JFK Release: Second Shooter, UK Tipoff, CIA Media Infiltration, and LBJ Fingered In Coup

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While yesterday’s pre-planned release of JFK files was significantly neutered at the request of the CIA and FBI, enraging Lou Dobbs among others, the 2800+ files which were released have been poured over extensively, revealing evidence of a second shooter, a massive CIA infiltration of the MSM, a tipoff phone call received 25 minutes before the assassination, and Soviet intelligence indicating the assassination was a coup involving LBJ among other things. 

Summary of findings so far: 

Two shooters, one escaped: 

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32144493.pdf [p. 3]

J. Edgar Hoover's comments suggest Oswald wasn't a shooter: 

The evening of the assassination, J. Edgar Hoover told Lyndon Johnson’s aide, Walter Jenkins, “The thing I am concerned about, and so is Mr. Katsenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32263509.pdf [p. 3]

Soviet belief in a well orchestrated coup:

“According to our source, officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there was some well-organized conspiracy on the part of the “ultraright” in the United States to effect a “coup.” They seemed convinced that the assassination was not the deed of one man, but that it arose out of a carefully planned campaign in which several people played a part.”

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32204484.pdf [p. 3]


The KGB allegedly had evidence LBJ was behind the coup:

According to a CIA source, “it was indicated that “now” the KGB was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy.

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32204484.pdf [p. 5]

Jack Ruby claimed it was LBJ as well:



A UK Journalist was tipped off 25 minutes before the assassination

A memo written to the director of the FBI from the deputy director of the CIA notes that a UK journalist employed by Cambridge News received an anonymous phone call 25 minutes before the JFK assassination telling him to call the US Embassy for “some big news.”

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32357111.pdf [p. 2, 3]

The CIA infiltrated the media and religious institutions

In a February, 1976 note, the CIA’s Office of the Director issued a memo which states “Genuine concern has recently been expressed about CIA relations with newsmen and churchmen.” As a result, the agency instituted a new policy not to enter into paid arrangements with these institutions.

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32403785.pdf [p. 3]

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32403785.pdf [p. 3]

Over 40 journalists ‘who doubled as undercover agents’ worked for the CIA

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32403785.pdf [p. 17]

We then discussed the matter somewhat at more length and I gave ball park figures of various categories of journalists with whom we had contact. I said that the total free lance stringers with whom we had varying degrees of association was in the area of 40.

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32403785.pdf [p. 16]

CIA-NBC connection

https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32279986.pdf [p. 2]

Lee Harvey Oswald – agent of the U.S. government? 

Jewish involvement? 

The secret service interviewed hundreds of people deemed “threats to President Kennedy’s safety” from March – December, 1963. One of the interviewees was an anti-Castro Cuban national named Homer S. Echevarria, who – the day before the assassination – “allegedly approached informant to provide machine guns for Cuban rev.,” (revolution) and allegedly told the informant “We now have plenty of money — our new backers are Jews — as soon as ‘we’ or (they) take care of Kennedy…” The Secret Service note states Echevarria “expressed favorable attitude toward LBJ.”

Before reaching any conclusions, note that this is the only claim of Jewish involvement in the assassination aside from Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein), and could be misdirection or scapegoating by Echevarria.

That said, The Sun reports that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby met each other on a trip to Cuba “to cut sugar cane” weeks before the assassination.

They were part of a group of 30 or 40 “hippie looking” people who were on their way to Cuba to cut sugar cane, airport manager George Faraldo told investigators.

This bombshell will shed new light on the truth behind JFK’s assassination and whether Oswald was to blame for the former president’s murder.

Ruby, whose real name is Jacob Rubenstein, shot dead Oswald, 24, two days after the presidential assassination in November 1963.

But just weeks before, Oswald and nightclub owner Ruby were apparently both part of a large group of “mostly young” people heading to Cuba.

Mr Faraldo told the FBI that Ruby and Oswald were dressed casually in a sport shirts and trousers.

The airport manager added that Ruby “spent most of the time not mingling with the group but standing against the doorway that led from the waiting area to the rear plane boarding area.”

At one point he saw Oswald approach Ruby and ask: “Have you heard anything from the Big Bird yet?”

