Trump's Storm Is Lashing The Halls Of Corruption

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Written by Lord Feverstone of Dystopia, USA

About two months ago, I wrote an article here on Zero Hedge entitled, "Trump Is Slow-Playing His Cards In This Game Of Deep State Poker."

It was met with some understandable skepticism, but in light of recent political developments, it may be worth your second perusal.

My conjecture then was that President Trump was setting up his enemies by utilizing a rope-a-dope strategy; feigning weakness while his administration worked covertly to rid Washington of decades of political corruption.  

At the time, I called it a sting operation. Well, it appears Trump may have had another term in mind.

"The calm before the storm."

Since that article, and since Trump's seemingly cryptic statement, we have been witness to the following:

  • Clinton and Obama friend Harvey Weinstein's disgraceful fall from his perch atop Hollywood.
  • Confirmation that James Comey sought to exonerate Hillary Clinton before even interviewing her.
  • Fusion GPS executives invoking the Fifth Amendment, their lawyers fighting, red of tooth and claw, to keep Congressional investigators from combing through Fusion's bank records.
  • A slate of Project Veritas videos embarrassing the legacy media.
  • Julian Assange tweeting out another set of hash keys.
  • A new investigation of the FBI's flubbing of the Clinton e-mail scandal.
  • The Podesta Group coming under the scrutiny of one Robert Mueller. (I published a crazy theory on my website in June about Mueller that seems less crazy now.) 
  • New revelations about Uranium One and the subsequent announcement of a Congressional probe. Now we await the entrance of a mystery whistleblower who just had his non-disclosure agreement lifted so that he can give testimony.
  • The declassification of the JFK files.
  • News that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the Trump dossier; a story that amazingly broke first at an oligarch-owned, globalist news organization.

I don't know about you, but I don't believe in that many coincidences in that short a period of time. It rather strikes me as coordinated effort.

If it is indeed synchronized, then Trump's Storm is more akin to a hurricane taking direct aim at the Clinton Foundation and the Obama White House of Corruption than mere gusts of hot air.

What's left standing at tide's recession remains to be seen.

While these recent events are encouraging to those of us who've railed against the unpunished crimes of our political overlords, we cannot be passive observers.

Now is the time to impress upon our elected leaders that justice delayed is justice denied. If we fail to do so, political, cultural, and economic corruption will destroy the United States as surely as it did the Roman and Ottoman Empires.

We'll never again have this kind of momentum, folks. We just need to be opportunistic enough to harness it and optimistic enough to believe it really is possible this time.

[Swing by for our storm party, if you're so inclined. There's no beer, but there should be plenty of steamed Swamp Critters on the menu soon.]

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Blue Steel 309's picture

Author is borderline delusional with this sort of optimism.

I will believe it when I see it - that Trump is going to clamp down on corruption.

The examples given all appear to be related to other issues going on due to incompetence at different levels.

jin187's picture

I'll believe Trump is fighting corruption when I see the chain gangs of people in cheap suits being led to police vehicles from the Justice, State, and Commerce Departments, just to name a few locations.

gdpetti's picture

True to both of the above.... he's been a member of one of the other clubs (Resorts International, replacing the former front man), though not a  member of the DC club... so an 'outsider' of sorts, but not really. Meglomanica, showman, con man, front man, etc.. yes, yes, yes...

IMO, he's an agent of chaos... but not a conscious one, but anyone that upsets the establishment cart in the Beltway and beyond, is going to get attention, which he loves, and will get all the usual dirty tricks played on him. The problem the DC club has is that, as a fake reality tv star, he's been playing this game a lot longer than the DC puppets have. Well, most of them, as most of them are petty crooks with no style or substance, which is why the are kept dangling on a string, constantly on the phone dialing for dollars for their next campaign season. By contrast, Trumpy is a free man... but still within the confines of the 'club'... like many 'business men' are... especially since WW2. Be default, Trumpy is part of the equation that is disrupting the system, but like the markets, it's engineered for collapse, so his role isn't surprising... anyone in that position would be playing this part.... everyone except the psycho Hillary of course.... but then, the rug's getting pulled no matter who is up on stage swinging their thing.

