Meet The Eccentric, Euroskeptic, Czech Billionaire Who Will Become Prime Minister

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The Czech election is taking place today, with the “Czech Donald Trump”, Andrej Babis, expected to be voted in as Prime Minister. As we noted last week, Babis is the Czech Republic’s second wealthiest person, is demanding the return of greater sovereignty from the EU, rejects the Euro and is against Muslim immigration. He has pledged to run the country like a business, while eliminating corruption. Oh, and he is also facing criminal charges for fraud. Babis's anti-establishment party ANO stands for "Action of Dissatisfied Citizens" and is also the Czech word for "yes".

Czech billionaire, Andrej Babis, and his wife Monika

The Prague Daily Monitor (PDM) reports that ANO is the clear favourite of (sic) the election that will take place on Friday and Saturday. Opinion polls indicate that ANO is likely to win two times more votes than the CSSD, which may be narrowly overcome by the Communists (KSCM) and possibly even the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement of populist Tomio Okamura or the right-wing Civic Democrats (ODS).”

In last night’s final one-and-a-half hour televised confrontation, Babis sparred with Foreign Minister, Lubomir Zaoralek, of the social democratic CSSD party. Behind in the polls, Zaoralek didn’t pull his punches “Zaoralek called Babis a parasite in connection with the work of the cabinet. ‘He pretends that all that was good about the government was him,’ Zaoralek said in reaction to Babis’s criticism of the outgoing government that comprises the CSSD, ANO and the smaller Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL). Babis is a predator who insolently liquidated his competition, Zaoralek said. He said the financial authorities issued property-freezing orders that liquidated companies that were rivals of firms from the giant Agrofert holding (owned by Babis).”

Until May this year, Babis was Czech Finance Minister, but was forced to vacate the post by incumbent Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, due to “controversial financial transactions, alleged misuse of media against his political rivals and a suspected subsidy fraud.” Babis has been charged with transferring a 50 million koruna EU subisdy to one of his business interests. Babis claims that the allegations are untrue and deliberately made to remove him from politics.

Despite the allegations, Bloomberg reports that “the Slovak-born businessman solidified his popularity in the more than three years that he served as finance minister…Taking credit for the European Union’s lowest unemployment, one of its fastest rates of economic growth, and a balanced budget, Babis has portrayed himself as a competent manager struggling against traditional parties he brands as inept and corrupt. While that’s lifted his ANO party, his attacks against Muslim immigration and criticism of the EU have helped fuel the rise of anti-establishment political forces similar to Germany’s AfD and Austria’s Freedom Party. It’s also raised concern that he may follow the governments of Poland and Hungary, which have clashed with Brussels over democratic values.” One of Babis’s unconventional proposals is to make it compulsory for retailers to link cash registers to the Finance Ministry to increase revenue and reduce tax evasion.

Fraud charges aside, If Babis wins, it’s unlikely to be plain sailing for the new Prime Minister. The Bloomberg report quotes Prague-based political analyst, Jacob Charvat saying “It will be a very fragmented parliament, and it will make coalition talks difficult. There is also a great deal of personal animosity among politicians, which may complicate things further.” Based on last night’s TV debate, he’s not kidding.

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new game's picture

hope and change til the euro swamp infiltrates...

the people spoke, but nobody in brussels gave a shit...

earth to germany, we have an epic disaster ongoing.

hint:the are from the mideast.

Looney's picture


Anyone who “rejects the Euro and is against Muslim immigration” is immediately labeled as a Nazi, Racist, or Sado-Misogynist.  ;-)


Mimir's picture

Surely Nazis, Racists, Fascists or .... will mostly be against the Euro, the EU and muslims. 

Escrava Isaura's picture

Babis has pledged to run the country like a business, while eliminating corruption. 

Say no more.

Czechs are fucked.

“The naive doesn’t see the danger until it is at his throat.” — Noam Chomsky



. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"He has pledged to run the country like a business, while eliminating corruption."
Czech Donald Trump... sounds more like he's gonna' end up like the Czech JFK.

Escrava Isaura's picture

If only the Czechs could be that lucky.

Until May this year, Babis was Czech Finance Minister, but was forced to vacate the post by incumbent Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, due to “controversial financial transactions, alleged misuse of media against his political rivals and a suspected subsidy fraud.” Babis has been charged with transferring a 50 million koruna EU subisdy to one of his business interests.


Son of Loki's picture

Very possible we'll have a vibrant (safe) Eastern block of muzlim-free nations like the Austro-Czech-Hungarian Empire.


Open immigration to like-minded productive conservatives and you will attract bright young minds who have similar Western values.

Perimetr's picture

Thank God, finally , after all these years of waiting

an oligarch for Prime Minister.

Wait . . . .

hestroy's picture

I from Czech Republic. Babis is an ordinary thief who steals legally. This populist is NOT against an immigration. But I understand you all are braiwashed.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I meant that he was gonna' get shot.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


If only the Czechs could be that lucky.

