Brandon Smith: How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings

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Authored by Brandon Smith via,

In my last article 'A Tactical Analysis Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident,' I outlined the precarious nature of the mainstream narrative and why the Vegas event in particular requires serious independent investigation into the possibility that Stephen Paddock did not plan or execute the event alone, or, he did not plan or execute the event at all, and someone else with far more tactical knowledge and shooting experience committed the murders outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Given that the FBI and Vegas sheriff's timeline seems to change every few days and that Mandalay surveillance footage is locked up tight, I think it is safe to say that someone more professional, and not muzzled by bureaucracy, needs be involved.

Setting aside the inconsistencies in the official narrative, questioning the motives behind this particular attack does not really bring us any closer to a practical solution. Of course, if you are one of those people that obsessively embraces the "crisis actor" theory, then you likely think that nothing much needs to be solved because "no one actually died." I am not very interested in this impractical theory reminiscent of 'The Truman Show', nor the people that promote it. It reminds me of the 9/11 hologram plane theory — remember, the theory designed to discredit the more legitimate 9/11 truth movement which included hundreds of scientists, architects and engineers with real arguments and evidence? Yeah, those establishment disinformation tactics did not go away; they are still being used today to undermine honest and rational investigations of other potential false flag events.

Ask "fake event" theorists for ANY concrete evidence that a single death was theatrical and that thousands of concertgoers and their families are part of the conspiracy, and these guys will demand that YOU show them the dead bodies and prove that the event "wasn't faked."  In other words, you must prove a negative, which is of course impossible.

Tell them you happen to know people with friends and family who were harmed in the event and they'll call you a liar or a government "agent." Show them numerous photos of dead bodies and they'll claim the bodies are actors. Show them first hand accounts of people on the ground — hey, all those people must be actors, too. Ask them for proof again and they'll try to pawn the burden of proof off on you; proof that they will then again deny when it is presented. It is a pointless circle of idiocy that makes alternative research look ridiculous.

If the establishment is seeking to stage a false flag, why go through the trouble of an elaborate, costly and harder-to-contain Kabuki play with numerous actors that might not keep quiet when they could simply shoot some real people with real bullets and be done with it?

Moving on...

This article will be focusing on the very real shooting (and attacks like it) which did in fact occur. Perhaps not the way that the mainstream media and the FBI claim, but still taking place all the same. How do we prevent such attacks in the future? What about Gladio-type false flag events (the Vegas event has numerous Gladio markers)? Can those be stopped, or is this an impossible task?

As far as false flag attacks are concerned, the long-term solution would be to nullify the people who fund and plan these scenarios. Until the day this is accomplished, though, we need some short-term protections.

I believe it is indeed possible to stop future mass shooting events, and to be sure, the solution does NOT involve further gun control measures or confiscation. Why? Because gun control does nothing to prevent mass shootings.

Just take a look at the Paris attacks perpetrated by ISIS. France has strict gun laws in line with what gun control advocates in the U.S. would like to see implemented. Even off-duty police officers in France were not allowed to carry their sidearms until after the Paris attacks in 2015.

French gun laws did nothing to stop ISIS terrorists from killing over 130 people in a single night using weapons already highly restricted in the country. All they accomplished was disarming innocent citizens and making them easy targets.

The nation of India also has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, yet this did nothing to prevent the Mumbai attacks in 2008 in which 164 people were killed.

Norway had extremely tough gun laws in 2011, but these were easily circumvented by Anders Breivik who murdered 69 members of a Workers Youth Camp on the island of Utoya.

As I noted in my previous article, the Vegas attack was initiated using more complex sniper-like tactics as evidenced in the choice of the shooter's perch as well as in the calculations for bullet drop from an elevated position. I believe this was done quite deliberately; most mass shooters tend to be poorly trained and attack a crowd haphazardly at point blank range in order to achieve maximum casualties in the shortest amount of time.  However, in Vegas, and Nevada in general, the likelihood of running into a person with a conceal carry weapon is rather high. Paddock (or whoever) might not have lasted more than a minute before being confronted with multiple defenders armed with their own sidearms.

