Baltimore Murder Crisis Continues: 2nd 'Ceasefire' Scheduled For Next Weekend

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Organizers from August’s failed ceasefire movement in Baltimore City, Maryland will be conducting the second citywide ceasefire on November 03-05.

Back in August, we reported on the first ceasefire, where Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence” agreed not to kill anyone.

The ceasefire ended in the 42nd hour, as a young male was shot to death near Ravens stadium. At the time we wrote the article, homicides in Baltimore stood at 208. Fast Forward to the end of October and homicides now stand at 295 honing in on the record high of 344 set in 2015.

According to The Economist,

If weighted to reflect the fact that the murder rate always climbs in the hot, fractious summer months, this suggests Baltimore may see more than 400 murders this year. That would smash the existing record of 344 killings, which was set in 2015, fuelled by violent rioting over the death in police custody of a drug peddler called Freddie Gray.

Despite no obvious slowdown in murders from the first ceasefire, The event’s founder Ericka Bridgeford, 44 remains optimistic for the second.

She cites “momentum has been really amazing” since the first event due to the awareness through citywide cookouts, marches, and vigils.

Bridgeford also said, “when we do it together and stand together often, it can shift something that we thought we could do nothing about. We can’t reach that goal if we just do it one time. We have to keep doing it.”

In the first ceasefire movement in August, Ruptly interviewed a pair of ceasefire members who described Baltimore as a “war zone”. Keep in mind, this is a much different narrative than the mainstream who think everything is awesome.

Calendar of events with the ceasefire starting on Nov 03-05.

The idea of the second ceasefire failing is a very real possibility. Baltimore citizens are twice as likely to be killed walking down the streets than Chicago. Oddly enough, both cities are long-standing Democratic strongholds that have completely destroyed the inner city through decades of de-industrialization and terrible policy decision.

Earlier this year, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was over heard saying “murder is out of control” in the city. The Mayor even pleaded to the Federal Government for ATF and FBI assistance in attempt to regain control of the city, but that has yet to workout.

As for Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel really didn’t have an option, after President Trump said “I will send in the Feds!”, due tot the “carnage” of killings this year.

Bottomline: America’s inner city problem, as seen in Baltimore and Chicago are spiraling out of control.


 Local governments in both cities are failing to maintain law and order, and the Federal government is now intervening. For Baltimore, some communities have banded together to form ceasefire movements in attempt to control the chaos. The next attempt for the Baltimore ceasefire comes later this week.  One question we ask: will it work?

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Blue Steel 309's picture

I have never met anyone concerned that ghetto blacks are killing other ghetto blacks.

I am not sure why we would want this to stop.

J S Bach's picture

"Nobody Kill Anyone" from Nov. 3rd thru Nov. 5th.

In other words, "Stop Being Niggers For Just Three Days."

After that, you can revert to your natural behavior.  Thank you.

~ Baltimore City Management

Tallest Skil's picture

This one will be far more successful than the other one. After all, “When it be freezy, chimpin’ ain’t easy.”

wee-weed up's picture



When will these people wise up and shit-can the Libs running the city?

That's the only way to get back to normal.

If they're not smart enough to do that...

Then to hell with 'em!

Let 'em all kill each other!

JohnG's picture

Once again, this is a self-eliminating non-problem:

1) Ring fence the ghetto

2) Haul in one truckload of Glock 9mm's (9mm ammo is cheaper than 22 these days....)

3) Contract KFC to bring in a few mobile chicken frying plants

4) Fill chicken bucket with ammo, crack, and chicken

5) Catapult bucket over fence.


PT's picture

Maybe they should have some kind of law ... like ... I dunno, ... "Don't kill anyone"???

Dead Canary's picture

Yea, but whatchyall is fogittin is Niggas needs ta git PAID!

JohnG's picture


6) Put it all on PPV

7) Offer bounty for success.

Idaho potato head's picture

Ah, the city of Brotherly love... 

My crotch itches's picture

The delegation from Philadelphia objects to your nomenclature.....(and will also bust a cap in your ass)

Arnold's picture

Maybe we could coax the Brits into capturing it again.