Anteater's picture

Lord Feverstone is just embodying the latest in psychological research.

In 2016 researchers at Harvard reported after studying 70,000 women

over an eight year period that the 25% most optimistic women had a:

39% lower risk of dying from stroke

38% lower risk of dying from respiratory disease

16% lower risk of dying from cancer

52% lower risk of dying from infection

38% lower risk of dying from heart disease

If you're a man, of course, they you pay Trump taxes and you're fucked!

Trump is the face of Deep State Goldman:Pentagon Luciferian Satanism.

Fahged abahd et, whatsamatta you?

Avichi's picture

"WE THE PEOPLE- Think for a minute what #TRUMP just did- He just SQUEEZED  the Balls of the Deep State, and told them  that let the  "Collective Intelligence and Inference" of the WE THE PEOPLE decide who the real ENEMY OF STATE ARE, and at the same time held back releasing the rest of the "Documents" till further notice. #TRUMP knows full well if he releases the rest of the documents about Kennedy Assination, CIA/FBI/Deep State will panic and could take similar modus operendi, so he attributed the reason that "Deep-State has advised" him not to release the documents due to "National Security "  BS, Does anyone see a pattern with what happened in Las Vegas withthe Patsy - Paddock?"

...continuing on the thought process and the ramification of the above action, what #TRUMP just did was tell the "DEEP STATE" (FBI/CIA/Cabal/ELITES), that you guys come out clean , and start investigating the "CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE" ,"DEEP STATE CRIME SYNDICATES"(Including some of the powerful Texas Families,North Eastern Families/Some of the Utah families)

This was the speech by JFK that the  "DEEP STATE" (FBI/CIA/Cabal/ILLUMINATIES ELITES (RothChilds(East India Company)) were afraid and took the action.

lew1024's picture

The reversal of Trump's decision on the JFK files was possibly an example of his tactics.  First, he agreed to withold some of the files for an additional 180 days to give the CIA time to redact them.  After it was clear they didn't like what was in the files, he reversed his decision, wants them all out.

Yes, the CIA is a major element of the Deep State, and they are all being exposed, bit by bit.

Mike Masr's picture

What storm?

Every time I read the news the deep-state wins again.

Now the JFK Files need to be "carefully" scrubbed by the CIA.

The only "winning" is being enjoyed by the deep-state winners.

I am sure they are getting tired of winning!

Northern Flicker's picture

"Halls of Corruption"? That reminds me:

Why is it that so many Congress persons, which get a decent paycheck for doing a part-time job in which they spend 1/2 their time catering to AIPAC for campaign funds, deem it necessary for the rest of the country to accept Obamacare while Congress gets their own medical plan.  Shouldn't Congress have the same medical plan as everyone else... shouldn't the nation have the same medical plan as Congress? Would Congress have passed Obamacare if they had to accept it too? Who voted for this? How many perks do these "leaders" need?  As far as I understand it, they are still legally allowed insider trading. This is where corruption starts - these guys need schooling on what their job is.

Dr_Snooz's picture

I remember reading your original post. I wasn't skeptical at the time and find myself mystified by all the unwarranted pessimism among Trump's base these days. Trump will be remembered as one of human history's greats, among the likes of Constantine or Charlemagne. When I read the headlines now, it's almost too good to be true. The man hasn't been in office for a year and the world has already been transformed. It's hard to wrap one's head around it all. 

This isn't to build altars to a man, so to speak. Trump is only acting as the Lord's anointed, if you will. Trump has the courage to be ethical, and the resilience to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. The work being done, however, is clearly divine. How else do you explain the countless people who have stood against Trump's rise to power who are now swept aside, shattered. When you look at the Megyn Kellys, the Bob Corkers, the Jeff Flakes, people who were so powerful before, now retiring in disgrace. When you see the very halls of power rocked to their foundations, Hollywood, MSM, the DNC, you realize that something is happening that defies all the political calculus, that destroys all the historical models. We're living through an amazing time. I can't wait to see what happens next!

