Marc Faber Responds To Racism Accusations

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Having been forced off the boards of Sprott, NovaGold, and Ivanhoe mines and excommunicated from mainstream business media following his comments earlier in the week, Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report writer Marc Faber responds to his racism allegations...

"I have been labeled by the mainstream media as a racist - I don't think this corresponds at all with reality.


I wrote a report about capitalism and socialism and about private property rights, and I also wrote about the tendency nowadays to want to rewrite history.


In the US they are trying to tear down statues of people who had a different view from other people at the time... they also tried to tear down statues of Columbus..


I think that when you have civilization, when you have culture, you should remember your past.


Our past - the white man - has certainly not been glorious, it's been very cruel with the periods of imperialism and colonialism being very cruel.


But the fact is that the white man and the Europeans brought a lot of skills and knowledge and a work ethic that built a very prosperous society... until very recently.


I think that to try to deny the fact that the western white man made America great is just not right and for that reason I was attacked very badly."

The conversation then continues to discuss cultural clashes, skin color, religion, confederate statues, African repression, capitalism, gold, bitcoin, Hillary Clinton, the swamp, President Trump, and America's military-industrial complex running foreign policy.

We suspect Faber's reponse will do him no favors in this age of ever-increasing virtue-signaling, but he has at least clarified his perspective.

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And still he hasn't said anything factually wrong.

Shitonya Serfs's picture

Without the white man, we wouldn't have Nikes, Basketball, or anything more technological other than spears and peanut butter.

IntercoursetheEU's picture

Talking about 'racism' is racist

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Marc is in very good company...

In October 2007, Watson said to the Sunday Times that he was “gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says not really.”

WTFRLY's picture

You can't say that white history has not been pure and not admit how Europeans have destroyed empires on all corners of Africa. Over 400 years of purposely destroying the productive capacity of African civilization. Then, they commoditized and monetized slave labor to build the American south and dozens of industry groups. I don't want to hear bullshit about Irish slaves, because if they're treatment was as bad, then you would have as many Irish NFL players as blacks.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Over 400 years of purposely destroying the productive capacity of African civilization.

Productive capacity?

Are you talking about the hunter, gatherer, or farmer civilizations?

...because if they're treatment was as bad, then you would have as many Irish NFL players as blacks.

WTF?  Bartender, I'll have one of whatever he is drinking.

J S Bach's picture

In an age of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  Pretty pathetic, but true.  To state that white men have given the world practically every invention, discovery and other useful idea (not to mention the most exquisite art, music and architecture) is not supremacist at all.  In fact, whites have altruistically given away all of their creations freely so that every other race can benefit.  They should be thanked and applauded, not ostracized and scorned.

Faber is to be commended for his courageously simple statement of facts.  The more people speak the truth, the quicker will be the vanquishing of the (((satanic cabal))) which lords over our politically correct world today, turning it into a sewer of unnatural suffering.

NoVa's picture

Anyone remember SNL skit from late 70s w Garrett Morris and Julian Bond - light skin blacks are more intelligent than dark skin blacks ?

Funny as heck



SafelyGraze's picture

marcus, marcus, marcus.

do *not* participate a conversation about racism.

simply apologize.

arguing against the accusation is like fighting against the tar baby

uncle remus and zwarte piet

weburke's picture

there are no white people, earth tones only.

MisterMousePotato's picture

I can't believe we're even talking about this.

Not just Messr. Faber, but all of you are racists, having forgotten, apparently, the wise words of Barry The Great, May He Prosper For All Time, pointing out how fortunate all of us are that we had Muslims come and settle and build America, and to allow us to live here among them.

This is why, in the words of NASA, NASA's number one priority is Muslims.

Actually, if their plan was to put all Muslims in space, well, I suppose I would understand and agree.

SafelyGraze's picture

tough crowd here on friday night

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The Arabs got most of their science from the Greeks. After kicking the Greeks out of the area comprising Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, they found a huge quantity of Greek literature much of which they translated. Today, many originally Greek books, only exist in Arabic translation.

