Spain Showdown: Catalan Parliament To Decide On Independence Tomorrow, Chaos To Follow

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A dramatic rollercoaster of a day for Catalonia and Spain is ending ominously, with the Catalan president Puigdemont announcing that he would let the region's parliament decide the fate of the Catalan declaration of independence from Spain, capping off a day of furious reversals. The announcement follows a dramatic reversal from the Catalan leader who until just a few hours ago, was expected to announce that he'd call an early election in the region to avoid Spain's takeover of the Catalan government. In the last moment he decided against it, saying there were no guarantees from the Spanish government it would be implemented while facing rebellion from his separatist allies at home; as a result he has washed his hands and decided to leave a decision on independence to his parliament.

Puigdemont made the announcement before a scheduled appearance before the Catalan Parliament on Thursday evening. According to the NYT, he said he made the decision after he had failed to secure a commitment from the central government that it would not take control of the region if he called early elections.

“There are none of the guarantees that justify convening elections today,” Mr. Puigdemont said during a brief televised address from his government headquarters. “I tried to obtain the guarantees,” he added, but “I didn’t get a responsible answer from the Spanish government, which has instead used this option to add to the tension.”


He added: “It is now for Parliament to decide its answer to the application” of Article 155 of the national Constitution.

While the Catalan Parliament - where separatists parties have a small but critical majority - may meet later Thursday, it will be the vote on a declaration of independence on Friday that will be most closely watched; meanwhile, the Spanish Senate is expected to approve emergency measures to impose Madrid’s direct rule on Catalonia.

With the parliament expected to pass the independence declaration absent some last minute intervention, what happens next is unclear, and will likely lead to chaos, both social and economic.

Here is one attempt to predict that chaos on Saturday morning, courtesy of The Spain Report:

The Spanish Prime Minister's office, Moncloa, had confirmed this week that the only way Mr. Puigdemont could deactivate the Article 155 procedure would be to call those early regional elections—normal ones, within the Spanish Constitution—and to make it very clear he did not declare any kind of independence on October 10. This despite the Deputy PM and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) suggesting early elections of any sort might do the trick. On Wednesday, Moncloa confirmed it had brought forward the cabinet meeting to implement the Article 155 measures—after the Senate approves them on Friday morning—from Saturday morning to Friday evening: immediately.


Deputy First Minister Oriol Junqueras told The Associated Press on Wednesday evening that there was now “no other option” but to proclaim a new republic. Mr. Puigdemont posted on Instagram that "We will not lose time with those who have already decided to crush Catalan self-government. Onwards!". They now have nothing to lose. Comments by the Director of Public Prosecutions in the media about long jail sentences for charges of rebellion appear to have had little effect. 


Despite not having any international allies, no army, a divided regional police force and more than 1,500 companies that have already moved their corporate addresses outside of the region due to the manifestly illegal and unconstitutional plan to secede from Spain, without even a clear popular mandate, Mr. Puigdemont and Catalan separatists now appear determined to push ahead and declare independence from Spain anyway, in a very, very reckless manner.

* * *


In the latest plot reversal in what become a nail-biting Spanish drama, in which the narrative changes by the hour, moments ago Catalonia president Puigdemont made a televised statement refuted earlier reports he had capitulated to Spanish demands, and said he rejects calls for snap elections. Saying there are "not sufficient guarantees" for elections to take place, Puigdemont said he needs to exhaust all options for solution, and said that he was ready to call election.

"My duty was to try", he said in a statement to reporters shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday quoted by The Spain Report. "My responsibility was to explore all of the options in my hand to the very end."

"No one will be able to say that I have not been ready to make sacrifices to guarantee dialogue."

"It is now the Catalan Parliament that will have to decide on the response to the application of Article 155", he added, in reference to the article of the Spanish Constitution that the central government will use—for the first time in the modern democratic period—to suspend home rule in a Spanish region.

Outside Catalan government headquarters in Barcelona, separatist supporters filled the square with chants of "independence" after Mr. Pugidemont made his announcement.

A session of the Catalan Parliament it due to begin at 6 p.m.

Puigdemont's latest decision - which may yet be reversed in this ongoing political whirlwind - is sure to infuriate Madrid, which earlier in the day said it was happy with the Catalan decision to call elections. It would also mean that Spain will shortly announce it is seizing control from the Catalan government, and could potentially arrest Puigdemont in prison, even though the local leaders has not formally declared independence.

Meanwhile, in Madrid, a session of the Spanish Senate commission responsible for the Article 155 process has begun. The Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, has formally asked the commission to approve the measures the government has asked for.

