Trump To Annouce Tougher Caps, Vetting Rules For Refugees

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Now that the Trump administration’s temporary ban on accepting new refugees – first implemented in June after the Supreme Court ruled that a narrower version of Trump’s second travel ban would be allowed to take effect – has expired, the administration has said it will begin accepting refugees from all countries, but with new rules meant to better vet applicants, and with a tighter cap on the number of refugees that was previously unveiled last month, both the WSJ and Fox reported, citing sources close to the administration.

President Trump is expected to announce a tighter cap on the number of refugees admitted to the US and call for tougher vetting rules during a speech on Tuesday – the day the 120-day refugee ban expires. Coinciding with the deadline, Trump is expected to sign a document starting the process of allowing refugees back into the US under new guidelines.

Under the rules, the administration would cap refugee admissions at 45,000. That’s down from 110,000 under the last year of the Obama administration.

After Trump signs the order, the administration will begin collecting more biographical data, such as names of family members and places of employment, officials said. The administration will also do more to mine social media posts to see, for instance, if refugees’ public pronouncements are consistent with the stories they offer in their applications, the officials said.

Meanwhile, the officials responsible for the screening at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, will be given new guidance and better training to help detect fraud in refugees’ applications.

Under the new order being issued, refugee admissions will resume for all countries. However, one person familiar with the planning said that people from 11 targeted countries will be subject to additional vetting that will slow down the process for them.

As WSJ points out, the vetting process can be particularly challenging because applicants have been forced to flee their home countries and often don’t have documents to confirm their identities and personal details.

The Obama administration also sought to increase vetting of social media posts, but officials involved say their efforts were limited in part because the process is labor intensive.

Of course, Trump’s immigration policies have been repeatedly challenged by federal judges. But while the courts have delivered a series of setbacks to the administration’s efforts to block travelers from certain – most of them Muslim-majority – countries. But the Supreme Court gave the administration a temporary victory on the refugee policy last month, allowing the ban to stay in place until the October expiration. 

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Jump em like a frog!

Whoop em like a dog!

Stick em like a hog!

And hit em with a log!


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"lower caps, and tougher vetting rules"

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Anything other than open borders is racist and unconstituional.  No one should be bothered upon entering the US except white people, including white citizens. 

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of course with a child loophole.....clinton, podesta and the gang demands it

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hm, 45000 rapefugees per anum ?!?! how much taxpayer money will be used for this? for how long? what happens when the budget is gone?

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Make them stand during the National Anthem.

That would be Step #1 for all "refugees."

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Ya that's still 45k too many. I love the 'betting their social media posts' line. These poor refugees, who are struggling so bravely and are so poor, still have smart phones with data plans, and nothing better to do than sit around and post nonsense on faceberg. Sounds more like an economic migrant to me.

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Anything that limits my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is unconstitutional, including domestic government, alien governments and alien cults.  First fix the graft, corruption, unprosecuted theft, rape, murder and repression by those somebody other than myself already welcomed in, then we'll talk about "opening" the borders. 

Target rich environment.

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Trump should also ban religious organizations (i.e. Lutheran and Catholic charities) from trafficking migrants into small towns in America...


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Liberal theology has corrupted churches that have morphed into social justice organizations. They are fronts for the NWO.

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. . . and they wonder why so many in search of actual spiritual insight have gone to eastern religion/philosphy.

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He should at least revoke their tax-exempt status.

SubjectivObject's picture

it's in the gimmemint's interest to retain the tax exempt status, they use it as a tool to neuter any local political activism

the flock shall remain sheep

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Then they can convert their churches into Mosques.

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My understanding was that the Executive had a great deal of authority in determining what peoples were desirable immigrants and not. This foolish federal judge in Hawaii has been inserting himself into the process for too long, IMHO, and should be replaced ASAP.



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Fucking A Skippy!

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Put a fking ban of NGOs like the religious groups settling refugees they are making a killing out of this shyt. We don't have the money to take care every fking rift rafts all over the world. WTF.

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Big Meat gets cheap labor, the Dems get voters, and you, the taxpayer, get to subsidize it all

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But you DO have the "money" to cause the problem via your never-ending ME warfare campaigns, don't you.

YOUR "Country" CAUSED the problems,

YOUR "Country" can face the consequences of the problems YOU caused.

- And - before we bleat about "Not "voting" for whatever convenient imbecile is currently "Predsident"", what are y'all going to DO to stop this charade? That's right - NOTHING - despite having all them gins'n'ammo.

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Islam is the problem in those places. 

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Every time a liberal judge blocks one of his immigration orders, Trump should just double the number of countries on his list.

8 U.S.C. § 1182(f)


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Put them all on the list until we sort out our lawyer problem.

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Already Canada is backpedalling on its open door policy by asking the US to help reduce the flow.

Historically, many people shipped from Europe to Canada exfiltrated south of the border. There is nothing - certainly no wall - to stop all the foreigners from moving down from Canada into the US. So, it will be easy for Canada to "pass the trash."

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How about zero for a cap on refugees?

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This is a nice thought but anything he attempts to stop the flood will be met with a liberal turd judge striking it down.

The country WILL be destroyed.  Regardless of Trump's efforts.

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you're not really an angry white guy

you're hasbara

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"The country WILL be destroyed.  Regardless of Trump's efforts."

The country *WAS* destroyed. The culture is alien to me. I'm a stranger in a strange land!  National government would be unrecognizable to the Founding Fathers.

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How about a long-overdue moratorium on ALL immigration until all illegal aliens are deported?!

The elephant & jackass sock puppets with the one ruling party are holding hands again on open borders/non-enforcement/amnesty, same as with deficits/debt/Fed monetization, perpetual war, bankster handouts, spying on citizens, civil asset theft, etc.

