"We Can't Welcome All The World's Poor" - Macron Unveils Crackdown On Criminal Illegal Aliens

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Two years after the European Commission carried out the bidding of German Chancellor Angela Merkel by approving a plan to distribute migrants entering the Schengen area through Greece and Italy evenly across the European Union, the people of Europe have made their displeasure with Merkel’s “open door” policy abundantly clear.

Last month, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union suffered its most embarrassing showing in a federal election in decades, allowing a far-right, anti-immigrant party into parliament for the first time since World War II. The Alternative for Germany party’s unexpectedly strong showing fractured the ruling coalition spearheaded by Merkel’s conservatives as her partners, the Social Democrats opted to rebuild in opposition, complicating Merkel’s attempts to form a ruling coalition.

In what was widely celebrated by the right as an important public capitulation, Merkel announced that her government would consider implementing a refugee cap of 200,000 (far larger than the cap adopted by the Trump administration). While it’s unclear whether the cap will ultimately become law, the fact that Merkel has publicly acknowledged the failure of open doors was interpreted as a sea change in Europe’s response to the worsening migrant crisis.

And now, French President Emmanuel Macron - Merkel’s de facto partner in leading the European project - has himself made a small but important concession to the growing anti-immigrant sentiment in France, which, like many of its neighbors in western Europe, has suffered a horrific string of terror attacks inspired or actively organized by the Islamic State, the South China Morning Post reported.

In a wide ranging interview this week, Macron revealed a new policy whereby illegal immigrants who commit crimes in France will face deportation. Presently, being an illegal immigrant in France isn’t a criminal offense.

Even without new legislation “we can take tougher measures” and expel illegal immigrants if they commit a crime, “whatever it may be,” Macron said.

Shortly before the policy change, a Tunisian man stabbed two women to death in the southern city of Marseille. The man had been arrested two days earlier for shoplifting in eastern Lyon, stoking speculation that it could’ve been prevented.

Ahmed Hanachi, a 29-year-old whose papers were not in order, had been allowed to walk free the day before he attacked the women. Hanachi was known to the police for drug as well as alcohol problems and had a history of petty crime, using seven aliases.

“We are not taking all the steps that should be taken. Well, that’s going to change,” Macron told three journalists who interviewed him for more than an hour at the Elysee Palace.

Macron, who at 39 became the youngest person ever to win the French presidency following after defeating far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen in a runoff vote. While Macron ultimately came away with a win, the National Front’s surprisingly strong showing has forced Macron’s centrist government to rethink its stance on immigration and the refugee crisis.

The French president repeated his call for a crackdown on criminal illegal immigrants during a speech to federal police later in the week where he also announced a federal increase in domestic security funding to help combat terrorism, according to France 24.

"We don’t welcome people well, our procedures are too long, we don’t integrate people properly and neither do we send enough people back," he said, while repeating former prime minister Michel Rocard’s axiom that: "We should take our fair share, but we can’t just welcome in all the world’s poor people.”

Notably, Macron’s crackdown on crime comes as his approval rating has slid from 60%  in June to 44% this month, according to polling by Ifop/Fiducial.

Terror attacks have plagued western Europe in recent years as millions of migrants from Africa, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere poured across the borders of southern European states like Italy and Greece. The crisis has led to a political divide between western and eastern Europe, as EU members like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have refused Europe’s demands to take in migrants. While we wouldn’t want to confuse correlation with causation, there are several notable gaps in this map of terror attacks since the beginning of the refugee crisis…

...see if you can spot them.

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07564111's picture

It's a bit late for that macaroon

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Pissweak Macron. Go on.... put..put your dick in it

07564111's picture

He'll do nothing ;) this is a piss poor attempt to boost his piss poor approval ratings in useless polls.

knukles's picture

Hold the fucking boat, Frogdude.
No taking this shit back.  You broke it, you pay for it.


philipat's picture

Interesting that such a non-event from Micron should receive so much attention whereas a demonstration by 20,000 Neo-Naziz in Kiev receives....crickets? Both have the same source. Propoganda at work using as usual the MSM as the enablers.

wee-weed up's picture

Ha! too little... too late.

CuttingEdge's picture

At current birth rates France will be majority North African (and Islamic) within 40 years. A future caliphate in the heart of Europe to look forward to.

And there is fuck all you can do about it, Mr Macron, because the vast majority are French nationals, not illegals.

SoDamnMad's picture

He will handle this like the Swedes do. They tell them their asylum application has been denied and they will have to go home then POOF they disappear and the police have no resources to go find them and deport them. So you have a huge population selling drugs, stealing and robbing people and you CAN'T OR WON'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT. 