PS: I'm impressed by your analysis. I'll definitely being reading your blog from here on.

theprofromdover's picture

I always thought that it would take Trump 2 years at least to build a team without using insiders. I assumed he would have to sack just about everyone he started with. I didn't think he would go into the Lion's Den and take the GS Squid on board, however. But maybe he thought he could learn from their tactics before he crushed them.

Alternatively, he doesn't stand a chance and can't ever beat them, just survive.

I still think the former. After all, he has repelled everything so far.

theprofromdover's picture

-and Hitlary is now in his sights.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

This forum is full of fools, if you guys believe Trump is attempting to take on the Deep state.  Orange Jesus is a certified MORON and does not have the mental capacity to take on the Deep State. Be happy with him bashing the NFL, because easy targets and vilifying niggers are his only easy wins. Orange Jesus can't even sort out Obamacare, such strength he wields. As for releasing the JFK files? Give me a fucking break. 

Flankspeed60's picture

There are a number of words and phrases that can be drawn upon to describe Trump, and I don't think he is a particularly likeable character. But, if the sum total of your analysis is that he is a 'moron,' as you say, then you are the ACTUAL moron. If Trump did absolutely NOTHING for the remainder of his term except sit on his ass and play golf, he will already have accomplished more than the last four administrations combined with regard to smoking out and making visible to the American people just how deeply and viciously corrupt this government actually is. Americans need to know and act upon this.

Honest Sam's picture

I'd add that he also exposed the Mass Media DNC Propaganda machine, obliterated the political career of the most hated woman in america, and there is Gorsuch, with the Supremes. and the possibility of yet another when that ugly douche of a lefty jew, Ruth badass Ginsburg dies or quits.

Kinda like looking at Ivanka, too as opposed to the Bamsters daughters. 

He might even have taken a swipe at the,  "Girly Men".

conraddobler's picture

I would suggest one thing above all others.

You have to be happy no matter what because what you have might be all you ever get and wanting more is a great way to become miserable or at least miss out on being happy now.

The best things in life don't cost all that much really even now, even in this most absurd absurdity we call modern life, still to this very day, the best things in life cost very little money.

What would life be like if we stopped chasing a dollar long enough to chase instead the real things in life?

The implications of this would be staggering because all of us are chained to a system that we are pulling along.   We don't have to rise up and defeat anyone we simply have to change our behavior to win.

But it's gonna feel really really weird to the doers and shakers who will cry the loudest that they can't do this or that, can't make all the money they want to, can't drive the car they deserve cause they work hard etc.

You work hard at what?

What is it that you are working hard for?

Are you working hard to buy a tv that will poison your families mind?

Are you working hard to buy poisoned food and eat that?

Are you working hard to put money in the bank that is someone elses debt thus perpetuating the slavery system where you get to be promoted to Uncle Tom instead of field hand?

What the fucking fuck are your working for exactly?

Sit and watch a sunset and just watch it.  Cost, zero and no one will be harmed by your doing it, in fact the peace of mind it might bring you just might, MIGHT change your mind and if enough people change their minds, the world will change.

By all fucking means work hard, the lord does love a working man, but please for the love of that same God, think about what it is you are working for and who you are working for and think about the choices you are making.

Our reality is composed of nothing more than the choices we are all making, it can be bent to any will we desire but it is an EXACT construct of the overall thinking that is powering it.

No power on earth will change it until our thinking changes first.

Honest Sam's picture

"The wise man knows first, what to ignore."

Twee Surgeon's picture

After discovering through experience of my own and observing others, I discovered that working your Ass off, however well intentioned, would just draw attention to your ever expanding stack of loot in the old Bank and you would get robbed, charged, snagged, burned or fucking Looted in one way or another and you would be too busy busting your ass for a good cause and honorable intentions, to notice. No fucking shits will be given and a new ex-wife will be living high on the fucking hog with your kiddies while you go to shit, as a thanks for all your efforts.

