High-Yield Bonds Tumble To Critical Support

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We're gonna need another CAT...

High yield bond prices are tumbling...


To crucial 50-/100-DMA support...


And as VIX topped 12 for the first time since September 8th (and is above its 200DMA)


It suggests HY has a long way to go yet...

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So close to Halloween?

The only thing Wall Street is frightened of is the truth about the US economy.

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theres that "slammed" word again...........they were "slammed" upward the last 5 days

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Somebody Big selling Stocks, for Airfare out of the Country and Bribe Money.

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All the big talk about higher rates.

Going out the window soon.


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CAT finally caught a break thanks to the hurricanes.  Everyone is scrambling to get the big equipment on site and make some money repairing the damage.  The same thing happened after the Kobe, Japan earthquake in 1995 and the shale oil boom in the U.S.

Stock market performance will continue to be determined by Central Bank monetary policies and Central Government fiscal policies (taxes).  Those are the only "fundamentals" that count anymore.  Bellwether DOW companies like CAT just aren't that important today.

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Wait until Trump's tax cuts pass and blow a giant hole in the budget deficit!! Bond yields will spike and cause another financial crisis!!

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What's a high yield bond now 3-4%?

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HYG top holdings range from 6 to 11%.. average is probably around 8.25%.

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Booted off TWITTER I went to Gab.ai and THIS HAPPENS......  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOdzV3P2c7s&feature=youtu.be

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It's only begining i guess...

Watch US10 charts it's clear they will fall further.