Of note, LBJ – apparently a former Klan member – reportedly had a huge penis, and Sesame Street wasn’t on the air until 1969 – well after Kennedy’s death.Download the JFK files here: 












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snodgrass's picture

Hoover was one of those plotting the killing of Kennedy along with his lover Tolson. But Lyndon Johnson was a key player. He promised the military they could have their war (in Vietnam) if Kennedy was killed. LBJ was afraid he was going to be removed from the ticket when Kennedy ran again and would be subject to prosecution for murder and all the theft he was guilty of when in office. Other key players in the assassination were the Rockeffer crime family, Dulles, Bush crime family and others. A lot of witnesses to what really happened were either intimidated into shutting up or were "suicided" afterwards.



el buitre's picture

(Opium) Poppy Bush was Allen Dulles' on site coordinator for the hit, taking orders from Allen Dulles, who JFK had fired as CIA director a few months earlier. .  He is still (vaguely) alive.  JFK's murder at the time was a crime only under Texas law - namely murder one.  There's no statue of limitation in Texas for murder and it still has capital punishment for murder 1.  Wake me up when they execute Poppy.

Magooo's picture

If the Zionists are behind it - then why would they allow this information to be released?



InnVestuhrr's picture

American Exceptionalism !!!!!!!

I believe that America should embark on a jihad to spread this "exceptional" USA government structure and practices worldwide, for the benefit of all the people suffering under inferior forms of government.

Oh, wait, they have been doing that for decades ... never mind.

disagreeableness's picture

So Johnson had a huge dick........and no balls.

Dickweed Wang's picture

You want proof that the military/industrial complex owns and controls Hollyweird?  A movie about that evil motherfucker Lyndon Johnson is coming to "theaters near you" right after the new JFK files that reinforced the possibility that Johnson part of Kennedy's murder were released.  You can bet your next paycheck that the movie about Johnson will go to great lengths to dissuade anyone of that notion.  Is it a coincidence that one of the two guys from the Johnson administration that fought like crazy in the late '90's to prevent the release of these same (i.e. the latest) Kennedy documents was one of Johnson's right hand men and also a big wig in Hollyweird?  The same group that offed Kennedy is still in control to this day and will do anything to remain in power.

el buitre's picture

Johnson was a psychopath with a personal hitman on retainer.  His name was Mac Davis.  Davis was once convicted of murder in Texas, and then the trial judge released him without a sentence.  The CIA contracted out the hit to the mob's professional killers, but Johnson had Davis in position as a shooter as well for insurance.  The only real question about the JFK murder, the how, who, and why, right down to the street thugs, is why the American sheeple bought the official story.  The truth has been out there for decades by brilliant and resourceful investigative reporters.  The late Jim Marrs, a Dallas native, wrote one of the better ones, titled Crossfire (1989).  Why should I give a shit what some CIA limited hangout creep chooses to release to the public?

Avichi's picture

This was the speech by JFK that the  "DEEP STATE" (FBI/CIA/Cabal/ILLUMINATIES ELITES (RothChilds(East India Company)) were afraid and scared off , and they took the action.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8HTr-F-FVM

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"That said, The Sun reports that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby met each other on a trip to Cuba “to cut sugar cane” weeks before the assassination.

They were part of a group of 30 or 40 “hippie looking” people who were on their way to Cuba to cut sugar cane, airport manager George Faraldo told investigators.

This bombshell will shed new light on the truth behind JFK’s assassination and whether Oswald was to blame for the former president’s murder."


One didn't just go to Cuba, in 1963. Weeks before the assassination, Oswald was working at the book depository. There would have been some record of the flight, thus there should have been a time and day when the flight occurred.

"The airport manager added that Ruby “spent most of the time not mingling with the group but standing against the doorway that led from the waiting area to the rear plane boarding area.

At one point he saw Oswald approach Ruby and ask: “Have you heard anything from the Big Bird yet?”"

I would doubt that the manager was close enough to hear what someone was saying to someone else over by the door to the tarmac.

