Catalan Separatists Plan Human Shield, "Civil Disobedience" To Block Spanish Takeover

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If Spain hoped that Catalonia would willingly and cheerfully hand over control over the separatist region to Madrid after Rajoy announced on Saturday that the Spanish government will fire Catalan leaders and force new elections in 6 months, he may be disappointed. According to Bloomberg, Catalan separatists are "mobilizing a human shield" to block efforts by Spanish authorities to take control of the breakaway region as both sides prepare to escalate the political conflict beyond what may soon be a point of no return.

The dramatic Catalan action is in response to Rajoy's shocing announcement on Saturday, when he disclosed plans to clear out the entire separatist administration in Barcelona and take control of key institutions including public media and the regional police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra. Spain’s chief prosecutor said that if Puigdemont declares independence he would face as much as 30 years in jail and signaled that he could be arrested immediately.

"We are calling for a peaceful and democratic defense of the institutions," Lluis Corominas, the leader of the main separatist group in the Catalan Parliament, said at a press conference in Barcelona.

According to two sources quoted by Bloomberg, groups of Catalan separatists will concentrate their activists around the regional government’s headquarters in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter and the nearby parliament building. "They expect Spanish police to use force to try to shut down the administration and will put their bodies on the line" the sources added.

Following weeks of escalating tensions between Madrid and Barcelona, this is shaping up as a critical week for political brinkmanship:

the Catalan leadership was left to plot its next move following Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s declaration of unprecedented measures to reassert his authority. The rebels in Barcelona are running out of options while Madrid attempts to bring an end to the country’s most dramatic political crisis for four decades.


The showdown may come at the end of the week. Regional President Carles Puigdemont, who accused Rajoy of a "coup d’etat," is set to be ousted by the Spanish government and his allies are signaling he could declare independence. The legislature in Barcelona, which is controlled by separatist parties, will convene on Thursday and Friday just as Rajoy is expected to win approval from the Senate for his crackdown.

Separately, Reuters reported that Catalonia said on Monday it was confident all officials including police would defy attempts by Madrid to enforce direct rule on the region: the leaders of the secessionist campaign said a disputed referendum on Oct. 1 gave them the mandate to claim independence from the rest of Spain.

“It’s not that we will refuse (orders). It is not a personal decision. It is a seven million-person decision,” Catalonia’s foreign affairs chief Raul Romeva told BBC radio.

Romeva was asked whether he believed all institutions, including the police, would follow orders from Catalan institutions rather than from the Spanish government. “And from that perspective, I have no doubt that all civil servants in Catalonia will keep following the instructions provided by the elected and legitimate institutions that we have right now in place (in Catalonia),” he responded.

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister said Puigdemont would be out of a job once direct rule was enforced and Madrid would install its own representative. The Spanish government has said it would call a regional election within six months. “They are president of the regional government and senior figures in that government because of the constitution,” said Soraya Saenz de Santamaria during a radio interview. “They are not entrusted with that role by any divine authority,” she also said.

Civil disobedience was also backed by far-left party CUP, a key support for Catalonia’s pro-independence minority government in the regional parliament, which called Madrid’s actions an aggression against all Catalans.

“An aggression which will be met with massive civil disobedience,” the CUP said in a statement.

Several hundred Catalan municipalities said they were against direct rule from Madrid and asked the Catalan parliament to vote on a motion rejecting it.

Meanwhile, Catalan president Carles Puigdemont called the Catalan parliament to meet this week to agree on a response to Madrid, something many observers said could pave the way for a formal declaration of independence.  The assembly will meet on Thursday to agree a response to direct rule.

Several influential Catalan newspapers called on Puidgemont on Sunday to resolve the crisis by calling a snap election before direct rule becomes effective. However, Catalan government spokesman Jordi Turull said this was not an option. It is not clear whether a vote in the region would help resolve the crisis.

As Reuters adds, an opinion poll published by the El Periodico newspaper on Sunday showed a snap election would probably have results similar to the last ballot, in 2015, when a coalition of pro-independence parties formed a minority government.