IH8OBAMA's picture

Liberals killing liberals.  It sort of warms the cockles of your heart.  Any chance this will spread to the halls of D.C.?


bruno_the's picture

who is this ruptly dude? Where is CNN or FOX dude???

why is this ruptly dude in berlin germany? Darn.

ruptly dude flies drone over Barcelona today.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Baltimore Murder Crisis Continues: 2nd 'Ceasefire' Scheduled For Next Weekend

My response: I know people have trouble believing in the GOD of Bible, but for those who do believe, this situation in Baltimore looks a lot like a curse from GOD as defined in list of 'Curses for Disobedience' found in the book of Deuteronomy 28:15-68.

If you don't believe me, go read the text for yourself. As a side note, the book of Deuteronomy is the foundation for Declaration on Independence and US Constitution. In addition, the Book of Deuteronomy which means 'the 2nd Law' was the most quoted book by the founding fathers of America.

Blue Steel 309's picture

Ancient wisdom is wise. I believe God to be more related to the natural order, which is to say, our behavior matters in many different physical, metaphysical, concrete and abstract ways.

God's laws are common sense ways to prevent us from harming ourselves, other people, and the planet. We are as children when we let our Big Brains rationalize maladaptive behaviors.

Thanks for the post on Deuteronomy, it got me thinking.

Scuba Steve's picture

With you Gus ... and there are some damn nice black folk I know that follow your words above that shouldnt be caught up in this shit.


Arnold's picture

Antifas and Grid down weekend.

ZeroPoint's picture

Black lives matter alright.

Dead Canary's picture

Black lives matter. Especially during cotton pickin season.

Omen IV's picture

people i know - all white-  have weapons (for generations) but none of them shoot each other and there are no marches / events telling anyone not to shoot each other


white people must be weird

Umh's picture

The problem is the word "cease", they may not have done that one before graduating.

insanelysane's picture

The youths can't read.  Why are these idiots printing signs?

ebworthen's picture

Good people come from good families.

homiegot's picture

Nigs are gonna nig.

Robert Trip's picture

Don't they have gun control in Baltimore?

These folks are breaking the law killing each other with guns.

Isn't there a fine or something that will stop this nonsense?

IH8OBAMA's picture

They should offer a bounty to speed it up.


Megaton Jim's picture

What they really need is a community organizer!

cherry picker's picture

Don't worry, the members of Seal Team 6 not charged with murder will be sent there to fix the problem.

insanelysane's picture

Chicago and Baltimore are the only 2 cities in the world that are no-go zones for the Seals.  These areas are just too dangerous.

brewing_it's picture

Good time during the "cease fire" for the talented to run more drugs into the hood.

Sid James's picture

The quickest way to stop the killings is to give them better weapons.

Ms No's picture

Sweet, a ceasefire smudge!  We're gonna burn some sage on this violence!


redc1c4's picture

pass the popcorn...

NoPension's picture

Free laser sights.!!! Start a Go-Fund-Me.

Dilluminati's picture

The news out of that city, WBAL and JZ13 is a joke.  You watch the news anchors act as if this is normal behavior and the people on camera are just absurd, and the media pretends that this is all perfectly normal.   It is almost disrespectful to see the uneducated and exploited public treated as they are.

max2205's picture

They graduate kids from high school who don't attend class for one day.....the mayor and governor need to be recalled or jailed 

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

There is no fuking hope for Maryland.....none,nada,zip,zero


Maybe Buckwheat and Aunt Jemima can go assist the city.....


Nigga Helping Nigga's.....kind of brings a tear to your eye

Omen IV's picture

"..the mayor and governor need to be recalled or jailed"


why?                  thats all expected with a 70 IQ - government is there to hand out welfare and supervise baby sitting services in schools - no more no less!

DaveA's picture

Yeah, I remember watching live helicopter footage of the recent Baltimore riots and a white female reporter was talking about "disenfranchised" youth. In a city where the party these monkeys vote for hasn't lost an election in 60 years. I wish I were so "disenfranchised"!

Dilluminati's picture

Every time I hear some politician talk about police brutality, or some other issue of esteem, statues that trigger, or some other ridiculous issue, the fact that the schools are a joke, that breaking the cycle of poverty is near impossible due to the chronic failure of the establishment that just feeds the system of failure.  If you want out of the cycle of violence and crime then math is a really great place to start.  But the media instead focuses on the same stupid shit, the same excuses, the same results.  

