Frustrated Trump Urges State To Release Remaining Clinton Emails

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More than nine months after the DOJ and a handful of Congressional committees launched probes into Russia's efforts to influence the election, President Donald Trump is finally pushing back by aiding Congressional Republicans' efforts to investigate the Clinton's Russia ties, which are as extensive than Trump's, if not more so.

Earlier this week, he reportedly ordered the Department of Justice to lift a gag order on an FBI informant, freeing him to testify before Congressional probes into the Obama-era Uranium One deal. And just minutes ago, CNN reported that the president has made it clear to the State Department that he wants to accelerate the release of any remaining Hillary Clinton emails in its possession as soon as possible.

The order comes as calls for the DOJ to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the deal are growing following the revelation that the FBI had investigated possible corruption related to Russia's push to buy up uranium in North America, but neglected to inform Congress. That probe led to the arrest of a Russian who was head of the US-based subsidiary of Rosatom, a nuclear energy company backed by the Russian state. Three Congressional committees have launched investigations into the deal. The central question is whether Hillary Clinton and her husband entered into a quid pro quo whereby she voted in 2010 to approve the sale of 20% of US uranium supplies to Russia - and in returned received hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clinton foundation from entities with ties to the Russian government. Her husband also received a $500,000 speaking fee from a bank with ties to the Russian government.

The FBI's decision to release documents pertaining to the infamous "Trump dossier" also appears to be part of this wave of transparency. The sources described the President's interest in the release of the emails - and the testimony of the FBI informant - as rooted in a commitment to "transparency," with one source adding that "the law requires cooperation with Congress and the courts."

The White House actually started pressuring State to speed up the process earlier this year. So far, the department turned over to Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, 1,617 pages of documents, including 97 email exchanges not previously disclosed, after being hit with a series of FOIA lawsuits, according to the Washington Examiner.

It's unclear how many more emails remain to be released.

Trump has reportedly expressed frustration with government agencies that have been slow in responding to requests for information that he believes should be public, especially given congressional and court-ordered requests for the information. One source also said this effort is not about any individual or any particular item of evidence. However, both the lifting of the gag order and the effort on the emails involve one political figure who happens to be the President's favorite target: Hillary Clinton.

And there's still a chance that more emails might be discovered. The State Department still has 40,000 pages of records - which may include emails sent by Clinton as secretary of state - that it needs to review for potential release. These documents were discovered by the FBI and handed over to the State Department over the summer as a result of its investigation of former Congressman and recently minted felon Anthony Weiner.

The State Department has already processed 32,000 pages of the records from Weiner's computers, according to Judicial Watch.

Of course, while Trump might boast about being transparent, his decision to kowtow to the CIA and delay the released of thousands of pages of files related to the JFK assasination would suggest otherwise. However, we wonder, what will Trump ask for next?

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chunga's picture

Knock it off Trump. Talk to Assange and burn this thing down.

wee-weed up's picture



Good luck with that...

There are still many rabid Hitlery & Obozo apparatcheks...

Working down in the bowels of the State Dept.

nmewn's picture

Yep, there is embedded prog weasels throughout every federal bureaucracy now, especially after ObaMao...fucking parasites. 

Just look at the length of time it takes to get a reaction to a simple FOIA request now. 

We're gonna have to burn it and start over.

romanmoment's picture

Assange has the dirt.  I agree, let's burn this fucker down.  I want a whole bunch of these self-righteous assholes in jail tossing Jamal salad.

chunga's picture

It's gonna take strong medicine. Half measures will do nothing.

romanmoment's picture

This is THE scandal.  Actually, the "Russia influence" lie is THE scandal.  Then again, the IRS being used as a weapon against Obama's enemies is THE scandal.  Wait, Benghazi is THE scandal. Then again, Fast and Furious is THE scandal.  Crap, I think the DNC sticking it to Bernie is THE scandal.  Shoot, there's more.  Obamacare manipulation and lies is THE scandal.  Or maybe it's the blatant lies of environmentalism over the past 30 years that is THE scandal.  I know, it's Clinton's email server and possible comprimised top secret info that is THE scandal.  No, definitely it's the Iran deal and the money paid in cash to Iran that is THE scandal.  

For goodness sake Mr. Session's, can we please put the Clinton's, 90% of the DNC, the Obama's, Holder, Lynch and much of Congress in jail now?  

Mylifedependsonit's picture

Thanks for the reminder. It's tough to keep track of it all. 

Pure Evil's picture

Sadly, he only skimmed the surface of the corrupt body. To dig any deeper were release the putrid decaying flesh of what is now known as the Democrat Party.