Start enjoying life today, not on some imaginary retirement paradise island a decade/s away that will never come. Be happy today. The American dream got the clap.

If you don't have kids, don't have kids. Do not marry. Be happy today. Quit the rigged Casino. Come out of mystery babylon. The game is rigged, don't be the sucker.

Trader200K's picture

Amen Conrad!

Twee, don't forget the bell curve. There are (an admittedly small) population of good women out there. (Ditto the male Bell Curve). They are like gold nuggets in the Yukon. Hard to find, yet very valuable when you do.

While I agree completely that VAWA crazy society is totally dysfunctional, each of us is left with what to do with our lives despite that. Sorry, but I think MGTOW are missing a fine point of statistics. There are 3 billion females on the planet. If only one in 100 or even 1000 is the fraction, that is still a good population. The lazy, unnowledgeable, selfish of either sex will come up empty and die alone, unfulfilled and discovered six days after they pass because the odor finally seeped through the walls (like my Aunt).

In order to find one, those of us that choose to go this route must also be or become equally as good. Sometimes that is the hardest part to admit and overcome. When we imagine the perfect woman, it is only reasonable to presume that such a lady would also desire the same class of attributes in the man seeking her. Why should she settle for less if she is really that good?

Finding a true partner is the happiest thing a person can do.


Catahoula's picture

Power to the people! Non producers, continue eating your feces

frank further's picture

Trump caved to the deep state on the JFK docs.  That makes this article total and mindless bullshit.  Fuck Trump!!!! (and this author)

Honest Sam's picture

Your opinion, but there is so much you don't know and we don't know about what is really going on.  No matter who is occupying the jump seat of Air Force One.

These billionaires have an agenda that we will never know but in decades in the future hindsight, just like we now know more about Kennedy, clinton, and others.

But C. Wright Mills covered all of this decades ago in  "The Power Elite." and George Carlin turned it into a great, iconic comedy sketch. 

At least he did some things I wanted that no one in thirty years would even consider. 

And that is why I would forgive the certainty in acquiescing to the power elite, eventually. But not before he got enough done to satisfy me. 

The fact that he would even want this job is courage, and maniacal ego enough. 

AND it has be enormously great entertainment.  

So go fuck yourself. It's easy. Just get a gerbil and stick it up your ass.

Anteater's picture

Trump is a paper billionaire, working to make himself a real billionaire.

Trump is the face of Deep State Goldman:Pentagon Luciferian Satanism.

Catahoula's picture

Get off your ass, get a job, and try to make something of yourself. 

Twee Surgeon's picture

Because that used to work for millions in 1960 something, therefore it must still work for anyone who is willing to pick up a shovel and dig, correct ?

Pull yorself up by the bootstraps ! But please fill out this form and submit it on line to out H.R. department C/O Kanishatine Ambanga at

Good yuck with that.

Madolf Sanders Hitler's picture

we need a major network to turn to trump if any positive pressure is to build (abc nbc or cbs)

Honest Sam's picture

Yup.  Never happen, but that is what would turn the tide, just like they did for clinton and theBamster.

Hugh Mann's picture

I'll believe it when I see these bastards being hauled off in orange jumpsuits and leg irons.

RubyPetunia's picture

Good prediction regarding Mueller.

dvfco's picture

I liked the Get Out From Under comment from the article.  I hope that's the case, but now they're implicated as well.

Christ, half of the 'investigators' in the Mueller Charade are implicated in the Uranium One deal, among dozens of other felonies.

I'm surprised there haven't been a few dozen private planes exiting Reagen International Airport for places unknown - and without Extradition Treaties!

It's amazing that Assange is still left to rot - very sad.

bshirley1968's picture

"We'll never again have this kind of momentum, folks. We just need to be opportunistic enough to harness it and optimistic enough to believe it really is possible this time."

