California Attorney General Dodges Question About 'Calexit' Referendum

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Two days after former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon warned that California may attempt to secede from the US over the next decade if Republicans failed to reassume control of the state, the state’s attorney general played down speculation that the state would make a credible attempt at leaving the US in the coming years.

During an interview on "Fox News Sunday," Becerra evaded a question about whether he would allow a 'Calexit' referendum on the ballot even though it's unconstitutional, saying only that the state would do everything it can to be the "leading force" in this country, rather than becoming an independent state.

Becerra said there are people in California who are frustrated with the Trump administration "constantly taking digs and hurting California” - but despite these frustrations, California needs the US as much as the US needs California.

"California is the economic engine of the United States of America, we on our own, as a state could be the sixth economic power in the world," he said.


"We all get to express ourselves and there are people in california that are frustarted with the trump administration constantly taking digs but ill tell you this...the US needs California as much as California needs the US."


"I think we can continue to be the leader in it," he said.

Becerra’s remarks come after California Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this month signed the sanctuary state bill, controversially ordering local law enforcement not to cooperate with federal immigration authorities - a law that has drawn threats of a federal crackdown. The state has also sued to continue federal cost sharing subsidies to insurance companies that were recently canceled by President Trump - one of many lawsuits against the Trump administration.

Of course, while secession for California remains a distant possibility, groups supporting this cause have seen their membership multiply in the year that has passed since the election. SInce 2014, the number of Californians supporting 'Calexit' has grown from 20% to more than a third.

After several pushes to get a “Calexit” referendum question on the ballot for 2018, a CalExit 3.0 group is petitioning Becerra to call for a Constitutional Convention of the States so they can, among other things, amend the U.S. Constitution to allow for a "clear and reasonable path for individual States to become independent, so that CA can secede, if they so choose."

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Falconsixone's picture

Get the fuck out california!

espirit's picture

Yes, I would miss my Kali Doom Poon Tang Porn along with Moonbeam, Weinstein, Feinstein, Waters, and HooleyWood.

Don't know how I'd sleep the first night without it. /s

TeamDepends's picture

Visiting Commiefornia might be kind of fun! "Remember, never remove your titanium butt-plug and if anyone speaks to you, reply "no habla ingles".

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Sorry, California.  President Abe Lincoln set the precedent.  No one leaves the union.  Even thought alot of us would be happy if you did, its not going to happen.

Handful of Dust's picture

Tear down the racist white supremacist state of California. I feel "oppressed" every time i go there since those raycists stole the land from Mexico and Russia. Give southern half of California to Mexico and the northern half back to Russia.

Returning those ill-gotten lands to their rightful owners -- Mexico and Russia --  is social justice!


yomutti2's picture

Any talk of a US state secceeding comes from Russian mouthpieces. Real Americans wouldn't think of it.


King of Ruperts Land's picture

Sorry. We don't want to hear about Russian as causative factors in American politics anymore. It would be a great time for them to invade. Conservatives would not want to hear about it and liberals would try to pin it on Trump. At least we would end up with Vodka.

TBT or not TBT's picture

But underneath the Russians, it’s jooos all the way down. This is the ZH comments section.

idahobandito's picture

I left there 6 years ago..Its already divided up just like that. Redding was getting quite a few mexicans when I moved. In 10 years the whole state will probably be 55-60% mexican. They already had been the majority at 41% when I left, but now that they are officially a sanctuary state with the (signed by browneye) California Value Act, they can count the illegals, which should push them well over 50%.

ScratInTheHat's picture

I hope Cali does get out! Then maybe the rest of us can get out of the nightmare that Lincoln started!

SmokeyBlonde's picture

Good! buh-bye! /Don't let the door hit you're ass on the way out!

And where just exactly where is your food or water or eergy coming from?


/Sincerely AZ & CO & UT ...


RafterManFMJ's picture

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

ZD1's picture

Many of us look forward to the door smacking hard on the fat asses of Becerra and his La Raza Democrats who completely control Mexifornia. 

