A Political Realignment Is Necessary – The Real Struggle Is Liberty Vs Authoritarianism

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Until the American public ceases bickering amongst itself along Democratic and Republican or “left” vs. “right” lines, we’ll continue to be divided and conquered by authoritarians who wield tremendous power throughout both sides of the traditional political spectrum.

This isn’t to say there aren’t real, meaningful differences between those who classify themselves on the “left” or the “right,” but it is to say there’s a much bigger battle afoot and nothing’s going to get better until we frame the new political reality for what it is. The most significant, existential struggle at play in these modern United States is a battle between Liberty and Authoritarianism, and it’s extremely important you know where you stand.

While the entire Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution is crucial to our civil liberties, no right is more significant than the First Amendment. If we lose freedom of speech, it’s game over for our society, and we have to understand that authoritarians on both the “right” and “left” are taking shots at freedom of speech as I write this. As such, differences between “right” and “left” should be deemphasized because if we lose the First Amendment, we lose everything.

A major political realignment is not simply a good idea, it’s absolutely crucial to the survival of a thriving civilization here in the U.S. The historical struggle we face today is not Democrat vs. Republican, or right vs. left, but Liberty vs. Authoritarianism.

Let’s get started by highlighting an extremely creepy proposal recently published, titled, Fool Me Once: The Case for Government Regulation of “Fake News. One of the authors is Ann M. Ravel, who was previously a Democratic Commissioner on the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

For the most part, the proposal outlines how social media should be regulated in order to track and categorize how advertisements on the platforms are created and distributed. It’s not until the end that the authors’ more Orwellian objectives become apparent. They write:

Government regulations to help voters avoid spreading disinformation

Educate social media users. Social media users can unintentionally spread disinformation when they interact with it in their newsfeeds. Depending on their security settings, their entire online social network can see items that they interact with (by “liking” or commenting), even if they are expressing their opposition to the content. Social media users should not interact with disinformation in their feeds at all (aside from flagging it for review by third party fact checkers). Government should require platforms to regularly remind social media users about not interacting with disinformation.


Similarly, after a social media user clicks “share” on a disputed item (if the platforms do not remove them and only label them as disputed), government can require that the user be reminded of the definition of libel against a public figure. Libel of public figures requires “actual malice”, defined as knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth. Sharing an item that has been flagged as untrue might trigger liability under libel laws.


Nudge social media users to not view disputed content. Lawmakers should require platforms to provide an opt-in (or, more weakly, opt-out) system for viewing disputed content and periodically remind users of their options. We think the courts should uphold this as a constitutional regulation of political speech, but we acknowledge that it is a closer question than the more straightforward disclosure regulations above. The most analogous cases are to commercial speech cases (AdChoices and Do Not Call Registry, which was upheld). Commercial speech receives less protection than political speech.

Think about how creepy all of that is. They want social media companies to warn its users when they’re apparently interacting with “disinformation,” which I assume government will enthusiastically define at a later date. Even worse, a simple warning isn’t enough for them, the authors actually want social media companies to warn citizens they might be exposed to libel laws if they share a particular piece of content.

As such, it becomes crystal clear that when it comes to libel laws some Democrats have a lot more in common with Donald Trump than they’d like you to believe. Which basically proves my point — there’s a lot more agreement between authoritarians on the “right” and the “left” than meets the eye. Both types want the power to control what you see, what you read and how you think. Don’t let political labels fool you, anti-free speech is anti-free speech whether it comes from a Democrat or a Republican. The real battle is Liberty vs. Authoritarianism.

If that’s not creepy enough, let’s take a look at what’s currently happening at Facebook. From the Bloomberg article, Facebook Is Looking for Employees With National Security Clearances:

Facebook Inc. is looking to hire people who have national security clearances, a move the company thinks is necessary to prevent foreign powers from manipulating future elections through its social network, according to a person familiar with the matter.


Workers with such clearance can access information classified by the U.S. government. Facebook plans to use these people — and their ability to receive government information about potential threats — to search more proactively for questionable social media campaigns ahead of elections, according to the person, who asked not to be identified because the information is sensitive. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment.


Job candidates like this are often former government and intelligence officials or contractors. The status can carry over to private-sector jobs, as long as the position still requires access to sensitive information. Previously granted clearances become inactive when intelligence workers leave government employment, but they can be reactivated on Facebook’s behalf, the person said.

Facebook is about to be swarming with CIA personnel, assuming it isn’t already.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said last month that Facebook plans to add more than 250 people across its teams that deal with security and safety for the social network and to more than double the team working on election integrity. He also said the company would seek to work more closely with government officials to get information on what to investigate ahead of elections.