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FEDbuster's picture

Don't bring a cardboard sign to a gun fight.

Ghordius's picture

it's not a gun fight. and so they bring cardboard signs with ideas in a battle for ideas

thank you very much, I prefer it this way. it achieves more worthwhile things, both in the short as in the long run

Teja's picture

Cardboard signs are much more efficient, long term, when fighting governments which are bound to some level of civility. Or, if you do a military rising, loose it quickly, without much destruction. Think of Ireland, Easter Rising 1916. Didn't get them freedom, was sqashed. But the UK government saw that long term they couldn't keep Ireland under control, and slowly gave in.

Guess it might be the same with Catalonia.

shovelhead's picture

The Easter Rising forced England to the table to deal with the Republicans where the cardboard signs were ignored.

Hot lead seems to grab more attention than cardboard for some strange reason.


"backed by far-left party CUP"


"We are left that's why we want a NATIONALIST RIGHT WING FASCIST MUSLIM STATE"


wowowow take a break. I already suggested it but it looks like I have to suggest it a second time: Catalonians need to be beaten with sticks.

The truth is they are up for disobedience because they are childish terrorists

Catalonian separatists are TERRORISTS and they have admitted it.


The proper solution: beat Catalonain "left wing Nazis" with sticks

shovelhead's picture

Yes, in a theoretical Kumbaya world that would be the preferred outcome.

Unfortunately, cardboard doesn't offer much protection against police batons and water cannons when one side says "No way Jose".

World Cash Day's picture

A delicious weekend in Spain coming up - and what is happening in LA LIGA???


Well - Saturday October 28, 2017 - The Marquee Match is none other than.....


I expect fireworks at this game - plenty of Basque & Catalan Flags everywhere....

What happens if Catalonia declares independence on Friday and La Liga try and throw the Catalan teams out of the league and order Bilbao not to play this match?!?!?

You know - I reckon they'll play it anyway in a "One Finger" salute to Madrid....

Joe A's picture

Sounds like a perfect moment for the Spanish police to seize Catalan government buildings. Everybody (especially the hardcore footballs fan in Catalunya, some of the people able to throw a punch) will be watching the game or even attend the game in Bilbao.

I don't give a toss about football but the side events of that game will be interesting. Such as sign of 'brotherhood' between these two teams.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

Why the down votes? A battle of ideas is far better than a battle of guns. Hopefully it will not be gun fight.

If a revolution is successful without violence, then the thinkers are usually the leaders, and these are the peoplpe you want to lead the new nation.

Once violence is necessary, those with guns replace the thinkers as the leaders.

Unfortunately, these "gun fighters" will not relinquish their leadership roles once the struggle is over and these are not the people you want to lead the new nation.

redmudhooch's picture

The guy with the most money always seems to have the best "idea"

Doesn't matter that the "idea" only benefits him, and everyone else thinks its a shitty "idea"

Money talks

Sean7k's picture

The thinkers are ALWAYS the leaders and they choose violence. The cannon fodder are the ones wanting peaceful change and will never get it.

Worse, you assume a different group of thinkers will not use the same tools of repression and slavery.

Here is your assignment: get out a history book, any history book, and find an example on one government replacing another which eliminates repression and slavery.

When you run out of books, I hope you get the message: all governments are evil, all laws are tools of repression and all wars are legitimized murder for resources.

FEDbuster's picture

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Mao Zedong

dogismycopilot's picture

i'd like to be your neighbor.

so i can build a fence on your property.

you'll complain.

i'll say 'we'll come up with a win/win situation'

then i fuck your daughter.

