McCain As Metaphor

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Authored by Justin Raimondo via,

Some people are living symbols, sheer embodiments of a concept that fits their persona as snugly as their skin: e.g. the Dalai Lama personifies Contemplative Piety, Harvey Weinstein is the incarnation of Brazen Vulgarity, and John McCain’s very person exudes the sweaty blustery spirit of Empire.

His entire history – born in the Panama Canal zone, son of an admiral, third-generation centurion, the War Party’s senatorial spokesman – made it nearly impossible for him to be other than what he is: the country’s most outspoken warmonger and dedicated internationalist.

As George Orwell remarked, “After forty, everyone has the face they deserve,” and in McCain’s case this is doubly true. That Roman head, fit for a coin of high denomination, looks as if it might sprout a crown of laurel leaves at any moment:  Grizzled brow, wrinkled with the tension of an inborn belligerence, eyes alight with a perpetual flame of self-righteous anger, McCain is Teddy Roosevelt impersonating Cato the Elder. In the extreme predictability of his warlike effusions, he’s become a bit of a cartoon character. Who can forget his enthusiastic rendition of “Bomb bomb bomb Iran!” to the tune of “Barbara Ann”?

The Senator from Arizona represents something relatively new on the American scene: the emerging class of colonial administrators, Pentagon contractors, and high-ranking military personnel, and their families, many of them stationed overseas. These people have a material interest in the expansion of our role as global cop, they number in the tens of thousands, and they are strategically placed in the social order, with enough social power to constitute an influential lobby.

As the prototype of this mutant species of Homo Americanus, McCain is the perfect enemy of the new nationalism that handed the White House to Donald Trump and sundered the Brits from the EU. It’s no surprise he’s become the antipode of the Trumpian “America First” foreign policy doctrine – a doctrine that is almost never implemented, but that’s another column. His latest philippic perfectly summarizes the spirit and content of the brazen imperialism that is his credo and the credo of his class, We get the whole grand tour of McCainism as a worldview, from the rather odd idea that “America is an idea” and not an actual place to the glories of the “international order.” There is much shedding of blood “to make a better world” – a cause we are told has “made our own civilization more just, freer, more accomplished and prosperous than the America that existed when I watched my father go off to war on December 7, 1941.” Now here is crackpot Keynesianism with a vengeance: the destruction of World War II was good for the economy!

Having “liberated” the world from itself, the United States, as the champion of World Order, is in danger of turning away from its sacred duty to always be shedding lots and lots of blood on behalf of Others. And we know just who McCain is talking about:

“To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain ‘the last best hope of earth’ for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

The idea that we led and organized the world for the entire postwar era erases the cold war from history, a neat trick given McCain’s record. And as for our “ideals” and this “last best hope” business, none of that is worth a single American soldier – nor does it have anything to do with a soldier’s proper job, which is protecting this country. Yet what is one to expect from someone who actually believes “we live in a land of ideals, not blood and soil.” Blood never comes into it for McCain unless it’s being shed in some ill-conceived totally unnecessary war. And as for soil – there is none. There’s just “ideals,” floating in a void.

While admitting that the Trumpian version of American nationalism is somewhat undercooked – and, perhaps, not all that digestible – one has to wonder: where does a supporter of the Iraq war, who assured us it would be a glorious victory, get off calling anybody or anything half-baked?

McCain doesn’t even try making a coherent argument: instead, he simply lies by claiming that, having taken the road to Empire, “we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did.” It’s utter nonsense, of course: empires are an expansive luxury. We spend more on the military than the top ten powers combined, and the national debt is at historic heights. We’re effectively bankrupt thanks to out-of-control military spending and McCain’s favored wars of choice.

The idea that we have a “moral obligation” to enforce McCain’s beloved “international order” is rooted in the crazed post-millennial pietism that has motivated so much that is mischievous in American history. The old religious impulse that motivated Prohibition and the “anti-vice” campaigns of the nineteenth century has, today, been secularized and internationalized. The old fundamentalists sought to remake the country, their secular successors seek to remake the world. This accounts for the quasi-religious tone of McCain’s remarks, this talk of “moral obligation” and “shame” if we fail to take up the burden of Empire, manfully and willfully, because “We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn’t deserve to.”

