Italian Migration Crisis: The Big Picture

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Gianandrea Galiani interviewed by Daniel Moscardi

Gianandrea Gaiani is the director of the highly respected online magazine and an expert on immigration. He is a regular contributor to a number of Italian newspapers and appears frequently on numerous TV channels as an on immigration and security topics. He’s also the author (together with Giancarlo Blangiardo and Giuseppe Valditara) of the recent book (in Italian) Immigrazione, tutto quello che dovremmo sapere (Immigration. All you need to know about”).

Gefira asked Gianandrea Gaiani in an exclusive interview about his views on the latest developments in the arrivals from Libya and Tunisia and the current approach of the Italian government. Outspoken and anything but politically correct, Gaiani hits the spot about the recent change of policy of the Italian government on the NGO’s code of conduct as well as Italy’s achievements and (so called) “partners” in Libya.

GE: What caused last summer’s change of course by the Italian government and its approach toward the NGOs and the arrivals from Libya in general?

GG: The answer is quite simple. The disaster for the PD (Partito Democratico), leader of the current government, at the June administrative elections, sounded an alarm, showing clearly that when it comes to immigration, many center-left voters steer clearly to the right. A swift change of course was badly needed, with the obvious intent of reassuring disenchanted and alarmed Italians that the government was in charge of the situation.

GE: The numbers show that the arrivals have diminished significantly but that’s just that. We are still very far from the pre-2011 numbers.

GG: That’s because the government, on the other side, has to keep being complacent to the industry of immigration. It’s a network that profits – and thrives – on new arrivals, and this network galaxy is NOT happy if the arrivals complete stop. And their votes are also badly needed by the current government.

GE: A network made of? 

GG: NGOs, Pro-migrants cooperatives, all the businesses catering to the migrants and last, but certainly not least, the ubiquitous Caritas and other Catholic Church’s organisations. We are talking about a huge pie made of billions of euro, and everybody wants a piece.

GE: What is the current situation in Libya?

GG: The coastal city of Sabratha was the theater of war between different militias for about two weeks in September. This has been hardly covered by mainstream media but we have reports that the two groups which are now in control of the city have received “counseling” from units of the French Army. The two militias are Ghorfat Amaliyet and the Wadi Brigade, and they are opposing the militia groups that were operating on behalf of Al-Sarraj, who had implemented a cooperation partnership with Italy. Italy was committed to financial help for villages and municipalities of the area under control of Al-Sarraj, but not military aid to armed groups of any kind.

Reportedly, upon seizing full control of the city, the militias discovered approximately 7.000 migrants packed in various buildings throughout the city. It is unclear whether the militias now in control will let them leave Libya towards Italy or they will relocate them somewhere else. The problem is, in my opinion, when you have the French and the British in the middle of operations like these.

GE: What do you mean by that?

GG: What I mean is that the French and the British are officially our “partners” but in reality they are acting very much against Italy’s interests in Libya. In fact, let me say, quite openly, that France and the UK are currently our worst enemies in Libya.

GE: Why?

GG: They simply will continue to operate, covertly or not so covertly, in order to make sure that Italy doesn’t have a leading role in Libya. It’s as simple as that. After all, the UK, France and the US knew all too well that the removal of Qaddafi in 2011 was a direct blow to Italy’s numerous interests in Libya, given the strengthened that the Italian government had under Berlusconi.

GE: How coincidental, shall we add, the recent malicious articles by Le Monde and the Financial Times, showing all this “humanitarian concern” about the migrants’ conditions in Libya who are now “held at bay” by (supposedly) Italian-paid militias…

GG: Let’s be pragmatic. In a situation like Libya right now you either send troops, which I see it quite unlikely, or you simply negotiate with those in control, regardless of who they are. If those in control are not exactly paladins of human rights, so be it. That is what any sovereign country concerned about its borders should do. As soon as Italy tries to regain (some) control of the situation, critics full of over zealous – and quite hypocritical – concern about the migrants “shameful conditions” in Libya appear overnight, ready to point their fingers at Italy as the culprit.

GE: Can you tell us more about the recent agreement signed between Italy and Niger?

GG: Niger – one of the poorest countries in the world – has asked Italy for logistic help in order to be more effective in patrolling its borders and eventually reduce the flow of sub-Saharans toward Libya. It is certainly a positive move but one that will hardly make a substantial difference overall.

GE: Why?

GG: Because the only effective move in order to really make a difference in order to significantly reduce the arrivals is to bring them back to the starting point. If they have to pay even more money to get back at sea towards Italy, with the risk of being deported again, they will start thinking: “is this worth it”?

GE: How do you do that?

