Bannon Blasts "Embrarrassing" Bush, Slams Silicon Valley's "Lords Of Technology"

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Freed of any need to be marginally politically-correct, former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon took his fight to the Republican establishment during a speech to a capacity crowd at an almost oxymoronic California Republican Party convention.

The ubiquitous protesters were there...

But were kept behind steel barricades on a plaza across an entrance road at the hotel and no arrests were made, as Bannon blasted former President George W. Bush for 'embarrassing himself' for his comments suggesting a Trump America led to 'nativism' and 'casual cruelty.'

Bannon said Bush has no idea whether “he is coming or going, just like it was when he was president.”

“There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s,” Bannon added, as boos could be heard in the crowd at the mention of Bush’s name.

As AP reports, the remarks came during a speech thick with attacks on the Washington status quo, echoing his call for an “open revolt” against establishment Republicans.

He called the “permanent political class” one of the great dangers faced by the country.

Bannon said that while John Mccain 'deserves our respect, as a politician, he's just another Senator from Arizona.'

Bannon also took aim at the Silicon Valley and its 'lords of technology,' predicting that tech leaders and progressives in the state would try to secede from the union in 10 to 15 years. He called the threat to break up the nation a 'living problem.'

Bannon also argued that the coalition that sent Trump to the White House, including conservatives, Libertarians, populists, economic nationalists, evangelicals, could hold power for decades if they stay unified.

“If you have the wisdom, the strength, the tenacity, to hold that coalition together, we will govern for 50 to 75 years,” he said.

He also tried to cheer long-suffering California Republicans, in a state that Trump lost by over 4 million votes and where Republicans have become largely irrelevant in state politics.

In Orange County, where the convention was held, several Republican House members are trying to hold onto their seats in districts carried by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential contest.

'You've got everything you need to win,' he told them.

He ended his speech with a standing ovation.

Bannon is promoting a field of primary challengers to take on incumbent Republicans in Congress. But in California, the GOP has been fading for years. Republicans are now a minor party in many California congressional districts, outnumbered by Democrats and independents. Statewide, Democrats count 3.7 million more voters than the GOP.

Not all Republicans were glad to see Bannon though. In a series of tweets last week, former state Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes said he was shocked by the decision to have the conservative firebrand headline the event.

“It’s a huge step backward and demonstrates that the party remains tone deaf,” Mayes tweeted.

As AP concluded, California Republicans have bickered for years over what direction to turn - toward the political center or to the right.

'Steve Bannon is a natural fit for a party that is hungry for a revolution, and the party in California is definitely hungry for a revolution,' former Orange County Republican leader Scott Baugh said.

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Bay of Pigs's picture

The GOP died decades ago under Bush Sr.

Burn it to the ground. The RINO's are Democrats, not conservatives.

Giant Meteor's picture

Bannon said that while John Mccain 'deserves our respect, as a politician, he's just another Senator from Arizona.'

Why exactly does McCain deserve our respect ?

BandGap's picture

McCain's plane was hit by a missile. He should be dead. God chose to keep him here, and for a reason.

He gets respect for being able to put his life on the line.

He represents something totally different now.

This show gets better and better.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

McCain deserves respect, just like you should respect a poisonous snake, or a rabid dog.

Freddie's picture

A rabid dog before raies may have been good.  McCain, his father and grandfather were globalist scum who were reposnible for the deaths of more US Navy sailors and innocent people.    The family are supposedly jesuits who worship the Rothschild state more than Jesus. The Jesuits are satanic fux like McCain

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012


Escrava Isaura's picture

You just can’t make this stuff up:

Bannon Blasts Silicon Valley's "Lords Of Technology"

Now Bannon’s short bio:

Bannon was an acting director of the Earth-science research project Biosphere 2. In the 1990s, he became an executive producer in the Hollywood film and media industry; he produced 18 films between 1991 and 2016.


consider me gone's picture

Sometimes sleeping in the lions den teaches you a thing or two. Some people, some, do evolve. And sometimes for the better.

Giant Meteor's picture

Show being the operative word ..