Who the hell is this "lightweight"?  We need to be opportunistic harness? believe?  Is this a joke?!

First of all over half the shit on that list has NOTHING to do with Trump.  Project Veritas is now a Trump thing?  Weinstien is as a result of some Trump effort ?  Give me a break, you bunch of sheeple.

Headlines like this bring out the ass kissing Trumptards.....and I mean thick.  

1. Nothing on that list means shit in regards to the systematic destruction of this country.

2. Nothing on that list, if corrected, would make one bit of difference in our current situation.

3. Nothing on that list changes the fact that we have crossed the point of no return and are slated for destruction.

4. Nothing will come from anythig on that list.  Hell, most of it is old news anyway.

You bunch of sheeple act as if someone is actually going to get in trouble or be punished.  What a bunch of naive children you are.  "julian Assange and hash keys?  Are you freakin kidding me?!

All of you and this writer are a bunch of light weights.  This dude sounds like he writes for Rush Limbaugh, the light weight of light weights.  Here's a list for you and this dickheaded writer:

1. 17 years in Afghanistan killing who for what?

2.  How many trillions spent in Iraq and Afghanistan for what?

3.  Missles and bombings in Syria for what?

4. Provacation of NK for what?

5. Calls for the destruction of Iran for what?

6. Hostilities towards Russia for what?

7. 58 million babies slaughtered.

8.  Planned parenthood still being funded by tax dollars.

9.  Federal Reserve still being allowed to rob us every day.

10. Slave labor of China and Mexico still taking American jobs.

11. Corporations still using illegal aliens for labor.

12.  Federal asset forfieture on steroids.

13.  Wall Street still running the country.

14.  800 military bases in 70 countries for what?

15. NDAA still in force and being used un-Constitutionally against American citizens.

16. Shitty gov controlled health care still in place.

And the list goes on and on, and you people are peeing on yourselves with joy because 1 of the millions of dirtbags in hollywood got ratted out? And nothing will happen to him just like nothing happend to his jew buddies Woody Allen and Roman Polanski  And we wonder why we are where we are.  Hillary Clinton got caught lying about what we already knew she was lying about months ago, and you people act like Trump just saved the world.

The man does nothing and you plebs credit him with anything and everything you believe positive.  Truly, sheeple you are.

Recriminator's picture

Some good observations. But basically this guy just projects himself as another "never Trumper" and a warped Leftie. I'm not happy with Trump (and Sessions) because he is going TOO SLOW in "draining the swamp". I want grand juries, indictments and prosecutions of all the CRIMINALS, who ran rampant in the last Administration. Along with the EXTRACTION of the middle management of the CIA, IRS, State Dept., FBI asnd Dept of Justice.

bshirley1968's picture

Dude, I voted for this self centered, egomaniac,  and have said so many times.  And I am more conservative than you can imagine.

I am also a realist that leaves the "hope-in-men" for the fools of this world.

At this point, Trump isn't being "too slow", he has shown his hand and doesn't plan on accomplishing anything you listed.....that I too would like to see happen......but is just going to play the other side a little to keep their "hope" alive.  Nothing happens that will meaningfully make a difference. 

To get what you and I want from the office of the presidency,  we are going to have to elect a "real" outsider; not from NY or DC, never been a politician,  not a fucking lawyer, not a banker buddy millionaire or billionaire,  not a damn doctor......of anything, not a fucking college professor,  and for God's sake not a military leader.

What we need is a Mike Rowe or Joe the plumber type that has done real labor, had to write and keep a budget, realizes the world doesn't revolve around them, and doesn't have the ambition to rule the freaking world.  And most importantly. .....we need a SOB that CAN'T BE BOUGHT!

That is where I am.  If I were a congressman,  senator,  or the president,  there wouldn't be ANY figure that would cause me to betray the Constitution or my office of service to the people.  THAT is the # 1 problem in Washington today.  I would report to the public anyone that tried to buy me off and call for an all out boycott.  People, good people, are waiting for some one in leadership to tell them who the bad guys are.  They think Trump is that guy, but he has only given us those we already know.  Has that cheesy prick said one bad thing about the leeching motherfuckers at the federal Reserve?   No he has not.  Has he gotten on the MIC's ass?  Not one bit. He can't even seem to get that corrupt bitch, Hillary arrested or indicted. 

