"A Utopia Of Hermaphrodites?"

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Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Down With Sex!

It’s interesting to see how, in a culture so pornified that any nine-year-old can watch sex acts on-screen all the live-long day, we discover that decorum is absent in American life. This, at the same time that the more Gnostic political Leftists want to transform human nature by erasing sexual categories in their quest to create a utopia of hermaphrodites.

Sex is bothersome, you know. It comes between people literally and rather awkwardly, and it is fraught with tensions so primitive that it can frighten and shame us. Is it any wonder that these tensions will manifest in a workplace where men and women spend their waking hours? Are you really surprised that sexual attraction is a currency for advancement? That it tends toward the naked exchange of favors?

I’d submit that the wreck of Harvey Weinstein is a dramatic representation of collapse of the movie industry as we’ve known for nearly a century. The two-hour motion picture exhibited in a large room with a lot of seats is in its death throes. It joins the long-playing album of recorded music and the book-length literary exercise called the novel in the elephants’ graveyard of art-forms. The fall of HW is just the period at the end of the sentence.

The past month has been a bloodbath for the theatrical release of movies. Supposed blockbusters are being pulled from the empty cineplexes like guest speakers from the college lecture halls. The struggling middle-class doesn’t need movie theaters anymore, and the flat-screens at home enable them to get lost in whole fictional worlds that grind on in weekly episodes year after year like so much bratwurst. Who knows how long that phase of show biz will last. In evolution, remember, the climactic form of an organism is often supersized. Think: Baluchitherium, titan of the Oligocene land mammals. (And imagine sex between two creatures the size of tractor-trailer trucks!) The fate of television “content” like Game of Thrones probably depends on the fitness of an electric grid that is looking pretty sclerotic these days. Personally, I think the show-biz of the future will tend toward puppet shows.

Fortunately (or maybe not, depending on your political ideology) sex will still be with us, and its eternal tensions with it. What is more subject to change is the division of labor. Most adults I know accept it as axiomatic that social changes they’ve seen in their lifetime have become permanent installations in the human condition. That was Tom Friedman’s “narrative” about globalism, which is now fracturing and withering. The same is true of the Gnostic Leftists, who believe they are on a trajectory to exterminate the detested cissexist heteropatriarchy. How do you suppose things will work out in a nation of eunuchs and trannies?

You’ll be surprised, perhaps, at how not permanent these trends may be. The decadent USA, lacking discipline and decorum, lost in raptures of grandiose techno-narcissism, broadcasting its twerked-up gangsta fantasies while it sucks finished goods from other lands in exchange for janky bonded debt, is becoming the international pariah. It’s a good bet that the tensions arising out of that dynamic will, one way or another, provoke the blow-up of the trade and financial systems that nourished the phase of history now passing — with plenty of collateral damage in all the other realms of daily life.

In the meantime, America sinks into a swamp of sexual excess, sexual preoccupation, sexual confusion, sexual recrimination, and sexual remorse. The one thing that none of the combatants can agree on is what might pass for sexual normality. The very notion would be taken for a war-cry.

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ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Sex scandals have been happening since the beginning of time.  Nothing new under the sun, son.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Nothing new under the sun, son."

Thats not true.  

In 1998 it was new for my 10 year old daughter to learn what a blowjob was national tv.

Billy the Poet's picture
Camille Paglia: ‘Transgender Mania’ is a Symptom of West's Cultural Collapse



J S Bach's picture

The U.S. is pure Bacchanalian.  (No relation to me, of course.)

Antifaschistische's picture

interesting..  :)

The entire Weinstein issue creates many dilemma's for the Hermaphroditic left.   I prefer the old west, where I and a few of my buddies would have taken care of the Harvey issue a LONG time ago.   But, we live in different times, with different rules, and there is a .gov defined process for managing everything.

Aside from all that, there's another dilemma that the misandrist crowd (The View, Hillary, etc..) just refuse to accept.   That is, for every Harvey out there (very rich, very influential, very rare, and very perverted) there are thousands of women, who recognize his weakness, and are willing to oblige his perversion for their own advancement, and for every woman who actually had the opportunity to use Harvey for their own gain, there's another thousand who wish they could have.

They are all, equally disgusting.  But we will not hear that.  We will only hear that the man is the pervert, and the women are nothing but innocent victims. 