The Vegas shooter was smart to avoid a point blank, ground level confrontation. But how do we make future shooters think twice about longer range attacks at crowded events?

The federal government and DHS will probably call for stricter security measures in locations in which many people congregate. I would not be surprised to see demands for TSA-style security in streets in major tourist areas and at concerts, sporting events, etc. Body scanners and luggage scanners in major hotels? Count on it, eventually. Hardcore anti-gun ordinances within major cities, much like the gun measures in places like Washington D.C.? Do not be shocked.

As mentioned above, none of this will really stop a determined mass shooter or terrorist (and certainly not a false flag), but without an alternative solution, frightened people have a tendency to go along with the deluded notion that more government means more security.

Vegas is not a stranger to crisis, but it seems to have forgotten how to prevent it. Many Americans are unaware that back in 1992 during the Rodney King riots, Las Vegas had to deal with its own major civil unrest with millions of dollars in damage and multiple deaths. This was barely reported because of Vegas's habit of burying stories that might stain the tourist destination's fun-loving image. But, it did take place.

West Las Vegas erupted in violence in the wake of the Rodney King trial, including snipers shooting at police officers and bystanders, but the Vegas Strip went largely untouched. This was perhaps because hotel and casino private security at that time had a reputation for being rather well armed and vicious. Many hotels had their own rooftop shooters ready and waiting. Given, Vegas was still highly "mobbed up" in the 1990s, but one must admit that their security was not to be trifled with.

No major federal measures were needed and intrusive security was minimal. Can this effect be achieved again (without the mob)?  Yes.

If mass shooters, terrorists and "others" seek to attack highly populous events using advanced tactics, then the organizers of these events should be employing private security groups with applicable tactical training and experience. There are thousands of well-trained veterans and civilians out there with the skills necessary to stop an active shooter, and they are not being employed where they are most capable. A team of two people trained in counter-sniping positioned near the concert at the Mandalay Bay could have cut down the shooter within a couple minutes rather than 10 minutes (or more), saving dozens of lives.

To be clear, I am not talking about poorly organized volunteer security made up of people not vetted, led by other men of questionable competence. I am not talking about guys who claim they have training but are never asked to prove it before they show up for the "gig." And I am not talking about security groups composed of individuals who barely know each other and have never worked together, as we have seen in scenarios like the Berkeley riots.

What I am talking about is the employment of quiet, vetted and tested professionals hired out for specific events in which large crowds will be present.

The Feds are not needed and, in most cases, not wanted. Private security firms WITHOUT federal affiliations could handle the protection of major venues without constitutional violations by simply placing people at events with the proper training. The mere presence of these people may even act as a deterrent for future attacks.

Security should also be organized and managed independently from the venues which they are tasked to protect.  As we have seen recently with the very odd behavior of MGM security employee, Jesus Campos; including his disappearance right before he was expected to give his accounting of events at the Mandalay and his sudden reappearance on the Ellen Show to give a farce of an interview devoid of hard facts or timeline confirmations, rent-a-cops owned by the venue are more vulnerable to manipulations and possible "coaching" after a crisis event occurs.

Excitement seekers and the public at large should avoid events that refuse to pay for truly independent and tactically skilled security, and instead choose typical rent-a-cops, retired cops and moonlighting cops that need extra cash. It is clear in light of the Vegas attack that these people do not have the ability to obstruct any attacker using more advanced combat strategies.  Nor are they likely to be honest about what really happened after the fact.

On top of this, more training and more responsibly armed Americans continue to be the best methods towards defusing and deterring active shooters. The point is, if the American public does not pursue alternative solutions and take tactical realities into account, then the only other option will be government interference on a scale that will promote totalitarianism in the name of safety. It is time for the American people to grow up, stop waiting for Big Brother to protect them and start taking their security into their own hands.