And if their president lands like JFK, you consider Czechia lucky?!

For your comment to be of value, you must show better cause than recitating what the article already poured.

ZD1's picture

Escrava the commie Brazilian gobbled her daily dose of red pills and is hallucinating again. 

Attitude_Check's picture

Because running a country like a political machine that directly encourages graft,  corruption,  kick-backs and inefficiency,  is a demonstrated winner though time.


Do you even read the crap you post?

Steroid's picture

It seems that tha Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was a natural alliance after all,

Beyond it was a bulwark protecting Europe for centuries against the muslim hordes She was organically grown between the German and Russian imperialistic aspirations. Hopefully, they will manage even better without the Habsburgs. The countries' leadership are ready. Will they find each other again?

Peterman333's picture

They can't manage without a Habsburg, it will go up in flames,  mark my words. Only a divinely appointed monarch can rule these diverse nations and keep peace and prosperity for the people there. Believe it or don't, nobody cares but it's the truth.

Steroid's picture

They might speak a different language but they are more similar than some of the slavic countries.

They do not need a common ruler or super-state. a loose confederation would beat any other form of government. Mises suggested it a century ago.

That would end the German and Russian colonialisation of these countries. So they did everything to prevent it

My guess that some of the neighbours would be happy to join. Poland, maybe the Baltics from the north and some of the formar Yugoslav republics from the south.

They could become again truly more than just a dualistic, anachronistic power.


God Emperor's picture

"protecting Europe for centuries against the muslim hordes" 


The Austro-Hungarian empire and the rest of the West was protected from the muslim hordes by the thracians (Transylvania, Wallachia, Moldavia) and the slavs Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia... basically an Orthodox Christian coalition saved Catholics' pedo asses. 

Give credit where credit is due.

Only once they failed and as a result, the ottomans reached Vienna.

oncemore's picture


Turks have been up to Vienna, up to Bavaria; how did your bollwork do then?

RichardParker's picture


The Turks (Muslims) occuppied/enslaved Bulgaria for 500 years during the Ottoman Empire.

They were eventually liberated by The Russian Army.

Peterman333's picture


If any of the Lepanto, Malta, or Vienna battles had been lost by the western Catholic forces, ALL Christianity in Europe, east, and west and anywhere else for that matter, would have been overcome and erased forever. And special thanks to Catholic Hero King Jan Sobieski who dropped the Polish Slavic anvil on the Turks.

oncemore's picture

CZ did not want to be a part of the monarchy, if you did not study that history in detail, then you do not know it.

It is an established fact, that Czechs wanted all the time run away. They have been subdued.

just the tip's picture

you say that like it's a bad thing.

Rex Andrus's picture

Who do you think the unelected EU minions work for? Just who do you think they are? Why do you think they are converting oil into your blood in your streets? You should have known we lost when Churchhole converted to socialism.

HRClinton's picture

As long as he's not an Ashki Globalist/Global-lust devil or Controlled Opposition, like Greece's Tsipras, it's all good.

relativemoney's picture

smart investor.....  ruling the country will increase the odds to increase the values of his investments

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

The average person on the low end of the economic scale is more worried about being raped, killed, or simply replaced by sandniggers or other non-Whites.

Politics has changed from the bubblegum "rich vs poor" game of the Baby Boomer generation.

new game's picture

all this shit leads to one end: blooddhed over religion.

same as it has ALWAYS been.

kill or be killed in the name of god. god be with the winner(of course).

may god lead us to victory(of course)

which god will win? can i place a bet?

odds down favorite is the one with the most best strategy, and firepower.

oh, that god driven army, sure bet...


MEFOBILLS's picture

all this shit leads to one end: blooddhed over religion.


Are the Catholic Poles killing themselves over their religion?  Are Orthodox Christian's in Russia killing themselves over their religion?  How about the buddhists in Mynamar?

Islam is being used as a tool for destabilization.  Western Illuminst elites have been using Islam since Reagan enlisted Sunni Mujahdeen to defeat Soviets in Afghanistan.  

Salafi Islam, especially Wahabbi branch was sanctioned with 73 Kissinger Saudi agreement.  Kissinger is a CFR agent.

Hungary had a constitutional kingdom anchored with a form of Catholicism, that lasted nearly 1000 years.  In that period they acted as a bulwark against Muslim invasion, allowing western civilization to develop.

Islam is not just a  religion, it is a religio - political construct.  It is a full immersive ideology.  

So, not all religions are created the same - some are much worse than others.  Talmud, for example is a pyschopathic construct, and its perversions can be easily discerned by reading it - if you can stomach it.  Islam's pathologies can be found also, especially by using their doctrine of abrogation.  Most of the early pacific passages are abrogated by the later passages.

Islam is a danger, but so are the money powered illuminist elites.


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Religion has always been a component to any civilization.