It’s common for private companies, such as military contractors, information technology and engineering firms, to hire employees with U.S. government-issued security clearance. Candidates with top-secret clearance have been in high demand for years.


These types of employees are needed when private companies interact and share information back and forth with government agencies. If Facebook is going to cooperate with intelligence agencies to identify potentially problematic ads and share that information with the government, it will likely need workers with security clearance.

I’m not sure how to describe the above, but free market capitalism it’s definitely not.

Moving along, this post wouldn’t be complete without pointing out how much Donald Trump, and in particular his deranged Attorney General Jeff Sessions, despises the First Amendment. Here’s some of what he had to say on the topic yesterday.

From The Hill:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday said he could not make a “blanket commitment” to not putting journalists in jail.


During testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) asked Sessions if he could pledge to not place “reporters in jail for doing their jobs.”


“Well, I don’t know that I can make a blanket commitment to that effect. But I will say this, we have not taken any aggressive action against the media at this point,” Sessions replied.


“But we have matters that involve the most serious national security issues that put our country at risk,” he said, “and we will utilize the authorities that we have legally and constitutionally if we have to.”


The comments from Sessions come after President Trump, unhappy with a story published by NBC News, said last week that network licenses should be challenged. While the major networks do not have licenses themselves, their local affiliates do.

Finally, I want to provide the following tweets in case you’re still in denial regarding Trump’s authoritarian nature and his clear determination to launch more wars in the Middle East.

A lot of you voted for Trump because you knew Hillary was a disaster and so you held out some hope he’d be better. I get it. This isn’t about lecturing anybody about how much of a con Trump is, it’s about asking you to accept reality and be part of a political realignment which must be birthed into existence.

We need to recognize that the battle is much bigger than you’ve been taught. It’s not Democrat vs. Republican or right vs. left, it’s Liberty vs. Authoritarianism, and if we don’t accept this and come together, we’ll lose everything.

*  *  *

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Madison's_Ghost's picture

"...connections between Al-Qaeda and Iran."


These people are relying on complete political, religous, and historical ignorance to pull this shit off, aren't they? 

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

And authoritarianism levies a TAX on your home/property that they can raise until you can't afford it. Then, in a display of progressive gubmint compassion, they take your property from you at the points of guns, selling your former property to pay for their extravagant gubmint pensions, leaving you on the street.

Choose liberty.

espirit's picture

Red / Blue?

It's not a choice to make unless there is an alternative.



HRH Feant2's picture

There was that Clancy novel about DC being nuked during the SOTU.

It would be nice if NK, or Russia, or China, or Iran could do the world a favor. Taking out NYC would be a nice bonus. That way the rest of us could get on with our lives.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

"Liberty Vs Authoritarianism"

That sounds like good-ole fashioned Bush rhetoric to me. Has someone being watching Bush's speech from yesterday? How many times did he say 'freedom' and 'democracy' anyway?

Dindu Nuffins's picture

It's about liberty versus authoritarianism, and all these lovely Africans want the liberty of moving into your nice nation.

Oh, now its only about Africans versus your people.

Hierarchical groups beat the pants off free individuals every time.

herbivore's picture

And you will continue to honor "our troops" despite the fact that they are the muscle for the evildoers in Washington or your state capital. Unless and until each human being becomes responsible for their actions, questions every order they're given by those in charge, the troops will take away whatever portion of your property they're instructed to take. As i've said countless times, the rabblerousing leaders have no power to do anything without the troops doing their bidding. I blame the killers more than the people that told them to kill.

secretargentman's picture

When I was in basic training one of the things they hammered into our heads was that we were always responsible for our own actions and illegal orders were not to be obeyed. I'm not sure how they could have been more clear. 

grasha87's picture

This video changed me from a moderate to a full blown Libertarian:



El Vaquero's picture

These people are relying on complete political, religous, and historical ignorance to pull this shit off, aren't they?

Indeed.  Sunni.  Shia.  What's the difference, right? 

hola dos cola's picture

And a half a billion dollars... Mind you, that's just the 'case' in the following article, but before you read that, read this again:

Think about how creepy all of that is. They want social media companies to warn its users when they’re apparently interacting with “disinformation,” which I assume government will enthusiastically define at a later date. Even worse, a simple warning isn’t enough for them, the authors actually want social media companies to warn citizens they might be exposed to libel laws if they share a particular piece of content.

Got that? Ok. Proceed:


Anybody seen social media flag this $500m 'campaign'?  But they showed the 'clips', right?