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It's completely insane for the USA and other countries to consume the world's refugees. To use a Lib term, it is unsustainable. We are far better off working with other countries to make their world more hospitable, like for instance stop trying to topple their governments through subversive CIA efforts.


If you've never seen this, here is a great video to show you how unsustainable and impossible this refugee movement really is....

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"show you how unsustainable and impossible this refugee movement really is...."

It's all by design, my friend.

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We'd be FAR better off just to genocide them with biological agents.  Let's face it, these "people" are NEVER going to be anything but a burden.

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 Refugees or Economic Migrants?


“More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status… more than half, 60 percent,” said Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission, citing what he said were new, unpublished figures from the EU border agency Frontex.

Speaking on Tuesday with Dutch national broadcaster NOS, he added that these false refugees are mostly aspiring settlers from Morocco and Tunisia and are infiltrating Europe through porous Turkish borders in pursuit of better economic prospects.


Timmerman urged EU countries to accelerate the deportation procedure for those who pretend to be fleeing war or persecution. In this way, Europe would be able to provide support for those who need protection, he said.

Tougher vetting rules required.


TBT or not TBT's picture

If they're infected with Islam, they're barbaric invaders. 

StreetObserver's picture

How about admitting white South African and 'zimbabwean' farmers who are being persecuted for their race?

1,200+ have been murdered since 1994, families hacked to death, daughters raped and worse.

Google "white farm deaths, South Africa" for a nauseating display of what's happened.

The skills they possess would help boost U.S. farm production and they could be resettled in farm towns that are in need of skilled labor.

The Turd World refugees we are now getting recieve food stamps for life, free housing, Small Business Administration loans, Supplemental Security Income for life, private charity, always based on their native language and or race and other taxpayer subsidized goodies.

Is your local homeless veteran or working class father living in his car getting the same thing as refugees?

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You're 'raycis' to even notice any of that.  /sarc

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That judge in Hawaii is going to be triggered.

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Foreign-owned Big Meat hires Lutherans to help them find and retain refugee labor

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 24, 2017

That is the crux of this story and not in my wildest dreams did I think that money was directly changing hands between the meat industry and a federal refugee contractor, in this case Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

Global meatpacking giant goes all in for refugee labor

A Lutheran resettlement agency that places United Nations refugees into dozens of U.S. cities and towns is working with the world’s largest meatpacking conglomerate to train refugees for work in four American states while also softening up the local natives to be more “welcoming.”

The secretive pilot program between Baltimore-based Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and the U.S. subsidiary of JBS Swift aims to pump more refugees into Georgia, Texas, Iowa and Michigan to work in the company’s meat plants. If successful, the pilot program could be renewed for a second year and replicated at JBS meat plants across the U.S., WND has learned.

JBS Swift, the Brazilian-based global meat-processing giant, has agreed to pay Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, or LIRS, $155,000 to implement the pilot program over the next year in the four states, according to a draft of the partnership agreement obtained by WND from a person with inside knowledge of the deal.

“The shock here is to find out that a religious agency is being paid by a foreign global corporation to train refugees and ultimately transform the demographics of small towns in America’s heartland,” said Ann Corcoran, an expert on the international movement of refugees and the nine volunteer agencies that resettle them for the U.S.

The deal between the global meat producer JBS and the Lutheran agency has been dubbed “Rebuilding Dreams,” and is described in the draft document as a “grant and collaboration agreement” between JBS USA and LIRS in the four states.

“The primary goal of this agreement is to improve the capacity of JBS USA and local resettlement agencies to support and improve the hiring and retention of refugee employees at four pilot sites in Michigan, Texas, Iowa, and Georgia,” according to the document.

The following are the cities in those states where JBS has meatpacking plants:

Iowa – Council Bluffs, Marshalltown and Ottumwa, mostly pork production
Michigan – Plainwell, mostly beef
Georgia – Elberton, Douglas, Athens, Ellijay, Canton and Carrollton, mostly chicken
Texas – Waco, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Pittsburg and Mount Pleasant, mostly chicken

“Rebuilding Dreams will achieve this goal by creating customized trainings and resources for key stakeholders, building stronger relationships through communications and technology platforms, enhancing the collection and evaluation of data, and improving the overall quality and culture of the workplace experience for refugee employees,” the agreement states.

The agreement also calls for improving the local “welcoming culture” in the cities where the refugees will be placed.

Part of United Nations agenda for sustainability

JBS is a transnational, global corporation that beats the United Nations “sustainability” drum on its website, and it also cashes in on the globalized “labor mobility” concept pushed by the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Read more here. The story is a detailed must-read about how a global corporation and a supposedly religious charity are changing America by changing the people.

johnwburns's picture

Not just Lutherans, all religions are well represented in pimping for refugee placement. They are making a bundle on it. 

surf@jm's picture

Soros`s money isn`t a religion.........Or is it?........

redmudhooch's picture

Sad! But true....

They've been doing it a long time too.


Omen IV's picture

This is the attack strategy against the Electoral College

johnwburns's picture

First, set it to zero. We're topped off, period. 

Second. so he will not challenge the latest block by the Hawaiian judge? That will mean he defers executive authority to the courts. WTF is going on here?

surf@jm's picture

Expect a Hawaiian judge override soon......

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Are you folks now seeing how right Adolf Hitler was?  There simply is no reasoning with these fucking Jews bringing in this turd world garbage and the only solution to both the Jewish and shitskin problem is a Final Solution.  There is absolutely no other way.  

BrownCoat's picture

Trump should start a new ban and include Europe. Darn, I think the EU is a Muslim majority country now.   [lame joke]