Catalan Separatist Leader: "Spain Leaves No Option But To Proclaim New Republic"

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Update: Just hours after Puigdemont snubbed Madrid, canceling his visit to The Senate to discuss their imposition of Article 155, Catalan Deputy First Minister Oriol Junqueras told AP that the Spanish government had left Catalonia “no other option” but to proclaim a new republic.

Mr. Junqueras told the AP he was commenting as leader of his party, Republican Catalan Left, not as a member of the regional government.

Additionally, Puigdemont posted a defiant Instagram message: "We will not lose time with those who have already decided to crush Catalan self-government. Onwards!"

The situation is escalating quickly.

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As we detailed earlier, in a sudden, and perhaps ominous, last minute change, the First Minister of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, will now not travel to Madrid on Thursday evening to appear before the Senate, and has brought forward the Catalan Parliament plenary session to vote on a response to Madrid's application of Article 155.

Just hours after a PP spokesman confirmed that elections are no longer enough to stop Article 155 process to suspend home rule in Catalonia, El Pais reports, Catalan president Carles Puigdemont won’t appear before the Senate Thursday, citing unidentified people in PDeCAT party in the Congress.

The Catalan Parliament plenary session is now to start Thursday, and will vote response to application of article 155 of the Spanish constitution.

Bloomberg also reports that Catalan Separatists tell supporters that "the moment has come," to "defend the republic."

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mtanimal's picture

What will they defend it with?

0valueleft's picture

Hope and a happy sign.

Jim in MN's picture

It's all fun and games until actual sovereignty or cash are on the line.

Have all the flags and language you want.  Just keep paying and DON'T stand in front of the tanks.

After all this is the EU, not some Warsaw Pact straw armor with demoralized, impoverished and (deep down in their hearts) illegitimately authorized men.


Or is it......really......different this time?


That's why they show the games never really knows, whatever the odds makers might say.

abyssinian's picture

Si Si Si!  They will defend it by releasing more bulls on the streets!  Bullshit everywhere!

wildbad's picture

I want an indepedant Catalunya. I do not want to see blood in the streets, unless it is that of the aggressors...then let it flow!

Wherever true independence is sought it is the thieves and scoundrel rentiers who oppose it. The opressors and armies of non-democratic forces.

Due to the general wave of indepedance in €urope and the burgeoning awakening to the stealth coup d'etat that has been happening throughout €urope for the last few decades, stakes are far higher then simply an "uppidy" region..this is for all of the €uropean marbles.

Catalunya is preparing to water the tree of liberty with blood as MUST be done from time to time. Let it be that of the oppressors, not that of the reluctant victims of oppression.

Joe Davola's picture

Better hope his senorita's rose isn't nipped in the bud

Bulgars's picture

Do It, your success is the Hope for Scotland, California, and many others.

DescendantofthePatriots's picture

Wise decision on Puigdemont's part. I doubt he would have ever made it back to his beloved Catalonia.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Catalonia may lose the battle but Self Determination will when the war.  Same phenomenon spreading the world over.  California, Trump, Brexit, Austria, Ukraine, New Zealand (no more foreign property buyers) and more to come.

BarkingCat's picture

You obviously don't know anything about the Warsaw Pact.

East Germany 1953

Poland 1956

Hungary 1956

Czechoslovakia 1968


All revolts that were put down by force.


Jim in MN's picture

I meant later, silly head.

RedDwarf's picture

Non-compliance and insurgency.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Diversity. It is our strength after all.

syzygysus's picture

The usual:  I fart in your general direction!



Don Diego's picture

in this case, he is having a liquid fart against the wind

wafm's picture

what do you mean, Madrid will kill 50 % of Catalonia? C'mon...

serotonindumptruck's picture

Unlike what might happen if the Basque declare independence, the Catalans will apply the non-violent, Ghandi approach.

Basically, that's just curling up in the fetal position while trying to shield your head from the truncheon and baton strikes.

Don Diego's picture

one half will be adopting the fetal positiion, the other half filming the performance so that they can edit the highlights. Normally this time should be the Catalan police the one brandishing the batons.

lucitanian's picture

Don Diego, your understanding of the Spanish constitution is clear from your comments as is your opposition to the separatists, but your complete blindness to the sentiments, motivation, and determination of the Catalan people, and often your derogatory terms towards them along with your apparent support of the authoritarian conservative position of a right wing central government makes you come across like a Falangist puppet.

What you don't seem to accept is that there are many millions of "Spaniards" who do not accept the rule of Madrid and a constitution written in at the end of a dictatorship which appeased the Fascists to find a center ground. My understanding is that the Catalan government were willing to discuss and negotiate a mutually acceptable divorce, but Rajoy is determined to to slam the door on anything but absolute supremacy of the central government of Madrid, thereby driving the politics to confrontation.

Authoritarian rule is hardly the solution yet Madrid and the PP seem unyielding in their path to bring this to a conflict of their force against the will of many million Catalans.

In a conflict between a centralized authoritarian government against the will of people in a particularly clearly defined region that has been self governed to a great extent, why is it that you may feel that those peoples' opinions should neither be expressed by ballot or respected?

IMHO I think you would get a lot further with any arguments you have by trying to understand and accommodate the views of the Catalan people even if you want to promote your Spanish nationalist views.

BarkingCat's picture

While vast majority of posters here support Catalonia's quest for independence, how many here would espouse the same towards Chechnya's independence from Russia or Kurdish independence from Syria.


oliversmithenson's picture

Catalonia's leadership has been stealing money for the past 20 yrs through foundations like the ones used by the infamous Clinton lady, everyone in the business world in Spain knows it since the 90's, they have been caught and have divided the Catalan people pursuing independence (which they have openly said was "stupid" for many years) to avoid justice and keep their Andorran and Swiss accounts.