Now think (it's free ;-), that was just in an outpost. Any idea what is going on back home?

How do you expect to flag anything when they own all the flags?


And if you read the article thoroughly, you might want to think about the click-bait videos here and there ;-)

tripletail's picture

The only solution is to kill the federal reserve and deep state. And then start anew with a fresh 1789 constitutional republic. That's the only solution I see. Am I wrong?

Victor von Doom's picture

Indeed, I believe you are.

I believe we need to go a lot further than that. A reset will just get the beast started again. What we really need to do is kill the beast altogether.

No official government at all.

Let the wealthiest and the most powerful rule. They are only going to buy your governments outright anyway so why put up with the expensive farce?

We were closer to the mark with Feudalism than with Republicanism - the mere existance of a "Public" State instead of private Estates points towards the inevitable approaching Communism and collapse.

Republicanism doesn't go far enough by a long shot. What we want is full on Dark Ages - absolute abolition of all Public government altogether.

Give me Liberty or give me Death.

tripletail's picture

Cheers, mate. Have another of me. /s

detached.amusement's picture

I've said that before, but in different fashion:  Its not going to happen with out a full blown Article V concention and dissoloution of the USA proper, and then we can hope one of the new satellite nations will adopt an actual constitutional republic that is unmolested by bankers and MIC.

shovelhead's picture

Yup. Come together with Fascist Antifa.


"Can I get some muscle here?"

nmewn's picture

Kumbaya Krieger...lol.

SWRichmond's picture

The choosing of sides is accelerating, I celebrate this.  we cannot move forward until there is no middle ground.  I used to believe in Live and Let Live, I used to believe that America had room for the melding of many cultures.  But people don't want to come here anymore to be American they come here to loot.  And the purpose of government is now revealed as purely about looting.  

So screw multiculturalism.  Screw the phony left-right paradigm.  The sides that will be chosen are individual liberty versus authoritarianism.  The authoritarians are the neocon GOP and the Communists and the entire identity politics shitshow.

The comfortable political Middle Ground must become a no man's land where if you were stick your head up in the air it gets blown off.  No one will be allowed to sit this one out.  The left is already making this clear with their take-no-prisoners attitude. This one is for everything.

grasha87's picture

This video changed me from a moderate to a full blown Libertarian:



nmewn's picture

"or “left” vs. “right” lines"

Mr.Krieger, the day I lay down with a commie is the day we both died in the act of killing each other.

shovelhead's picture

Ol' Mikey is gonna start making me root for the Ayatollahs.

Don't do that Mikey.

nmewn's picture

Fucking weasels tearing at my flesh...lol.

Here we go, you know its all coming apart on the left when HuffPo calls Rachel Maddow batshit crazy...

"Thursday night’s entertainment came in an attempt to pin the ambush that killed four Green Berets in Niger earlier this month on President Donald Trump’s newest proposed travel ban, which was scheduled to go into effect this week but was struck down in federal court. Maddow seized on the revised ban’s inclusion of Chad, one of Niger’s neighbors and a U.S. partner in counterterrorism efforts in Africa."

...sort of ;-)


SWRichmond's picture

Kill a commie for Mommy.  Time to have T-shirts printed.

Edit: too late lots of people way ahead of me.


nmewn's picture

I've had it with them, I've always despised them but I "tolerated" them. Even when I knew they were just preying on peoples emotions to get what they wanted, whether "gun control" or the "intracacies" of bureacracy.

I'm going the other way now...they are fucking parasites sucking off this republic and need to be exterminated. 

Edit: Like the shirt ;-)

El Vaquero's picture

There's a hypothesis that a lot of today's commies and SJWs have vastly underdeveloped amygdala.  If true, it would explain a lot.  There is something in my state with what the state government is doing that they're against because it's trendy, and I'm against because it's going to fuck things up worse than they're already fucked up.  The people I'm working with are the people putting the breaks on it.  The commies and SJWs show up with their anti-Trump shit (this has NOTHING to do with Trump,) and they think they're the ones doing getting shit done.  No, the fact that well respected businessmen are telling the state "naw, fuck off, mate" and that I'm setting them up for a lawsuit, and that the local press is all over their shit is what is causing them to slow their roll.  If they need a safespace, they'd absolutely lose their shit in our adversarial court system. 

Victor von Doom's picture

+1 and welcome aboard. Always a pleasure to hear another man has become sane. 

The Blank Stare's picture

They turn my stomach also. This one Japanese guy I talk to is a full blown member of the Japanese communist party. Smart guy but so wrong in his human understanding. Hates Abe. Hates Trump, but has no opinion on Obama. How is that fucking possible?