Taking any dollar figure or perk is collusion!   It should be equal with treason and punishable by firing squad.  When Trump became President he should have given up ownership in those stupid hotels.  What the fuck will he ever need them for again?  He will have lifetime free travel, free security, food, clothing, health care, and surely he has some cash already in the bank.

This love of money is corrupting everything and everyone.   Until we stop that, nothing changes.  Taking a guy who loves money and has chased it above all else in his life, and pretending he "can't be bought" is an exercise in insanity.  Sheeple are stupid.

Honest Sam's picture

That man, elected POTUs, wouldn't live to see his 100th day in office.

Chhelo's picture

Well said. Just shows how far down the drain we are. A few basic upticks and we get excited while we are still heading off the cliff.

new game's picture

upvote. simple realities. simple shit maynard. but, no we need a savior so sheeples heads can rest with ease. things are very fuked up and it is ok to accept that.

deer hunting, a chance to kill something about the weight of a human.

think about that. and legal, lol...

Is-Be's picture

I came for the delicious squeels of outrage. 

You didn't disappoint.Thank you very much.

I shall read on, till satiated.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

It's "squeals" there, dildo. Your mentality matches your spelling non-capability.

Honest Sam's picture

While we are on linguistics, you might want to revisit your tortured word, 'non-capability'.

There are far more interesting, germane, and effective ones.

"Incompetence", comes to mind.


Just sayin'....

bshirley1968's picture

My "outrage", you little prick, is over the stupidity of the sheeple like you.  That this cheap shit gets published and dumbasses like you lick it up like it is not only true but meaningful......when in fact it is neither.

That you are not outraged signals that you are just another zombie consumer "hoping" for the best.

Is-Be's picture

I thank you for your point of view. I have a different one. And no, I am not naïve.

Klatschman's picture

Amen and thank you for your anaysis. This is the time in a lifetime for POLS and bureaucrats to step up and purge DC of this treasonous cancer that has previled for generations led by the Dems, but alienated by the get-a-long Reps. STOP IT NOW for America!

Is-Be's picture


There are so many people who stand head and shoulders above Trump. Just ask them

I worry more about Trump's loyalties than his competence.

RedBaron616's picture

Goldman Sachs has an extension office in the White House and you think Trump is lashing the halls of corruption? No wonder you write under a pseudonym. If I wrote that crap, I'd leave my name off it too!

Totin's picture

Yeah, cause deep state corruption is limited to Goldman-Sachs.

bshirley1968's picture

Yeah, they're the they are a BIG part of it.

And Trump is their bitch.

Knave Dave's picture

Not just a big part of it. Their the kingpin of korruption!

nomad943's picture

I have heard it said that if we could only imagine how much better life and the world would be if we could round up Americas 100 richest toadies and execute them ....
So instead of complaining about the GOP tax heist imagine how many of those same super rich will be thinking of ways to move up their ultimate demise in time to take advantage of the temporary lull in uber rich estate taxes.
Call me a dreamer.

Benjamin123's picture

Thrasybulus was an ally of Periander, the tyrant of Corinth. He features in a famous anecdote from Herodotus's Histories,[1] in which a messenger from Periander asks Thrasybulus for advice on ruling.[2] Thrasybulus, instead of responding, takes the messenger for a walk in a field of wheat, where he proceeds to cut off all of the best and tallest ears of wheat. The message, correctly interpreted by Periander, was that a wise ruler would preempt challenges to his rule by "removing" those prominent men who might be powerful enough to challenge him;

Is-Be's picture


Yay! My hero.

He had one very impressive brain. I hold it up as proof of how stupid we have become.

I blame the environment, where even the most lumpen are allowed to breed.