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wisebastard's picture
How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings.....IDK.....arrest all the cia agents for domestic terrorism and indefinitely detain them under the NDAA.....
aurum4040's picture

Dumb article. I stopped reading after Brandon mentioned how the shooter picked an elevated position and that if he didnt he would have been taken out by armed individuals. How many videos of victims are there that claim multiple ground shooters that moved? Theres also acoustic forensic analysis that proves AT LEAST 2 shooters, the 2nd being 200 ft. away. And people having sidearms at a concert? Come on now. Dont get me wrong, I am all about concealed carry and the 2nd amendment. But his analysis is off. 

aurum4040's picture

There will be body scanners in all casinos, fed buildings, airports, schools, etc. in 2 years. OSI and Chertoff will merge by 2020 - 4chan. 

Ignatius's picture

"Ask "fake event" theorists for ANY concrete evidence that a single death was theatrical and that thousands of concertgoers and their families are part of the conspiracy, and these guys will demand that YOU show them the dead bodies and prove that the event "wasn't faked."  In other words, you must prove a negative, which is of course impossible."

It's the responsibility OF THOSE PROMOTING THE STORY to make the case and NOT the responibility of the Conspirtorium to prove the negative.

Brandon's talking about solutions BEFORE we even know what happened.  Asshat.

runningman18's picture

Oh, but the conspiracy theorists have a story too.  For example, they claim the photos and video of dead bodies at the Mandalay shooting are fake.  So, where's the evidence that the bodies are fake, or actors?  They'll just say that there's "no evidence that the bodies are real", but the photos and videos and subsequent funerals stand as evidence that must be disproven if they are going to convince anyone of their theory.  Smith has it right, the "fake event" people are dupes, and the rest are feds trying to sully the reputation of real alternative investigators.

JSBach1's picture

Proof positive of multiple shooters, even for the ardent skeptic!
(I encourage you to examine all videos provided herein)

Cabbie video analysis of multiple shooters

Still not convinced? Listen to raw phone footage...
Examples of close suppressed fire ar 15, 17, 22 secs
***Proof*** listen starting @2 min 2 secs (hear the long sustained farther auto fire) Now listen @2 min 5 sec (hear close short suppressed burst mixed in with the long sustained farther auto fire (two distinct shooters)

Yes real people got shot. Here is one being carried out:

Ms No's picture

At least two shooters and imagine the support staff they likely had: Spotters, possible get-away vehicles, the standard agents that are interviewed first telling lies to throw people off and concrete the BS story, the other shooting incidents at Bellagio and other places where issues were reported, fake crime scene creators, possible handlers before Paddocks murder or placement, fake guests monitoring the floor so these scene isn't discovered early, people watching so they weren't interrupted when using service elevator.  They were likely crawling all over the place.  I think the hotel had to be in on it personally, especially with the service elevator use.




JSBach1's picture

Ms No

You have been one of the few here who have been at the forefront in this endevour to pursue the truth using evidence, and as such I would think that you would appreciate the effort of sifting through the endless noise for tangible real evidence which leads to simply the point of origin -- and not just some preconceived notion of the truth.

Thank you for your efforts, along with some others that I noticed here. The truth is out there for all who have the fortitude to insist on peeling the layers placed there wittingly or unwittingly in spite of the pursuit thereof.

Ms No's picture

Wow, thanks.  That means a lot coming from you.  ( :

Escrava Isaura's picture

aurum4040: Dumb article. 

As well as dumb posts.

Brandon Smith: How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings

C’mon. How are you going to stop racism? How are you going to stop overpopulation “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth’ Genesis 1:28? How are you going to stop stupidity?

That’s my main problem with conservatives: The Simpleton Mind.

I don’t know how a conservative can function in our complex society. They must be ‘constantly’ miserable people.

Life in a industrialist society, and with over 7 billion people is a very very complex product. There’s no way around it. Believing that you find solutions is very naive at best or a mental disease at its worse.

To top this craziness, the smart class added technology, leaving even more people behind and confused. Behind because technology robbed them of opportunities. Confused because these people don’t have the education to be part of it.


However, creating lies, false-flags, or conspiracies theories won’t help or change the facts, because facts will keep happening.

I understand that self-deception is a way our brains cope with life’s hash reality, but one need to try to understand and overcome it the best of his/her ability. And with some help, of course.

A good place for Brandon Smith to start would be in not trying to find solutions, because solutions will lead to more problems. The best way is to understand the environment that is leading to these problems. Then go from there.