By the way, excellent sarc you've got there, looks like you fooled some folks !

fleur de lis's picture


McCain was a spoiled brat who is now a geriatric pest and only got where he did because he was politically connected.

As for his flying skills, he destroyed 4 or 5 planes before getting shot down.

His time in captivity brings more questions than answers.

Look up USS Forrestal -- stories abound there too.

And he was a crummy student at Annapolis and only got in because his dad and granda went there.




dark_matter's picture

You didn't mention that he had an affair with an heiress while married, divorced his wife and married into big money. He called this his greatest moral failing. I disagree; Getting many thousands (millions?) around the world killed and displaced seems like a bigger moral failing to me.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

McCain also stayed behind in a foreign prison camp for 5 years, even though his bigwig father arranged to get him out. Would you do that for work colleagues? He deserves respect for that set of early character tests. His positions on mass immigration and other political issues are a different matter.

Bannon is right about the “permanent political class,” especially in conjunction with their parasitic host: the permanent, globalist lobbying class. Lobbyists control everything behind the scenes, lessening the chance that any voter’s ballot choices count.

You have to credit McCain a little there, not that his effort worked, but he and Feingold tried to do a little something about the corrupt symbiosis between Big $$$$ and Big Politics.

new game's picture

sometime bannon has to just lie. lol. he knows i know he lied. simple shit maynard...

Son of Loki's picture

Replace the Swamp Creatures with American patriots.

Vote for people like Corey Stewart in Virginia (running against the radical Marxist Tim kaine, Hillary's choice for VP).


Archibald Buttle's picture

sadly, i think that the time for voting has passed it's sell by date. do something, or make other plans.

Giant Meteor's picture

 Jean-Claude Juncker: 'When it becomes serious, you have to lie'

All this lyin, so little time ..

And dammit, stop calling me Maynard !


Freddie's picture

I like Bannon and cannot stand the NWO Bushes, Clintons and Obama.

GOP?  Yeah they are scum like the Dems.  We have had one party rule since 1861.  The last President who fought against central banks and won was #7 or Andrew Jackson.

Mr Hankey's picture

Fuck bannon .sucks McCain's cock as well as any that is circumcised. 

redmudhooch's picture

This is how Zionists get their guy everytime.

Bannon/Breitbart will find candidates to endorse, they wil tell the candidate that unless they "support Israel", Beitbart will destroy them with their media and money.

If the candidate agrees, Zionists(Breitbart) will flood them with millions of dolllars and media promotion to destroy all the others.

The corruption is on full display for you too see here, this is why DC is owned by Israel.

AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, many others should be banned and deported, they are the root cause of Americas problems.

Scornd's picture

"Silicon Valley" is a brand name for the dupes. Everything from Tech in this country has been developed thru the military and then rolled out to the public. It's all fucking bullshit military industrial complex. U can get embroiled in the Alphabet name game - pump stock thing if u want but all the shit from Google and Apple and their ilk has been developed ten years ahead of public disclosure....

MEFOBILLS's picture

 ilk has been developed ten years ahead of public disclosure

No, the profit motive wants to get products to market asap.  Microsoft would always release software that was buggy - it was released before full testing, while in Beta stage.  Apple developed their first iphone in secret, walled off from the rest of the company lest the secrets got out to competitors.

The government is mostly usurped by private money, lobbyists, and revolving doors.  Paul Craig Roberts talks about how when he was undersecretary of the Treasury, he couldn't even get Federal Reserve officals (private stock owned company) to call him back.

Yes, the alphabet agencies are off the hook and not in control by a political class, but the political class is subordinated to their paymasters.  "We have to see the bill before we know what is in it!"  Most likely Congress critters have dirt stored on them by CIA/FBI and are no longer independent actors.  

Silicon Valley can rightly be criticized for importing H1B visa holders to get cheap wages.  They can rightly be criticized for using public domain creation - such as Darpa Net, to transfer wealth to themselves.  They can rightly be criticized for manipulating their software to effect elections and control narratives (you tube/google/facebook).