In other words: Americans have no right to live their lives in peace, and to leave others in the same condition: they must perpetually be sticking their noses in other peoples’ business, sniffing out “injustice” and making sure the trains run on time.

McCain hails the crusade to “help make another, better world” – yet the American people don’t want another world, they want to live in this world in peace and security, rather than sacrificing themselves to some imaginary “duty” to uplift the world on Uncle Sam’s shoulders. That’s one reason why Trump is in the White House and McCain is on the outside looking in.

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I feel like Justin doesn't like John McCain.  LOL


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>>>>    McCain

>>>>    McBrain

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160-odd souls from the USS Forestal will rest easier when Wetstart McShitstain takes his express elevator to hell (hopefully screaming in agony).


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Don't worry, cancer is marching on McCain's fascist brain like it's 1944, give him a year or so.

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I sometimes lose faith in God, but when I see people like Mccain get brain cancer it renews it. ;)

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McCain's brain tumor is truly deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.

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And who's money does McCain imagine will pay for his grandiose ideals?   Those that want nothing to do with it, of course.  And who's lives will be sacrificed to achieve such goals?  His crazy dreams of higher man was a Nietzche idea and McCain has attached a goofy feel good social pitch to it.  It's all for the betterment of the little people (to keep them in order and not bothering his class) as his types will always live inside the castle walls.

McCain, like may politicians, think that his brain, his thinking, his ways were what was elected.  Representation to many means that you elected their brain to represent you no matter it's direction or voters evolutionary wants or desires.   Power corrupts until the brain spins out of control then we get.....well....McCain's.

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Ted Kennedy. 

( Hey, did anyone get their 2016 edition of Great Speaches of the Senate, The World's   Greatest  Deliberative Body?   No? neither.)

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Diseased Brain McCain now joins Hillabeans Clinton with his has been book. Oh how the "Wannabe Pres" losers wish to change perceptions of their washed up campaigns.   Soros will have to buy up a few million of this book too so this shit for brains looks relevant. McCain, just hang it up already and go shit your diaper. Fuckhead!

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The idea that WWII was good for the economy is only true for the US. The UK paid the US for arms and ships with its gold reserves, and in doing so handed everything over to the new empire.

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The UK was effectively bankrupt at Versailles.   Keynes refered to his post Great War trips to the US as" begging missions".  Financially, the UK wouldn't of made without the US, let alone materially.

The UK, as is the US now, was vision stuck with its wealth eating Commonwealth, hoping next year would be the turn around.  Very mecantilist. Winston Churchill epitomized this, and the bulk of the establisment, even after the war.  The nation was living and locked in the past. Like the US now.   At great cost, German institutions were wiped away,  freeing German minds, from old thoughts and the destruction  necessitated pure economically behaviour.   

In The UK, the dragging institutions, labor, elite remained,  and it was if everyone started right back were they were before the war, only more debts, none cleaned off and a population tired, still rationed in basics, many dead, and wondering when they would enter prosperity.

The States paid, and is still paying a great price as Wilson and FDR via the World Wars, pretty much killed off America, and cemented  the Deep State, the warfare/welfare state upon America. 



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Through all of that, banksters made a profit.

That's the key issue to almost all of the world's problems.

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Excellent piece .... Best in a while.

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As a member of the "Keating 5", who wasn't sent to prison, and as a war monger who sang "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran", all the way back in 2007, McCain has not earned the right to sit in moral judgment of anything or anyone.

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Don't forget the U.S.S. Forestal and his treason in Vietnam.

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Sang like a canary. I hope he gets voted out - POS!!!

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Don't forget 2009 and McCain right there at the White House table with "200 trips to China" Hank Put Tanks In The Street Paulson,  and President Whats his name, the one with the Readers Digest quality non-fiction book.  McCain all in for banksters bailout.

All his life McCain has been a uncanny harbinger of coming desaster for America.

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McStain is loyal to nobody but himself and will do anything for money and power.

The planet will be better off without him soon.


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McCain sat out nearly the entire Vietnam War.

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'Homo Americanus' LOL

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Him die soon.

We wait longtime.

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There should be a travel agency organizing trips to these people's tombs where the fans can participate in pissing contests.

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I would like a link if you find one. I want to book early and frequently. I won't mind coming in  February blizzard either.