It is with a straight face (poor acting) that yet again a news announcer will announce another cease fire.  Instead of call it CRIME, instead of call it what the fuck it is, the establishment in Baltimore blamed the cops for effectively doing what they are paid to do which is deal with criminals.  None dare call it crime and now the narrative is to address the crime but not shoot.  The narrative is so fucked up that it is laughable.  No matter the outrage or failure the apologetic media now makes excuses for the behavior where the "break from murder" or "break from crime" is almost an admision that it is the norm!  

Instead of a steady and resolute message that this isn't ok, the narrative is (can you wait a weekedn to kill)?  

I was watching this morning: (and I thought, let me get this straight you need to spend 25 million to tell people that drugs are bad and that getting treatment is good?)  I actually laughed, I mean I thought well, the corporate media encourages the audience to kneel during the anthem, and then wants money to tell them what is good for them?  No shit.. (folks this is what systemic failure looks like)  That's 4 million a month on corporate meda and you would think the media could impart the message that drugs are bad and go get some fucking help for free.  (my point is that nobody gives a fuck about these loser people) and that the media and the teachers just talk about giving a shit, but all they really want is to be paid to pretend they give a fuck.  So watching some media person pretend to report the news about a break in the crime and the slaughter is so fucking absurd, again with that deadpan reporter mockery of sincerity.. it's laughable in a cruel way.. but I tell you the truth.. how very serious the reporter is... announcing this nonsense or that.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: Listen. I think that's part of what we need to do. In New Jersey, John, we've done this. We've spent $25 million in the last six months on an advertising campaign in New York and Philadelphia to eliminate the stigma around treatment and to encourage people to reach out and get help.

And we are now working on another $25 million campaign just in New Jersey for advertising to young people to talk to them about the dangers of prescription jobs and why even if it's given to you by a doctor, doesn't mean it's good for you, doesn't mean it's safe. So I think that's an important part of it. It's only part of it, but it's a very important part of it because we need people to understand that this crisis started not on a street corner somewhere.

I was listening to this shit from Christie and thinking.. "this crisis started not on a street corner somewhere" and just fucking laughed, thought no that shit is made in China and shipped here in containers via open fucking borders and that we feel your pain  well not really, not on my private fucking beach, nor the clintons, nor anyone else.. that is just some shit that sounds good and if your too fucking stupid to not do the drugs, well your ssort of fucked and nobody really cares, but heh that sounds good.. not your fault but in reality it fucking is!  You fucking dope.. you do dope!

Some countries execute drug users.. very effective

Our country spends millions upon million giving lip service but nothing fucking changes and they ohh sound so serious, hollywood for ugly people.. reporters and politicians, 25 million to the corporations for ad dollars and no beds for treatment, oh wait.. insurance companies and treatment centers want some $ but the community never gets better.. and most of the people in those communities think this shit is normal, we should consider killing drug users like the Phillipines.. oh that bad man

Robert Trip's picture

Pay Per View gang shootouts sounds like a winner to me.

Might as well make big bucks while they're acting like total fucking assholes.

Just like in the NFL.

Robert Trip's picture

Put up some signage.

Raise taxes.

Do something.

Tallest Skil's picture


They can’t read.


They already don’t pay them.

>>do something


NoPension's picture

Deport? To where? Fuck no! Dey need to be kilt right where dey be hatched.

GodSpeed_00's picture

Printing posters and t-shirts won't stop the killing. Need to change your "culture". Stop voting liberal. Put value on education. Get back in Church. Don't have children before marriage.  But welfare and feminism/no fault divorce have already destroyed the black family which was the strongest in the country at one point.

NoPension's picture

Sorry dude.

If you had the whole city waking up at 6:00 am, putting on a suit and tie, and heading off to church to be married....and rain down $100 federal reserve notes....IT. Would. Not. Solve. The . Problem.

GodSpeed_00's picture

I disagree. I've already read about this and there is a direct tie between the destruction of the black family and the increase in violence over the last 35 or so years. Also statistics show that when a black child grows up with both parents in the home they are much less likely to engage in criminal activity. Thats a truth for any child actually, regardless of race.