Thrawn's picture

The "Simpleton" mind of a stereotypical Conservative and the "Smugly Superior" mind of the Liberal take 2 different paths to the same end of creating divisions with false dichotomies.

Teja's picture

Good point. Countries are strong when they can make Conservatives and Liberals (or their local counterparts) pull into the same direction. If one side wins, countries deteriorate and fail. The U.S. are on their best way to do that.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Societies are weak when then generate or have economic conditions that generate lefties.

You misuse the world LIBERAL.  What you talk about or should be talking about is lefties because what Iscrava in his/her is a lefty not a liberal. Conservatives are the present day liberals. I have no doubt that if the Bill of Rights were written today it would be written by a "conservative"

 If you can see lefties intellectual bankruptcy in the "complex" societies and their posturing as smarter than conservatives.  They think that they alone have the sophistication to deal with our present day complex society.  Truly if you were to use the word "conservative" correctly it would denote what is being called a liberal.  They seek monarchy(dictatorship).  They even sometimes think that what is needed is a "benevolent dictator" as if such a thing could ever exist.  But you see that in their continual voting for bigger government.

All the while we conservatives have one up on them.  We inherently know that all men have relatively weak minds and bodies.  We inherently know if you try to over control a society that it will go to shit because all men have limited vision.  Lefties like children still imagine themselves stronger than circumstances because of their simplistic thought processes.

beemasters's picture

Just by reading the first few paragraphs, anyone can safely conclude the author doesn't understand the difference between "false flag" and "hoax" events.

UselessEater's picture

Agree, he is still thinking like a school student learning that the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the loss of life was due to the negligence of US Commanders Kimmel and Short....Pearl Harbor was a consipiracy and a false flag arranged by a sitting president of America. That was not the first of the last time a sitting president helped betray his nation.

"The Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor was no surprise to the Roosevelt administration. Adm. Kimmel and Gen. Short were denied the vital information of a planned Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor because Roosevelt wanted an excuse to get the United States into the war. Roosevelt made Kimmel and Short the scapegoats for the Pearl Harbor tragedy. This is consistent with Franklin Roosevelt’s complex and devious nature."

jeff montanye's picture

all true enough, imo the u.s. declared war on japan when it put sanctions on the country cutting off oil.  want some more on ww1 and ww2?  watch

but to be fair, roosevelt well knew what he was up against after the businessmen's coup was defeated by the honesty of a true american hero, smedley butler,

as far as the article above, i stopped reading after the "9-11 plane hologram" was mocked.  imo lots of people really died in 9-11 and several films of planes flying into the wtc, and nearly out again (nose projects before explosion) are cgi, close enough to a hologram in a sense.  indeed the existence of such film proves a wider, far more sophisticated conspiracy than 19 arabs with "box cutters".  as if a plane would cut into a concrete and steel building with a little puff of cartoon smoke.

donald trump was right; those planes wouldn't have penetrated the wtc much at all, much less taken them down, with the structural steel that framed the narrow windows (and far less have a plane nose poke out the other side).  

take a look at both trump, years before he was president, speaking truth to power and stay for the fighter jet run into concrete.  let's run one into a mockup of the wtc exterior (while we're still the reserve currency and can afford it). 

LightBeamCowboy's picture

The motive is revealed in the tactics: Roosevelt COULD have keep his Pacific commanders accurately informed, who then COULD have sent out a devastating counter strike that sank the Japanese task force. But Roosevelt needed body count to instantly arouse Americans with righteous anger, so it was important to allow the attack to come in. We saw the same tactics on 9/11, where abundant evidence of the unfolding plot was suppressed,primarily by the FBI, and VP Cheney carefully arranged to have nearly all US fighter cover drawn off for distant drills. They knew how well body count works for getting Americans angry, and even had the evil gall to instruct WTC workers to "stay at their desks" until the buildings fell.

Escrava Isaura's picture


First, there’s a major difference between liberals and  lefty, say anarchist and/or libertarians socialist. That main difference is that: Liberals believe government is key to balance. Liberals don’t believe in socialism but it’s important that the institution should had been preserved. Anyway, socialism and anarchism lost for capitalism.