A worst case scenario would be for Madrid to announce the confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona is escalatig further, with Spain clamping down on the region's autonomy, and leading to a far more chaotic outcome.

The IBEX is not happy with this latest reversal.

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NoDebt's picture

Because his own people were going to lynch him.


Occident Mortal's picture

This guy has missed his boat.

NoDebt's picture

This is REAL leadership in action.  When the going gets tough, the tough defer the decision to somebody else.


Occident Mortal's picture

He should have declared independence in his first public address after the vote.


By hesitating and exploring every other option he has lost the momentum he needs to get this over the line.


All he has done is gift his oppenents the breathing space they needed to get organised so they can exercise the political capital they have gained from the crisis.

Spain will crush him now.

NoDebt's picture

"My duty was to try"

Past tense, passive language.  You can almost feel this guy melting away by the minute. 

And this is the guy leading the movement?  It's over.  Just knuckle under and beg Madrid for forgiveness now.  Maybe they won't punish you as harshly.


HowdyDoody's picture

He either gets lynched by the Spanish government or the subset of Catalonians that want 'independence'.

Adosinda's picture

He either gets lynched by the Spanish government ...

Why? When your enemy makes a mistake encourage him. 

two hoots's picture

He's decisive, makes a new decision every few minuites. 

DeadFred's picture

As long as they announce it after the market close tomorrow all will be fine.

eforce's picture

They aren't conviction politcians but opportunists like the SNP in Scotland who want to turn over their province to the EU to collect the pension/benefits, but the Donetsk rebels on the other hand...

IH8OBAMA's picture

One death would be better than many from a Civil WAR.


auricle's picture

Without a declaration of independence being submitted to the U.N. seeking protections this is all fake news. 

Blankone's picture

He is looking for a way to safely betray.

I do not advocate such, in any way, but for the movement to succeed and to send the right message he needs to be eliminated.

DeadFred's picture

Ordo ad chao has always been the goal. There is an agenda this is serving. We just don't see it yet. Be sure it leads to consolidation of more power for those now holding power. (Not the politicians)

peddling-fiction's picture

Ding ding ding, and we have a winner here!!!

Dialectics in real time for those with eyes that can see, through the smoke and mirrors.

BobEore's picture

Maybe. \however/

Memories be short here... mongst those Hispanophiles presently gloating at the prospect of imminent.... surrender.

And knowledge even shorter - mongst the crew of exceptionalist masters of universe who dissect the world and it's denizens from the safety of their computer screens. Otherwise... there would have ALREADY entered into the discussions here ... the word Almogavar... which is what the Muslims called those forces on the northern marches of their part of partly-reconquistado Espana...

who... "were mountain shepherds from the Pyrenees mountains of Northern Spain or forest-dwellers. These were the men who carried war to the Arab taïfa, a war made up of raids, pillaging and unstable frontiers" - Aragonese, Navarres, & Catalans. characterized as being infantry shock troops that fought on foot, with light arms and baggage/// they always used to carry a good piece of flint with them that they struck their weapons with before going into battle, which gave off enormous sparks, which, together with their terrible cries, terrorized their enemies. Endowed with great valor and ferocity, those from the Crown of Aragon entered into combat to the cry of "Awake iron!! Let's kill, let's kill"

Later employed as mercenaries by the Byzantine Palaiologos ... they looted and savaged Turk and Byzantine alike, running amok for several years before finally being hunted down and 'neutralized.'

Just as the miners of Mieres and La Trubia attacked Francos' Moorish regiments in Asturias with sticks of dynamite, and the dockworkers of Gijon went hand to hand against them in town...

so we may see a little but of the old Don Pelayo spirit rise again - if the Madrid jihadis overstep their bounds.

There's little doubt that among the hard core secessionists, and sizable faction exists willing to go into battle against the regular army. We shall see - the extent to which they do credit to the ancestors!

Mr.BlingBling's picture

"He should have declared independence in his first public address after the vote . . . All he has done is gift his oppenents the breathing space they needed to get organised so they can exercise the political capital they have gained from the crisis."

Au contraire, mon ami!  He has done exceptionally well for his masters by doing their bidding, thereby allowing them to make shitloads (pardon my French) of money during this spate of volatility.  To be a member of their club would be a wonderful thing on weeks like this . . .

ThePhantom's picture

defered to the people who have given you power and who you represent? nothing wrong with that..

StychoKiller's picture

Pedro Henrique:  "Give me Liberty, or (hmm, better to punt the ball away!)"

