"This Is Our World..."

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Via Jim Quinn's Burning Platform blog,

I watched this over at Irish’s Blog and started to think about ‘date night’.

My wife and I go out on date night every couple of weeks. It’s not always big and fancy, for example last weekend we snuck out of the house to our neigborhood pub for drinks and a bit of dinner after I got home from work.

The place was packed. I’m a people watcher so as we are chatting I’m looking about and watching other people interact.

Mostly they are Gen X’ers and Boomers. I never noticed anyone with their faces buried in their phone. Every table was full of people eating, drinking and conversing with one other. At least that I could see.

I wonder if the key is alcohol :-)? Drink more, text less?? Or maybe it was just the environment? Maybe it was both?

Whatever it was it was good to see and a nice change from the video below...

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It’s Friday and far past time for some WTF out of the box humor and user comments that rival some of best I’ve read here at ZeroHedge.  I came across it last weekend and can’t seem to stop watching the series.

“Some people they go into Tombs, mummy Tombs.  I like to open up Rations”.

Oh, yes he did.


And don’t forget to read the User Comments below the vid after viewing.

1969 Vietnam Meal Combat Individual C Ration Spaghetti Vintage MRE Review Oldest War Food



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Thank You.

That was revolting. I aint gonna be able to eat for a week now.

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Is the vanity...gen Y grew up with participation trophies so they think too good of themselves and really believe the rest of the world gives a damn about them. Vanity...one of the deadly sins.

Nowadays might not kill you (only when taking selfies go bad), but boost your Hollywood career instead

Mad Men’s Alison Brie nude photos Leaked



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Vanity flaming the ego into a shallow character of humanity.

Attention whores and drama queens who are actively forcing others into their hellish "safe space" utopia.

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If you get hungry enough...

Have you ever been hungry?

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LOL! If that was all you had you'd eat it! Even if you got one today!


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When my dad came home from Vietnam in 69 and my mom left to go live in California, my dad stuffed our cabinets with C-rations, without the cigarettes. We lived on those for about a year. One of the happiest times of our lives. You kind of had to close your eyes and nose when you ate the porkchops in water.

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I like watching that channel. When he sees something nasty and goes ahead and gives a taste and the comparison of old school chiclets and smokes.

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Ignorance can be found across all generational, racial, sexual, and economic classes...

..yet, it is a select few people in banking and finance that have access to all the FREE MONEY they want with NO REAL WORK, NO REAL RISK, and NO REAL COLLATERAL requirements.

The ignorance is by design.

No matter, such "let the majority eat cake" monetary experiments have been tried before.

"Full Faith and Credit"


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Bob Dob’s version of our Ponzi


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It's dobbs, two Bs

do you even know what "frop" is short for?

i bet the guy that posts here with a golden apple as an avatar, would know


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Corrected F'd up link above is below.  Thanks for the correction, currently not a member of the church or ever was.  Although I do seem to have Bob's face burned permanently into my subconscious….  Found this pic from one of the past "X" days from a few years back. 



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Bookface, Snapchat et al are photoshop for life.

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Texting isn't necessarily a problem when you go out.  It is the dimwits that take pictures of their food.  Post a few pics on instagram, maybe facebook a bit.  Losers.

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Read more, post less.

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In some ways I do understand the millennials over fixation with their phones. It is like the Japanese girl uncovered in the rubble of Hiroshima rocking and singing to her doll, oblivious to the horror around her.

Sometimes I stare at my second scotch after a terrible week at the lab and wonder if I'm doing the same. I console myself I don't do it all the time but this is mental internal justification that would hardly stand up to others scrutiny.

What the millennials need is an EMP. Some would lay down and die. Others will discover their humanity. I can only hope and pray.


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Good point.  I guess the question then is, are the younger generations better off as cell zombies or drunks like us?  Definitely spend less money staring endlessly at a phone.

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Miffed, A terrible week at the lab? Come on, all your problems there must be small in comparison!

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I once was asked to identify a pinpoint black mold growing in a brain tissue, the Dr and neurosurgeon were frantic to know what was causing this young man's seizure and eventual coma. I made a quick scotch tape prep and looked into the scope. I almost passed out in horror what I saw.

Cladophialophora bantiana. A deadly killer and I was just exposed. I told no one because there is nothing anyone could do for me if I were to contract it. I went home and wrote words to all my friends and family every day. I prayed a lot for God to give me strength if this were to be my death. I had a Scotch every night and watched the sunset. Mr chided me for drinking every day and I just said I had a bad day at the lab.

My patient lasted a week. I was tempted to ask the family if I could attend the funeral but that would have cost me my job. After 3 weeks I realized I was going to be ok.

I'm a bit glad it happened. I was taking my life too much for granted. There were two little kids that lost their daddy. I did from that point on to try and live as if each day was my last.


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Miffed = 1

Death = 0

Been there myself on at least two occasions.  I have been told by combat vets, it is a similar experience.

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Agree, but I hope Kimmy waits until I get the hell out of this God forsaken city and back to someplace where one can sustain themselves.

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It is the same for all of us, Miffed.

Some have the strength to survive.

The strong favor preparedness to unknowns.

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How is that an improvement?

Must be a weird Euro-thing.

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I'm reading this on a phone.