Nekoti's picture

Aim small, miss small.

espirit's picture


Are you my bunk mate?

Nekoti's picture

Not keen on bunk mate. But I'd surely share a fox hole with you if the need nescessitates.

HRH Feant2's picture


I would rather shoot myself in the head. I will never do anything with a fucking commie. Fuck those rat bastards.

nmewn's picture

You know what it is with me?

I'll tell all of you.

The DEMOCRAT PARTY just pulled one of the biggest ripoffs in American political history with ObamaCare and they are still fighting tooth & nail to keep it. They allowed the THEFT of billions of dollars out of our pockets and someone like Herr Krieger comes along with this "Why can't we all just get along?" bullshit? 


Under the imprimatur of "law". 

No. Fuck them. Never trust these leftwing cocksuckers.

They've been doing this kind of shit all my life, if they aren't "We are for wimynz rights!" while taking money from Harvey Weinstein or handling various "Bimbo Eruptions" they're saying "Sure, pass this deal and we'll build that wall." in the 80's.

They have zero integrity. They are dishonest. Their moral compass (such as it is) swings in what ever direction their pension hinges on.


07564111's picture

you're a bit late nmewn, they already fucked you twice and getting ready to fuck you again,,there won't be no reach around this time though. :D :D

nmewn's picture

Fuck off Ivan, I need your opinion like I need a Frenchies body odor or a Brits teeth.

07564111's picture

I look forward to the 21 first century American Revolution...you'll never recover from it ;)


nmewn's picture

You should have chosen sides more carefully Ivan. 

07564111's picture

LoL, neither of your "sides" are of any use. When you understand what's been done it will probably be to late for you. ;)

Lucretius's picture

+1 brother.

 I'll just leave this here, inconspicuously, in case anyone is interested.


Peace, brothers and sisters (it is their worst nightmare!).


detached.amusement's picture

jfk to 911

its a trick, get an axe


oh wait, wrong movie....works for me though...

grasha87's picture

This video changed me from a moderate to a full blown Libertarian:



CRM114's picture

Think positive. Point the gun the other way.

HRH Feant2's picture

I love being free. The good, the bad, the ugly. I don't blame anyone else for my fuck ups in life.

But there is no way in hell I would ever submit to full-blown communist rule.

I was in West Germany. When East Germany and the Stasi were extant.

The new Silcone Valley Stasi scare the hell outta me. Not a joke for me. I remember people being gunned down for trying to cross the Berlin Wall. To be free.

Communism sucks. It is the one state ideology that has killed how many millions of people? 200 million? Without wiping the sweat off their brow. Sick mofo's.

I am an individualist. Decentralize the state. Teach self reliance rather than how to be a government tit sucker. I come from some of those tough people from northern Maine. You worked or you froze. You worked or you starved. There was no alternative. Stealing? Those assholes ended up shot dead.

If you have read the book, "The Beans of Egypt, Maine" or watched the movie (it was shown on PBS) you should. Not perfect but we sure as fuck are tough.

WTFUD's picture

When you've consistently screwed up , instead of examining your own shortcomings and attempting to rectify them, the easy option is to apportion blame elsewhere. How PITIFUL of our Western Leaders, how Embarrassing, an admission of FAILURE.

Snout the First's picture

The elites delight in telling us that its the republicans and the rich versus the democrats and the poor. But really, its the Deep State against the rest of us.

Rex Andrus's picture

All it takes is to organize as much as these rabble, retake the law and beat them back with it. They aren't very organized. They have to swindle to eat. So far they've gotten away with it because they haven't faced a single serious challenge. Their Marxist leadership is decrepit. Just compare that photo of Sick Willy with Vlad from 2010 with the one from the 2016 debates. That's the best they've got left. Be entertained by Mad Marx and her prize winning tantrum throwing Wilson clone. Time to stomp the aliens who made clowns evil and their crimes untouchable. Fuck the NFL plantation owners too.

Stay away from these kikes staging fake white nationalist rallies and the dummies they sucker. Organize only with those you know well. Low tech rules.

DaBard51's picture

In the words of the great philosopher, Janis Joplin:

"Freedom's just another word / For nothin' left to lose"

The price of freedom to succeed is the risk to lose everything.

How that balance is managed is a society.  Not a government.


When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

dlfield's picture

Good one!  Except Kris Kristopherson wrote those lyrics...LOL

DaBard51's picture

Thanks for the build.

Much memory, details tends to blur.



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

espirit's picture

Kris was just a songwriter, JJ had the intent.