Air Force Denies That US Nuclear Bombers Are Being Put Back On 24-Hour Alert

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There were many unanswered questions following last night's story from Defense One, according to which the US Air Force would put nuclear bombers on high, 24-hour alert for the first time since the end of the cold war in 1991. There may be even more questions on Monday, when the Air Force denied the report and said it was not preparing to put its B-52 nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert, adding that a "misunderstanding" might have led to a report claiming those preparations are underway.

According to Ann Stefanek, the chief of Air Force media operations at the Pentagon, updates to facilities, exercises, and training related to the B-52 Stratofortress aircraft at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana are done routinely to ensure the service is prepared.

"We are not planning or preparing to put B-52s back on alert," Stefanek said quoted by the Washington Examiner.

Sunday's report in Defense One said the Air Force was preparing to put the long-range strategic bombers at Barksdale on around-the-clock alert for the first time since 1991. The report also pointed out that the alert order had not been given, and that officials were preparing for such an order if it comes.

Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, was quoted as saying the service was taking "one more step" to ensure it is prepared.

"I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure we're prepared going forward," Goldfein told Defense One.

It remains unclear just where the alleged "misunderstanding" took place in the breakdown of communication between Goldfein, Defense One, and today's damage control by the USAF.

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HelluvaEngineer's picture

Never believe anything until it is officially denied.

Joe Davola's picture

So what hour/day/week/month alert are they currently operating on?

Mr. Universe's picture

I was stationed at Barksdale AFB back when they were on 24 hour alert. Those guys drove around in trucks marked M/SET. They could park anywhere, go to the front of every line all over the base and town. No one on base was ever told anything about anything unless you worked on the flight line, which I only did cleaning up after the annual airshow. However there was no mistaking when those big boys lined up and took off...

merizobeach's picture

"We are not planning or preparing to put B-52s back on alert,"

Ok, so it's only the B-1s and B-2s.  Got it.

SDShack's picture

FYI...B-1s don't carry nukes. That was changed in 1995 with a START treaty. The B-1s have all been modified specifically to only carry conventional weapons, no nukes, from that point on.

peddling-fiction's picture

"The B-1s have all been modified specifically to only carry conventional weapons, no nukes, from that point on."

...and cannot be remodified. /s

Stuck on Zero's picture

"The B-1s have all been modified specifically to only carry conventional weapons, no nukes, from that point on."

That statement was made by Gen. Jack Ripper himself.

FreeShitter's picture

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Freddie's picture

The good news is the 18-34 demographic for the NFL is rapidly dying or dead.

It is mainly old white male cucks who still love their Trayvon NFL, NBA, NCAA and high school rapists and thugs.  Dumb southern whites too. Especially in Texas who love Trayvon ball and they kneel for teh Soros BLM'er who killed 5 white Dallas Cops. .

texans and dumb Cowboys fans love their cop killers and Trayvons on talmudvision.

FreeShitter's picture

West coast to east coast people still cant enough of their favorite nigga baller and kardashian entertainment. Florida is just as bad as Texas.

Mr. Drysdale's picture

I would expect them to say that if it was really happening!

Ben A Drill's picture

Trump made them say that.

Jim in MN's picture

World Peace:  The one thing they NEVER planned for.

It's here.  Just gotta get the word out so it has a chance of lasting.

Eyes Opened's picture

Jim... you are here on ZH 8 years... me ? 6 months... lol

But in my six months I have read of more political instability & military aggression all over the planet...

In virtually every post u make u state world peace is here.. but... I ain't seeing it brother.

Can u elaborate & give evidence on your belief please ??


cossack55's picture

"This is your brain after 8 years on ZH"


Get out after 7 years or suffer the consequences.  Its too late for me.  I believe racial harmony is breaking out worldwide. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH they're coming to take me away HAHAHAHA

Jim in MN's picture

I have data on fatalities, refugee inflows into the EU, oil supply stability, and global economic growth.  So far.  Also check on global hotspots in the news nearly every day.  Let me also say, I noticed this by accident, found it hard to believe, and am now actively working on getting such groups involved as the Congressional Budget Office, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and the institutes headed by Jimmy Carter and Gene Sharp. 

Just a bit of evidence for the moment.

Global war fatalities declining toward 70-80% below post-WWII averages: (imagine this chart as the Syria and Iraq conflicts fade away next year)

EU refugee applications down by over 50% since August 2016:

Oil supply stability at a six-year high (published this morning):

Global economic growth strongest since 2010:

We are fed lots of scary stories.  But, the facts on the ground speak otherwise.  There are no hot wars, at all, anywhere in Latin America.  None in 'Asia proper'.  None in Europe.  And, what is most amazing of all, none in Africa. 

I insist that this is an unprecedented development in global history. 

I overtly challenge people to a) put up actual factual evidence to the contrary, b) understand that this is real if there's no such contrary evidence, and c) embrace the opportunity to advance world peace and simultaneously shove one up the collective ass of the global warmongering elites.  All you have to do is TELL SOMEONE. 

World Peace IS Here---And Is Super-Secret

I mean, talk about the ultimate Zero Hedge WTF conspiracy.....this is it, kids.

nmewn's picture

I guess you were so mild with him because he was polite? 


I'm gonna find somebody to pick a fight with ;-) 

Jim in MN's picture

Don't you know, Zero Hedge was modelled after The Love Bug.


ebear's picture

"None in Europe."

