Gold, Yen Jump After Reports Yellen Returns To The White House (For Lunch With Gary Cohn)

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Update: Reuters reports a White House spokesperson confirms Yellen is at The White House for lunch with Gary Cohn - nothing out of the ordinary.

Yellen odds fell back to 24% from 30%.

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You know it's a quiet day when...

Gold is up, USDJPY down, TSY yields tumble after reports that Janet Yellen is back at The White House following her 30 minute meeting with President Trump yesterday...

Bloomberg reports:


Gold, Yen, and Bonds jump...

Perhaps it's time to turn the algo sensitivity dial down from '11'.

And Yellen's odds just exploded...

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YUNOSELL's picture

Yellen Hallelujah at the top of my lungs

BaBaBouy's picture

Soo... Which one of them will Short THE MOST Paper GOLD ...

American Psycho's picture

Mr. Yellen, get back to work.

ParkAveFlasher's picture
  • Gold back down on Yellen ordering the souffle d'monkey-hammer.

wtf kind of headlines are these?!!?

loebster's picture

The (((Yellen/Cohn))) plotting to keep money control in (((their sleazy hands))).

BaBaBouy's picture

DOW Up ~ GOLD Down ... DOW Up ~ GOLD Down ... DOW Up ~ GOLD Down ...

dead hobo's picture

I can only hope it was a ploy. Cohn was asked to look like a crook to find out from Yellen what the real game is. Call me Pollyanna.

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More like:



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Re: Yellen and Gold

What's the conventional wisdom here? Gold bugs would welcome Yellen remaining as chair? 


In the "it doesn't need to be said category but let's say it anyway ..."

Gold will be beat down whoever is appointed Fed chair. 

If Yellen stays, gold beat down

If Yellen leaves, gold beat down

If Yellen stays, Fed not audited

If Yellen leaves, Fed not audited

If Trump stays as president, gold beat down Fed not audited

If Trump impeached or removed, gold beat down Fed not audited


If Yellen stays, stock market continues to rise

If Yellen leaves, stock market continues to rise


P.S. BTW, gold and silver are down today.




Barry Madingo-Odongo's picture

The gang bang pizza party is something you need to see to believe it...gosh I miss those days

FreeShitter's picture

Yellen is the there to reassure Trump all her CTRL-P buttons are working properly.... Trump just needs to know this, so he can tweet 24000 DOW soon.

American Psycho's picture

Maybe I'm a little premature, but I'm sporting my #DOW30,000 hat today. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

New "all time highs" with "full employment"...

I wonder if Trump has flaty asked Mr. Yellen to raise those rates...

time will tell...

Place your bets!

spastic_colon's picture

hopefully to "thank" her for her service and then say get the fuck out...........

bluskyes's picture

just demonstrating the Fed's political independece

Ben A Drill's picture

What jump? Is this a joke?

BaBaBouy's picture

It "Jumped" from Down 8. to Down 11. ~

tropicthunder's picture

That lasted all of 5 fucking minutes. Looks like DaBoyz are gettin' ready to beat the living shit out of gold shortly. Gold Stocks already giving heads up...

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

In't it 'casual' fucking Friday?

Just to keep my calendar updated.


Gavrikon's picture

Well, that shit didn't last long.

lester1's picture

Globalist piece of shit Gary Cohn is begging Trump to pick ole Yeller. He told Trump the Fed will crash the markets if he picks a non Jew as Fed chairperson. Trump might be caving..

Snaffew's picture

in a symbolic gesture...Trump to convert to judaism this weekend and change his name to Trumpstein...Oy Vey!

Consuelo's picture



What's a 'chairperson'...?


Is that like one of those 'person-hole' covers in the middle of the street...?

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Not sure but I think it's a term used to describe a certain class of disability. 

Really, short gnome types that need booster seats in their chairs.Those 'too small' to ride the rides. So as not embarrass them we have come to use the term 'Chairperson'.


Snaffew's picture

have the markets jumped from S&P 2548 yesterday morning to 2572 this morning because Sketchers came out with a good report?  Symbolic for a sneaky market to do such an about face---Rise all for the Judge---(CB's)

ClowardPiven2016's picture

Gold "jumps" to down $11 on the day

Balvan's picture


gold 800, dow 32,000, bitcoin 40,000, dollar 130

Snaffew's picture

human population decreases from 7.6 billion to around 4 billion---markets continue to rise----hey, more pie for everyone!

Snaffew's picture

this market has one of those oh so familiar looks of rising slowly all day into the close...2577---2580 by EOD.  Just for the fuck of it---programs are in all out buy mode right now.  Jump in, the water is warm (but also saturated with pestulance, filth and deadly bacteria).  Take a nice LONG bath!

Games Without Frontiers's picture

It's Friday, stocks up, gold down. The gatekeepers have said it must be so.