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An excellent idea!

Just imagine the entrepreneurship, the possiblities.

Lemonade stands at the entrance for example

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Wonderful insert for a pissoir. Any laminated version available?

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Is that a syphilitic chancre on her tongue?

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I did that with Karl Marx 's grave in London (not really to disrespect him - I was there with a friend visiting from Yugoslavia and I had to pee - and thought it would make a funny photo - which it did)

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The Argentinians see their mythical Malvinas claim as a moral crusade. They've even got the recovery of the islands wriien into their constitution. It's like the state religion. They say that the Falkland islands were usurped but haven't got around to stating what law Britain contravened?

Seriously, how no one heard of a territory being usurped in the 19th century? Nor do I...

Falkland Islands – The Usurpation (1 pg):



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There has to be something seriously wrong with you.

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McCain is a "ship wreaker", a demon who presents false beacons at night to draw unsuspecting ships on to the rocks to steal their cargo and kill the crew... 

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He did that with his "wet start" on the Forrestal.

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That's why in the begining our nation was founded upon merit rather than pedigree.  McCain only acheived his position in flight school, where he was subsequently railroaded through regardless of his poor performance, because he was the son and grandson of admirals; all this despite being quite incompetant. 

In order to live up to daddy and granddaddy's standards McCain's every action is reduced to him trying to prove to the world, his dead ancestors, and to himself that he somehow isn't a failure.

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" the begining our nation was founded upon merit rather than pedigree. "

that was at the beggining of every civilsation. The rullers were picked before the battle (temporary) then over time it became permanent and then hereditary

Then the psychopaths invented religion and together priests and kings created evolving system of fucking the sheeple and turning them against each-other. 

The priestly principle is still used in fake science, Big Food etc (i.e. only FDA-approved'scientists' know what's good for you to eat - because life is not about reality - it's about something else - i.e. real food vs. micro-nutrients BS)

Always create/invent a problem and then charge sheeple to 'fix' it

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Psychopaths v humanity is the key battle that must be fought.

If enough of humanity takes part the psychopaths don't stand a chance.

Best you can do is try to wake up another human being to the reality we currently suffer under.

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And yet, year after year this poor excuse of a man remains in the US senate. WTF???? Either the american people are totally fucking stupid, or the whole eloctoral process is a sham, or I vote for option #3. All of the above.

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Being elected to the Senate is one of the safest jobs in the world.  Being a representative is pretty secure as well.  Whose fault is that?  The voters, of course.  They vote for the same assholes every time because even though they know Congress is corrupt or incompetent, "their guy is good and honest".  Or they vote along party lines; Democrats vote for Mao over a moderate republican or Republicans vote for Pinochet over a moderate liberal.

People are assholes, typically pretty stupid to begin with.  Americans are stunningly ignorant compared to other countries.  I have had in depth political discussions about American politics with Africans, Europeans, Asians and Middle Easterners.  Most Americans could not find these countries on a map let alone talk about the political inclinations of the leader.

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Why would we care about the "leader" of Dungheapistan or doddering Old Sod?  If by some magic any other continent were to disappear,  the US would be fine.  

As to knowing the US, how'd that work in the last election? The country is too varied, too big to be known by anyone, save superficially.

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Brain dead McCocaine RINO is done. I'm embarrassed to of supported him. I did, lessons learned in life. I didn't vote for the nigger.

It wasn't until a Zerohedge friend told me about songbird. About a year ago. Was discussed. I about threw up. The guy is a Republican fraud. So is Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. 

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We all need to think positive thoughts and send good vibrations to his brain tumor.

Remember, McCain is trying to kill his Brain Tumor with Radiation.

You're either with the tumor or your with the terrorists!

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"Radiation therapy" causes LOTS of collateral damage (having endured it myself  but in the gut);  In Juan's  case, resulting in perhaps a  slow-motion lobotomy.  He'll become crazier and crazier before he is forced to retire (like Fat Teddy).    Karmic way to go.  

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Arizona's shame, and Flake. Shame on us. 

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President Jimmy Carter called McCain "A WARMONGER", That stupid bastard is bankrupting the Unites States:

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I can imagine his full military honor funeral with the hearse being pulled by 6 black stallions with the msm commentators praising the fucking asshole to the skies.

Good day to get drunk.