Did Money Talk: Europe’s "Real Boss" Now Expects Progress On Brexit By December

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?The “British press” is wrong (although it wasn’t just the British press): Brexit negotiations are going well and the divorce settlement should be finalised by December. Really?

This is what the EU’s "real" boss had to say on the state of Brexit negotiations following the first day of the EU summit. “My position wasn’t changed by Theresa’s May’s presentation, because I’ve kept in continuous contact with her by phone. What I heard today was a confirmation of the fact that, in contrast to what you hear in the British press, the process is moving forward step-by-step…At this point, it’s not yet sufficient to begin the second phase, but it’s encouraging enough to continue working in order to reach the beginning of the second phase in December.”

According to Reuters, Merkel dismissed suggestions that the talks should be broken off as “absurd”, commenting “I have absolutely no doubts that if we are all focused ... that we can get a good result. From my side there are no indications at all that we won’t succeed,’ she said.”

From Bloomberg, “Now both sides need to move,’ Merkel told reporters after hearing May speak at dinner, in a shift of rhetoric for the EU side, which has previously insisted that it’s up to the U.K. alone to make the next move.EU leaders are aware of the fragility of May’s position -- she’s trying to hold onto her job after a failed election and keep a squabbling Cabinet together. That’s why they offered her words of encouragement on Thursday, according to an EU official speaking on condition of anonymity. The conclusions of the summit also point to possible progress before year-end, while demanding more concrete steps from the U.K.”

Three days ago, Germany and France were reportedly taking a tougher line on talks and members of Theresa May’s team were briefing journalists that negotiations could collapse after the summit if no ground was given by the EU (see “Theresa May's Government Fears Imminent Collapse Of Brexit Negotiations”). However, UK Brexit Minister, David Davis, is slightly less confident and is still planning for a potential breakdown according to the lead story in today’s Times.

As we’ve said, “it boils down to money” and the EU is reluctant to move forward until both sides can agree on a number. This is where we suspect that some progress was made. If so, the more upbeat tone from Merkel makes sense and, according to an un-named UK official, this is what happened. The U.K. prime minister signalled she’s willing to offer more on the divorce bill, according to a U.K. official. May urged leaders at a European summit to help her find a deal she could sell to sceptics at home, and her counterparts responded with words of encouragement -- though no concrete concessions.”

In terms of numbers, May’s initial offer made in Florence on 22 September 2017 was about 20 billion euros along with further unspecified commitments that might amount to another 20 billion euros. The EU is thought to be demanding in the region of 60 billion euros.  

Before the dinner began, some thought had gone into the choreography, as TV footage was dominated by May's friendly chatting with both Merkel and Macron. The photo below shows what might have been the critical moment in the talks.

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Why PhotoShop Rod Stewart's face?

Philo Beddoe's picture

He looks to be shrinking as well. 

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Because he has a new single on the way called "Angie May"..

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That's not Rod, it's Merkel.

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Anyone that has the kind of money Rod has, shouldn't have to cut his own hair.

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Merkel's duplicitous lies.

To the press she sees no problems, in the back rooms however , she, Juncker, Scheuble are throwing every kind of objection in the way of an easy Brexit to send a signal to all other separatists that this is an expensive process.

Drag your iron booted feet you collectivist scum. Your time is over and history will paint your era with a brush coated with shit and blood.

curbjob's picture

That's quarterly gdp.

Prior to the 80's gdp would swing wildly ,  down one quarter ,  back up the next.

If you look at multi year gdp charts  it's a different  story.

Btw, Martin Armstrong is a fucking criminal convicted of fraud with zero credibility . 

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 The Crazy EU

MEPs and legal experts have claimed the veto over the territory’s future after Brexit would give Spain special status among EU nation, when they should be on an equal level.

The EU’s Brexit negotiating guidelines stated that the Brexit deal will not apply to Gibraltar without an “agreement between the kingdom of Spain and the UK”.

Experts have told the Telegraph that the veto could be illegal under EU law.

Spain's Gibraltar claim has NO legitimacy and YES would be illegal.

They've effectively signed the territory away 3x times!

Gibraltar – Spanish Myths and Agreements (single page):



medium giraffe's picture

Please go back to your beloved Daily Mail comment section, you're much more likely to find someone who cares.

Don Diego's picture

Hey ZH, why are you not covering the collapse of the Spanish banking sector you predicted yesterday?

please show us those kilometric lines of people withdrawing their savings

Check mate zero brainers.

Joe A's picture

And there I thought that were commenting on an ZH article other than Catalunya but then it turns out you are OT and talk about Catalunya anyway.

Don Diego's picture

well, since ZH predicted yesterday that today the Spanish banking sector would collapse, I was wondering if there were any news.

Joe A's picture

The Tylers are just betting against the Spanish banking sector so they are stirring up things to make it happen :-)

Latest news I see on La Vanguardia and El Pais is that PSOE wants a pact with Rajoy on article 155 so that there will be elections in Catalunya in January. It will be interesting to see how that develops. Because that can go in multiple directions.