Ghordius's picture

nope, your comment is a wonderful example for the complexities of cases, and lack of details making them shallow and irrelevant

did you marry that daughter? does she love you?

or did you drag her from this side of that fence to your side? did you lure her to your side? did you invite her first to a party? did you give her some knockout drugs, first?

in the "Rape of the Sabines" case, you have the Sabine women holding their children up and imploring their Sabine brothers and fathers to stop killing their Roman... husbands, and vice versa

context, details... matter

Indiana1's picture

It's not a gun fight ... yet.  And to gain support you need both the signs and the guns.  You don't shoot first.  You should however be armed to show you are serious.  That also keeps the riot police from dragging you away like sheep.  
Look at Bunker Hill, Nevada.  Whether those cowboys were right or wrong, they held off US government agents precisely by being both armed and calm.  They would have been seen as victims if the government shot first, but they also were clearly not going to be easily overcome.   
That is how the Catalonians need to behave right now.  Civil disobedience done in a manner as serious as they wish it to be. 

Mimir's picture

Don't ask these fools to understand resonable talk like that. You are of course right.

Ghordius's picture

"Whether those cowboys were right or wrong, they held off US government agents precisely by being both armed and calm"

that's waters where I am "out of my depth", those US issues

the way I understood the matter, it was not clear if those cowboys were right or wrong

in the case of those Catalans "dragged like sheep", as you say, the highest court of the country had a fresh ruling saying where exactly "the wrong" was

now make again a case where the US Supreme Court has let's say deemed those cowboys are not supposed to stay there, and the federal and state police is ordered to clear them from that spot. what happens then?

"Ruby Ridge" comes to mind. or "Waco". or do I misunderstand something basic in the US?

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

What a bunch of losers... yea... total clusterfuck !

Why don't they offer their women's ass to stop the Castelianos invasion then... I am sure that would work better... Catalunias will end up all married with Africans and Muslims anyway... so let them save the Patria !


Enceladus's picture

Where in the world is Antifa to assist these poor people?

20-20 Hindsight's picture

antifa hasn't moved: they're still camped firmly on your own soil in the grand old U.S., where they're being derided by people such as yourself.  You need to decide what you want: a) fight fascism in your country and be disrespected for it; or b) fight fascism in some foreign country and be respected for it.  Apparently, you think that "antifa" is bad here, but good elsewhere.

greenspanator's picture

Let them create their pro-immigrant, pro-refugee, pro-NWO, globalist republic. And then visit Barcelona in a few years.

Just an example first thing that came up in a search:

   "Catalonia has one of the highest percentages of immigrants in Spain, just under 14 percent of residents are foreign-born, and their votes may gain crucial votes for the independence movement [...]"

And about 30% charnegos (Andalusian origin immigrated in the 50s and 60s). So there you go, what a movement based on roots and culture.

You should see them welcoming Africans and muslims...

Martian Moon's picture

The only thing productive citizens need to do to get rid of their government is stay home

The parasite will die before the host dies

Ghordius's picture

proof or evidence for this? do you have an example to share?

Martian Moon's picture

The third world

People there are so naturally unproductive that no effective government even gets a chance to grow

Ghordius's picture

then give me your favourite example of a government of the third world that you would like to invite to take over the capital's government machinery in the country you live in


Martian Moon's picture

You missed the point, the general population has to be unproductive for the government to remain small and ineffectual

Mexico's awesome

Costa Rica's great

Population is lazy, gov underfed and ineffective, you're pretty much free

I stayed in both medium term, but you have to go live there, bring their governments over to America and it will metastisize in no time


Don Diego's picture

actually, since most Independentists are public sector workers or family (you need to have the right political connections and also seak fluent Catalan), if they stay home, Spain will save lots of money in payroll. Do you know 200 people in the Catalan government earn more than Rajoy's 78K euros? If you count all the public bodies, multiply by three the figure. The boss, for now, of the Catalan public TV makes 400K euros per year.

Byrond's picture

Time to get medieval. Take away the modern illusion of a Rick Steves comfort zone, make it real.

White Devil's picture

The Spanish and Portuguese are the inbred garbage of Western Europe.