Speaking of rotting decaying corpses has anyone heard from the Cowboy hat wearing succubus from Florida lately?

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

I think she didn't connect to her audience and her show got canceled.

ThePhantom's picture

let he who is without sin cast the first stone... gee i wonder. maybe second thoughts about suicide? everybodys dirty ... how long till that boomerang comes back around

Tallest Skil's picture

Never, because some people know how to follow the constitution. Fuck off.

garcam123's picture

Yessir! Bygumit.......just as soon as I catch these potheads....I mean we;re talkin about a whole ounce gum and I mean to sieze it, dagnabbit!

Tallest Skil's picture

>>can we please put the Clinton's, 90% of the DNC, the Obama's, Holder, Lynch and much of Congress in jail now?

What makes you think I want to pay taxes to keep traitors alive? KILL THEM ALL. SINGLE BULLET TO THE HEAD. Cheap, efficient, effective. Or, hell, gas chamber. Nice and poetic.

Uncle Sugar's picture

If they are squeamish about the death penalty, I volunteer to pull the trigger. Have my own equipment. No charge.

BidnessMan's picture

Bet there are many who would pay for the privilege.

FoggyWorld's picture

Sessions will do none of the above because he without discussing it with Trump, recused himself from all of those issues.  In his mind I guess that justifies his taking the paycheck he isn't earning.  He has to go.

Anunnaki's picture

Too early. Let the indictments time for maximum Impact vs Dems in 2018 election

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

I would rather see them in satin-lined mahogany.

BidnessMan's picture

That would provide dignity they do not deserve.  

Catahoula's picture

Call the corruption! Good times!

Winston Churchill's picture

Donald, you are the chief law enforcement officer of the USA, as well as titular CiC.

Send a battalion of MPs into Foggy Bottom and quit whining.Never did like your whining.

Shit or get off the pot.

nmewn's picture

"The order comes as calls for the DOJ to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the deal are growing following the revelation that the FBI had investigated possible corruption related to Russia's push to buy up uranium in North America, but neglected to inform Congress."

Well, they actually had already convicted Vadim Mikerin, Daren Condrey and Boris Rubizhevsky without informing Congress when the commie libs started in yakking about their "collusion" bullshit.

I do believe we're gonna find some Congresscritters (besides Hillary-Bill & the Podesta's) wrapped up in all this before its over, quite possibly "recently" retired Congresscritters and sitting senators.

Ya nooowah!...I've found a place that sells bulk popcorn ;-)

SRV's picture

I wouldn't get too excited @nmewn... there is trouble on the horizon!

Surprising how little talk there is about the sexual assault sandals weeping the nation, and the eventual goal...

It is of course to put up a few high level sacrificial lambs to convince the country it is an epidemic that must be addressed aggressively... then a stream of Trump accusers will trotted out, only this time they will have proof (the CIA is very good a "providing" proof), and a reason to impeach the sexual Predator n Chief!

It's coming... they are desperate! 

nmewn's picture

Yeah they're desperate alright.

Here ya go, when they start in with the sex scandal them this...

"Under a law in place since 1995, accusers may file lawsuits only if they first agree to go through months of counseling and mediation. A special congressional office is charged with trying to resolve the cases out of court.

When settlements do occur, members do not pay them from their own office funds, a requirement in other federal agencies. Instead, the confidential payments come out of a special U.S. Treasury fund." see, the victims must go through months of "counseling" to get "their minds right" and if a settlement occurs the congresscritter doesn't do.

Its all very legal ya know, they even have a "special fund" set aside ;-)

FoggyWorld's picture

They have already tried that and it just didn't fly.  Trump was and is a workaholic and women have gone after him.  He isn't Bill Clinton and never had to be nor has he behaved that way.

Boxed Merlot's picture

But I thought they're good people. I'd hate to think what his definition of bad is.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Them two having been buddies for so long... it makes me wonder what she must have said to him, that one night, at a cocktail reception or such, that made him so GD vengeful. What could/would she have threatened him with to put her reputation next to his, knowing full well what she had been up to. Perhaps she thought that she had a better means to secure that information. Perhaps she simply believed rumours about him that weren't true. Perhaps they were true. What is hidden? Unknown unknowns.

All we know is that she is going to jail, which if she avoids, would indicate systemic corruption and crony-capitalism really is in an irreperable state and extreme prejudice must be used to straighten it out. Meuller will recuse himself. They will not be pardoned.

The reset is not avoidable, at this point. I hate to say it so crudely, but the swamp really must be drained. If Trump was the spark, then that will have been his role, the rest of the job being made moot. He goes along because he knows he will not change the world through diplomacy or deal-making, rather just by having been POTUS.

