Swedish Journalist Who Called Assange 'Criminal' Accused Of Rape And Sexual Assault Of Girls As Young As 14

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A Swedish journalist who referred to Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange as a "criminal" over since-dropped rape allegations has been accused of rape and sexually assaulting several women - some as young as 14 years old.

Frederik Virtanen - who also hosts a talk show on Swedish TV, was called out during the #MeToo social media campaign created in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood scandal.

Virtanen was first accused of raping Swedish feminist Cissi Wallin in 2006 when she was 21. Four years later, she said an "older man with power" had sexually assaulted her.

I cannot be quiet anymore,” Wallin said in her Instagram post, adding that she should have screamed his name long ago.”

After Wallin spoke up, Swdish author Camilla Läckberg voiced her support, claiming she had heard the same stories about Virtanen from "so many others."

Cissi is not alone, I've heard from so many others about the same man. For years. Still silence," wrote Läckberg on Instagram.

Following Wallin and Läckberg's posts, several more accusers shared their own stories about Virtanen - claiming he sexually assaulted victims ranging in age from 14 - 19 years old.

Feminist Fridah Jönsson was one of those women, alleging Virtanen asked her to sleep with him when she was 14. Another two women claimed Virtanen raped or sexually assaulted them - one of them having been lured to the journalist's apartment for drinks when she was 16, and another alleged victim who said he tried to rape her when she was 19 in the southern Swedish city of Eskilstuna 17 years ago.

Keep up with the latest on accused Swedish rapist and giant hypocrite with the hashtag #virtanengate

From Cissi Wallin's Instagram (translated):

The mighty medieman who drugged and raping me 2006 named Fredrik Virtanen. I reported the 2011, only then could I dare. But have not managed or dared outa. Until now. No one has missed #HarveyWeinstein-gate. Many of you have probably seen what @lulucartersweden told me about #MartinTimell. It is the tip of the iceberg. A glimpse of the immense silence prevailing patriarchal culture. Men with power. How they are allowed to keep on. For years. How many women they can expose before they lose their nice positions? How can managers, colleagues and friends who know very well what has been going on/going on hold these as if his back?

I can't be quiet anymore. Should have shouted his name long ago. But he has had his agent call my managers etc and dub me crazy compulsive liar. The price, for not only my but lots of other women he also exposed his misogyny ... The price of our justice has been too high. But now there is no price anymore. I can see myself in the mirror if I didn't warn the other, even rescuing others from one of all these boundless men in our midst? No, I actually don't. And he'll counter with a lawsuit if he wants to. Select the judiciary to prioritize it, while complaints about men's sexual violence is put down on the conveyor belt, then displays the society his betrayal. Betrayal in not taking the stories seriously. To not even give us even a decent attempt to rehabilitated.

How many sexual assault men are there in the world? Well, I pull in all cases presented one to the dom in the light. And I do it as lots of so-called peers should have done long ago--acting. For my history is certainly not the only one. There is so much dirt, so very polished cowardice just to hack a bit in the iceberg. And most importantly-so very very clear signals that the overall value of white mighty men and their "reputation" more than women they decided to do what they want with. The big betrayal comes from there. From those who knew but nothing done ...//closed the comment field to support pga not enb saying that I run hatmobb/drive. My story, #metoo #womenspeakingup #hansskam #vågaberätta his #bryttystnaden crimes

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UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

No news here. Just keepin' up with the  rapefugees.

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From each according to their femininity, to each according to their masculinity.

saldulilem's picture

Hey, it's kosher if she's a bat mitzvah

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Not to defend the guy at all, but why did Ms Wallin specifically cite the values of WHITE mighty men? I thought all Swedes were white, barring some recent immigrants who are probably not very mighty.

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Single women in Sweden told they can soon get free IVF


Women living in Sweden will from April be allowed to apply for state-funded fertility treatment in order to become single parents. The move comes after a huge majority of politicians passed the law in the Swedish parliament late on Monday, with 218 members voting in favour of the policy, 40 opposing it and 13 people abstaining.   It means that women without a partner will soon be entitled to the same rights as heterosexual and gay couples in the Nordic country who are usually offered three free rounds of IVF at public hospitals.
Dogface's picture

Well they have to, dont they as the native men are mostly homo's, apart from a few rapists with a Finnish last name.

So what are they going to tell the single mom's after they pop out brown child. We cheked the sperm, it was white? The Finnish army  considers Sweden a bigger threat than Russia nowdays.


Moe Howard's picture

There will be very few "Real Swedes" in about 50 years.


They might be rated the happiest people in the world, but they are well on the way to voluntarily genociding themselves.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Happy lemmings... "Over the cliff we go, ho ho !"

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Sounds like he used the DNC technique of accusing others of your own crimes.  I wonder where he learned that?

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After Wallin spoke up, Swdish author Camilla Läckberg voiced her support, claiming she had heard the same stories about Virtanen from "so many others."

Cissi is not alone, I've heard from so many others about the same man. For years. Still silence," wrote Läckberg on Instagram.


Well, at least nobody's here for the writing talent.  ...nor the editing. 

andrej's picture

Virtanen was first accused of raping Swedish feminist Cissi Wallin in 2006 when she was 21.


He must have looked at her for more than 15 seconds.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Happy Swedes again at it. Just watch this documentary to orient yourself as to where the Swedes have gone,


My guess is living in the Arctic would be far more fun then there.

ludwigvmises's picture

Interestingly Swedes are topping the lists in the worldwide happiness survey. Swedes are way more happy than us Americans. Food for tought. Socialism can work.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

A muzzie in every vagina. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

css1971's picture


Swedish society is more fascist than socialist.. The means of production are not socialised  there.