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

In 80 years the NWO leftists will be saying:

"Refugees built this country"

kellys_eye's picture

"You vill do as you aare tolt" - [Merkel]

max2205's picture

Don't red dot America 

FoggyWorld's picture

It really is given the acceptance of so many No-Go zones.

Event_Horizon's picture

I call shennanigans on the "Crackdown" on the title. What a joke. If it were a real crackdown they'd be rounding them up by truckloads and shipping them back. For the last middle finger they should torpedo every single refugee ship heading their way as a crystal clear "No, you fix YOUR country" kind of answer. 

kochevnik's picture

Illegal alien is already criminal.  So 100% return possible, In any case Macron is Rothschild's front man, no different than Yeltsin six Jews all agents of Jacob Rothschild. Raping 300 schoolchildren and teachers in Beslan is just business for them

Yars Revenge's picture

This is just a token gesture.

If Macron were serious he would begin mass deportations of all illegal aliens.

kellys_eye's picture

Macron recognises his poor standing in public opinion and is feeding them a line to bolster his image.

Typical cowardly cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Analyse2's picture


These old English racist jokes have been revivified since 2003 by the hate of American warmongers against France, and this hate still persists even in ZH.

BTW, happily for the US they didn’t surrender at Chesapeake and Yorktown! The USA wouldn’t exist then …

waspwench's picture


Make the people think you are doing something while continuing with NWO business as usual.

I do not trust this guy.   He is just a puppet.

Event_Horizon's picture

Every single country on this planet should be doing just that. There is no good reason for anyone to allow those scumbags to stay one more minute. 

Normalcy Bias's picture

"We Can't Welcome All The World's Poor"

Sure, he'll trim the invasion by a good 10% or so.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture


< Open door policy was sheer virtue signalling idiocy

< Open door poicy is attempt to get out of debt problem via expanded consumer economy (backfired, of course, duh)

ronthefisherman's picture

People were always welcoming of real refugees - stateless pesons, who were happy to adopt the laws and customs of their new country.

Not popular anymore are , economic refugees that just want to leave the shithole they were born in and live in a 1st world country, taking all the benefits but refusing to adopt the customs of their new country.

Also not popular are, genuine refugees that want to keep their third world customs and hate the relaxed lifestyes and freedom from religion in their new country.

Times are a'changing as Dylan said.






nevenbridge's picture

In my prefered italian literary work, the divine comedy (ad 1320), muslims (terrorist refugees), jews (finance, media, social networks) and sodomites (LGBTXYZ) burn in hell. I think ppl should care more about the warnings left to us in the past.

Cant realy people see the connections between these three categories and all the shit happening nowadays?

ThinkAgain's picture

Close the borders. Who's is in is in. Use their potential for the economy. See http://www.planck.org/publications/Migrants-And-Trade. See for a solving the causes solutions: http://www.planck.org/publications/Structural-Boat-Migrants-Solution.

JailBanksters's picture

The Majority of the Worlds poor was a direct result of the USA's actions.

It's time the USA accepted responsibility for their actions.

shovelhead's picture

Can I apologize to that poor Chinese rice farmer and get off the hook?

I sent a card to that drunk in Finland already.

max2205's picture

I can hear Soros writing moar checks right now

TGDavis's picture

Let's go ask some S. Koreams if they would like a non-American past.  Hey, maybe 5 million people would have starved! Nice. 

falconflight's picture

Is that you Howard Zinn?  Droning Prole

Event_Horizon's picture

Here's the issue with your broad, ignorant statement and it has to be said.

If the people who are blaming the U.S. for random events they are wrongfully assuming the U.S. had a hand in, they must realize the citizens of the United States owe them nothing. If they had bothered to be active in their own government and communities life would have changed for the better. Mexicans, for example would rather live as a Mexican in America, rip us off and commit 6 kinds of criminal fraud, than march and do the work required in their own country to bring about change for the better. In many cases the U.S. has had nothing to do with the governments of those corrupt countries, nor does any country need to assume responsiblity for any other country in this world or for its citizens. The racist, xenophobic, entitled immigrants here blaming citizens of this country have no idea of what the real history is of their home country is but instead are taught to invade, via their own form of colonialism, under a misguided and false assumption that they are "taking back" a country that was never theirs to begin with at all. 

Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico and the racism in countries south of the North American border is rampant but not reported because everyone has to blame the U.S. for all of their problems, demand money, and pretend they never caused any of the problems they face today. People are taught to hate and since you're a pawn, you're a perfect example of an ill-informed person being brainwashed through propaganda. 

Gautemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and Honduras have regimes where religious/Sharia Law jails women who miscarry, punishes anyone who questions the church state's authority, and treats the native peoples of their country worse today than any of the horrific actions undertaken by American soldiers during the the beginning of the negotiations between the tribes and federal government. When a native woman is forced to give birth on the grass in front of a Mexican hospital, I'm going to call the racist illegal immigrant who demands I give them money a racist criminal hypocrite and get them deported. 