GG: Given the absolute fact that practically 100% of those landing in Italy are illegal aliens as they are NOT running away from wars and political persecutions, the Geneva convention clearly states that NO country has the duty nor the obligation to welcome and give assistance to immigrants who pay criminal organizations to cross several borders. Now, it is a duty and an obligation to rescue human beings in a situation of distress at sea. That’s maritime law and the Italian Navy alone is perfectly capable of fulfilling that task without any phony “humanitarian” help from these NGOs that are there to fulfil “somebody else’s” agenda, certainly not on behalf of the Italian people.

But, once rescued at sea, these people must be brought back to the departing country. Now, this can be implemented as easily and as safely as possible. If the conditions of the “migrants” in that country of departure are not optimal for human rights or for their comforts, in that case we have an effective tool to curb this trend. People will start going home, especially given the fact that most of them are anything but poor – for African standards – and that no one is threatening their lives at home.

GE: The final question is – given the ongoing debate in Italy – about the Ius Soli law, that is the law that would grant immediate citizenship to many new immigrants.

GG: That is going to be the final blow to our society as we know it today. Those who are in favour of this law are quite careful in not mentioning the alarming situation in western EU countries. They don’t tell the general public that from France to Sweden, not to mention other countries, there are areas, so called no-go zones, that are practically off-limits to local law enforcement agencies, as the local Muslim communities have declared those areas under their control. We still don’t have that in Italy. Everybody knows by now that the left in Italy is pushing hard for this law because they think that, once naturalized, an immigrant will vote for those parties that granted him or her the citizenship. But with these hopes they are naive, or stupid at the same time.

GE: Why do you say that?

GG: Because as soon as they are citizens they will form an Islamic party, with all the related consequences. Now a foreign national suspected of ties or sympathies to terror groups can be deported from Italy, even if he or she are here legally. When they become Italian citizens where will they be deported to? The core of the problem lies in the massive brainwashing we have been subject to in western Europe about “multicultural societies”. Muslims are not interested the least in “multiculturalism”. They want their model, their values, in short their society to prevail and impose itself on the others. When the average Italian realizes this, it will be too late.

GE: Any message of hope at the end of this interview?

GG: I entertain hopes from Mitteleuropa’s countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and now Austria. They are defending their societies, their citizens, their values from this induced brainwashing that has already overwhelmed us in Western Europe. In fact, at present they are the last defence of our civilisation. I just hope they – in fact all the Visegrad group countries – will resist the incredible pressure from external forces.

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Five Star's picture

Italy has seen the 4th slowest economic growth in the ENTIRE WORLD since 2000.


Weisshorn's picture

Here in Switzerland a neighbor was just offered a 20% market premium to sell his 4 unit apartment building so that some "investors" can extend it in order to turn it into an 8 unit apartment building and then use it to house "refugee" "teens" whose parents are not (yet) in the country.

Nexus789's picture

Another prick exploiting others misery and his community. 

Rapunzal's picture

The refugees, most of them are not refugees. The politicians in Europe are complicit with the human traffickers and the mafia. It's an overall corrupt system. The parasitic elites of Europe, who own the corrupt politicians in Brussels, are preparing for the next economic collapse. They need someone to blame other than themselves, the rapefugees will be the perfect excuse for them and a great scapegoat for the plebs. All by design.

ghostmoney's picture

I have lived in Switzerland for 9 years. The Swiss almost NEVER give refugee status to anyone. If you are caught employing someone without a visa in Switzerland. You will be fined heavily. 

Weisshorn's picture

"almost NEVER" is quite an exaggeration.

But that isn't really the issue.  It is the "refugees" "seeking asylum" that are the issue.  These seekers cannot be expelled until their refugee status is clarified, a process that takes years.  Even if it is shown that their home countries are not at war then they are never forced to leave, just think of the thousand of petty kosovar theives running around the country.   Although I am not certain, I would bet that the parents of a "teenage" asylum seeker would be eligable to come into Switzerland until the "refugee" status is clarified.

But of course if you really had been in Switzerland over the last 9 years you would know from experience that parks and trainstations across the country have become flooded with "teenage" men with fancy smart phones hanging out all day every day.  Switzerland can't seem to get rid of any of them. 

ghostmoney's picture

Why would hords of "asylum seekers" be in Switzerland when "they" have to pay 10 CHF for a small cup of coffee? I would stay in Italy.. You can't just walk in to a company here and get employment. 

Weisshorn's picture

10CHF for a cup of coffee?  Really?  Where are they ordering that, Sprüngli on Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich with a chocolate truffle?  Besides, they are more likely to buy 1/2 liter cans of beer at train station than coffee.

All they have to do is claim asylum at the border and they will be taken in, housed, fed, treated for medical conditions and given a living allowance.  Our village hired a bunch of somali asylum seekers to clean out brush in the village's forest.  They were paid CHF30 per day, tax free, on top of their stipend.  They all had smart phones.  In a larger town next door they want to turn a Kaserne into a holding center for asylum seekers.