The Greeks had lived in the "Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt area" for a thousand years. In the battles of Ajnadayn (634 AD), the Battle of Yarmouk (636 AD), etc, the Greek armies were defeated by the Arabs. Most of the people remained, eventually learnt Arabic, adopted Islam and became the Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, etc, etc. Before the Arab invasion the entire area was almost 100% Greek-Christian. Around 20% of the population retained their Christianity right up till recent times.

And, by the way, the Greeks not only developed algebra, but also (a version of) calculus.

The Greeks also had a numeral zero, which is often stated to have been introduced by the Arabs.

ThanksChump's picture

You're obsessed, Slack Jack Warrior.

Jews aren't the problem, assholes are the problem.

Refuse-Resist's picture

But muh Algebra!!! Whitey would still be living in caves if it weren't for the mohameddans damn you racist!

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture


Faber must run for POTUS.

Who better to run a gloom/boom/doom country?!

Just the man to put aside political correctness and tell it like it is.

Someone who actually believes in having sound money, efficient use of currency, and control and application of useful debt.

And best of all will continually offend and irritate red & blue parties equally, is acceptable to the EU and Russia, is respected in Asia, and just might get Lil' Kim to come to the party.

I will locate a Hawaiian birth certificate and pay for US vocal coaching immediately.

Anyone wanting to volunteer or to chip in to the crowd funding go to #Faber4Potus.

Oh and Faber can appoint Jim Grant to Head the Fed.

Stop just observing interest rates, set and control 'em yourself. Fabs will back you all the way.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

zuuma's picture

Great idea!

But, don't forget the Massachusets SSN from some dead guy.

Then it'll be a lock on the presidency!

For bonus points, maybe a tranny "wife", too!

johngaltfla's picture

Marc, save yourself the headaches and take my advice, since I do know you read these pages.

Keep writing your newsletters, keep appearing on podcasts and shows which respect your opinion on the markets, and when you are proven right again and CNBS or FBS calls, tell them to politely go fuck off.

JohnG's picture

Fuckin' A Marc.

And GOLD, bitchez.

buttmint's picture

Marc.....all of us ZHers would rather be quaffing a cold Leo or beer Chang with ice in Chinag Mai, laughing at the stupidity reigning in America.

No one can "talk about race" without being labeled a "racist." People are not free in America. Everyone is deathly afraid of losing their job. Being Poilitically correct is the new Religion in America and it sucks.

Mai mee sanook-sanaan na krap tee American na.

Many in America have no clue that the word "Thailand" means "Land of the Free." Very true!

loebster's picture

While the US, because of the USG, has become Land of the Shackled.

Oldrepublic's picture

re: Thailand and "Land of the free," must have forgot about those Lese-majeste laws where a negative remark about the King's dogs can get one a long prison sentence.


Bes's picture


was constructed by euro-anglo-zionist oligarchs to

steer the white european masses that they were enslaving away and instead going after the

outsider and not the oligarchy that was enslaving them under Feudalism


Europe was collapsing under the weight of it's white on white brutality and slavery

it had no resources

no gold no silver, no large source of metals

and agriculturally poor, a thawed out icebox


Racism was a promise of being in a slightly more priveledged place in a rigged economic structure

with the largely false promise of a path to join the oligarchy

by stealing, murdering, raping, and pilaging the property, land, and lives of others


how did they do it?

using myth, psuedoscience, and a generous helping of religion

to make men into monsters


depopulate the globe outside of europe


enslave their former anscestors


Europe had no capital without stealing it from the rest of the world


if europe was so amazing, then why the fuck didn't they stay there and develop on their own?

GreatCaesar'sGhost's picture

Did someone teach you that nonsense, or did you come up with it on your own? Haven't you ever been on a team? My team is better than yours? It starts with my family is best, then my neighborhood is best, then my town, then my state, then my region, then my country. It's a natural human attribute to believe that one's group is the best. And it's observable reality to see that Euro-man has developed the greatest civilization in Earth's history. Try to live within reality.