Second, anarchists and libertarian socialists, but especially the anarchist, have a wider back than the liberals. They can tolerate a lot. More so than the liberals.


Conservatives have very little tolerance. The right wingers of conservatism have zilch tolerance. Right wingers have the narrowest back.


So, for an industrial society, the anarchist would have been the most suitable system.

For an agrarian and/or hunter gatherer society, the conservatives are the most suitable, because they are the strongest.  


Took Red Pill's picture

We will never know what really happened just like all the other major incidents like 9/11, Boston bombing, Kennedy assassination, etc. Even 54 years after Kennedy was shot, they still won't releases the papers. Trump expected to stop it;

laser's picture

There will not be any thing useful. Disinformation if anything.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Teja: Countries are strong when they can make Conservatives and Liberals pull into the same direction. 

Great, let’s use your statement as our baseline, because it’s simple and to the point.

The sharpest difference between a conservative and liberal: Their level of narcissism.

Let use simple examples to understand these two dynamics.


Personality Disorder Narcissists People: Empathy-impaired. They can have empathy sometimes or to some degree, but it is not persistent.


Self Center Narcissist People: Empathy would be indistinguishable from the false empathy they project in order to manipulate others.


Now example to the first Personality Disorder Narcissists People: Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren’t sure Puerto Ricans should

Fred Maddox, 75. “It’s a problem, but they (Puerto Rico) need to handle it. It shouldn’t be up to us, really. I don’t think so. They’re sitting back, they’re taking the money, they’re taking a little under the table. He’s (Trump is) trying to wake them up: Do your job. Be responsible.”

What Maddox, this low life scum forgot to tell you is that FEMA had $14,000 in federal money land in their checking account.


Now Example for the second Self Center Narcissist People:

White House says its 'highly inappropriate' to question Trump's chief of staff (Kelley) because he is a four-star general

Now here is a list of four stars generals that Trump has public bashed.


Can you see the difference of these two narcissism?


Narcissism is as conservative as the Ivy Leaguers are indoctrinated.


ScratInTheHat's picture

"If the establishment is seeking to stage a false flag, why go through the trouble of an elaborate, costly and harder-to-contain Kabuki play with numerous actors that might not keep quiet when they could simply shoot some real people with real bullets and be done with it?"

And there you have it!

Ignatius's picture

Because real people file real lawsuits that gain the right of legal discovery. 

After 9/11-anthrax, the officials blocked ANY and ALL lawsuits from going forward.

Oldwood's picture

Simpleton like bleeding hearts spending vast amounts of public wealth to save the poor and ignorant classes while insisting on large scale population reduction?

Simpleton minds like demanding adherence to evolution while insisting humanity's future depends upon its rejection, insistence that the weak and dumb be given parity to the strongest, smartest and most productive?

And speaking of false empathy, conservatives far out spend on charities, even more than fake Clinton foundations, while progressives charity only goes as far as appropriation of working people's money to direct to THEIR favorite agendas. Ask Gates or Buffet why they choose private foundations over simply giving to their government.

Progressives are deliberately duplicitous in their stated agenda to actually create destruction. They are LIARS AND ABROGATORS.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Dumb article. Agreed. It's hard enough to afford a concert at $80-$200. Now the price will double.

runningman18's picture

That's an idiotic notion.  What kind of security costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single night?  The secret service maybe, and they are overpaid.   Raising ticket prices by a few dollars would be more than enough to pay for security with actual training instead of useless rent-a-cops. 

All Risk No Reward's picture

Ms. No,

You may have already considered this, but all the unexplainable anomalies appear to vanish if you do you a though experiment where Stephen Schuck (maintenance) is a spotter and hallway environment controller, the person in the hotel that we call Jesus Campos was the Paddock assassin and shooter, and the Australian guy next to Paddock, whose room had a broken window, was used to bolster the story of the spotter and the assassin.

Of course, this would all be a Money Power Sith Lord production, just like all the false flag events.


Did you know that the name Jesus Campos was entered into the MGM HR information system database by the President of MGM? Yes, the guy who sold 80% of stock leading up to this event.

Did you know there was no work history?

Did you know there was no contact information?

