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Amazon shares are up a stunning 12.5% this morning after 'blowout' earnings...smashing Nasdaq to new record highs...


To new record highs...


Looks to us like this was a 'catch-up' trade to the global liquidity glut...


And finally...

"probably nothing"

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all they need to do is ICO the AMZNcoin.

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One company moves up, while hundreds close.

Great recovery strategy

Full Layoff List:


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Silly rabbit.., earnings have nothing to do with it.

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.......just look at AAPL today.....proves your point

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J.C. Penney stock plunges almost 20% on grim earnings forecast


The move spotlighted key problems for the department-store field: hard-to-sell inventory and a reliance on deep discounts to move stock. J.C. Penney also has been shuttering poor-performing stores in a bid to better match supply with demand.


"Yes we can!"



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Another Tech company that makes more profits from its Spy business, than its "core" business. Weird

In this case, without AWS, SpyStick, SpyEcho, etc., AMZN would have $0 or neg profits.

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'Tricks are for kids...'

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Amazon shares are up a stunning 12.5% this morning after 'blowout' earnings...smashing Nasdaq to new record highs...

My response: These "SPIN DOCTORS" at AMAZON are really GOOD!! They even have ZH believing that these earnings from AMAZON were BLOW OUT EARNINGS.

This POST MODERNISM CULTURE where RELATIVISM is KING can make anyone one look good after EPS expectations have been lowered into the CELLAR.

LONG TERM ABSOLUTES used to matter, but not anymore just like US DEBT.

I wonder how many PENSION FUNDS were holders of AMZN stock? I suspect virtually none. Of course CBs like SNB are big holders of AMZN stock and buying more.

I wonder when AMZN's P/E ratio will equal the STOCK PRICE???? That's the NEW NORMAL and no one knew. The P/E ratio of a company is targeted to meet the STOCK PRICE! I guess I missed this concept when taking economics in college.

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Funny how monopolies push out the small entrepeneur...

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If Bezos actually starts reporting real 'reported earnings' it will be the end. He has to have a company that is always growing. If they start actually turning a real honest to gosh profit.....whoa...don't even care to consider that....

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funny how the whole foods acquisition cost got buried very deep into.....well.....probably some other companies earnings report /s

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September 2016   $53 BILLION

September 2017   $90.61 BILLION

that's over $35 BILLION INCREASE in 12 month for those who think math-dont-matter.

Every wonder how they were coming up with the money for all that 'free shipping'?  Don't worry..I'm sure it will all pay off.

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Earnings are dumb anyway. 

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Same with "fundamentals."

Who needs them?

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Not the FED, ECB or BOE for sure or Abenomics.

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Nah, just official buying.

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Are you retarded?

Serious question.

This isn't a crypto thread. Nobody is talking about cryptos. And your article is also stupid. Spoofing of orders has always and will always happen on crypto exchanges because there is no way to legitimately stop it. Not all spoofers are one person. That is a very stupid assumption to make.

Get your shit together.

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everyone w/ brain knows btc is a giant scam.


that single trader, take a guess........ (hint: his/her name has 3 letters)

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How to manipulate and have "blow out" earnings that "smash expectations"!

Nothing of the kind

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Still desperately searching for a way to make this bull market look bearish?  Bad idea...

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If I had any spamazon stawks I would offload the lot after those "earnings"

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what goes up..... will continue going up because the fed


btfd you fools!

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dow 100,000 for Christmas!!!

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I'm glad we're allowed to say "Christmas" again now that the kenyan is gone.

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I was gonna say....

....and now it's "fall festival" instead of Halloween.

Damn semantics!

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it's festivus, for the rest of us

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Rev is all it matters, nothing else.

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Missed that boat...

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As my dearly departed younger brother used to say about his luck, "Every time my ship comes in I'm at the fuckin' airport."

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That's hysterical! I'm gonna have to steal that! Thanks

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You bet.  I miss hearing him say it, so you go with it my friend.  Drop that line at opportune times and it just cracks people up.

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WFM shareholders were upset with earnings prospects.


Replace old shareholders with new ones that will reward lack of earnings with ever increasing share price.

Operating margins for the entire AMZN enterprise were 0.80% and that includes the profitable AWS segment. Once again they lost money selling stuff.

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 Market ticker has two good pieces on these cats.

  Good luck competing with a company that dont need to make a proffit. Fiat magic! Same as Tesla and GM an a bunch of others too. The monopolist games go on as long as the fiat is the MOE.

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Don't tell ZH but consensus EPS for 2018 is $7.80 and 2019 is $15.78. Probably nothing! Why doesn't ZH just admit that it got FANGS wrong and has done for years?

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And both of those will be drastically cut as the dates for reporting get nearer and nearer

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A couple of tech companies beat perpetually lowered earnings expectations and nearly every stock in the Nasdaq is blowing off.  What a fucking joke.  This has to be the makings of a blow off top.

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Not impressed, more like nauseous.

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 PPT kiddies. Thats whats keeping all the monopolies going.

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It looks like the "bump stock" coded message worked.

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That PPT's openly exists should have people raising their eyebrows.

Nope it's all good because CB's tell us so.