Caught On Video: This Is All That's Left Of Sears Canada

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On October 11, we reported that the now defunct Sears Canada announced plans to liquidate its remaining 150 stores instead of restructuring, the latest admission of brick and mortar defeat in the war with Amazon, with the result some 12,000 job losses in the coming weeks. The Canadian version of Sears is the latest victim of department-store decline that’s swept North America as shoppers gravitate online. While the retailer has dabbled in pop-up stores and e-commerce, its distribution centers aren’t as automated as Inc. or even Canadian peer Hudson’s Bay Co., which last year opened its own robotic facility to accelerate online orders.

For thousands of soon to be unemployed Sears Canada workers and retirees the future of their pensions remains in limbo: Sears Canada has 18,000 retirees and beneficiaries whose monthly pensions its has to address. A motion was filed in August for a windup of the plan, which would require the company to pay the full C$266.8 million deficit, according to the filing. That motion has been postponed until at least Nov. 30.

There is also the question of what happens to all the local malls that suddenly find themselves without 150 anchor tennants. The Sears bankruptcy comes two years after Target's liquidation left a hole in many of the country’s malls, which made it tougher for Sears Canada to find buyers for its real estate and leases.

What there is zero confusion about however, is what happens to liquidating stores once their employees - aware their termination is imminent - lose all interest in even pretending to keep up an appearance of normalcy.

The answer is shown in the following video from Vtography, which was taken in the Fairview Mall in Toronto on October 22, 2017, and which captures the chaos from a liquidation sale at, well, liquidating Sears Canada. All that's missing from the post-apocalyptic scenes are the zombies.

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I could use some of those boxes.

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Looks like a foot locker after dindu riot

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>All that's missing are the zombies

What? The zombies are right there in the video!

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I had no idea Canadians could walk that fast.  


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Screw YouTube:

Sears Canada liquidation sale chaos

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Just looks like a normal store in the black part of town.


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Farirview Mall in Toronto would have a demographic that would be dominated by Asians either immigrant or 1st generation Asian Canadian.

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this is more a SEARS thing than a RETAIL thing


every single weekend The Bay, Holt Renfrew, and Nordstrom in Vancouver has hundreds upon hundrds of crazy shoppers.


hell, HR alone must have had 100 people constantly all day, both days, this weekend, JUST buying Canada Goose jackets


craziest and busiest retail environment since... well, probably Sears or K-Mart in the 90s lol


(mostly all Asian BTW but Vancouver is majority non-white anyhow according to last census)

asteroids's picture

Eddie Lampert (A Jew) is responsible for all this and for what is coming to Sears Amerika.

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The main reason why some retailers are hurting is that CARRYING SHIT HURTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE.  Who wants shit?  Customers don't, given any choice in the matter.  They 'renege,' which is to say, shop elsewhere.

The popular excuse nowadays is that "consumers are drowning in debt, having no money left for discretionary spending." Maybe so, but not for all shoppers.  There is also a large contingent who kept visiting Sears and other troubled retailers in recent years out of loyalty, with the hope that the bizarre encroachment of substandard product, usually originating from disreputable shitholes like Bangladesh, might abate, and some of the old, better stuff might appear again on store shelves, especially before Christmas.

I submit that these businesses are being killed deliberately. It's a conscious decision, made at the Top, more than a decade ago. Sears began scaling back its strengths, like quality power tools and hardware, window coverings, home repairs, travel agents, good-quality apparel, and cash desks with approachable, well-trained and knowledgeable staff physically close to their product.  Customers missed the things that mattered to them, and moved on.

It will be interesting to see how Canada's spendthrift Liberal government addresses the Sears pension problem.  What kind of precedent will be set by Prime Minister Trudeau, for all the pensions and failed businesses to follow? (The next Canadian anchor retailer to die will be The Bay.  Give it 2 years.)

Laowei Gweilo's picture

The Bay's major Canadian retail stores are all operationally profitable.

And the co. has enough NY and LA real estate to fund operational profits but flat earnings for nearly a decade -_- 

The Bay does need to further adapt to luxury because it's appliances and home furnishing are indeed dying, but it's luxury sector is hotter than it's ever been. Most of the flagship Bay's in VAN or TO are doing great --- jam packed 7 days a week. No quite as packed as Nordstroms or HR but especially their women's luxury and men's luxury sections are huge profit makers.

They probably need slowly unload US real estate, and maybe even their VAN and TO real estate to move into smaller stores (VAN is like, 5 or 6 stories? only half of those are super busy). But if they properly adjust to better focus on things like luxury -- that Amazon isn't taking a bite out off -- there's no reason for The Bay to die. And they've taken the perfect steps so far.

They could easily die if they suddenly pull a Sears tho lol.

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It's all part of Trudoh's "Robust Recovery " plan he copies from Soweeto bin Bama.

Socialist Utopia!

Laowei Gweilo's picture

aaaaand look what JUST happened today lol

The Bay DT VAN is now for sale lol

as part of the sale interest, The Bay would require they retain a long term lease

and that is so that they could focus the bottom floors more on luxury, and then the top floors lease to WeWork (the 'daily office rent' company) that they also just sold their Lords building in New York too


so The Bay secures their long term home in the same heritage building, just focusing more on luxury on fewer floors

and sell off the building itself and lease the top floors to another company

win-win for a company like The Bay if they want to turn into more of a Nordstrom/Holts than a Sears =p

Lore's picture

You sound like a paid shill or Bay employee, not a customer or critical analyst.

I was at VAN Bay on Saturday and found it pretty much the same as every other Bay around the left coast, which is to say, tomb-like.