Did you know there was Mandalay Bay e-mail address?

Did you know there was no picture?

If these screen shots are accurate, and they include his manager and a Mandalay Bay internal account number, then it really does look like the insider who released these screen shots was right when they said that Jesus Campos is a "ghost."


Getting a bit esoteric here, but the Biblical holidays (holy days, festival) are based on ancient Israel's harvest.

The current Luciferian Money Power Supremacists want, above all, to prevent the prophesied return of Jesus and the instantiation of the thousand year reign of peace and prosperity under Jesus' government (not their own).

When did this harvest massacre occur? About 5 days before the Feast of Tabernacles, the harvest festival that some believe also represents the thousand year reign of Jesus on Earth.

Surely you can see how hiring an assassin with the name Jesus and the initials J.C. to shoot up a harvest festival in front of a black pyramid (with the top illuminated and light shooting vertically into the heavens) just a few days before God's Biblical harvest festival that depicts the overthrow of the current Money Power Supremacist world order and the installment of God's 1,000 year reign could warm the cackles of a Luciferian Money Supremacist, couldn't you?

All Risk No Reward's picture

Also, the evidence is about as clear as it can be that Mr. Paddock was working clandestine operations for the Bigs. He was obviously laundering his cash payout through the MGM and other casinos.

Come on, dude didn't make almost $5 million in 2015 playing video poker, people, don't volunteer to be a witless chump.


In other words, from 1988 through 2017, this dude lived like royalty relative to ordinary people, all because he went to the Money Power Supremacist "dark side."

One possibility here is that Paddock had simply had enough of "the life" and wanted to retire. He didn't need more money, he had many millions on the books and who knows how many off the books.

This might have been his last operation.

But the Money Power Supremacists like ASSETS not LIABILITIES, and, under this scenario, Paddock was going to become a LIABILITY.

So a Burn Notice may well have been in order, AND PADDOCK DIDN'T SEE IT COMING.

Don't dance with the Luciferian Money Power people, because the Luciferian Money Power don't value humanity, they only value "human resources." Once you aren't their resource, well, they have 100s of ways of making sure you don't talk during your retirement.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Laura Loomer reported that Jesus Campos' name has been removed from MGM's HRIS system.

They couldn't erase anything else in the system BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE ON CAMPOS IN THE SYSTEM!

All Risk No Reward's picture

Vegas 100% contradiction between Campos' and Schuck's "initial fire" claims - THEY ARE 100% LYING.

The Mandalay Bay's maintenance guy's (Schuck) story about the beginning of hallway fire irreconcilably CONTRADICTS the "security guard's" (Campos) story about the beginning of hallway fire.

They are COLD BUSTED in their lies.

Schuck's Campos free version... 50s in...

Audio recording sheds new light on Las Vegas shooting

Campos' Schuck free version... 1m 53s in...

Ellen Meets Las Vegas Survivors Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck

There is NO WAY to reconcile two stories, neither of which mention the other in the hallway, which is the new third lie they are telling today.

It also looks like they trotted out a body-double for the Ellen interview (neck shrunk, forehead shrunk, head widened, body gained 40 lbs; all this in about 10 days).

Ellen Caught Using 'Fake Jesus Campos' For TV Appearance

JSBach1's picture

Both their stories stink and as you stated are contradictory. First of all, by Campos' own account as he passes from the stairwell area and into the hallway where Paddock's room is immediately to his left, he hears what he thinks is drilling sounds, yet he fails to investigate this drilling sound or even to call it in to his supervisors. You'd think that would have caught security's attention and a prompt response to this drilling sound would forthcoming.

Now if Campos turned and was walking away from Paddock's room, as is Campos' own account, what would necessitate a barrage of gunfire from Paddock's room? There would be no reason to shoot at Campos if his account was accurate. It just does not make sense.

If Campos was shot at close range with upwards of 200 rounds of rifle fire then (1) he would be hit with numerous rounds and would be dead or seriously wounded, (2) drywall does not serve as any kind of effective barrier, whether he was in a cuddy or not, and as such he and perhaps other guests whose rooms adjoined that hallway would be hit or at the very least be witness to bullets passing through their rooms, (3) that hallway would be riddled with bullet holes. Has any journalist lay eyes on that hallway immediately after this massacre, or has any journalist interviewed hotel guests in the rooms that were connected to that hallway, and if so did they hear such noticeable gunfire? Did any one guest make phone calls to police or the hotel regarding this disturbance?