They deserve every earthquake, fire, drought, and pestilence that comes their way. 

SmokeyBlonde's picture

Toots sucks when one gets what they ask for, good & hard!

Boris Gudonov's picture

Of course these same assholes are the ones who favor Lincoln's unprovoked war of aggression against the Confederacy.   Now they want to have secession because it suits them.  Fuck Commiefornia, most of these people are totally brainwashed socialist assholes.


Bigly's picture

Before they exit, they should split off northern jefferson to remain in usa....

Nobody For President's picture

No no - Jefferson exits, the rest of California (and northern Oregon) stays.

Cynicles II's picture

They could join N Nevada, no problem trading for Lav Vegas; the place where all the Caltards go.

Boris Gudonov's picture

Fucking Commiefornians, half of them are illegal aliens anyway.   If California seceded, we would never have another Democratic President.  Besides, when people like Becerra say "California" wants to secede, he's really only talking about a few big cities like LA and SF.  The rest of the state is  as red as the rest of America.


ReturnOfDaMac's picture

How do you get out of this chickenshit outfit, nothing in common with exceptional, fascist, flyover theocrats anyway.  Lazy, busybody, fat assed, hover-round riding complainers.  Let's get the hell out ...  And hell yea, we're keeping our nukes!

ZD1's picture

NK needs to nuke the fat ass La Raza fascists in Mexifornia along with the leftist SJW crazies whose religion is climate change.  

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Exactly why we need a separation from traitor fucks like you.  Who would wish a foreign adversary to attach fellow citizens?  Goddamn traitor bitches like you thats who.  You are a traitor, like your confederate traitor ass forefathers. Simple as that. You are a traitor from a long family line of traitors.  Worthless, useless, unloyal traitors. We need a split, asap if not not before.

Gaius Petronius's picture

Please go and do let the door hit you on the way out.  We don't much care for you either.  And, btw, you aren't taking our nukes.  We are going to be pointing them at you.


Swamp Yankee's picture

The fact that I want CA out is why it will never happen.



Dun_Dulind's picture

Please exit - that way the rest of us in the Union don't have to rebuild your shit after it all burns down or falls down.  Whichever disaster comes first.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Trying as hard as possible.  You offer nothing but religion, war, exceptionalism and headache. Flyover is way more trouble than it's ever been worth.  You don't make shit, 'cept problems.

Dun_Dulind's picture

As Wyatt Earp once said.

Well................ bye.

dizzyfingers's picture

I hope Cali goes, to show the way to other states that want to go also.

Meanwhile, separation is a trend worldwide:

Deplorable's picture

I think the next earthquake will solve the whole secession debate for us, and send LA and SF adrift

grunk's picture

What part of "unconstitutional" did you not understand?

Cynicles II's picture

Aside from shall not be infringed?

Boris Gudonov's picture

There is no mention of secession in the Constitution.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Guess they ran the Numbers.

JasperEllings's picture

AZ and NV better be prepared for a major refugee crisis.

Dirtnapper's picture

Just give CA back to Mexico, prolem solved.

2banana's picture

The day California leaves the union is the day 75% (by land mass) splits from "New Califonia" and rejoins the union.

Taking with it all the water, food and power production.

That should be fun.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

You really are stupid Billy.  Who the fuck cares about land mass?  PEOPLE are the ones who vote shit for brains! And "land" won't rejoin the "union" numbnuts, you can believe that.  You severly over-estimate your position as your bargaining posture is highly dubious.  As for water, make it an issue and for a technological society, not a religious society, CA is next to a fucking ocean dickhead.  You don't think fresh water can be extracted from a gigantic saline water source?  Put down your bible and pick up a physics book.  Damn you're dumb. Remember when the middle east started fucking with us over a complex molecule like oil?  We invented fracking.  Damn near bankrupted every one of 'em.  Imagine what the fuck we will do with a simple molecule like water.