For example, Americans have had it with immigrants they are to the point that anyone who claims illegals/immigrants should get preferential treatment are being marched out of office. You are a perfect example of the xenophobic, racist, anti-American sentiment that is informing Americans the "aid" and allowing criminals to stay has gone on far too long and has cost our country and our people far too much. Trump was voted in for a myriad of reasons and the fact is people are fed up with a bunch of whiny racist parasites pulling the race card as an excuse to break several laws that are now being enforced. Our laws must be changed to reflect the more strict immigration laws of other nations and that includes taking birthright citizen scam away and making the law retroactive to end the practice of anchor and tourist babies. Hillary stated she would reward illegals yet again and told the poor and middle class of our country that we don't matter to her at all. Bernie Sanders told the poor and middle classes we'd be paying for these criminals with his Socialist mandates that will bankrupt the country. Considering how bad things our in this country, it's only a matter of time before Americans start demonstrating and go on strike. No one cares about criminals who won't work a restaurant for a day - but our stupid representatives will be forced to recognize what happens when Americans go on strike. 

We can't pay our way into another country's good graces and quite frankly, the people who are unhappy in their home countries must work to fix their country and take responsiblity for their lack of action and involvement that brought about their current situation. Americans revolted to build their country and it seems that no one wants to actually read anything unflattering about a country unless they can try to blackmail someone into giving them money or preferential treatment. 

Blame Identity Politics, irresponsible parents having kids they can't afford, people who refuse to be active in their communities, and the lazy masses who think that by leaving their problems behind means they won't be facing new problems elsewhere. It's time for people to grow up an drealize the world isn't a nice place to live in but one where you have to earn your place through brains, sweat, and blood. 

homebody's picture

I think Sweden is under represented on that map. And what is with Ireland?   

shovelhead's picture

O'Sama is the new favorite baby name in Ireland.

breaktwister's picture

I live in N.Ireland and there are no immigrants carrying out terrorist attacks here.  Of course there is crime committed by nationalist and loyalist paramilitary organisations and I guess the map data is showing that when it shouldnt.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

Sweden? Check the memory hole

shovelhead's picture

Well, this is a relief to long suffering French natives.

They're finally going to deport the mass murderers (if) after they catch them.

Maybe he's afraid Southern France will want to join their Occitan speaking brothers in Cataluna.

French Bloke's picture

Catalan is a completely different language to Occitan. Occitan is spoken from west of Catalonia along the central Pyrenees. They are 2 of the 3 Non French/Spanish languages spoken across the Pyrenean mountains, Basque being the 3rd.

Otherwise, I agree with your sentiment. You often see Catalan flags flown in Perpignan and other towns on he French side of the Eastern Pyrenees so it maybe interesting to see how Catalan indepence, should it ever happen, affetcs the French side of the chain...

Redneck Makin-tosh's picture

Is your map since the beginning of the refugee crisis or since the beginning of history - or are you claiming they are one and the same?

ipso_facto's picture

'... will face deportation...'

It is a long way from 'will be deported.'

HRH Feant2's picture

Indeed. Should be rephrased, "will be deported within 72-hours of the first criminal offense."

Dun_Dulind's picture

Meaningless gesture unless it is followed up by an immediate crackdown and deportation of any and all mongrels who have invaded France.

charlewar's picture

close mosques & cut off welfare muslim welfare maggots. They'll leave quickly.

krispkritter's picture

You already drowned the country and NOW you want to turn off the tap? What was that phrase from the 'immigrant' in Taken? Good luck.  If France and the UK have the ability to rise up and shake off the stink of these so-called 'refugees' and the turn the tide on their wide-open immigration policies they may stand a chance.  However, at the levels of current immigration, nothing short of full nationalist 'revolt' and sweeping deportations is going to correct this.  In my view, the US is not that far behind unless DC stops f'ing around and builds the wall, increases deportations, crushes 'sanctuary' anything(city, state, etc.), has vetting of visa holders, no more birthright citizenship, etc., etc.  The EU?  They bent over long ago and they are getting just what their 'leaders' are looking for, annihilation.

Sudden Debt's picture

That map looks like a dog that has lice....

FlKeysFisherman's picture

Too late, France is already destroyed and you've sown the seeds of ethnic civil war. Congratulations on your place in history.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Ireland appears to be the worst per square mile.That is not surprising. You have never met a people more with their heads up their asses than the Irish. It is a real hellhole for terrorist threats these days.

falconflight's picture

They despise Israel, but love the PLO.  I say let them get eaten alive by their patriotic Muslim immigrants.