You don't consider Ukraine to be part of Europe?

Jim in MN's picture

Of course it is.  There's just no hot war there.  The cease-fires are only broken a tiny bit, to ensure that the political stalemate continues.  There have been very few casualties there recently.  I don't expect many more.

FreeShitter's picture

Cant have peace when satan runs this world, man.

Jim in MN's picture

Maybe.  Let's find out, shall we?

peddling-fiction's picture

Are you factoring in the millions of "dissidents" that are being gangstalked secretly? Dissidents are the righteous people in the world, not prepared to look the other way, when injustice and wickedness prevail.

Peacefully diabolical Jim. I say this as a victim of gangstalking.

The truth, if you dare to read it:

Wild tree's picture

The anti-christ (ie satan) will come first and ride in on peace, security, and one world government. Christ does not return until after the seventh trump. So Jim, I believe in the message of peace that you proclaim.

Prior to the real Christs return, we will see 1/3 of the world's population die, not by war necessarily. But by earthquakes, volcanoes, and a burning mountain (meteor) that will be cast into the sea in addition to limited war.

Christ will bring peace that will pass all understancing as satan and his spirits are expelled to the pit for a thousand years.

This is reality, and not the longing of the masses to embrace tin foil. Embrace normality while death lurks offstage, waiting it's turn.

Jim in MN's picture

Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead performing 'Man of Peace'


topspinslicer's picture

Mushroom clouds will be the tell

historian40's picture

Like the "smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud" George Bush and Condi Rice used to scare the public into attacking and permanently occupying Iraq.  I guess now that they extended the weapon of mass destruction label to include things like a pressure cooker, they'll be able to find WMD wherever they decide to attack.

newmacroman's picture

More Trump bluster to scare/provoke Lil Kim.

Lil Kim knows he has at least until the end of the Winter Olympics 2018 held 30 miles from his border with SK.

He can hold the world hostage then, if he is to be the cold calculating Dr. Evil.

Methinks Trump's "Art of the deal" is being trumped by Lil KIm's intrepetation of Sun Tzu' "Art of war"

Winston Churchill's picture

Kim don't need to bluff,he has the winning hand in he plays it cool.

There are no military options that don't kill 10s of millions.

The 101st Gayborne might kill him from  laughing too hard.

Bluster is not going to work in this situation.

I Art Laughing's picture

Time to bomb the Norkies out of the stone age.....

Couldn't we use about 20 million NK refugees in North Dakota? We could replace all the frackers for guys willing to work for a bowl of rice and 5 cents per day.

Rex Andrus's picture

Israel still hasn't taken any of their share of "refugees".

historian40's picture

The zionists make them, you feed them.

I Art Laughing's picture

Didn't you know? Israel is ALL "refugees".


And besides as soon as all the glowing three armed mutants Norkies show up here they'll all be "Americans".

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Trump denied justice to America, "she's been through enough", "they're good people".

Freddie's picture

Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, was quoted as saying the service was taking "one more step" to ensure it is prepared.

I hope President Jared Kushner-Soros-Trump goes on Talmud-vision to reassure America Inc, a Rothschild subsidiary company.

nmewn's picture

And you trust what a guy named (((Goldfein))) says? was right ;-)

Blankone's picture

Just feels like more intentional reality tv type gamesmanship. Get the immediate effect with all the big hype and then once that is accomplished back it down or just let it fade on it's own. This is one of Trump's MO's and he is good at it.

What the general said was directly quoted. It was said as such with the intent that it cause a stir when the media interpreted and commented on it in a way to get readership.

just the tip's picture

when i saw the original report, i said, barksdale?  what about minot?

newmacroman's picture

The Minot to Barksdale run is used for the missing nukes.

Been hiding in Darth Cheney's basement for next grand FF.

According to Boss Hawg Lindsay Gramm, could be Charleston Harbor.

Nukes of Hazzard version.

Winston Churchill's picture

Deep state probably sold them to little Kim.

newmacroman's picture

Sir Winnie, I see from our exchange lower down we've had the same twins...

<Just not the twins we were hoping for>

I see now you have met both my exwives <;0

Mr. Universe's picture

Minot was where they sent the lifers they wanted to get rid of. Grifiss is where they sent troublemaker airman like me to.

silverer's picture

Denial. A river in Egypt.

Herdee's picture

And billions more to upgrade them all has to be hidden somewhere in the Pentagon budget.  Maybe the Coke and Heroin money from the CIA funds can compensate?  This is why these government agencies are paranoid of blockchain technolody.  It brings about 100% transparency in all processes.  We wouldn't want government at every level being transparent in the United States would we?  It would expose political and military corruption on a massive scale which would be more than the deficit that is missing and unaccounted for and you wonder why the infrastructure and the rest of society is decaying on a huge scale?

nmewn's picture

So what was was like, less than 24hrs ago that people were gnashing their teeth while ripping each others clothes off and trampling children under foot trying to get off the planet before Trump started dropping nukes all over the place wasn't it? ;-)

Masher1's picture

The B-52 is not going to be of any use other than to wave around and taunt the stupid and ignorant.... The BUFF is not a valid weapon in the modern missile environment.

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

The B-52 has been modified to carry the new long range cruise missile. It's a stand off system, classified range, most likely over a thousand miles well outside range of S-200, S-300, S-400 surface to air missiles.