It's the ultimate hussle. What did Trump have on all his opponents to allow him to rise to the top like he did? Was he just the spark the world needed? His job is done, his presidency is already over. The rest is just posturing, marketing, and icing.

Alogon's picture

Not sure if your questions are rhetorical but I don't think the pied piper is happy with the seditious purple people eater.

shimmy's picture

"Release all the emails so the people can know the truth!"

Says the guy that just held back a bunch of JFK documents and also refused to release his tax returns.

Not saying I disagree with him here yet shit, practice what you preach. Hypocrites piss me off. 

FlipSide's picture

Trump, you can't even get the CIA to release the remaining 100's of JFK files. 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

He could, but it would entail the same fate. Hence the dilemna.

tmosley's picture

No dilemma. He has them by the balls now. They do what he says, when he says it, or he rips them off.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

What he can do and what he will do are not necessarily the same.

There are two types of politicians: those who look like smart guys and gals, and those who lool like dumb guys and gals. The opposite is usually true, 43 being the exception; he was sincerely dumb.

MuffDiver69's picture

Nah,,,Sessions was just on news saying he is personally working on this subject this weekend and he looked as mad as I’ve ever seen him..

FoggyWorld's picture

Wonder if Sessions is up to staying awake through the weekend.  Just not his style and he is not there to help Trump or us.

passerby's picture

An agent acts on behalf of who appoints him. An agent has no authority to make up its own laws. That authority is reserved for who appoints the agent. An agency is an agent. But on who's behalf ? Let's get this reversed pecking order sorted out. That's why agencies use the word shall instead of must in their empowering clauses. Shall when used outside the Constitution means may and may is voluntary. Well, that's how it used to be. Maybe it was a dream. If it was, it was a pleasant one. 

MuffDiver69's picture

All Crooked had to do was go play with the grandkids, but she couldn’t help herself and went on a rampage with her friends in Fake News. President Trump is known as a counter-puncher who gets even..The treatment by Deep State,Democrats,GOPe etc and the fact they have gone after his family has now sealed these idiots fate ...Trump will destroy these people now with the full force of the most powerful posistion on earth...You can see the dominoes systematically falling now..Thank You Mr. President and MAGA...

Dancing Disraeli's picture

I actually like the slow turn of the screw strategy employed by Trump.

Keep it coming.

BeansMcGreens's picture

Really the pressure, its genius. These people are probably just waiting for someone to come and arrest them. Can you imagine the sleeping aids they are taking.

Mylifedependsonit's picture

I doubt that melatonin had any effect anymore. Probably going straight for the bourbon, straight.

Mylifedependsonit's picture

It's actually getting fun again, to read the "news". 

Anunnaki's picture

A scandal a day keeps Rachel Madcow at bay

Jacksons Ghost's picture

Release the Kracken!  No....wait...wrong movie.

Albertarocks's picture

No I think you're right.  Something at least as big as the Kraken is coming and Mr. Bannon controls it.  No doubt about it.  The establishment is about to come completely unglued, from Hollywood to Washington to the CIA and FBI, to big pharma, to Arkansas and to hell and back.  This is getting real serious.  It's about to develop into one of the best turns of events in USA history. There is going to be some serious searing of flesh as these bastards finally start getting raked over the coals.  I literally cannot wait for the stink of that.

If this evolves like I think it's going to, it will snowball so freakin' fast that the world is in for the best movie of all time, much better than even the best movie Hollywood ever produced.  Except for Avatar... can't beat that one.  The establishment feeding frenzy is already underway and it's going to get real, real ugly.  And that's a great thing.

At the end of the day, I'm feeling really good for the American people because I think they're going to be getting some real justice... Lady Karma's arrival is imminent although decades late.  But it's going to one for the record books.  Gives me goosebumps thinking about how much you folks are going to enjoy it.  Trust me, we're going to enjoy it north of the border just as much as you are.

nekten's picture

C'mon Lady Karma, we been waiting too long!

loveyajimbo's picture

This is bullshit.  Trump, tell Tillerson he has the weekend to force his seditious assholes to cough up or replace him with Bolton.  Fire anyone associated with the document request.

Next, can the corrupt pansy coward Sessions... Hillapig should hav been indicted within 3 months of taking office.  McMaster, Cohn and Mnuchin should be ass-kicked to the curb too.  Wray looks to be incompetent or corrupt, his FBI is also slow-walking doc requests... so OUT he goes too... replace with tom fitton.

Why did you hire these deep state shitbags, unless YOU are corrupt too???  And why the FUCK are Mueller, Rosenheeb and McCabe still employed?