Ruby was at the Dallas Morning News when JFK was shot. Witnesses said he was upset at the news. When Ruby shot Oswald, he lunged down at Oswald after he fell to the floor, indicating ager toward the person he shot.




moneybots's picture

"Pena believes that Oswald was an agent of the U.S. (p. 18)"


There is that word believes, again. Belief is not evidence.

moneybots's picture

As you know down vote, belief is not evidence.

moneybots's picture

 "Soviet belief in a well orchestrated coup:"


Belief was not evidence of anything. It was pure speculation.

SunRise's picture

I didn't down-vote you - What you first stated is true; however, the latest statement that Belief is pure speculation is not true.  Belief and Speculation are two different concepts. Belief is either based on valid evidence or false evidence,  but speculation and guessing are closer relatives than belief and speculation.

woody3405's picture

Have your views of 9/11 changed now?

dvfco's picture

No, but I never believed the gov't story from day 1.

When they had the names of all the terrorists before you could blink, I called bullshit.

When they found the passport of one of the hijackers on the ground in NYC, I called bullshit.

And, I watched it all, saw plane #2 hit and both building come down.

I think there is less than a 1 in 10,000 chance the story is anywhere close to what the government tries to get us to believe.

ALSO - Vegas was an ex-CIA pilot gone rogue and batshit crazy.  It wasn't FBI or a 'professional gambler'  - that was the money-laundering part of his life.

woody3405's picture

Have your views of 9/11 changed now?

jin187's picture

The only line in this article that backs up the idea of a second shooter is the testimony of a restaurant owner that says there was a bullet hole in the car's windshield. If this is true, then the conspirators would have had to silence dozens of witnesses to keep this bombshell out of the news, if not hundreds. Sounds like bullshit to me.

woody3405's picture

Not at all - all they have to do is show them the "new" windshield.  "You were mistaken."  If there is no windshield, there is no proof.  Next.

A. Boaty's picture

One of the Lee Harvey Oswalds acted alone:


From the article:

“…For example, the FBI first reported truthfully to both LBJ and the Secret Service on November 23 that a recording of someone calling himself “Lee Oswald” in Mexico City had been listened to by FBI agents in Dallas, who were “of the opinion that [the man in Mexico] was not Lee Harvey Oswald”.

Two days later Dallas FBI agents, along with the FBI Legat in Mexico City, reported falsely on November 25 that “no tapes were taken to Dallas”. Subsequently the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) used this false report, compounded by false and misleading logic, to conclude that there was no “basis for concluding that there had been an Oswald imposter”.

We should not conclude from the change in the FBI’s story about the tapes that either it, or still less the HSCA, was involved in the Kennedy assassination. It does however seem extremely likely that further investigation of the Oswald imposter in Mexico City would have, one way or another, have led to exposure of the CIA’s Oswald operation exposed in this essay….”

Kat Daddy's picture

JFK murder like "Murder on the Orient Express"; Kennedy pissed off so many; LBJ (Bobby Baker to testify about $100K cash, briefcase), CIA (threatened to dismantle, Dulles Fired), Mossad (No nukes for Israel, Diamona Inspections), MIC (Pullout Viet Nam, Peace with Russia/Cuba), Mob (deportations, doublecross), Dallas Police (50% KKK), Fed (Kennedy printed debt free money through Treasury), Cubans (Bay of Pigs debacle, GHWBush organizer), Deep State (expose NWO).  N.O. DA Jim Garrison pretty well nailed it long age; read his book, "On the Trail of the Assassins".  To make the whoe affair much more personal; Kennedy fucked all thier wives.






thatthingcanfly's picture

"...the 2800+ files which were released have been poured over extensively,..."

Come on man. "Pored."

ZeroPointNow's picture

Get out of here with your fancy correct spelling. 

HoPewGassed's picture

I dunno, maybe they did a LBJ on 'em. 

Let it Go's picture

Big government tends to slowly expand and encroach upon the rights of the people for the so-called greater good. Anyone who doesn't believe that countries use psychological warfare and propaganda to sway the opinions of people both in and outside of their country should be considered naive. To many people America is more than a little hypocritical when they criticize other countries for trying to gain influence considering our history of meddling in the affairs of other countries.

Americans have every reason to be concerned and worried considering revelations of just how big the government intelligent agencies have grown since 9-11 and how unlimited their spying and surveillance operations have become. The article below explores this growth and questions whether we have lost control.

