace and military, GE  should be turning around. 
Strong demand for its software and its focus on Internet solutions should boost margins in the coming years. 

I believe General Electric will cruise through this quarter, however guidance will remain shifty. 
I'm starting General Electric with a $28.00 PT for the post-earnings move with a tight stop at $22.00

Ben A Drill's picture

They took some profits from bit coin. /sarc.

HowardBeale's picture

By the numbers: The 1% own about 90ish% of stock market; the market capitialization is now close to the total housing stock of the U.S. ($30T); the market capitalization has increased about $20T.(edit: since 2009) So, basically, the FED has handed the 1% about 2/3 of all houses in the U.S.

khakuda's picture

This is the no child left behind market.

Pol Pot's picture

The price action of GE today proves beyond any doubt that the market and individual stocks are manipulated.....it's all rigged, PPT and or their puppets bought up shares that were dropping as fast Harvey's pants...