Stupid flyover fucks watching faux propaganda all day ...

Consuelo's picture



"Becerra said there are people in California who are frustrated with the Trump administration "constantly taking digs and hurting California”


Indeed there are, and they exist predominantly in the coastal high-population centers, from Sacramento south, and in the $welfare-scam areas of the Central Valley.

The proponents of 'Jefferson' need to bump it up a notch before these Marxist Fuckers take what remains of the good, down to Hell with them.  

BritBob's picture

After the UN was formed in 1945 it saw two sorts of territoies: individual sovereign states and places that neeeded to be decolonized.

Hence Ban Ki-Moon's statement in respect of Catalonia:

Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain is illegitimate, as the region has not been recognized by the United Nations as a non-autonomous territory, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Spanish media.


When one speaks of self-determination, certain areas have been recognized by the United Nations as non-autonomous territories. But Catalonia does not fall into this category,” Ban Ki-Moon said in an interview with Spanish newspapers El Pais, El Mundo, ABC and La Vanguardia. (31 Oct 2015)

Hence the right to self-determination needs to be updated and clarified.

VIS MAIOR's picture

but israel  "was recognized"     how sad .. 

A rope leash's picture

California cannot secede because California has no miltary of its own.

Anarchyteez's picture

Wtf man? That is not a prerequisite. Or even a necessity.

Boris Gudonov's picture

LOL you fucking retard.  OMG

yarpos's picture

Not much of a reason.  Military can be created,  military infrastructure exists.

I think it would be easier if the rest of the US seceeded from California,  an Ejexit maybe


Korprit_Phlunkie's picture

You obviously havent seen the homo's get angry have you.

A rope leash's picture

It's a forced union, just like the South.


Anarchy is really just local control.

Gulfcoastcommentary's picture

Rope Leash, the nation was founded as a Federalist system where each State was independent to do what they want as long as it's laws were Constitutional. In the age of overly powerful Federal Govt and their constant power grabs has made a mockery of the Founder's intent.  This nation was really created to have 50 separate entities under the umbrella of Federalist system where the Central Govt had a few powers like national defense, Post Office, Judiciary, etc.

It's the Federal Govt that needs a drastic reduction in size and scope and a devolution of power back to the States.  Sadly, even Trump doesn't see this.  And if he doesn't see it, nobody does.


Read Time for a New American Revolution, Burn Down Our Bloated Failing Central Planning Bureacracy:


Time for a New American Revolution Part 2, The Massive Reset That We Need:

A rope leash's picture

Yes, I understand the original intent of the Federal union. The South thought they could just walk away, too.


Catalonia is now displaying the violence inherent in the system.


No one wants to be associated with the Federal government at this point, but how you gonna break away from your pimp?


The Feds crashing like the Soviets is the only scenario that frees the whore California.

Anteater's picture

The Russian people lost 30,000,000 patriots in defeating the

Nazis, so Eisenhower could wade ashore and claim victory.


Yet despite the magnificent Russian valor, their country died

with scarcely a whimper to the Oligarchs in 1990, after the

Chosen Banks promised Gorbechev financing for peristroika

but instead privatized all of the national resources. That must

have been hell for the Russian people, to be reduced to the

same turnip-eating status as they were by the Bolsheviks,

who murdered 30,000,000 Christians some decades earlier.


Anyone who thinks USAians are going to tra-la off to a New

American Century of luxury are massively delusional. You

are going to be stripped of both national and personal assets,

then shamed and degraded as 'Takers', while being replaced

by M's of 'legal' immigrants for Trump's Re-Population Plan.

Trump always said he supports UNLIMITED legal immigration.

Now with means-testing on your SS and MC, all the setaside

payroll deductions you made for decades, you won't qualify

for! Instead, your SS / MC will go to those newly-washed

in the Blood of Babylon and the G-d Moloch.


Just like the noble cigar-store Indians, you will become.

IOUs and small pox blankets, you will receive.