Endgame Napoleon's picture

I thought the real strides were made by non-famous brainiacs, mostly PhDs, working at laboratories at Xerox Parc and IBM, with Apple and Microsoft developing those initial ideas. Actually, Wikipedia has all these articles on many different tech innovators, predating even that period, going way back into the Space Age era. It seems like tech ideas built up over time, incrementally, with one guy building on what the previous guy did. Peter Thiel is the one saying they need to do some truly innovative tech, not just the smartphone stuff. To me, the smartphone is pretty amazing: a computer the size of a calculator.

MaxThrust's picture

"all the shit from Google and Apple and their ilk has been developed ten years ahead of public disclosure"

I thought I was the only one who believe this to be the way things developed. Nice to know I am not alone.

historian40's picture

Bannon is a zionist who is pushing to get more religious zionists like Ted Cruz into office.  If you expect more of the same to improve the situation, you're sadly mistaken.  If anything, they're even more devoted to a foreign country and their ideology is doomsday on steroids.  They think they can turn the world into an antichrist-ruled empire, and then get "raptured" to avoid the consequences of their actions.  Their masters who follow Pharisaism(judaism) also believe something similiar.  Either they take over and rule, then their so-called messiah rises, or they turn the world into chaos and their so-called messiah will arrive to fix it.  The "Judeo-Christian" cult doesn't even realize they've denounced Jesus and taken up with antichrists.

Haven't we had enough AIPAC slaves that put on the yarmulke and worship antichrist at the wailing wall?  Trump is a zionist too, his worship being more over money than religion.

It's like twin sisters, each saying the other is uglier.

"“Immediately after the election, Steve reached out to ZOA to arrange meetings and discussions to solicit ZOA’s views and concerns on the Middle East peace process and the safety and security of Israel,” ZOA’s external political and policy adviser Arthur Schwartz told Breitbart News. “ZOA has known no better friend—in any White House—to the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel than Steve Bannon. His bona fides on Israel could not be stronger. Steve has even lectured me for not doing enough to battle anti-Semitism on college campuses, and that was before he even worked with President Trump.”"

ZOA for ZOG.

Catahoula's picture

You've been drinking too many diff flavors of koolaid. Most of it from the cauldron of the left. Thanks for the chuckles tho

historian40's picture

"cauldron of the left" nonsense, I got a chuckle out of that too, thanks.

MozartIII's picture

Dude, your retarded. Cruz is under the Bush camp, did you miss the last election cycle?


At least you fit the Historian tag, more rewriting of history for propaganda.


You forgot: Rissia, Russia, Russia........

historian40's picture

"Mr Bannon, in an interview on Fox News, said that he’s putting together a group to challenge every incumbent Republican, except for Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

“There’s a coalition coming together that is going to challenge every Republican incumbent except for Ted Cruz,” Mr Bannon told Sean Hannity."

Steven Bannon is speaking out of both sides of his mouth or he's confused, or you're confused.  He is just another snake oil salesman wanting you to trade in your lemon for a lemon with a worm.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Ted Cruz helped stop the Gang of Eight bill.

redmudhooch's picture

Ted Cruz is Israel First. He is owned by Israel.

Ted Cruz Booed Offstage By Christians Who Had Enough

Scornd's picture

Hey smarty, learn what Logical Fallacies are and to avoid using them in public forums so u don't look like an ass ok?

MozartIII's picture

"Hey smarty, learn what Logical Fallacies are"

Definition: Scornd

dark_matter's picture

For example avoid ad hominem attacks aka name calling.

Nostradumbass's picture

The cunningness of j00z is not to be overlooked with this confounding of anti-semitism and zionism.

J00ze are above all intensely racial and act as a single organism - this should always be kept in mind. The most important thing to any j00 is other j00z no matter what is said or done in public.

Nostradumbass's picture

The most important thing to any j00 is other j00z no matter what is said or done in public.


Although the bolshevists/communists/internationalists j00z do not hesitate to allow plenty of regular j00z to suffer and die for the cause of their world empire...

shovelhead's picture

He has his Official Brother Nathaniel Cool Hat on.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Bannon is about as non-Zionist as it's possible to be in ZOG America.