 Psychological Warfare And Propaganda Out Of Control

GreatUncle's picture

You convinced me that "you must never trust government in any form".

Oh but I am there already.

MaxThrust's picture

The JFK file release (minus the good stuff) has really taken people's attention away from the failed CIA OP in Las vegas.

roadhazard's picture

Funny, only tin foil hats have the scoop while major news sez nothing. They must have been in on it too.... pass it on.

Darth Rayne's picture

My three books are meant to illuminate the fact that our society, the 'real world', has been imagined into existence by the ancient legacy systems of our brain. I call this the monkey part of our brain.


If we put some effort into training our inner monkey, then the human portions of our brain could easily imagine a civilisation into existence.


We all know what a society is, we live in one. Few of us can imagine anything else.


A civilisation is, in my opinion, how we naturally organise ourselves.


The J.F.K assassination is a huge event. It could have easily resulted in the shattering of society and the birth of an actual human civilisation. It still could.


Those who benefit most from our society would not enjoy such wealth, power and privilege in a civilisation. Hence why they fought and fight so hard to keep their ill gotten gains.


In a society, we form a very wide based pyramid with power and wealth controlled at the top. A civilisation is more like a pancake.


In society, the average man has little to no power.

In a civilisation, no-one exceeds his power.


In a society, good ideas need support from the relevant professional bodies.


In a civilisation, good ideas are embraced and developed by those who choose to.


Free will and choice are the foundations of a civilisation.

Society is based on the fears of our inner monkey.


With J.F.K. we realise that those in power did their best to promote the idea that they were still in power. They had to demonstrate their value to us. In truth, they provide no value. They merely take from us whatever they feel can. Fully believing their entitlement to our wealth. In truth they perpetuate themselves by preventing the human race becoming a human civilisation.


They will fail or drag us all into Hell.


They will fail. God is not on their side.

They will fail. They will fail spectacularly. Our bones will remember their failure.


They will fail. Free yourself from their fraud and coercive force, or you risk failing with them.


I suggest you read more of my stuff or find something of equal or better value. Do it soon.


I don't include a link as some of you don't like that kind of self promotion. 


Be seeing you?

fiddy pence haff pound's picture

Why the hell would any sane president waste a perfectly good afternoon

parading through Dallas?

wait a sec. I think the answer is in the Comments here.

Avichi's picture

WE THE PEOPLE - It is very clear that the  ILLUMINATIS-DEEP STATE FBI/CIA has only two choices going foward.


2. Create another FALSE FLAG EVENT like JFK Assaination/Las Vegas Paddock Patsy.

#TRUMP has a clear choice now to release the rest of the JFK document let the WORLD know how corrupt the ILLUMINATIS-DEEP STATE FBI/CIA

The PLOT get thicker and thrilling than Jason Bourne,James Bond 007,French Connection,Z ,International or any other similar movies.

Anyone interested in writing a script for this new movie, pretty sure it is going to be a hit in Hollywood- Too bad Harvey WeinerStein is Out of Business, Hi may be Paramount Pictures or Universal Studious

Will we see few more myterious disapperance of key actors?


freedom1798's picture

Good summary.  I thought on the day JFK was killed that LBJ was involved.  It was in Texas, and now Hoover says the Dallas Police fucked up by letting Ruby kill Oswald.  It all stinks, and it smells like LBJ.  After all, as a result, LBJ was the big winner.  He got to be president.

General Fuster Cluck's picture

Shakespeare wrote the plot. Everyone who was anybody had a hand in killing Caesar. You could not be part of the club going forward if you didn't take a stab at the Emperor that day.

Iwanttoknow's picture

This is a limited hangout.

hannah's picture

lbj was about to have senateinvestigations into his cotton shit in texas and the murdersto shutpeople up. lbj was put on the kennedy campaign...forced on kennedy.  the texas oil men were going to have the tax go up on oil and they didnt want that. the mafia hated rfk. jfk was going to take the cia apart.



the fbi/cia/teaxasoil men/lbj and the mafia killed jfk. the cubans and the russians didnt have squate to do with it......jackie knew lbj did it. that is why she was in the photo of lbj searing in...she wanted the bllod and brains on her clothes showing in the picture with lbj...a big fuck you.

just the tip's picture

lbj was about to be linked directly to billie sol estes.  jfk got hold of this, and like a bulldog on a bone, would not let it go.  jfk was going to jettison lbj from his ticket in 1964.  this would end lbj's political career.