Thanks Don, I am OT now as well.

Ghordius's picture

The Tylers have a mission: provide/aggregate all doom/bad/worse news... regardless

at least, that's the way I always understood ZH

Joe A's picture


Well, somewhere a change came along through the years. But I am still hunkered down in my bunker, manning my MG42,  waiting for the world -as we know it- to end. I am running out of cans of tuna and toilet paper. I need to come out.....is it safe?

Ghordius's picture

no, it isn't. and... it will never be, it was never, ever

alternative: upgrade your bunker. put it under a French Chateaux, with a nice garden, fountains and rolling fields of wine, wheat, vegetables, etc.

or go to the max: Principality of Monaco

you own little army, your own police that picks your fleeing wife at the airport and brings her back, the circus comes to visit you, and a nice casino next to your RE deals. don't forget the harbour for the superyachts

or less flashy: Principality of Liechtenstein

the ultimate libertarian dream: personal sovereignty

Joe A's picture

For that, please send money. And cookies.

I like the French chateaux idea. I think a person can live with on bread, cheese and wine. Vin, pain, fromage....in whatever order.

Ghordius's picture

ok, let's take that chateau idea and come back on thread, i.e. Brexit

Chateau + Brexit Leader gives...

Nigel Lawson on Brexit: 'I love Europe! That's why I live in France. But ...

Nigel Lawson, once temporary Chairman of the Leave Campaign... leading from France

Joe A's picture

US ZH commentors would now say that he leading a lost battle, leading from behind and surrendering.

Don Diego's picture

if the referendum police action had been so brutal and had increased the support for independence, why the Spanish authorities are pushing for new elections if, according to ZH and the zombie commenters, the support for pro-indepence parties is now overwheleming? in fact, the Spanish authorites knwo that support for independence is eroding now that the lies of the secessionists are being exposed to the light. Now I close the offtopic, sorry but according to my contract I need to make at least 5 posts per media per day.

Joe A's picture

Aha, but that all depends on how the elections will be held. It can be a real test for independence. But only if everybody is allowed to participate. If the seperatist parties are banned then the elecions are colored. But if they are open then there is a good opportunity to see what people think. Important of course is high voter turn out. If all parties can participate, if there is high voter turn out then you can see what people think of the whole independence thing. At least more so than with the referendum that was held. If seperatists score bigly then you know that sentiments for independence is big. If moderate parties win then perhaps less so. A bad outcome would be a divide through the middle, as with Brexit.

Anyway, this thing will entertain us here for some time to come.

Ghordius's picture

lol. still about that "they want money" thing?

Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

no anything for Brexiteers if Ireland is not satisfied. and still nothing if the citizens in the UK don't get anything cast in stone. and then, only then comes the question of the UK gov delivering their calculation method with all items checked or not, i.e. the "money question"

as soon as the UK gov publishes it's answers to the 3 questions, the future can be discussed. first in the UK, though, because... they still have to make up their mind

pass the popcorn, please

medium giraffe's picture

Well, May is in bed with the Unionists already, but Eire?  They set their own destiny and are sticking with the EU either way, it doesn't have any bearing.

Ghordius's picture

correct. and that's why Leo Varadkar and the Irish Parliament are the real counterparts to the UK's negotiators, for this stage

that BORDER. where? not on the island, say both May and Leo

stilletto2's picture

Once again ghordius you put your cart before your horse

Ireland cant be decided until future trade arrangements decided.

Money transfers cant be decided until future trade arrangements decided.

Status of EU citizens in UK is already decided - they will be treated the same as Australian or US citizens in UK - as equals under UK law. The EU should stop whining that they want to have an elevated status over all others.

Waiting for the EU to grow up.

Ghordius's picture

"Ireland cant be decided until future trade arrangements decided"

that's not correct. PM May has already ruled out both Single Market and Customs Union

ergo: regardless of the deal struck, there will be a border, both regulatory and of customs

funny how this strange point persists

again: if no SM/CU... then border. there is no other option. there won't be any such option offered

modric's picture

Your friends down the Pattaya Pink bar are missing your tips since this brexit thingy took over your life . Some of the "ladies" down there want to make an intervention because they haven't seen you since the Brexit vote. They have bills to pay you know.

Ghordius's picture

tell the "ladies" that I won't come back because you joined their ranks with that little operation. I have... limits

Malkavian's picture

The EU needs to lay off the coke and pop a Xanax or two.

wmbz's picture

When, if ever will the serfs understand, World Wide, that their vote does not count for anything.

The lords and masters will always do what they want to enrich their lives, and will always piss on the serfs heads.

Mimir's picture

You are refering to the non-binding vote a year or two ago, where 37% of voters voted: Yes ! Noone has missed the advice, I think.