Agree with you on the inherent nonsense of the  "Judeo-Christian" meme. Almost as meaningless as Islamo-Christian. Fact is Jews have always been bitterly anti-Christian.

historian40's picture

His actions speak louder than your words.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Zionism is a banker creation... it is INTERNATIONAL.  At the turn of the century it was called the international Jew.  Henry Ford's Dearborn letters talk about the international jew and international banking in the same breath.

OK.  Zionism came into being by funding with usury flows out of international banking.  This same class pushed for war in both WW1 and WW2. The winners of this gambit was Zion, who ultimately ended up with their goal of Palestein.  Palestein became Zion which was then renamed Israel.

In the course of the wars, Nationalism was surpressed for more "international structures."  Zion is also closely linked to international Communism.  

So, where is Bannon bleeting about joining International Zion?  

Bannon's primary thrust is NATIONALISM, a force diametrically opposed to Zion.



peddling-fiction's picture

Nationalism and nihilism are needed to fan the flames of WW3, per the zio's instructions.

Then the zios get to "save" humanity, showing the folly of nationalism, in a Georgia Guidestones pruned world.

Nostradumbass's picture

Quite plausible. However, nationalism, especially ethnic nationalism is still the most important counter to world judaism...

peddling-fiction's picture

I cannot see how any genuine nationalistic movement could prosper with these sons of Cain 2.0 that are in control now.

You get cointelpro'd if you try.

Even if they are successful, you will then become an international "pariah" and be shunned, and possibly attacked.

This still would be a noble cause.

justa minute's picture

bannon is what you get when the Bible is read according to the flesh

Nostradumbass's picture

I think it would have to come to the point where Americans refuse to allow tribe members into any of our institutions, remove all current crop of complicitous so-called representatives from all branches of government. This is not going to come easy if it can even be done. Yet it must be done in all of our western White nations...

40MikeMike's picture

Some colleg pukl punks have it all figured?


I thought the same thing 30 years ago.


I was 90% wrong.


College education has diminished in 3 decades.


The punks are 99% wrong.


Techie gods are gonna fall...

redmudhooch's picture

Steve Bannon: Israel First, America Second

Steve Bannon Is a “Proud Zionist”

Larry Solov, Breitbart’s Jewish CEO, says “Breitbart’s origin story has its roots in Israel.” Breitbart’s CEO and senior editors for the site — say he is an ally and proud Zionist.

“I can say, without hesitation, that Steve is a friend of the Jewish people and a defender of Israel"

“As a Jew who has worked for years with Steve Bannon,” Horowitz wrote in an email to the Forward, “I can tell you he is not an anti-Semite or a White nationalist.”

historian40's picture

Zionism has been part of Pharisaism(judaism) for thousands of years.  It is part of why those who followed the Pharisees and their tradition murdered Jesus.  They were seeking a world empire, where they control everything, instead of the spiritual and eternal promised by God in Jesus Christ.

It isn't a modern invention, just that they have gained enough power and influence that they have revealed themselves openly after so long in hiding.

Zionism in the "churches" is a modern invention though.   The linking of Judaism(antichrist) with Christian is a modern invention.  The US regime started pushing it in the 40s, when the empire rolled out the "holy-cost" dogma, the antichrist "Jewish State", etc.

peddling-fiction's picture

Yep. The Scofield bible was a part of this zio-puzzle, spearheaded now by the NIV.

Spanish bibles are few and awful at best.

Even the KJV has big edits (slashes). Use the Douay-Rheims/Latin Vulgate instead.

No fear and anger folks.

Do not lose faith.

justa minute's picture

true faith can not be lost, the problem is there is not much of that, alot of what people consider Faith isnt really Faith at all but is something they just made up. As Paul said they have another Jesus and not the true Word. WE cant have Faith unless God gives it to us and if God gifts it to us it cant be lost. thus comes all the distortion when Gods sovereignty is taken from the the minds of men. The man of sin is being revealed.

peddling-fiction's picture

I agree but would add that true faith comes with discernment, that very few humans possess.

It is a gift from the Holy Spirit and you must deserve it.

Going to "church" is not what the Holy Spirit seeks in you either, and is very upset with our current church fathers.

I speak of the faith needed to deserve discernment. Do I make myself clear?