New York AG Launches Civil Rights Probe Into Weinstein Company

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Thomas Barrick’s Colony Capital might want to hold off on its planned purchase of “some or all” of the Weinstein Company’s major assets, because the company might need those to settle a civil probe that’s been opened by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

According to the New York Times and the New York Post, Schneiderman’s Civil Rights Bureau on Monday sent a subpoena to the Weinstein Company – which recently accepted an emergency loan from Colony - seeking a laundry list of documents — personnel files, criteria for hiring, promoting and firing, formal and informal complaints of sexual harassment or age or gender discrimination, and records of how those complaints were handled, said a source familiar with the investigation.

Schneiderman also wants paperwork and communications related to eight settlements that Weinstein reached with accusers that were first reported by the New York Times. The investigation will also examine whether the company should be held financially responsible for any of Weinstein’s misconduct.

Eric Schneiderman

The question of who at the company knew what about Weinstein’s aggressive behavior has been widely explored since the scandal broke earlier this month. Reporting by the New Yorker suggests that most of the firm’s employees knew both Harvey and Bob Weinstein to be difficult, aggressive and abusive in their professional lives – and some were aware of Harvey’s sexual transgressions.

“No New Yorker should be forced to walk into a workplace ruled by sexual intimidation, harassment or fear,” Schneiderman said in a statement.


“If sexual harassment or discrimination is pervasive at a company, we want to know.”

The inquiry will seek to determine whether the company should be held financially liable for Weinstein’s behavior, according to the NYT.

David Boies, a lawyer who has represented Weinstein and the company, said the company and its board were aware of as many as four payouts to women related to Harvey’s behavior. Lance Maerov, a board member, said he was told of only one settlement with a woman who complained of misconduct. The company did not return requests for comment on Monday.

Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein was fired by the company’s board shortly after the scandal broke. He recently completed a one-week stay at a $2,000-a-night rehab center. While he was there, the LAPD announced it had opened a sex crimes investigation into him – bringing the number of criminal investigations into Weinstein’s behavior to four. They include: The DOJ, LAPD, NYPD and Scotland Yard.

As the Times points out, civil investigations like this can be very costly. Those found in violation can face fines and other penalties. In 2015, ConEd was required to pay nearly $4 million to a group of hundreds of female employees after an investigation by the AG and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found multiple instances of sexual discrimination.

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who's lower 



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Isn't he busy working on Trump and Russian collusion?

I wonder how he feels about Uranium one?

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"New York AG Launches Civil Rights Probe Into Weinstein Company"

Real NY AG question:

How many times did Weinstein launch his probe?

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Exactly, New York AG Launches... give me a fucken break.

These assholes really know how to get nothing done, all while receiving huge paychecks and acting important.

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Gotta wonder if there's a connection between this and Mueller suddenly deciding the Podesta Group was in his area of investigation...

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Jews probing Jews- yeah, that will go nowhere fast......

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no one died from kosher predator fetid pig harvey's abuse; yet ny att gen opens an investigation hmm... surely Nevada att gen will launch an investigation of FIFTY-EIGHT DEATHS; you know, like the Connecticut AG did when he empaneled a grand jury after sand hook....oh oops
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Complete farce.  I mean, c'mon, never a female cop went undercover and tried to get a job in show biz?

Or, perhaps we just never hear about those ones...

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Been tried. Female undercover has sex with producer. Instead of prosecution we got "Police Woman" and "Cagney and Lacey"

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"He recently completed a one-week stay at a $2,000-a-night rehab center."


Harvey is reformed now. Maybe he should be given a chance to teach girls soccer.  

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Probably the same way he feels about the Clinton Foundation.  


 "State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman gave the Clinton Foundation a pass on identifying foreign donors in its charitable filings — making it impossible to know if it got any special favors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, according to a report Tuesday."

“Organizations that received a contribution or grant from a government agency during the reporting period shall include the name of each agency from which contributions were received and the amount of each contribution.”

But both the foundation and the CHAI failed to do that, and  Schneiderman, a member of Clinton’s “leadership council” in New York and a fierce critic of Donald Trump, did nothing about it.

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Spot fucking on, Blankenstein. Schneiderman will give him a pass and continue the witch hunt on honest climate scientists (aka deniers).

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more:    (CHAI - Clinton Health Access Initiative)

"From 2010 to 2014, CHAI failed to list $225 million in contributions on disclosure forms with the New York state government, which requires charities to itemize each domestic and foreign government donation."

"For years CHAI followed this pattern, without intervention from Schneiderman’s office, of flat-out ignoring New York state’s more rigid disclosure requirements which ask that charities publicly disclose and itemize each domestic and foreign government donation."

“The law requires foreign donors to be disclosed and the [New York] attorney general, the [New York] attorney general’s office is permitting them to go undisclosed,” Wonderlich said.

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These guys need a patsy to keep the heat off of them. They need to present an image of fighting for justice and the American way.