Step off your moral high horse, you have absolutely zero knowledge on the subject throwing "falangist", "authoritarian" and so on. At this point I am no longer surprised on how many brainless justice warrior sheep we have in this forum. 

quadraspleen's picture

Catalan flags and dirty money

carbonmutant's picture

Spain has volunteered to bring them all the weapons they will need

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

Exactly. Not to mention that the cause is wrong, there is no independence. Eurogang can freeze their bank accounts and cut them from all financial services, next morning all good indention “revolutionaries” will bring his head on a silver plate, unless people have nothing to lose, which I don’t believe is the case. Now we can speculate a bit. If EU keeps quiet and “allow” Catalonia to separate, but be a part of EU, it means it was planned long time ago and the goal is to make Spain Greece 2.0-bond holders will privatize profitable businesses owned by the government and probably will ask to “lose” some territories/islands.

BandGap's picture

Could it be that Russia, India or China reaches out to a newly formed Republic of Catalonia?

I love the smell of chaos in the morning.

bertimusx's picture

Cash into crytocurrencies. Break the banks. I noticed that Catalan names do not seem Spanish at all.

Don Diego's picture

Catalan names are also Spanish names. In Spain they have Basque, Catalan, Castillian, Galician names. Most people have a mixture of names. Most of mine are Castillian with a few Catalan and Basque.

lucitanian's picture

Who gives a shit? Don't you understand what these Catalan are up against? Like PrometeyBezkrilov suggests above, They are not only fighting Madrid but, Madrid as a slave of the EU, as a slave of the NWO, but what they are expressing is their identity. Why should Catalonia remain as it is? Why should Spain remain as it is? Why should Europe remain as it is.

All things change, and we are on the cusp of massive changes to come. Why not search out ways to make those changes with the minimum of suffering for all peoples. Or, are you such a conservative that you require the denial of change itself which is essential to everything. 

Overflow's picture

Flags on balconys, demos at squares and the mother of all twitter storms.


small axe's picture

it's showtime, Puigdemont. Do what your people voted for and sort the details out later. Create a refuge for others fleeing the tyranny of the EU and Catalonia would boom overnight. 

Ghordius's picture

he is not fleeing the tyranny of the EU. he asked, a few days ago, for EU intervention or mediation

meh. the myth goes on and on and on

LawsofPhysics's picture

Indeed. Regarding the "details", what resources and productive capital does Catalonia control? How many people could this new nation state support economically?

do tell, do tell...

shovelhead's picture

I guess their contribution rate to Madrid @ 10% is nearly double than any other Euro state to it's Federal Govt. means that it not only is supporting itself quite well but a good portion of Spain as well.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Ignore the bullshit paper/digit trade, what real goods and services do they produce?

What are their REAL imports/exports...

If they are a net exporter, then you are correct and it sounds like it should not be a problem for them to leave then.  I wonder why they haven't yet?

Jim in MN's picture

Well judging from the exports of the whole of Spain, there isn't much 'there' there.  Wine and pork only get you so far.....



Don Diego's picture

their main market is the rest of Spain. There are cheaper and/or better substitutes for their products in the rest of the EU.

lucitanian's picture

Because we live in an interdependence of political and commercial oligopolies which has nothing to do and couldn't give a hoot about the identities of peoples. However those structures have the capacity to destroy the hard work of men to further their own power interests.

No there are only approximations to independence.True independence is a state of mind, unrecognizable to the economic animal.

lucitanian's picture

Exactly, you reflect the power of the system. The institutional world is all interdependent, meaning they can crush you or any group at any time one way ore the other, so fuck your identity, and enjoy bending over for Madrid, who are bending over for the EU, who are bending over for the NWO, and so on and so forth. Learn to like it.

Isn't that daisy chain exactly what people are and should be opposed to in order to express their identity and sovereignty. It might be an illusion that a sovereign Catalunya can find any more sovereign power within the EU, but at least they would not be forced to ask Madrid.

fbazzrea's picture

Americans take notes

Don Diego's picture

take notes? one way or the other other this is going to end badly for the Catalibans

fbazzrea's picture

jumping to conclusions aren't you, DD? on several fronts

Don Diego's picture

well, so far I have had 100% accuracy on my predictions here, while most ZHedgers commenting on the issue have just eggs on their faces.

fbazzrea's picture

i'm amazed at your clairvoyance... but what part of "take notes" implies anything more than "observe carefully"? 

Don Diego's picture

I am saying "don't try this at home". If you want to plan a revolution,do your homework and be prepared. Leave granny and the womyn (of both genders) at home. Don't just count in shock images to gather sympathy from a foreign White Knight.

NotApplicable's picture

Too bad there's never been a single successful revolution. Instead, all you do is to sow the seeds for the next one.

Arkadin's picture

The American Revolution was reasonably successul and benign.  Of course it was more a rebellion against foreign rule than a thorough-going social upheaval as in France and the Russian Empire.

Don Diego's picture

The American revolution would have never been successful so early without the intervention, subsidies and war material of France, Spain and Netherlands. For example 90% of the revolutinaries ' powder was furnished by France. Of course, the British would have eventually relinquished sooner or later their colonies as they did with Canada.

When the "colonial" power is too strong compared to you, do not try revolution unless you enlist the help of others.

fbazzrea's picture

so how is this planning supposed to occur when all telecommunications, including social media and sites, such as ZH, are closely monitored? big brother is everywhere. that's their first line of defense. right, dark-shaded boys in black?

i expect there will be much ad hoc involved in the battle to regain individual rights and privacy.

*edit* and grannys have much to contribute in their own way.