Driving past the bahnhof (trainstation) in any medium sized town in Switzerland one will pass dozens of these "seekers", many with baby carriages being pushed by pregnant women wearing hijab.  None of them work.  They are also riding buses and trains all over the place, so they must be given coupons or credit for public transport, because transport really IS expensive in Switzerland. 


ghostmoney's picture

" Sprüngli on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich with a chocolate truffle? " In Zürich Hauptbahnhof in for the chocolate truffle and cappuccino you'll pay 35 CHF .. :)

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

ALL acording to plan...nothing to see here, it is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel (((bolshevik)))-worshippers...

check also:
-KALERGI plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan
-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan
-ESI Merkel Plan Compassion and Control
-Kalergi/ Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list
-Soros professional rapefugee smuggler operation

-Barbara divörsity™ Lerner Spectre
"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre

"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit...
The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian–Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."Practical Idealism - by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

ebear's picture

" is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel (((bolshevik)))-worshippers... "

Russia's gain. 

They need educated European immigrants, and it looks like they'll eventually get them.

ghostmoney's picture

To look at this issue in a balanced way, to see the graffiti here breaks my heart. I am not sure if the immigrant community is to blame. If a guest in Switzerland has been caught defacing property. I think they should be given a ticket home. With no chance of return. 

jcbudmo's picture

Yeah, and have sh*t beaten out of him prior to being thrown in the cargo hold of the plane. 

Weisshorn's picture

If you have only been in Switzerland for 9 years, then you have experienced only a little of it.  The graffiti, defacement of public property, trash and filth has gotten worse year after year for decades.  All of Switzerland is turning into Dreispitz (the area of Zurich where heroin was allowed in the '90's).

ghostmoney's picture

 Even 10 years ago you were hard pressed to find trash on the streets. 

morongobill's picture

Perhaps the Singapore method might be more effective.

ebear's picture

Turks most likely.  CH was lousy with them when I was there in the 70's.  I doubt that's changed.

ghostmoney's picture

I challenge you, to prove to me that this 4 unit (apartment) building exists here. The cantonal office must have been in a very good mood that day !

Weisshorn's picture

It was an "investor" who wanted to buy the apartment building, add on, and rent it back to a stiftung (charity) that has contracts with multiple agencies, kanton, and bund.

Song_Of_Roland's picture

It is a booming business here in Germany. Developers went right into action when the crisis began, buiding apartments, even apartments out of shipping containers. It is a huge business and even some Bed and Breakfasts here in Germany have converted in order to receive more in government subisidiaries than they would earn through work.

Weisshorn's picture

(((Slum Lords))) in the making.  It also happened during Weimar.

Refuse-Resist's picture

very (((neighborly))) of him.

wildbad's picture

Absolutely clarifying. It is amazing how lightly the scales fall from ones eyes when one is allowed a peek behind the curtain of lies.

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

Tutto bonna gente no more...

pachanguero's picture

Fucking Catholic church is interested in money and fucking little boys in the ass.....

Ghordius's picture

nearly one billion Catholics, worldwide. and you have a "nice" little drawer where they all fit in. neat

Joe A's picture

Perhaps, but any other social club where this kind of abuse has taken place at this scale and probably for centuries, would have been closed down a long time ago. But since we talk about religion then once of a sudden authorities look away. The Catholic church of course is no ordinary social club.

Moonchichi's picture

It's incorrect to presume that catholic and catholic church are synonymous. If the world teaches us anything, it's that trusting followers are always at risk of being the victim of unscrupulous leaders.

Ghordius's picture

agree, but the guy's point is a different one. in fact, it's just the usual anti-Catholicism that is kind of "cool" in the US. to the point that it's kind of traditional

ebear's picture

Been in a few Catholic countries over the years.  Pass.

new game's picture

how come the catholic church has imunity over the rule of law? raping boys is a crime punishable by death-imo. answer that?

August's picture

There's the occasional success:  years back, the Spokane Washington prosecutor and police chief dropped by the local bishops residence, and informed him that if he was still in town two days hence, he would be arrested for complicity in multiple sexual assaults.  The bishop left town within two days, and the Spokane Diocese was bankrupted by lawsuits.

Of course, not all Catholics are scum-sucking bottom feeders... just a working majority of the urban clergy.  The decent priests usually get sent to some out-of-the way locale where they won't be rocking the boat.  The Vatican itself (if Anne Barnhardt is to be believed) a hive of perversion and enabling.

soyungato's picture

They dont marry so how can they relieve their sexual frustration ? They poke the ass of those around them of course.  Why do you think their leader is called the POKE ! 