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

That is what I thought too... until I got to know the English and the French.... now the Germans are racing to catch up... soon the Intire Europen continent will be composed entirely of moron ugly half Muslim inbreeds... Watch

Don Diego's picture

last time you said we were mongrels. Are we inbred or mongrels? please clarify.

Sid Davis's picture

The French helped the 13 British Colonies fight for independence in the American Revolutionary War back in the 1700's. Maybe they should again do one of the greatest things it has ever done, and assist Catalonia.

That would be one hell of a spectacle; the incompetent French Army fighting against the incompetent Spanish Army. I wonder if Curly, Larry, and Moe are still around to lend a hand.

Don Diego's picture

The Spanish Navy and Army also helped substantially the American rebels (and were paid 30 years later by losing Florida) by attacking the British all over the place and cash subsidies that were never repaid. So according to your reasoning, the Spanish army should also help the Catalans?

And if the French army helps the catalans to get independence, what is going to happen to the French Catalans (Catalonia is in France too). Is the French army going to support the independence of the Northern catalans?

You are a strategic genius...or a complete ignoramus.

Lastly, the French army is not incompetent, it has been consistently one of the top 5 best armies in the world, no other country can say that. Read a bit of military history.

Joe A's picture

Hold on, the Dutch also helped the young American state. No other less than Adam Smith was the young republic's ambassador to the Dutch Republic. The Dutch were the first country to recognize America (even before the French) and supplied the Americans with money and weapons that would count in billions in nowadays money. It cost the Dutch because the English went to war with the Dutch Republic over it.

Dutch army would come to the rescue of the Catalans. We don't have a beef in this, there is no opportunity to make a buck out of it and unlike several centuries ago, the Dutch army is not capable.

Don Diego's picture

The Dutch Army? I think you have to go to the Dutch Soldiers Union to get approval first.

Joe A's picture

Ah, the word "not" did not make it into the sentence, I see. Since my update of Firefox, that browsing experience has become slow and faulty.

No, the Dutch army will not come. They don't have enough equipment anyway. The result of years of economizing and having a woman without army experience as a defense minister. She had to resign when two marines died due to faulty mortar rounds and they tried to cover it up. Then she was replaced by another woman. There is so little ammunition -even blanks- that durinfg excercises soldiers are told to shout "bang bang".

Joe A's picture

If this continues, it is only a matter of time before somebody is killed, whether protester or police. Whether by accident or deliberate.

Instead of diffusing the situation, the stakes get raked up all the time and in a culture where cojones and "honour" play an important role, that is an accident waiting to happen.

JPMorgan's picture

Rajoy refuses to talk about it.

So I can see Spain sending in the troops to regain control if they have to.

shovelhead's picture

Little Franco will move in and rout the Commies.

Expect bombs in Madrid soon.

Don Diego's picture

no need for troops. When the Catalan police finds out who is controlling their payroll they will baton people with gusto.

smacker's picture

And you'll be watching and cheering them on.

CompassionateConservative's picture

No one has the right to declare independence because a global government is being established and the less states that need to be subjugated the better. This kind of separatist activity is HIGHLY anti-semitic because it flies in the face of everything the Jewish people are trying to accomplish.  These Catalonians need to be massacred now!!!

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Human chains will not do it.  They need to inflict economic pain on Madrid ...

Don Diego's picture

hey great idea, a bank run like the one on Friday? Are they going to hold the breath?

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

They should have been doing it all along, slowly squeezing Madrid by purchasing PMs or sending money out of the country (for example).

White Devil's picture

Hills like white vaginas.

BendGuyhere's picture

Lawyers, guns and money.

When shit gets REAL it will come down to GUNS: who has them and is willing to use them effectively.

Right now my money is on the Spanish government. They have already demonstrated they will smash peaceful demonstrators to nip this thing in the bud. Then they'll have a rigged election and it's game over.

Catalans WILL have to fight and make the spanish fight  a full-on bloody civil war if they are serious about independence.

shankster's picture

I assume they don't know about Spain's history in the Americas...not the best at human relations.