Essentially  you're sayin "love your fascism"

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If you have the money you can have a list published that says Swedes are top of the list of (name your virtue) while (American? Arabic? Jews) are at the bottom. Money talks while truth whispers in the background.

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Shouldn't it be #ed metoo, just saying

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 I thought the Swedes were too busy buying old Cadillacs?

ebear's picture

No Caddies here, mate.  Just raw power. 

Hit the nitro girls!


ebear's picture

OK, that was cool. 

They must have some pretty good wrecks in Sweden.

Where are the dash cam videos?


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What is the amazing part is it's all the victims who kept it hushed all these years, that have been the biggest whining mouths being posed publicly at us as feminist leaders.  What a lark, they were programmed precisely via the majik "kingdom" wand into the very role, via the hole, and they still don't get it.   

cheech_wizard's picture

Meanwhile, this comment showed up on Twitter from Angel Wicky - porn actress...

"Women are not difficult/complicated. 90% of their problems can be fixed by good penis or food."

Standard Disclaimer: One of the few reasons Twitter has it's moments.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

He's the "Harvey Weinstein" of professional Zio-Fascist journalism (minus) the money!...

But as bad as this motherfucker might be in the statutory rape department... he can't be as bad as the journalist from the NYT that went to jail for Dick Cheney and G.W. Bush when she spread false and misleading information about the reason we killed 4 million Iraqis and ARE STILL THERE 14 years later on a lie....

Oh?... And to that other American icon of a journalist that never mentioned that "other BIGGEST" LIE EVER AGAIN (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvx904dAw0o) that is the sole reason 2/3 of the Middle East is obliterated and STILL OCCUPIED and the American government and economy bankrupted to the POINT OF NO RETURN because of it (http://www.ae911truth.org/)!

Paul Morphy's picture

If she reported this attack in 2011, why wasn't the accused charged since then?


Virtanen was part of the chorus who falsely accused Assange. But if Virtanen assualted Cissi, and Cissi reported this in 2011 to the police, why hasn't Virtanen been charged with a crime?

Are the Swedish authorities covering for Virtanen? Or maybe there are no grounds to the accusation that he attacked? Don't get me wrong, if this punk is doing what he's accused of, then he deserves to be charged/tried/convicted. But if he isn't then.........................................


bombdog's picture

.......... it's Sweden, where rape is a misdemeanor!

fajensen's picture

Insurance? Probaly a few rapsists, peados and bum-afficionado's in the upper echellons of Swedish police too, they all got each others numbers so to speak, one goes down and they will rat out the other ones to pay it back. 

Money_for_Nothing's picture

Gay mafia hadn't given their approval in 2011. What the Gay Mafia did to Coach Joe Paterno was a raw display of back-room-political-power. What is going on now is similar tactics to accomplish a downsizing of the various mafias. The hosts can't support the current number or parasites. Just Business Right Sizing.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Everyone in the know knew that the Assange charge was false from the beginning. Yes, the Svedeswvere complicit, but only the dirty ones at the top of the food chain. It is truly disgusting! The simple answer to your question is me too#. This will turn into a witch hunt for sure, and warlocks will be burnt at the stake, but the witches wish to flee and they are busying themselves with the usual man's labor of fueling jets at night.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Finally, a celebrity degenerate who isn't Jewish. 

Yog Soggoth's picture


Lay it out for us First Nation ZHers. (Hint) we like potato salad without corn syrup. I know where a prime deloeran is under wrap. Nothing wrong with it. It just sits.

Umh's picture

William Jefferson Clinton.

FGopher's picture

Meanwhile, Julian Assange is still trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for telling the truth about the crooks ruining our country.

baghead's picture

Those who point fingers,have the dirtiest hands.

Hugh Mann's picture

Those who point fingers also have three pointing back at them.

Zorba's idea's picture

Classic Clintonista finger pointing...1 towards the diversion..3 back at the culprit.

BennyBoy's picture


Yeaaaa, superior white intellect at work!

TeethVillage88s's picture

I wanna see Cory Hiam's & Cory Feldman's Dads/Father Units come on public TV and apologize for not believing his sons about Pedophilia!

- Also I want to see 5 former US Presidents on TV or Video saying they are against a Hollywood or New York City that hides Sexual Assault on our young men & women in whatever industry... If they are retired from Politics why can't they condemn Tabak, Weinstein, Podestas, etc?

Son of Loki's picture

Since Obama refused to criticize his BLM pals after they slaughtered the cops, I doubt if he is going to criticize one of his pedo pals.

Freddie's picture

A year ago - 5 white (one was white hispanic) were murdered by a BLM Trayvon killer.

The Dallas Cowboys and their owner recently took a knee.

Idiots in Texas and Dallas Cowboy fans will still support NBA, NFL, NCAA and highschool TRayvons like idiots. they love football like white cucks.

Handful of Dust's picture

Anyone whitey who still goes to those games is surely a low IQ white dimwit.

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people in hell want ice water.

it's conspiracy until it happens to your loved ones.  no one wants to view/believe such wicked ugliness.

outrage isn't enuf.  it's when more is exposed & the peeps become enraged is when tshtf.

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Where's her Pink Pussy hat?

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If I dump a can of whipped cream onto her pussy hat, will that be rape?

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These claimants need to put on that purple pants suit when they make these statements so they can show unity with that American feminist, Hillary.