When his own associate said "everyone fuc&ing knew!!" that does not mean, "only the men knew Harvey's habits but it was a giant fuc&ing secret to the entire female population!!!"    Women knew, and used that to their advantage!   Talk about a glass ceiling...this was a ceiling men couldn't jump through, but a beautiful aspiring actress walk right through if she was willing to put aside every other notion of decency and self respect.

...yah, now that Harvey's getting rubbed out, everyone who can no longer use him is coming out of the closet....because, our world isn't complete hermaphroditic....yet.   :)


amadeus39's picture

Right on Alien from a brave new world.


veritas semper vinces's picture

It's the new "religion" they are promoting and shoveling through our throat:Satanism. Look at the TV programs,ALL music videos,fashion shows,they ALL advertize BAPHOMET(SATAN),who is hermaphrodite. Look at the pictures of what they worship: the horned creature having both male/female caracteristics/sex organs. The transgender promotion is in the same area. It is quite obvious,in your face ,but people still fail to see it.

Sparkey's picture

What you say is true too! The thing we don't want to see, why it could have been Mother!

Cui Bono's picture

Bacchanalian for..... Baluchitherium an awesome critter indeed. Now we got Chinese bastards trying to synonymize
it with Paraceratherium

those things were found down in Florida at one time....

Billy the Poet's picture

In 1998 it was new for my 10 year old daughter to learn what a blowjob was national tv.


Give that man a cigar.

BennyBoy's picture


"...America sinks into a swamp of sexual excess, sexual preoccupation, sexual confusion, sexual recrimination, and sexual remorse."

I think it's the writer who has sunk.


I also have 2 ad blockers on so I don't have to see all the crappy ads here. For this article are they lingerie, hookup sites or a GIF of Tyler Durden having sex in Fight Club?

Giant Meteor's picture

Excellent. Billy, this is poetry right here ..

"The decadent USA, lacking discipline and decorum, lost in raptures of grandiose techno-narcissism, broadcasting its twerked-up gangsta fantasies while it sucks finished goods from other lands in exchange for janky bonded debt, is becoming the international pariah."

Kunsler couldn't have delivered it better !

Stuck on Zero's picture

What I love about Liberals and decadence is their bold attempt to erase billions of years of biological evolution and thousands of years of societal values in a few short decades.

Killdo's picture

unfortunately like most other things in the USSA - this sexual 'revolution' is not at all what it seems. 

I've lived in LA for many years, I've met and befriended many famous gay producers and actors. writers etc from Hollywood (Mostly HBO), I've met many dykes and even trannies. 

So I know their mentality and objectives. 

Most of these freaks don't even like having sex with anyone - for them gayness is like a religion/cult. It's mostly to do with non-sexual aspects of life: you must love/vote for Hilary, you must think Wookie is 'beautiful' etc... otherwise the other gays will not want to hang out with you - they excommunicate each other on these grounds. 

Most of them don't like sex with anyone - they just have  Gender Identity Disorder, and/or often Borderline Personality Disorder (almost like Schizophrenia). Most of them have been molested when young, mostly by priests (sometimes sisters' boyfriends etc). Pretending to love sex with men is just a mask for these freaks - I know it soudns strange but it's true - I 've seen it over and over again. I've asked them all kinds of questions (I studied psychology). It's kind of like fake Jews ...which reminds me many of these people are jews and I think they are scared of or hate their mothers and they project that on other women. 

And they are mostly depressed, unhappy , manic (charicature of happiness) people. They don't even have real friends - it'smostly very superficial - they have a mentalyty of a high school kid. I think because they were bullied there they never had a chance to grow out of it. 

And these are the rullers of Hollywood I am talking about - a bunch of fearful little girls with a talent for accounting. Very little art and no balls at all. Most interestingyl they don't even like each other and are fundamentally lonely and unable to realte /love anyone. I have seen the same thing in London. 

So this is not a revolution  - it's just a bunch of confused, depressed freaks trying to acquire the biggest megaphone so that everyone can be disturbed by their sickness. So they feel less lonely.