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What is a civil right?  Is it a right that is tailored by progressives to fit your skin tone/genetalia/mental state?

The Wizard's picture

A civil right is a privilege manufactured and sanctioned by government. This is why the governments have control and can avoid lawful interpretation based on original intent of the Constitution. It is not an unalienable right given by the Creator.

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They're both "abused","harassed","chopped"dicks.

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so the NY AG is actually going to start upholding the rule of law after 10 years.....what changed?

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He found a nice, comfortable Band Wagon to jump on

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Coming soon to a campaign soundbite near you

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now that Weinstein is ruined and has no money left to give, he can execute justice

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Weinstein's legal team has deserted his ship.  Conviction rate metrics look better when the other side is not lawyered up.  

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Titties got squeezed and pussies got grabbed.

This are the new crimes of the Century.

Transgenders are gonna want a share because of discrimination from Harvey.

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After the Republicans thoroughly crush poor Weinstein, they'll turn on Trump saying he should be held to the same standard. 


"If he took the reach, you must impeach." 

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"If the fist does not not fit, you must acquit."

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He'll throw Bill and Hillary Clinton at them. Who really killed Chandra Levi?

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A whole lot of assholes are going to wish the  guillotine was more discriminating.

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Yeah NY AG Schnoodleman a real tribesman is gonna "investigate".


Conclusion: Nothing to see here...time to put it all behind us and move along...

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   Anyone in the state of NY or anywhere else for that matter actually thinks that anything is going to come of this -- other than more billable hours -- is high off their ass or has been hiding under a rock their whole lives.    This is all one big circle jerk for the folks at the top.

   Enjoy those taxpayer dollars at work folks.

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It is like watching a horse race as ny and cali race to use more tricks/tools to collect revenue.

I hope they bleed this fucker dry though.

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Any investigations of the Clinton Foundation coming?

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Now, the New York AG is motivated to do something?

Any convictions yet on those mortgage-backed securities FRAUD that nearly "destroyed the american financial system"?


"Full Faith and Credit"

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They wanted to take their time and be sure that their case was air tight. (translation: They had to wait until the SOL ran out)  Then they could come out and say so sorry, we will fine them though.

Just like the fucking FED buying F&F bonds.  FED mandate specifies that any bonds bought have to be guaranteed by the Treasury. F&F specifically said their's are not. FED still bought em.  With conjured $$.

Let's hope the FAITH wears thin really fast. Cause this country has turned into a CofC.


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See what they're doing. they are pushing the male sexual harrasment card and not mentioning the gay mafia terry crews spoke about or the pedophiles feldman is talking about.

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Why are they going after Harvey WeenieSteenie, now? Everyone knew about his behavior for years and NYT even had a reporter look into his behavior a few years ago. Why now? Because movie industry is losing money? But there is nothing to gain by taking out his company, except for some vague market share. It's not like his commpany has any 'hard' assets, except for WeenieSteenie's weenie after several doses of Viagra.

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Harvey "The Pig" Weinstein will just have to write a few more checks to get this over with. It will be swept under the rug.

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No New Yorker should be forced to walk into a workplace ruled by sexual intimidation, harassment or fear,”  

Los Angeles Goyim on the other hand...

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Harvey Weinstein needs to disappear prompto otherwise he's likely to be doing some serious time behind bars. How abou a long holiday in North Korea?

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Poor Weinstein.  Babes baring their...  who-who's for a movie role.  Who could resist?

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WTF ? What about the Weiner laptop?

Where is Deputy Jeff Sessions Pyle?

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You say this guy Jeff Sessions is in Charge... Let's check him out

- USAToday, NYT, WaPo, WSJ, Bloomberg
- Where is Alt-Media on this, & asset confiscation & MJ enforcement, private prison expansion, corporate monopolies, moats of big corporations, Federal Subsidies to 'picked winner corporations', state capitalism, import-export bank, market dumping by foreign trade partners, SEC dovish stance, Federal Reserve dovish stance, Mal-investment due to loose banking, GAAP & Non-Gaap rules in reporting corporate performance, financial rating across USA, Financial auditing across USA

How did we bankrupt US cities States with recent financing?

How did we get $20 Trillion in federal debt and like $74 Trillion in Liabilities as per Comptroller David Walker??

How is it okay to spend $1 Trillion a year on MIC as per Winslow Wheeler in 2011?? (former GAO Employee)

FoggyWorld's picture

Sessions is still sleeping - on the job.

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Uh ... you must mean Deputy Jeff Sessions Fife.  Hope he leaves his bullet in his pocket. 

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Oh please, it was just about sex. 

That's what they said when Clinton did it, and he's walking around free, allowed to make as much mioney as he wants no matter how he want to make it. 

Why should Harvey be any different ?

Its just about sex.

venturen's picture investigate EVERY DEMOCRAT who took money and partied with Harvey...Obamas, Clintons, pelosi, Del Blasio...


This is job for a SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR....say Clinton Eastwood, Sheriff Joe, etc