Soon after the Estes indictments, however, Mr. Freeman, the agriculture secretary, disclosed that a key investigator on the case, Henry Marshall, had been found dead in Texas — bludgeoned on the head, with nearly fatal amounts of carbon monoxide in his bloodstream and five chest wounds from a single-shot bolt-action rifle. Local officials ruled it suicide, but the body was exhumed and the cause changed to homicide.


Nobodys Home's picture

Which country threw out an elected dual citizen this week?....Because he was a dual citizen!
I guess he didn't show his birth certificate either.
Just sayin! We have a lot of dual citizens in our govt. as well!

Golden Showers's picture

Oh, well there it is, the same documentary I just suggested as worth one's time in a posting down the line. Cool.

Evidence of Revision. Worth your time. Thanks.

Edit: Btw, I don't want to name drop, but an old co-worker gave me a burn of the series just over a decade ago. You would recognize his name, I'm sure, some of you.

It's difficult to put into words, but I have a lot of gratitude for people who have spent time and anguish over this and other similar events all over the world. Also a lot of gratitude for people who care enough to consider what others have worked so hard to tell.

I'm usually a negative creep. But, one uninteded consequence of this affair may be that for once in a long, long while, the people will agree with one another on the facts. And the facts are that our government lies to us, steals from us, and murders us at every opportunity. I don't care who you are or what you believe. If you understand that one thing I said, then that is a common ground and something that is uniting. The more we are divided the more this shit keeps happening.

cyberfossil's picture

I enjoy the tone and sentiment of your comment--well done.  I wanted to upvote you strongly until I saw your name and then I just lost my will and felt nauseous.  Would you please consider changing your name?  Perhaps a mere euphemism of same or similar but maybe it to an innocent child freely enjoying a refreshing pee against a tree in a mountain forest lit by the filtered sun on a crisp fall day?  Please . . .? Respectfully yours

detached.amusement's picture

might I suggest at the same time, you change your name to cyber snowflake

pocomotion's picture

JEWS KILLED Kennedy's and MLK along with a host of world atrocities.  They exterminate the world as we Goy watch baseball and football.

Ok, So, in twenty years they will release the Samson option for all of us to die over.

Farqued Up's picture

I give great credence to what I heard, the good guys in the military and the intelligence services have served notice that if Trump is harmed, the whole bunch of fucks that are so rich that they aren't even included on the Forbes richest list will eat hot lead, too.

Koba the Dread's picture

And what will the bad guys in the military and the intelligence services be doing while this is going on?

InnVestuhrr's picture

LBJ was the key participant in the assassination and was essential to the success of the conspiracy for 2 reasons:

1. It was essential to have a fully involved and cooperating local government regime where the killing took place, ie Texas, where LBJ was a kind of political lord, to suppress genuine investigations and to be able to introduce bogus evidence and to quickly get rid of the patsy Oswald.

2. It was essential to have a fully involved and cooperating federal government regime, ie the successor president, to implement and control the cover-up and to ensure that the huge powerful apparatus of the federal government, especially with JFK's brother Bobby in the Attorney General's office, would not be engaged in any serious investigations and publication of any truths that deviated from the fabricated cover story.

LBJ goes down as the greatest villain in USA government history:

1. Got into the White House by assassinating his predecessor, good old-fashioned method practiced worldwide since dawn of human history.

2. Forced through the Great Society entitlement programs which have destroyed American society, plundered the people's earnings, and run up astronomical debts.

3. Slaughtered and mutilated 10's of thousands of Americans in Vietnam "police action".

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"3. Slaughtered and mutilated 10's of thousands of Americans in Vietnam "police action"


You forget #4 :

4. Slaughtered and mutilated MILLIONS of innocent Vietnamese who asked nothing bur live peacefully in their beautiful country.

This fact is often overlooked in the US.