Russian Ships Deliver Military Equipment To The Philippines

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In the latest confirmation that President Rodrigo Duterte's threat to diversify the country's military ties away from the United States and toward China and Russia was not hollow, AP reports that three Russian navy ships arrived in the Philippines on Friday and two others are coming, to deliver donated military equipment in the country's third naval visit under Duterte, who as discussed previously, has launched a historic pivot in the country's geopolitical posture away from the US and toward regional Superpowers.

Admiral Panteleyev, a Russian anti-sub ship, prepares to dock in Manila

Three Russian antisubmarine ships docked in Manila on October 20 in time for Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's upcoming visit to the country, said Rear Admiral E. Mikhailov, the task force commander.

Russian Navy crew member cleans the guns of the Admiral Vinogradov,

a Russian anti-submarine ship, in Manila, Philippines, on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

Two other vessels arrived on October 21 at the port of Subic Bay, northwest of Manila to unload donated military equipment, the Philippine Navy said in a statement.

Next week, Shoigu will be attending a meeting of 10 Southeast Asian defense ministers with counterparts from other countries, including the United States and China.

"I am assuring you that we will do our best to make this port call a significant contribution to the strengthening of friendly ties and cooperation between our two nations in the interest of security and stability in the region," Mikhailov said.

Rear Admiral Eduard MIkhailov receives a garland of flowers from a member of the Philippine Navy

Russian news agency TASS reported that the Russian Navy will allow local residents of Manila to take tours of the large antisubmarine vessel Admiral Panteleyev during its stay in Manila.

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Paradigm shifts are a bitch...

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Hey gook-lookin', what's ya' got cookin' ? !

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See that bottom photo of the young woman hanging a lai around the Russian naval officer's neck? She is wearing a US Navy uniform {as is the male officer standing next to her}. Duarte needs a visit from the "fixer".

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Our fake space station is manned by Russia & U.S., so it's all BS anyway. So is Duerte. He's a NWO puppet doing what he's told.

Redneck Makin-tosh's picture

Duterte is murdering his own population without trial (same as Assad allegedly, but Durterte proudly admits it).

It would be unfortunate indeed if he was doing that on some anonymous NWO orders.

researchfix's picture

I am sure they will find a new tailor in China.

gespiri's picture

So I guess the Chinese, Russians, British navies...or anyone who wears white uniform are considered US Navy?  Do your research!!

RedBaron616's picture

Correction: US Navy-style uniforms.

Bonaparte's picture

No she is not. It is the Philipine navy insigna on her hat and sleeve. Get a clue.

Socratic Dog's picture

I would happily volunteer to remove that US navy uniform.  No doubt the admiral already has.

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How much for long time?

I Write Code's picture

Um, Russia is going to arm Philippines against ... China?

WTFUD's picture

Russia should be Diplomatically pushing for Saudi to be brought to account for War Crimes & Genocide in Yemen, Syria & Iraq - Other

Jack Oliver's picture

Russia is buying 'leverage' - If the KSA want business with Russia - they will have to cease the war on Yemen !!

Putin plays a very smart hand !

gespiri's picture

That's what the MSM wants you and everyone else to believe in order to sway opinion against the Russians and Chinese.

In reality, China is trying to kick out US influence from their territory by blocking the entire South China Sea through the building of these naval bases in the middle.  Almost all the countries affected now agree to this strategy.  There's $600+billion of annual trade going on in there that the greedy bastards in the US would love to control.

Jack Oliver's picture

Of course - you are right - It has always been about controlling the worlds resources !

As Orwell said - 'Conquering' countries would be 'culturally' impossible !

What would the Zio/US do with 1.2 billion 'Mandarin' speaking Chinese ???

Zio/US can't even support their own War 'Vets' !

gespiri's picture

Can't support or don't want to support?  It's like the corporate world, they will only hire the young to easily brainwash and work long hours for a fixed salary while not hire older workers who are more expensive with their experiences.

HardAssets's picture

They're cheaper & quicker to build than aircraft carriers

researchfix's picture

"Um, Russia is going to arm Philippines against ... China?"

To where do you think, Daesh is moving already?

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This is something that has been in the works for a long time. The CIA has been in Xi Jiang stirring up the Muslim population against Bejing's authority. You don't think that Bejing (and the Russians too, for that matter) aren't aware of what you are up to?

I imagine, that once you try to mobilize those Islamic forces, even if they are backed up by ISIS/Al-Qaeda that you are going to see a response from the Chinese that will make Grozny look like a picnic.

East Indian's picture

Russia is going to arm everybody with S-300 and S-400, so that the fear of the USAF will disappear. No Asian country fears the American Army. 

Weisshorn's picture

The US has 2 large nuclear submarines that each carry hundreds of cruise missiles.   Then there are b-52 and b1 bombers that can launch cruise missiles.  In otherwords, every country across asia would have to have hundreds if not thousands of S-300/400's to prevent vital infrastructure from being targeted.   And we haven't mentioned space or weather weapons.  Ain't gonna happen.

east of eden's picture

Every single S300 or S400 missile can track 300 independent targets, has onboard evasive algorithms that the American's can't crack, and are generally deployed in battalions of 4x4 launch tubes with radards, control centres etc, for a total of 450 missiles per battalion. So six battalions means that they could launch 96 missiles every 20 minutes. Do you really think the B-52 or the B-1 or B-2 are capable of avoiding a hailstorm of missiles like that, when on top of everything else, they would be trying to avoid fighter jets, sea launched Kalibers and all the rest. I don't think so. You also have to remember that the 'figures' that i have just given you come from Wikipedia, not the Russians, so, as was the case with the Kaliber sea launched, the West (i.e. NATO) underestimted their range by +150%. They were shocked. So it is probable that the capabilities of the S-300's and S-400's are greater than the published stats.