Ghordius's picture

"In terms of numbers, May’s initial offer made in Florence on 22 September 2017 was about 20 billion euros along with further unspecified commitments that might amount to another 20 billion euros. The EU is thought to be demanding in the region of 60 billion euros"

that's when simplifications become... bollocks

10 billion is what a year's membership costs (8.6, last year, from memory). now, May has stated that she wants to A) exit the Single Market (i.e. no Norway solution) and B) exit the Customs Union (i.e. no Turkey solution), while C) keeping the UK in both for two years and strive for D) a trade deal, which for the EU means "something like the Canada solution"

but... the EU, all 27, mind, want the UK gov to go through every liabilty item, every liability class, every calculation method for those shared costs and liabilities, every agency, etc, and... state, in written form, what they want. (that makes the whole cost something between 20 and 60, perhaps, and chiefly according to, again, what the UK gov *wants*)

problem: the UK gov is balking. because of internal dissentions. and... that's not the 27's problem

(no cherry picking, no fudge, no nebulous stuff, no more... lies to the British and european public are allowed in such)

again: pass the popcorn

msamour's picture

everyone in the British Commonwealth (except the traitros in Londonistan) want a hard Brexit. How many times have I met arrogant Europeans in Montreal who were lifting their noses at the "inferior Quebecers" because we kept our 16th century French. I usually take vile plaseure in increasing my regional Quebec accent so they don't understand me, and insult them even further. They are worse than Americans. They come into your country to "visit" and then proceed to tell you how superrior their country is to yours. Buncj of arrgoant baquette armpit wearing, shintzel face stuffing sons, and daughters of bitches. 

If it wasn't for people from the British Commonwealth, you'd all still be doing the NAZI salute, and learning those NAZI youth songs in school, and you'd all still be ruled by Adolph Hitler's children and grand children. You would be no better off than the people of North Korea. You can take you arrogance and superiority and shov it up your collective asses!

Byte Me's picture

Fraulein tubbycustard whispers, "Der stad Londen to Frankfurt you bring."

Granny-shagger on the right, "Et bien, nous vous remercions d'accepter les gens des bonlieux de Paris." (whispers) "Cadeaux de Nöel."

Panic Mode's picture

Meet the new Napoleon and Hilter. Same motive, just different action.

gunzeon's picture

voltairenet summed it up nicely;

... and since the European Union is the civilian wing of the Atlantic Military Alliance ...

ergo, it's a storm in a teacup
wisehiney's picture

One of you nfl ers shoud grudge fuck dat fraulein

Leave da worl happy

Joe A's picture

That picture of Merkel, May and Macron (3M) is hilarious. "Come meet us in my quarters, Macron, so you can engage in your mature woman/mother threesome fantasy. Leave your mother....uuuuh wife at home".

I can't believe I just had that thought in my mind. Oh dear.

Ghordius's picture

you... owe me a keyboard. still laughing

Joe A's picture

Glad I made you laugh but I am worried for my mental health.

Ghordius's picture

you should. we all should, for dwelling from time to time here

anyway, for the further... deterioration of your mental health: Momma's Boy is going nowwhere without Momma

meaning... it's a foursome

he is a nuclear-tipped president, after all. they think big, don't they?

Joe A's picture

Stop it! Stop it already! Oh, the humanity....

We should not forget that May is also nuclear tipped. Let's throw in some cosplay as well for full effect. Or rather, let's not.

Can we talk about Catalunya, please? Or else I might develop a liking....

Ghordius's picture

no problem. the EU has a ready made solution for everything

for Bombardier's troubles with the US, it was Airbus, and "tariff jumping" (3'000 jobs saved in North Ireland alone)

for your "liking": think about Juncker joining the fray

better, now?

I saved you a cold shower, but it might cost you a sleepless night afraid of dozing off and having nightmares

Joe A's picture

That Airbus thing was excellently played. I don't know what the EU had to do with that though.

Thanks for the Juncker thought. That puts me off alright. I am not that perverted. I will, however, have nightmares now. Especially, because when you mention Juncker, Timmermans pops up as an extra bonus. I might not like Juncker but I loathe Timmerfrans. I feel my blood pressure rising already.

Ghordius's picture

that Airbus thing was concocted from the perspective of looking in the future: how will competition look like in the next decades?

for the small/medium european businesses competing in such a global market, that is

and the solution was: cooperation. hence Airbus, an "EU cooperation darling/champion"

now, what is Bombardier? a medium sized Canadian airplane maker. with a factory in North Ireland, too

and, what did Bombardier experience? Boeing lobbying to slap a 300% tariff on the C-Series

no, the EU had nothing to do... this year. the tool... was prepared

Rex Andrus's picture

A thousand links to that come up in your children's Google results all the time. State sponsored psyops against children and fools, and nobody says a word.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Merkel whispers 60 billion euros and Macron chimes in yes 60 billion and you're free.