Refuse-Resist's picture

American public schools, univeristies, and media. We are saturated in lies from the day we're born and very few men have the ability or inclination to investigate or even question the jewish dogma.

There are about 4 JIDF Hasbara trolls and maybe one nigger going around downvoting everything. Fuck them.

The truth will set you free. So will removing trash from your country.


Make America White Again.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Are you a descendant of Malcom X by any chance?

So It Goes's picture

Did not see this before.  Referenced unbiased presentation.

Cannot refute the science.  Thanks for posting.

Deplorable's picture

If ignorance is bliss, then Africa is the most blissful place on the planet.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Hahahaa that dude is full of shit Pladizow.

Four chan's picture

blacks and jews can stand being called that why is that? 

GodSpeed_00's picture

"To state that white men have given the world practically every invention, discovery and other useful idea"

Have you forgotten about Chinese, Arabs, Japanese, Jews... Or do you consider them to be white? ...Algebra, Paper, The Compass, Gunpowder among many other things...I mean to say that white people created "practically every invention" is just plain wrong and ignores many things created by other peoples that allowed whites to achieve what they have.

Jack McGriff's picture

Whites have made more contributions to the technological, scientific, and industrial advancements of mankind than all the other races combined.  Why are you trying to diminish the truth?  Why is it important to you to diminish the achievements of whites that have benefitted the whole world?  By way of ONE example, just look at the periodic table - every single element was discovered by a white person. 

Noted that you implied negroes have given nothing to world.    


GreatCaesar'sGhost's picture

He's obviously a "racist" and must be fired from his job, assaulted by antifa and hounded from his home.

GodSpeed_00's picture

My point is that you can't just attribute everything to whites, that's really ignorant. Where would whites be without Chinese gunpower? Or the Compass to navigate?

ebear's picture

"Whites" and Chinese are both Snow People.

A Sentinel's picture

The Arab algebra claim is bullshit- just so that’s clear.

But you’re unfair to our negroids here and completely forgetting peanut butter. Where the hell would we be without peanut butter?

So It Goes's picture


Jews are an ethnicity.  But they are also mostly white.

Try to think your point through before you write.

GodSpeed_00's picture

To many, Jews are not considered white. What really is white exactly? Maybe you should think about that.

So It Goes's picture


Ashkenazim are white Jews - European.

Sephardic are darker and stayed in the middle east - Arabic.

Please - I know there are so many anti-semites here - but this is a conversation about IQ and white - so don't get the science mixed up with banking, zionism, and all the political stuff.

It doesn't matter what you and others believe - "To many, Jews are not considered white".  Sorry you are flat wrong.  Period.

HopefulCynic's picture

Jews don't consider themselves white, they are very vocal against whites, only when they want to manipulate do they wear the mantle of the White Man. 

GreatCaesar'sGhost's picture

Doesn't matter what someone "considers" himself. Ashkenazi Jews, and in fact many Sephardic Jews, are genetically Caucasion. If a red-headed, freckle-faced Scotsman "considers" himself Chinese, does that make it so?

evokanivo's picture

I get your point but it's also painting with a broad brush / oversimplification. I think it's more about self-identification, ie. whether you identify as Jewish (or any other group for that matter) that causes an us VS them mentality. It's not being Jewish per-se, but rather feeling isolated from the rest that promotes the constant manipulation and distortion that we see today vis-a-vis Israel and all the rest.

hibou-Owl's picture

So Jews are mostly white, with a black streak that blown the biggest financial bubble ever. That black skid mark is going to screw society.

So It Goes's picture

"Jews don't consider themselves white" - really?  What do you think they consider themselves - black on the inside and white on the outside?"  Geez louise - you are confused - and so are those who may agree with your ridiculousness.

Boonster's picture

Do you have any inventions created by those groups in the last 2,000 years cause all those things you mentioned were BC.

GodSpeed_00's picture

I didn't know there was a statute of limitations on contributions to mankind. Instead of worrying about what other people have invented I wanna ask what have you invented? That's what really matters, what have you contributed to mankind? Or are you like the 99% of humanity that don't invent anything?