Carrying on, the S500 has a maximum terminal altitude of 500,000 feet (200 KM), they would be for your minutemen missiles, and the sea launched Kaliber is an amazing piece of engineering. It is launched underwater, surfaces, tracks the target, then re-submerges for a final hyper-velocity hit. I don't think America has anything like that do they? And admittedly, the Trident D-5 missile is awesome, has incredible velocity and is highly accurate. I just wonder how many a Trident sub would get off before it was blown to bits.

That means that 1 battalion can track (from the active, loaded tubes) 4,800 targets simultaneously, and choose the most invasive targets, first. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reload those tubes and of course, each missile also has the capacity to take orders on targets from the ground, over riding the onboard evasion algo's and destinations. But most importantly, those 'missiles' are not the puny pukey out of date 'cruise' missiles that your subs carry, they are granite busting missiles that fly at Mach 9 or greater. So if you installed say 6 battalions, you would have the capacity to track 28,800 targets. The math gets interesting, doesn't it.

Now really, do you honestly believe that even with a 'few' battalions of those missiles, that anything in the US arsenal can penetrate something like that? And don't get me started of 'stealth' because we both know it's bullshit.

LightBeamCowboy's picture

But... but... but... Trump is calling up another 1,500 retired pilots to active duty -- that should fix it. Not. Now we get to see how well all those Gen Whatevers do when the other side in the video game shoots back, and the consequence for losing is getting blown to bits.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

I like this Duterte motherfucker (to use his language).

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Yes, he's not 'the son of a whore'

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True. Obama is the son of a Commie Whore.

Jack Oliver's picture

Russia are totally committed to wiping out the Zio/US ISIS 'proxy' - wherever they are !!

Ambassadors murdered - Russian Generals murdered - Raqqa reduced to rubble under the BULLSHIT guise of going after ISIS !

Red Army choir murdered - Russian tourists murdered over the Sinai ! etc - etc - etc !!

Russia has had enough of the Zio/US BULLSHIT !!

Russia are now uncompromising !!!

evokanivo's picture

Have they had enough bullshit now? What was their response to all those figures being murdered? Either they're playing the really long game or they're timid as fuck and just waiting for us to keep mismanaging ourselves into oblivion. Stop it with the Russia cheerleading.

Jack Oliver's picture

What was the Zio/US response as Russia turned 35000 ISIS 'proxies' into fertiliser ??

Oh - that's right - a string of FUCKING cowardly attacks !!!

Trouble is that FUCKWITS like you - have balls the size of sesame seeds !!

You're are nothing but a SOFTCOCK !!!

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Going to fuck yourselves eventually as incompetents do. If not you also die in a nuclear maelstrom. 

east of eden's picture

Perhaps the Russians are not as willing to start WW3 as you are.

LightBeamCowboy's picture

"...just waiting for us to keep mismanaging ourselves into oblivion"

They won't have to wait long. US oligarchs are so blinded by greed and ignorance of history that they're making this easy. Russians read translations of Sun Tzu, too -- "Never interfere when your enemy is making a mistake."

Socratic Dog's picture

The outcome for that strategy is pretty well guaranteed.  There'll be a bit of collateral damage along the way, however.  Maybe including you, me, and Putin.

Arrest Hillary's picture

My hatred for socialism .... didn't keep me from enjoying the Red Army Chorus .... I didn't know they died in that Sinai plane crash .... kinda hushed that up ?

east of eden's picture

Seems to me that you 'hate' everything, ergo, you are one of the many psychopaths that we need to 'terminate'.

buttmint's picture

Oxymoron time:
*Flippo cuisine
*Tai wife
*American Fiduciary Responsibility
*British Cuisine
*George Soros Conscience
*Moochelle baby pictures
*Obama Character
*Clinton Morals
*UK dental hygiene 'n flossing

...the list is endless!

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Unlike American Weapons, Russian Weapons are way more Moderate, in their pursuit of PEACE. American weapons are indiscriminate and take-out me , me mum, me dad and me gran, bringing down the whole building, and some.

The 'friendly port' docking of their anti-submarine warships are a huge bonus in keeping track of Vichy DC's sub movements in the Region.

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"You're fascinated with Russians (niggers) .... did one of them fuck you wife 10 ways to Sunday ?" WTFUD

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Ah, the Russian sailors will enjoy the gifts of Olongapo.

I envy those men as I recall my early days in that welcoming port.


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One good looking ship.

No doubt, it's got something cookin' !



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Nice looking phillipine breasts. To hell with the Russian ship.

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"What watch .... tit watch !" Bar scene Casa Blanca 

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Ehhh, a little augmentation wouldn't be a bad thing for her.

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"The geek shall inherit the earth !" Gawd

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Can Russia fix Venezuela .... they exported Russian crap sandwich socialism for 100 years .... even they don't know how to fix the mess .... inside their heads ?

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Some one should start learn real (non Soros) history.