National Archives Releases Another 2,891 JFK Assassination Records

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As discussed earlier, nearly 54 years after the assassination of JFK, in a release that was greenlighted by the president himself last week, and which Trump is eagerly awaiting...

While this was met with great anticipation as conspiracy theorists everywhere hoped to close the books on their various ideas surrounding the death of Kennedy, at the last minute President Trump appeared to cave to persistent cross-agency lobbying and announced he would not order the release of the full tranche of records, instead following last-minute recommendations of his national security agencies that some of those records be redacted to give in to pressure from the CIA.

Instead, the National Archives, in its role as custodian, has unveiled a smaller batch of so-called "JFK Files": some 2,891 JFK Assassination records meant to shed more light on what happened in Dallas at 12:30pm on November 22, 1963. While it is hoped that the release will answer some questions about the assassination of John F Kennedy, with virtually everyone in the US who is next to a computer trying to access the files at this moment...

... the last minute delay and blockage is likely to add fuel to dozens of brand new conspiracy theories.


How to access the documents:

The National Archives has scanned the them for public consumption. Click here for the main site. In July, a large trove of documents was made public, crashing the Archives site. According to Dallas News, officials say they've strengthened the site for the expected increase in interest today, but be prepared for slow load times and a possible interruption of service. Scroll past those July releases (or download them if you haven't already) to get to the new stuff. The files will be available via .zip drive. The documents will then be saved locally to your computer.

A simpler way is just to search the database, but without knowing what one is looking for, it may be a little tricky.

Prepare for disappointment, however: the Dallas detective who was the first to interrogate Lee Harvey Oswald does not expect much new information to come from the Thursday release of sealed documents pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Speaking to CBS, Jim Leavelle answered questioned surrounding the assassination for five decades. "They’re thinking they’re going to find something new that nobody ever knows about,” said Leavelle. Known for his tan suit and tall cowboy hat, Leavelle was the man to Oswald’s right as Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald. Leavelle was helping transfer Oswald when the shot was fired.

“You got a job to do and I had a job to save that man’s life,” said Leavelle. “That’s what was all going through my mind.”

“We checked it out to my satisfaction and to everybody else,” said Leavelle.

Their hard work has never satisfied some who feel investigators have held back information. There are details they are hoping will surface Thursday when President Trump signs off on the release of the final batch of classified JFK documents.


“To tell you the truth, I don’t give it much thought at all because I know pretty much what’s in all of them,” said Leavelle.


While he will not talk about everything that is currently classified, Leavelle still does not think the release will reveal much about Oswald’s unexplained trip to Mexico City weeks before the assassination or any other secrets.


“A lot of people are going to be disappointed I think,” said Leavelle. “They think they’re going to find a new suspect and all of this and those things and they’re not going to find it…because it’s not there.”

To those who still will not be satisfied, Leavelle has a message. “Well I’ll just tell you’ll have to keep looking and see if you find anything,” said Leavelle. “I can’t help you. I can’t build something that’s not there.”

Of course, there is no better way to confirm or deny the contents of the records, than to personally sift through all of them, which is why for all those seeking answer, remember: if you get a 404 error when clicking this site, just keep clicking - US labor productivity is already abysmally low anyway.

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Here are some early examples (as yet unconfirmed) from social media of potentially interesting tidbits exposed in the new files...

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Cman5000's picture

" So now we got a huge guy theory, and a serial crusher theory "

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It's not so much the who, what, when, where and why that would be revealed as the underlying techniques still used to this day.

"Daddy, tell me another lie so I can believe it's the truth."

<BTW I fully expect plenty of Red Herrings to be salted throughout this release.>

radio man's picture

What part of "Mob Hit" do people not understand? Occam's razor applies in spades!

Pinto Currency's picture


JFK Files 2017 with author and photo analyst Robert Groden

Slack Jack's picture

National Archives Releases Another 2,891 JFK Assassination Records....

Why doesn't Trump release all WW2 information that is still classified?

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

philipat's picture

Did anyone really ever expect the see eye aye to release any documents which would incriminate itself and/or the elites? They had a long time to remove/doctor anything incriminating. So the second level of the onion (a little like the Saudi angle in 9/11) is to allow the thought that yes someone else might have been involved, gently pointing the finger at the Russians. How convenient? Unless someone personally involved (Hunt?) spills the beans, the real truth will never come out.

WillyGroper's picture

page 3 "information concerning" tells you all you need to know about the "party" responsible & who governs.

blows a buttload right out of the water.

elimination of phone taps...hmmmm our new backers are ewes. LBJ
Muh Raf's picture

What a boring twat Trump has turned out to be.

frank further's picture

Far, far worse than merely boring.  The SOB has minted 60 million new cynics, formerly deplorables.

Burn  in Hell, Trump!!!!!!!!!!

Rex Andrus's picture

I hope he keeps lobbing these rocks at the cabal until they all wind up blubbering on the floor in cocaine psychosis and terror...

mc888's picture

The files will be available via .zip drive. The documents will then be saved locally to your computer.

You get 2 sides with the Red Herring. Backdoor, Spyware, Trojan, or Rootkit?

cameldojo's picture

He was only gay in the front

DeadFred's picture

Yeah, I know JFK was gay. Marilyn Monroe was obviously a tranny, I've seen the pics.

Déjà view's picture

From novel to grovel...Death Of A Salesman...

Arthur Miller did it...revenge for banging MM...Bobby got it in '68...

Herodotus's picture

He was tight with Hoover.

Gorgeous's picture

Nice, you obvioulsy know fine cinema.