Only a fool would cut it out without asking the fundamental question why that is the case.

hestroy's picture

Religion has always been a component to any civilization.


Exactly. Both good for slavery.

inhibi's picture

Control via brainwashing. But funny you say that: Czech Republic is the LEAST religious country on this ENTIRE PLANET.

They have more agnostics/atheists than religious persons.

Peterman333's picture

Nazi Germany 20 million killed, Communist Russia 50-65 million killed, Mao's athiestic China 45 million killed (at least),

Athiestic states all, it's LACK OF religion that kills more than anything. Of course a historical idiot such as yourself keeps spewing this nonsense about religion.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

USA 20-30 million killed since the end of WW2.

VIS MAIOR's picture

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II
Rex Andrus's picture

Planned Parenthood and Rockefeller killed at least 10 times that many Americans.

Peterman333's picture

Yes, through abortion alone I'm sure, another godless, athiestic program, thank you for proving my point.

hestroy's picture

You are not only pretty brainwashed but also pretty retarded.

Peterman333's picture

Can you address the fact that atheistic systems have killed far far more than any religion? Or, do you have just more ad hominem?

VIS MAIOR's picture

""Communist Russia 50-65 million killed""  fucking idiot!! have you math on school?! soo russia have 200 milions after ww1??  when now is ... there was not soo many people in this time..even  to killing! russia lost for all western europe ten millions death in ww1 ww2 

your poor life in shit brainwashing

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

US citizen maths


US citizen history

= Stalin personally shot one billion people with his own Nagant revolver.

Peterman333's picture

Oh shemp, you silly, silly, bitch. 

any_mouse's picture

Stalin let Lavrenty Beria and NKVD handle the wet work.

Bosheviks took delight in the Holodomor of Christians.

Peterman333's picture

"have you math on school" No, we did not have math on school, that would hve been too much to bring all the children up on to the roof and then of course there would be the elements to deal with such as rain, snow, etc. Please take an english lesson before attemptiing to your next post.

My apologies, it was Mao that killed 50-65 million and communist russia that killed 20-30 million. Mao's "Great Leap Forward" alone killed 45 million at least in four years, those are generally agreed upon statistics by historians today and include repressions and famines under the regimes of Stalin and Lenin.

Thanks to your eloquent help we have now corrected the number of MILLIONS killed, can we address the TOPIC?

Shitforbrains above says religion kills, I point out that atheistic systems have killed far, far more. Can you adresss that fact of the debate now that you have had your rant on how many MILLIONS were killed?


hestroy's picture

You are brainwashed uneducated imbecile.

Peterman333's picture

And thus I suppose you present yourself as, NOT an imbecile? Address the facts that the atheistic system of communism alone has killed more, and far more, than any religion lets say in the last 500 years. Can you  address that or do you have more name calling?

inhibi's picture

Peterman, where to act as if Mao or Stalin did not use religion, or that China or Russia wasn't religious. They were, and Mao and Stalin danced around religion to get them to the very seat of power.

Secondly, religion is dying - yes, because the reason for religion was to control the masses using group think via "this is how the universe works". Because all civilizations didnt know SHIT at the time, but thought they did. How is religion then, different from a government selling propaganda? Arent they the same?

But have you talied up all the numbers? Like how many did the Egyptians kill in the name of their gods? How many did the Crusades kill? Aztecs? Mayans? Byzantine? Romans? Pakistan? India? - Better yet - basically every country before the Industrial Revolution.

You basically assert that nowadays (at the least religious point in human history) we have killed more. But the world is also the most populous its been, so what if we look at this per capita? 

You might not see where Im going, but arguments like this are beyond stupid - they show your complete lack of knowledge of history, which shows that humans kill each other for whatever reasons they can find using religion/propaganda/hate/fear/etc to obtain power/wealth/fame/ego. Religion is just as bad a tool as any other, and has done a massive amount of harm over the longest period in human history. Whether or not it killed more or less people is redundant, as NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

Peterman333's picture

Where to start? Why don't you start with some facts instead of pulling a bunch of bs pulled out of your hind quarters. Stalin and Mao used religion? Oh, that's quite interesting, which religion they use and how did they use it since both their governments were officially atheistic? Egyptians, you have a source for how many Egyptians killed? A large city in Egyptian times would have had what? 50k people? Mao killed that many in a week.  Crusades? Oh please foff, the largest battles in the crusades were comprised of about 50k saracens vs. 12k knights (who btw cleaned house against the Saracen armies nearly every time). There were a few "massacres' such as in Jerusalem, Famagusta, and Constantinople, how many there? 50k? 100k? You're also talking about a time period (crusades) of 200 years, not 50 or 60 years and not millions of people. You're yet another historical revisionist here posting when you should not.

Bottom line: the godless political systems of communism and National Socialism just in the last century killed tens of millions and that is indisputable fact, thus it's LACK OF religion that kills more than religion has ever killed.