If Shuck was coming down the hallway why was he oblivious to live gunfire making it to about the halfway mark before realizing there was gunfire headed his way? Better yet, why was he not immediately tuned to this grave danger as soon as he got into the hallway? He even thought that he shots sounded like jack-hammering (second link you provided @4:15); how can anyone mistake auto gunfire for jack-hammering? That just smells of a lie. Now we are to believe that Schuck just waltzes in the hallway without realizing live auto fire is dispensed in his general direction, and more importantly he is not even grazed by a bullet. Right...

Did you hear Schuck call the shooting in to the control room? For someone who was in a real life threatening gunfire episode and who witnessed his fellow employee's wound he really sounded calm and collected not so much as to raise his tone, slur his speech or produce an ounce of fear and trepidation in that momemt -- like any normal human would be being put in that scenario, and especially one not used to gun violence.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Yes, even more in-depth analysis of this almost certain staged event.

Note that, at the time of the shooting, Schuck claimed, not that he made it halfway down the hallway, but that he made it "close" to Paddock's door and believe that his "close" proximity to the door is what triggered the gunfire in the first place. No mention of Campos... until later in the call - and it was vague, something like, "security's here."

I agree - ducking into a drywall cubby offers no protection. One would not just duck into the cubby, one would "hit the ground," too.

Schuck claims to be speaking on the radio (and can be clearly understood) while the gunshots are going off in the hallway... Anyone can test this. Go to a range with someone using a bumpstock. Call someone up and try to talk while the gun is being fired in "automatic" mode. My guess is Schuck had "miraculous" sound quality.

The "angels" must have been looking out for him. -lol-

This was almost certainly a staged event.

Why stage it so haphazardly? A highschooler could've done as better job - by far.

Are they testing society to see who is clueless and who isn't? Are they testing police to see who is clueless and/or and obeisant puppet?

I don't believe this was a terrible plan that executed terribly. I believe the plan was to execute this terribly and then OBVIOUSLY LIE ABOUT IT AND SEE THE REACTION.

Also, don't forget that the gun lying 2-3' above his head makes no sense if he was laying down when he shot himself. The lack of blood spatter shows he was laying down when killed. The moment the bullet goes in, he loses motor control, and all that is left are the recoil and the opposing force of the hand resisting recoil.

No way that puts the gun 2-3" above his head. Try to orient yourself so that you shoot yourself in the mouth and the recoil of the gun propels it to 2-3' above your head.

The scary thing is that the Debt-Money Monopolists will wiled their Black Operators into more and more violent and obvious mass murders so long as people suck their 10 political IQ thumbs and go along with their lies.

Chit is real - we live in a world where the dElites can send out their Black Ops at any time, murder you and/or yours, send out the Propaganda machine and the masses will suck their thumbs.

This escalation ahead of their debt-money bubble implosion (to be blamed on BankstoTrump, BTW) is a foreboding sign going forward.

Lumberjack's picture

There are too many questions and connections. Panama Papers, Las Vegas, Cyprus and Malta. Sibel Edmonds published this and even before that I saw similar connections. The journalist was onto something big.

An investigative journalist was just assassinated in Malta with a car bomb. Media outlets are reporting this murder may be politically driven, and is only limited to Malta, but there is much more to this story as this journalist was getting too close to something much bigger, Operation Gladio B...


Armchair Anarchist
#DaphneCaruanaGalizia: Azerbaijan launders Russian money through Malta. Edmonds: Azerbaijan is also in the pocket of NATO/Gladio B.

Sibel Edmonds
Breaking News-“Gladio B Assassinates Journalist With Car Bomb!” Only @ #Newsbud (Pls Share-Thank U all)

Nostradumbass's picture

Recall that there was an eyewitness at the concert who talked about the woman going to the front row and warning that "you're all going to die". She was also heard to say something like 'they're all around or they're everywhere'.