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Phone zombie = stupidass way to live

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There is one right that all adults have.

Voluntary servitude. Phone slaves make free will an inconvieniance.

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drinkers and smokers(potheads included) are usually the friendliest people in a bunch.

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Hand held devices are a disease, a virus...

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And it's a simple as that. Device-based communication is a virus that literally destroys society at the in-person direct human-to-human contact level. I walk around my neighborhood everyday, and connect with my neighbors on a daily basis, face-to-face. And it blows aways messaging / email contact by an immeasurable degree.

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I've noticed that interpersonal communication skills, i.e., "soft skills" have been on the decline for at least 15 years. It was already pretty bad 10 years ago when people wouldn't turn off phones or stop looking at their laptops in meetings. But now it's an absolute pandemic. In your average college class half the students don't bopther listening to the prof. They're just heads down clicking away on their laptop. I don't know why they even bother showing up for class. Meetings are horrendous in the office environment. Getting people to listen or interact is almost pointless. 

I think we will reach a point of criticality when this changes but maybe not. Maybe we just get more and more immersed in our little artifical digital worlds. The "Big Think" centers like MIT robotics lab and Google AI are only adding to the problem. They see nothing wrong with people walking around with 3D googles/glasses. If that happens then we will have crossed the point of no return IMO. At that point everyone will be totally disconnected from one another and their will be no more human interaction at all.

I'm going for a walk to stare at some trees.

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Your observations are true, by and large. Yet you ramble on with little to no point or resolution to the problem you cite. Focus, mate. /h

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My fear is that this is the future of humanity.
What is this pre-conditioning for? Or is this the end-game?
Wall-e world.
Seems bleak.

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Who cares?

It ain't my world. I got shit to do.

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There's a very real spiritual revolution going on, if anyone can stop telling everyone else how it is and shut up long enough to notice.

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NOW -- here & now -- the task is to guide folks to a greater, spiritual awakening, beyond the effects of "red pills" (for example, Freedom Force International, G.E. Griffin's operation, building on his "Jekyll Island" work).

We have first to work through the "GOD IS DEAD" crappola, not very easy, to say the least, given the near universal demise of "formal religions".  We then have to have an alternative path designed, paved, and well signed (!) for those self-identified as "entitled".

I think the planetary project easy to conceive and formulate, at the start, aimed to follow a trail of robust (rye?) bread crumbs (silver spoon metaphor here) up hill, then, encountering that knife-edge walk where, if you do not take care, you get split in two.  Occam's Razor and the force of Logic both seem sufficient as two of many possible prerequisites, including girding one's loins for the trek.

I say no more here and now.  There is a Way.  I lied.  Or did I?

One can write words and say Nothing both silently and out loud, correct?  One learns to read between the lines -- sort of like reading Gordon Duff's contributions to Veterans Today, only 40% BS.  Very unlike reading Jim Stone's posts.  ;-)

For what's it's worth (thnx Buffalo Springfield).


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We have first to work through the "GOD IS DEAD" crappola, not very easy, to say the least, given the near universal demise of "formal religions".  We then have to have an alternative path designed, paved, and well signed (!) for those self-identified as "entitled".

Hard times bring people back to God.

It's not hard enough yet for the people to open themselves up to it yet.

PLUS the 40+ years of anti-religious propaganda is going to take a while to cut through. People need to realize the same guys that are robbing us on wall street, and raping chicks in Hollywood, are the same ones saying for 40 years now that "Christians suck", While at the exact same time giving a free pass to Muslims.

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Its true phone zombies are everywhere. They're in the elewvator in the morning and dont acknowledge anyones presence, theyre in the gym looking at their phone and thats it, they blindly walk around and expect you to get out of their way since they cant be bothered to look up. Its odd. Nothing on a tiny screen can possinbly be that fascinating.

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People who walk around blindly with their cell phones in my vicinity get a very stiff shoulder check. If they're not looking at me, I'm not getting out of their way. 

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I prefer to stop moving.

They assume as long as I am moving that I will avoid them.

Standing still says "I'm immovable. Now it's your problem, deal with it."

The expressions on the faces of self entitled biotches are priceless.

I am polite and gentlemanly usually.

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Uh....try "Blacks on Blonds".......heheheh

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Mostly cute, but I'm not sure how another internet video of self-pity is going to help the narcissistically self-absorbed phone junkies.

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They can post it to their Facebook page.

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NO -- this is not "our" world, at all.  As you think, so you are.  Shaklee, Sr. had it true.  Wake up from your self-induced trance.  You make of your Self, and you make of your world, what you choose to do with GOD's gift of Life, Light, and Love.  Anything to the contrary, suspect up the Wazoo!

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cant have conversations without being drunk? reminds me of our nordic antisocial behavious. People are not used to talk to others so they need to be drunk to do so.

Maybe the internet connection is having the same effect as our cold weather.

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I like it. Most of the world is full of douchebags   I'm probably not too far from that myself. I hate to hear opinions and it's a waste of time looking at people anyway, what do you imagine they are talking about? Some bitch going on about the bitch she doesn't like or the guy who fucked her in the ass last night. Or a dude speaking about the latest toy he wants or just got it the bitch he fucked in the ass last night. Most are self absorbed pretentious little shits who care nothing for others and make sport of others troubles