Like my neighbors in Venice Beach - although they had a big house , they loved to go out at 3am in the alley in a densly populated area and suck asses to straingers they meet in a bar - and scream like little girls so that everyone has to wake up, including children to hear them. A pathetic , unhappy bunch of losers  - with Gender Identity Disorder - that's all they are...that's why they are all alcoholics, on drugs, prozac etc - it's not easy to be an anti-social freak like that (and to pretend you love sex with guys - when in reality you just have a Gender Identity Disorder and don't really have interest in sex at all). And you know you are lying to yourself and others

yaright's picture

You need to move lol 

John Kerry-Heinz's picture

So your juxtaposition is that everyday sheeple gravitate towards showbiz adults (molested in youth) who have not had the ability to psychologically heal, which exist in pre-teen mental existence of anguish, and that this is also where the sheeple secretly aspire to exist as well?  I.e. I am a victim, hear me bitch and fuk up your life as well.

Giant Meteor's picture

In a , ahem , nutshell , why yes, yes, I think you have it by jobe!

Killdo's picture

yes something like that. 

It's worse than what I described - I've heard stories (from first-hand victims) about very strange, psychoapthic things like gay men deliberately inficting their BFs with HIV  - 2 guys told me about what happened to them. 

It gives me no joy to see these people so fucked up, imature, being such useful idiots for Hilary etc and being so depressed. They are victims of pedos, parents who chase money and neglect their kids , predatory prriests etc. 

What pisses me off is when such people shape opinion of normal people (like a friend who's produced a very famous show most women in the US used to blindly follow) . Thsi guy is a gay geek who does not even have women friends (or understand women at all). I've been to hsi birthdays and there was only 1 fat lezbo (he knows from work) and 200 gay men. That's how much he understands and loves women. 

And there are many like that -  freaky geeks who can only survive in Hollywood because everyone there woudl kiss any Neanderthal -ass to get any role in any shit movie that comes out of Hollywood these days. 

That's what pisses me off - there is nothing we can learn from these people, they don't know much and they lie to themselves (as I said I think most are not even gay they don't even  like sex at all - they just use the fake gayness to cover up  many other psychological defects - mostly Gender Identity Disorder (which is triggered by early child- abuse) etc. It's due to this fakeness (and they know it) that they overdo the tranny-like way they carry themselves, talk like chicks, cross their leggs etc) I've seen gays in other cultures - even Ausstralia they don't behave liek that they are comfortable with who they are, look normall, talk normall and don't give a fuck what others think about them. 

It's this dishonesty about the whole religion of FAG-ness and the loud megaphone of HOLLYWOOD - the shittiest industry of all. 

IN o ther countries liek Serbia, Latin Ameirca guys can fuck guys and it's their own business, it does nto mean they have to fuck gusy forever (as the Hollywood legend wants you to believe - once you look at a guy - you MUST be gay forever - there is no way back, sister! with a whispy voice). Full of religious-myths likethat. 

My grandmoter in Serbia had a GF - and was a respected woman (was marreid twice and had 4 kids) . Her GF looked like Elvis, used to fight (and kill) Germans in WW2. She did nto have to rub it into anyone's face - and everyoen loved her. 

The oposite of the loud religion of idiotic girls sucking asses to strangers they never want to see again (in back alleys on LA). It's a bunch of trannies basically with a loud megaphone (and nothing important to say)  - but all tehy want is attention (like that 'only gay in teh village ' character from Little Britain). 

The same goes for the Hollywood for the UGLY - i.e. Washington DC and the State Dept which is about 40% gay as I was told by a friend who works for the White House/Pentagon. Their motivation of angry, power-starved little girls is the same as above. And the psychopathology behind it as well. 

John Kerry-Heinz's picture

Well said.  All we would need is one email with this content circulating internally within Facebook and\or Google corporate. 

Hell, find a way to get this to TRUMP.  It would be tweetastic and cause melting glaciers of snowflakedom!

I have a head shrinker relative who had to endure the avalanche of Trump winning the election the next day.  She walked into work that morning and the entire staff was wrecked, crying, screaming, phone ringing off the hook with patients requiring an immediate "emergency" sessions.  I am still pissed she didn’t record any videos for me.

Killdo's picture

I wrote a book about it (because one of these producer friends persuaded me to) - not to make money it's dirt cheep on kindle. HBO HQ called me to tell me not to publish it. Joel Gray (he won oscar for Cabaret ) - loved it he told me he thought I was talented. The richest man in the UK (Mattal I forgot his name he is a friend of a gay american  friend who bought him my book to read), director of 007 Quantum of Solstice read it (his fiance loved it), Harrison Ford's son loved it etc - and my friends in Argentina too: 


I compare Serbia to England and LA - it's a true story. Straight men and women love it - gays hate it - and they all stopped talking to me (and I don't care really)

unsafe-space-time's picture

If you are a fag you are automatically a psychopath. They need to be exterminated. And yes once a fag always a fag.