That is definitely more than one...

Kidbuck's picture

I could fart over a telephone and you could not distinguish it from bombs going off. To think that you can distinguish multiple shooters or multiple locations or even multiple weapons recorded from a single phone's tinny microphone is ludicrous.

JSBach1's picture

What is you argument for the distinct sounds heard in the videos? Do you not think having multiple shooters shoot together is not some strategy used to hide their very existence? How do you explain the different sources of fire, duration, timbre, and cadence?

All Risk No Reward's picture

He has no argument. He's making a juvenile baseless argument in an appeal to somebody's ignorance.

He's either a lame propagandist or he's a useful idiot.

venga periquito al torno's picture

Sorry but your take on this is wrong.

You cannot use acoustics as proof when surrounded by speakers. 

Fact 1. You know there were speakers.

Fact 2. You dont know how many speakers there were or where they were placed.

terms such as farther, closer, auto fire, etc...  are irrelevant. You must acknowledge this.










JSBach1's picture

Without going into a protracted discussion about the impossibility of this being piped into the speakers, just listen carefully to the clear articulation and clarity without much dissonance to the suppressed short bursts in the third video @2:02. As sound travels it gets distorted over distance so this fact alone points to those being in close proximity.

Now my argument is simply the presence of multiple shooters, which are clearly heard at the points I pointed out. Are you disputing that there are multiple shooters? If so, why?

All Risk No Reward's picture

Fact 3: There are two distinct sounds when a rifle is fired at you. First, there is the sound of the bullet hitting near you. Second, there is the sound of the bullet firing.

Fact 4: There are audio programs that graphically register these sounds in a pattern that is visually recognizable.

Fact 5: There is a claim that these distinct sound signatures have been analyzed (although, I don't believe he posted the source data, which he should do) with some stunning results.

Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre

I would like to see him post the source data analysis and audio graph patterns.

This matches multiple videos that clearly indicate shooters from different locations, not to mention eyewitness testimony of actual muzzle flashes at ground level (Gio Rios).

We also know there is absolutely no visual indication of initial fire from the 32nd floor MB room. None. It doesn't even look like the windows are broken.

I heard a witness at the time say that glass was breaking after she had been under cover from gunshots for quite some time.

The evidence is astoundingly clear - the Money Power Supremacist financed establishment is lying to the public once again (this is very common, BTW).

Ignatius's picture

"Oh, but the conspiracy theorists have a story too."

What does that even fucking mean?  "Conspiracy theorists?"

You think we've formed a convention or something and speak with one voice?

Evidence, damn it.  CCTV, ballistics reports, actual photo/video of severe wounds, etc..

The Live Leak video is dogshit.  Jesus Campos interview is dogshit.

runningman18's picture

Yes, evidence, moron, what is so difficult about this concept?  Where is the evidence that the bodies are fake?  Where is the evidence that the people interviewed are actors?  Where is the evidence that their friends and family are in on the conspiracy?  Because they would have to be in order for the fake event thing to work.  I'm not saying there is no false flag here, just that the "crisis actor" and fake shooting theory is bullshit.   

Ignatius's picture

They (the media/officials, etc.) are telling us the story, so the obligation is on them to make the case.

I don't have to prove anything as I'm not promoting any storyline at this point.

You seem like a troll, or insufferably stupid.


runningman18's picture

The case is already made.  Numerous dead bodies on photo and video.  Thousands of witnesses and their families.  Not one piece of evidence that supports the fake shooting claim.  The burden of proof is on YOU.  Where is proof that the bodies or the witnesses are fake?

Ignatius's picture

Holy Christ, pass the potatoes, Pa.

runningman18's picture

Yep, that's the kind of well thought out and evidenced response I expected...

Ignatius's picture

Post just one link to a pic or video of injury that you consider convincing.

Edit: [crickets]  I guess I'll go with "troll."

runningman18's picture

How about the list of dead?  Show me evidence that at least one person on that list is not actually dead, or does not really exist.  Show me proof that their families are fake and the funeral was fake.  Do you know how much false information and planning would go into just a single faked death?  Show me anything compelling.  I'll wait...