Ghordius's picture

the first part of the article is quite good

author forgot to mention other "meddling parties" though: in the West of Lybia, the US. in the East, Egypt backed by Saudi Arabia. and... Russia

and in Italy itself, the Mafia. which is embroiled in all of that. example: before this mess, iit was responsible for roughly one million Africans to magically appear for reaping season... and disappear back to their villages after that. now, this same million is kind of trapped

in addition, the new phenomenon, aided by smartphones, of debt servitude sponsored by Indian-GulfStates networks of credit (aka "Hawala")

too bad the author drifts back to propaganda of the fantasy kind, in the second part. meh

ghostmoney's picture

I live in Italy, I'm lucky if I see ONE! refugee a day. 

Nexus789's picture

Not suprising if you are stuck your mum's basement all day long.

Ghordius's picture

+1 just back from Rome. saw... 25 blacks. among perhaps 20'000 faces

20 of them were clearly tourists or on business, 5 were selling leatherware on the streets

if you go on the fields, though, you see more. particularly when it's fruit picking season

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

how does that work when theyve supposedly taken in 100 000 this year to june alone? do they all get reallocated to nothern EU countries?

Ghordius's picture

nope. mostly on the periphery of cities, and as mentioned above, some were always coming for part of the year, for the harvest

ebear's picture

They're not on the periphery in Paris.  Give it time.  You'll see.

Refuse-Resist's picture

The eurofag shitlib is just like the Americfag version. He loves diversity because he doesn't see it, doesn't feel it, and doesn't have to deal with it every goddamned day like middle class and poor Whites who cohabit their country.

The Eurofag and Amerifag shitlib loves his dopamine hit from virtue signaling.

If Europe doesn't close its borders and start a massive deportation effort, it won't be Europe in most of our lifetimes (IE within a generation).

Keep virtue signaling Eurofag. We're sitting over here mocking the shit out of you.

Ghordius's picture

"virtue signalling"? is that another of those comments that are meant for US Democrats?

nope. no US Democrats, here in Europe. no "shitibs", either

we are not a kind of copy of you, we are not a reflection of you

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

"virtue signalling"? is that another of those comments that are meant for US Democrats?

Honey:"virtue signalling" has been OFFICIALLY redefined as "fruitbowling"

I guess you haven't read the memo.



OverTheHedge's picture

Drive south from Rome towards Naples, and you will see lots of young ladies "waiting for a bus". At least, that's what I stupidly thought they were doing,  until I worked out they were ladies of negotiable affection. I didn't talk to any, so I don't know if this was through choice or necessity or violent threat.

MEFOBILLS's picture

I live in Italy, I'm lucky if I see ONE! refugee a day.


Excepetions make the rule is BAD LOGIC.  This sort of bad logic is CONSTANTLY spouted, and it is annoying.  

Your experiences are not good data.  You could easily live in an area not frequented by new arrivals.  What is the overall data of the whole country?


Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

im staggered that italy doesnt have no go zones yet. curious to know the dynamics of that given theyre hardest hit by the human traffickers

Ghordius's picture

there are kind of "no-go zones". except that it's not you or me that can't go there, or tourists

there are plenty of places where you can go and the taxi driver will patiently explain to you that they are very safe... because of the Mafia

which is the arbiter of what is "human traffic" or not

Italy is very complex, it defies simple explanations. every region radically different from the other, and yet with similarities. oh, and some 1'000 minor languages still being spoken in various pockets, next to the regional dialects

BritBob's picture

 Refugees or Economic Migrants?


“More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status… more than half, 60 percent,” said Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission, citing what he said were new, unpublished figures from the EU border agency Frontex.

Speaking on Tuesday with Dutch national broadcaster NOS, he added that these false refugees are mostly aspiring settlers from Morocco and Tunisia and are infiltrating Europe through porous Turkish borders in pursuit of better economic prospects.


Timmerman urged EU countries to accelerate the deportation procedure for those who pretend to be fleeing war or persecution. In this way, Europe would be able to provide support for those who need protection, he said

Joe A's picture

Timmermans is a greasy slimebag that will say anything to advance his own career. He is full of that "the world will be diverse" BS. No, Europe will be diverse, the rest of the world -apart from the US perhaps- will be mono-cultural. He wants European countries to send back the Moroccans so Europe can take in all the Syrians, Afghans and other refugees without skills that our societies need and that will bankrupt Europe for supporting and maintaining them. These people will then claim mosques, separated swimming, halal food, etc. and the likes of Timmermans will push that down our throats under the banner of PC and diversity. And we will be forced to like that. If he wants to help these people then he should make sure that the EU and EU countries are not involved in messing up these countries in America's wars. Invest in rebuilding these countries. That is far more efficient than bringing them over.

He is an quasi intellectual self righteous pompous social democrat bastard full of that PC talk who only has one interest in mind: his own.