Killdo's picture

no psychopathy is different - it's a much more sirous defect - here is a good intro on the subjecet - from a woman from Harvard - full of real life examples: 




sebmurray's picture

Products of being fed powerful psychotropic drugs like M&M's from a very young age I'd wager. 

amadeus39's picture

NIce case of projecting.


Killdo's picture

yes projecting light on a bunch of freaks in positions of power who don't have a clue about who they are

unsafe-space-time's picture

Hey I'm an asocial, introverted misfit. But don't put me in the same group. I don't belong to any group. Groups are for fags. Those freaks seem "well adjusted" and very social in this sick society.

Sparkey's picture

Either you are adenying what is going on BennyBoy or perhaps you just don't know?

lil dirtball's picture

> Give that man a cigar.

Why? I bet he still has even bigger/better TV's still scattered all over his home. TV is the most disgusting house guest anyone could ever have - and yet, they still get a prominent place in most rooms.

He most likely learned nothing, save his daughter now definitively knew about something she might have had to wait a few years to learn otherwise. The creepy house guest still babbles on mindlessly in the corner - only now it collects data on the environment around it.

Billy the Poet's picture

Give that man a cigar. Why?


The Cigar | Pew Research Center - Journalism.org www.journalism.org/1998/10/20/the-cigar/

Oct 20, 1998 - Lewinsky testified to using the cigar sexually and to Clinton then putting it in his mouth and commenting on it. But according to Lewinsky's ...

lil dirtball's picture

You'll have to pardon me for missing the reference.

Anyhow, I'll see your link:


ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Not new, feel fortunate that she was not taken advantage of at 8 years old by an unscrupulous religious leader.

lew1024's picture

Get serious people.  Humans grew up around campfires, everything was out in the open.

It is unlikely that being exposed to sexual activity between adults at a young age is traumatic, however embarrassing it might be to you.

lil dirtball's picture

> It is unlikely that being exposed to sexual activity between adults at a young age is traumatic, however embarrassing it might be to you.

Learning about sex around a campfire - or in the back seat of Billy's car - is a bit healthier for all involved than watching videos on 'pegging' on social media, I think.

Killdo's picture

or listening to mentally sick trannies preach to children about what is acceptible or normal

unsafe-space-time's picture

"In 1998 it was new for my 10 year old daughter to learn what a blowjob was national tv."

Now they're learning first hand in the school bus.

Dixie Rect's picture

TLDR, too busy fapping to lingerie popup ads

Dilluminati's picture

National Geo and the Sears catalogue from the 60's pre-playboy.. oh the horror


zuuma's picture

Congresswoman Wilson can be seen as a girl in those old national geographics.

Topless, sans-cowboy hat, cooking slugs & termites in a pot over a dung fire..

Her tribespeople milling about, waiting on supper. 

Some nursing babies. Some making flint tools. Some crapping on the ground a few feet away. Nearby a warrior is crushing the skul of a rival who dissed his betrothed 10 year-old bride.


DNC felt she was the right candidate for her district

King of Ruperts Land's picture

I am pretty sure playboy started in the 50s, but youngsters would find the bras and girdles section of the catalog easier to get a hold off.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

One of those "WTF" articles ...

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Kunstler is fun to read, but at the end of the day, he's just another in a long line of Luddites and has no more to offer humanity than this visionary did:

"Everything that can be invented has been invented." — Charles Holland Duell, Commissioner, United States Patend and Trademark Office, 1899 (recommending to then-President McKinley that the office accordingly be abolished)

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Excuse me, downvoters, but are you saying that the endless purveyor of "techno-narcissism" isn't a Luddite?  

Please explain.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

You got some up votes. Frankly getting all up votes or all down votes is easy. The real cutting edge is where you get up votes AND down votes. Then you know you are really riding the big wave and you are in the pipe!

CJgipper's picture

SHTF articles.  just another doom porn day.

Giant Meteor's picture

Just another manic Monday, Monday ..

Dilluminati's picture

Go back and look at antiquities, plenty of perversion.

But of course Podesta takes it to a new low.