Darth (Sidious) Rajoy:  "Execute Article 155."

Mimir's picture

Where ? In your backyard ?

IH8OBAMA's picture

Maybe there, too.  LOL

BandGap's picture

Yes, and that gives him the ability to say the people made him do it. Always better when the collective joins in.

And he didn't get hanged or stabbed or any of those messy ways to die.

abyssinian's picture

Just In !!!! Puigdemont decided to have a sex change 5 pm EST today!  well that escalated quickly

Cash2Riches's picture

The "elites" cannot and will not allow Spain to leave, lest us peasants get any ideas in our heads. There will be blood in the streets.

Badsamm's picture

He bent over and now his establishment G string is showing

abyssinian's picture

hahaha with his brown eye blinking! 

Puerto Rico is worst than Greece's picture

Jesus, I already threw out my popcorn, might as well make me another bowl.

b-sugar's picture

Either that of we find child porn on your pc! choose wisely 

Rex Andrus's picture

The Catalans have spoken. Your move, kleptocrats.

historian40's picture

A minority of Catalans demand the majority bow to their will.  They have been trying the secession route for a while, but have never had the numbers.  Now the radicals want to use force, while blaming the opponents.  Looks like another globalist color revolution attempt.

Rex Andrus's picture

Getting away from the rapist isn't the same as demanding the rapist bow to your will.

historian40's picture

Sorry buddy, but that bucket don't hold water.  They want close ties with the EU, and putting independence on hold, they have made demands for a central bank to loot the riches of Catalonia independent of Spain, so they're not trying to get away from the rapist.

RawPawg's picture

Back in Hitler's Day

folks who had regrets about their actions against "Dear Leader"

quietly tried to leave town


lester1's picture

It's now or never.. fuck the EU and their globalist regime!!

historian40's picture

Problem with that, these radicals want to fracture Spain, making Catalonia and Spain both more dependent and weak to resist the EU.

This looks like a way of taking over richer areas in nations, separating them, and leaving the rest behind in a weakened condition.  Under the guise of "decentralization".

porcsale's picture

Good point. Also, Juncker clearly stated that if Catalonia secedes from Spain, it also leaves the EU.

The bottom-line is that the EU is just not a democratic project or a project that respects current States. Don't count on it to recognize people's right to self-determination or to respect national sovereignties. It wants Europe to become the United States of Europe with all the powers centralized.

foxenburg's picture

Junker's got to say that.

At this point.

But post independence the last thing he would want is a small country (bigger than Luxembourg, similar to Belgium or Nederlands) making a success of things outside the EU.

He would fudge but say something along the lines that perhaps Catalunya should remain in the EU for the time being, etc.....

Ricki13th's picture

Wow that was quick. Fake news strikes again.

economessed's picture

This guy nees a backbone implant.  Only cephalopods crawling around on the sea floor are more timid than Puigdemont.  Democracy sounds great, but when you totally ignore the will of the people you are supposed to be representing, it just lays bare the fact that most governments are exclusive clubs of self-preservation and enrichment.

historian40's picture

Well, if he represtents Catalans, the majority didn't vote to leave.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

The majority of voters voted to leave though.

Mimir's picture

In a rigged and illegal referendum. 95%, like in a banana repubic.

historian40's picture

Wrong.  Only just over a third of Catalans voted to leave.  Less than half of Catalans even voted in the bogus referendum.

If you just read the headlines that read "92 percent of Catalonians vote to leave" you were deceived.  Within the body of each of those articles, they were forced to admit only about 40 percent participated in the mock vote and having 92 percent of 40 percent is by far a minority.

Then take it into account the whole of Spain is affected, you have a minority of a minority wanting to wreck the whole.  I don't believe the people on here cheering on the fracturing of Spain would want the same done to their homes.

Albertarocks's picture

A lot of people are being too hard on this guy.  Think about the position he's in, and the direction he's trying to take Catalonia.  He can't make any mistakes here... he's positioning to make the central gov't of Spain expose themselves as being the NWO villains that they really are.  So far he's doing a stellar job.  He knows there is a big chance he could end up in jail for centuries.  If that doesn't take backbone I don't know what does.

peddling-fiction's picture

He has exposed them.

This was part of the objective.

Message -->>> Right = BAD

Diatom's picture

Did anyone thought on the thousands of death threats Puig already received?

The guy has more balls than all of us typing shit on ZH combined...

Don Pancho's picture

well what did you think was going to happen. Spain is forceing there hand check this article