Actually the new theory is,

"Mr. XXXXXXX went to the apartment of XXX and XXXX on the XX of November with a XXX purchased from XXXXX.  Agent XXXX sent document 10XXXXX9 to the desk of XXXXX for approval, whe he XXXX not do.  Then XXXX paid the sum of XXXX to XXX for a XXXX.  Document XXX was then sent the the WC for XXX.  Then he said, "I'll have a coke".





Mr Pink's picture

We have to wait another 6 months for the good ones. 

Fuck the CIA. They did it

radio man's picture

Yo bitchez, are you suggesting government competence?



earleflorida's picture

just look at the expressionlist faces at the guy with the mike on the right and looking over shouder guy to the left and why didn't ruby do ma head shot rather to the gu which oswald could have survived...--- why was oswald transferred every day from a safe location to a courthouse rather than be under house-arrest--- because lbj ordered the crime investigation stay in dallas in which he owned!!!

Bigly's picture


Is there anyone out there in a position of power who is not bought or can be played? Anyone?

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it's not working


Error 503 Backend fetch failed

Backend fetch failed

Guru Meditation:

XID: 11117612

Varnish cache server

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I agree with you. A thousand up-votes.

Where's my robot girlfriend?

Endgame Napoleon's picture

....another government-designed website.

CosmicSauce's picture

Banks killed him because JFK printed treasury notes. JFK was going to dismantle the Federal Reserve.

divingengineer's picture

He WAS dismantling the FED. Constitutional 10s and 20s were printed and ready for release, Johnson never let them see the light of day and recalled the 2s and 5s.
It was Johnson, he was crooked as hell, and a murderer.

Deathrips's picture

Johnsons ((((mother))))

Any Questions?



VWAndy's picture

 Are you not entertained?

krispkritter's picture

Why do I have the feeling I'll be tracked if I click on that link?  And if needed, those records showing my browsing history will emerge, un-redacted, at the drop of a hat if I'm ever 'targeted' by the 3-bees(FBI, CIA, etc.) if necessary.  You know, if I fart in your general direction, orgasm the former girlfriend of a 3-bee'er, or just type 'JFK' for 'just fucking kidding dude'. Hoping my Ruby slippers keep me safe.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You're not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Ms No's picture

After signing the presidential petition to have Soros arrested, charged as a terrorist and to have his assets seized under asset forfeiture laws the damn screen kept popping up as a prior screen and would not go away.  I don't care though.  It got enough signatures... never heard shit. 


DeadFred's picture

Yeah I once went to and downloaded Obama's birth certificate. My computer died the next day.

globalintelhub's picture

it's bullshit, my friend doesn't show up, i have the records in PDF on my computer.. they deleted lots of stuff.  

Lumberjack's picture

Remember Dirty Old Uncle Joe???

Well he just teamed up with Lady Gaga to make...a sex assault PSA.

Getting back on topic, nothing will ever be brought to light regarding JFK. We all know .guv lies, cheats, steals and kills. It’s a creature of habit and will never change until and unless we all take it back.

gramps's picture

Lady Gaga is in to spirit cooking. She knows. Killing children gives these sick fucks power.

buzzsaw99's picture

it's all bullshit.  they were all in on it.  it just doesn't matter anymore.

ronin12's picture

Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

Rebelrebel7's picture

Why read the files if the CIA and FBI are withholding evidence? 

Hardly the whole truth!

Waste of time!

Blood fest of CIA and FBI,  shocked I tell you shocked!

Ms No's picture

There are people who have been researching this their entire lives.  They'll dig through it and they are smarter than these people.  They will find something they missed or find that it's all a fictional recreation.  I'll just wait for them to confirm that.  We all know anyway.  They really don't want anybody to know much about "Jack Ruby" and Oswald's work history, or really anything about Oswald prior.  They were all tied to a company called Permindex which a couple researchers have said was a Mossad front company.  Of course the CIA and the rest of their lapdogs were in on it too.  Now literally the whole nation is a CIA and Mossad front... joke.

Lumberjack's picture


THIS! Make copy!

Letter written to his father following trip to Palestine, 1939

I can’t rule out British involvement in JFK’s demise either.

Ms No's picture

Mossad and George Bush's lawyer probably shit their pants upon seeing the other 109 records and demanded redaction.  Like I said before with huge public disbelief of Vegas, Hollywood rape and pedophilia being exposed and the JFK release this is a perfect trifecta shitstorm for them, or it should be.  Pray these fuckers finally go down.

In the new video Feldman describes how his efforts to expose Hollywood pedophilia have brought him heartache and caused several of his band mates to quit out of fear for their lives. "I am very alone, but I need to protect myself and my family," Feldman stated. "What I am proposing is a plan that I believe can literally change the entertainment system as we know it, and I believe that I can also bring down, potentially, a pedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child."

P.S. So Paddock now had no fucking hard drive?  How was it that he expected to watch his video setup and why would he even bring a worthless computer?  They couldn't figure out when he checked in but they know internet searches from his computer with no hard drive?  It's all such a joke. 

wisehiney's picture

That old black and white camera makes jackies ass look big.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

I can tell you, Jackie's ass was fine.

I did her many times while JFK was boinking M. Monroe next to us in the oval office. Sometimes JFK would be doing Mamie Van Doren or Kim Novak. He liked fucking. Me, I was into BJs. Jackie was pretty good. Heck, I was only nine years old, WTF did I know?

Too bad they shot JFK. I was looking forward to showing Jackie my pubic hair, when I grew some. Once he was dead, Jackie wasn't interested in me any more. I was crushed, for about a month. I got over it.

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Who gets credit for that shot?  Is this from a movie, because I don't remeber anybody standing in the road with a camera? 

Ms No's picture

The CIA was watching "leftist groups" back then the exact same way they "watch" ISIS, BLM, Orange revolutionaries and Antifa now.  They're always "monitoring" terrorists before they strike.