Re: "real estate to fund operational profits but flat earnings for nearly a decade," 

Where have we heard that song before? 

Sears Holdings Corp to sell 254 properties for $2.5-billion to newly formed REIT (April 2015)

Luxury retail will evaporate when the debt-driven market "wealth effect" dries up.  The Bay has 2 years maximum, probably less. 

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Your "large contingent who kept visiting Sears" are always missing in action whenever I have been in a Sears store. You can almost hear an echo. No customers and hardly any employees. I started buying my American tools from SK tools online in lieu of Craftsmen. Besides, Sears has been fined for making tools made elsewhere and branding them as made in America.

Lore's picture

Oh, I agree: Sears stores are deserted. All I'm saying is that the process of abandonment was gradual.

phatfawzi's picture

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. 

IH8OBAMA's picture

I realize that it was not in a black area.  I'm just sayin what it looks like.


Laowei Gweilo's picture

it's between North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, and TO...


means it's mostly rabid Cantonese Chinese and South Asians, lot of Indians -- large parts of that areas are basically Chinatowns or Indiatowns, kinda like being between Vancouver's Richmond and Surrey o.0

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Damn, Kim Jun Un done it again, did he say he'd reign terror on the North Marica,

and bam Canada gets it righ in the Sears nuts, square up. He called it.

Penalty box for sure.

thedespised's picture

Oh, it is in the black part.

Chuck Walla's picture

Coming soon to an America near you!

pazmaker's picture

Yes it is! Part of the North American Continent.

Savvy's picture

Pound for pound yanks have the greasy chin award.

sgorem's picture

almost. the only difference is the dindus would've taken the boxes TOO! that way if the shoes don't fit, they can take 'em back and get a REFUND! :)

TsyFox's picture

This is the way JC Penney - Rosedale MN - looked on the afternoon of Black Friday, November 25, 2016. Merchandise just scattered all over the floor, customers just walking on layers of clothes on the floor. Employees did not give two craps.

Donald J. Trump's picture

That video doesn't surprise me.  That's how Canadians shop at US border malls as well.  They buy tons of shit and litter all their garbage everywhere except in a garbage can as they try to smuggle all their new wares back into Canada.  

On another note, when Sears goes out of business in the US we'll most likely get bombarded with a long drawn out liquidation with black and yellow signs and prices higher than they were before liquidation until the stock is picked over.

SixIsNinE's picture

yes, the Canadians are slimeballs now,  who knows what gender you will come across next as they could be any of 70+ made up genders.  Wackos the lot of 'em!  good thing we've got secure border to keep them out of Detroit & IllliNois & Seattle   /s

   keep it real Canucks!  punt Trudeau and you will have better chances

hey Zeros, listen up,  seriously,  the Kmarts / Sears that are left have got some really great deals now and sign up for their "shopyourway" rewards program -  you can rack up some righteous savings = i just got a craftsman tool set today 70% off -   so there's my shout out for the kmart marketers, you're doing a good job and the store looks much better than it was a few months ago.

apparently our store is the last kmart for quite a few miles so we even get the Cheyenne folks coming down for the bluelights :)


while we're talking retail/ sales, etc - i ordered on ebay the other day a shelving deal, and it comes last sunday morning via amazon fulfillment ! - and in a box almost the size of a caskeT!

i couldn't believe it - the product was boxed in a 3" x 12" x 24" - and amazon put it in a 18" x 24" x 4'  - FOUR FOOT length!  with paper wrapping as the padding.  free shipping for me, and i got the deal @20 bucks - that's what happens when corporate plays with funny money. 

imagine how much it would cost you to ship a ups ground box that size?  4 foot by 2 foot by 1.5 foot?  crazy.

anyway, keep up the good work Kmart, sorry your Chicago corporate masters sold out as other zeros have explained previously.



Oldwood's picture

It started out "free shipping" with each purchase. Now it "free product" with each shipment.

We KNOW that while there are many here in America who get paid for doing nothing, but NOBODY does ANYTHING here for nothing, so we can deduce that China is providing much of these goods for below their "cost" and some of it for free. Their economy is not eyeball deep in debt for nothing and they will continue doing so until no manufacturer in America can compete.

brown_hornet's picture

You are right about the prices. I went into the local closing down K-Mart. While the store didn't look like that, everything was "marked down" 20-30%, but the original price was at least 40-50% higher than other stores.'s picture

I experienced the same thing when our local k-mart closed.  My wife was one of 9 people who shopped there and I went in with her during the close-out.  I was floored at how high the prices were.  NOTHING was a bargain -absolutley nothing.  You could walk inot any wal-mart and get better prices than k-marts close-out prices.


To my wife's credit, k-mart had this retarded system where they would send you money to shop there.  Seriously, she would go in and buy a stack of shit and her out of pocket cost was a dollar or two.

Laowei Gweilo's picture

neither K-Mart nor Target looked anything like that in Vancouver when they shut down stores...


I think this is especially a Sears thing, and how angry/careless people feel toward the company.

cowdogg's picture

The stores are handed over to liquidators. They raise prices and discount off that. That is the way it is for all going out of business stores.

afronaut's picture

Fuck, they aren't real canadians. Just look ask anyone in Washington about the pakis and Hindus that buy all the dairy in bellingham sumas and Blaine. They are not wecome in us border towns.

BarkingCat's picture

My experience with Canadians on the east coast was rather positive,  but in Washington state, it is an entirely different mentality. 

They are giant assholes. After reaching my limit with their rude ways I actually shoved a guy and sent him flying as he walked right in front of me.  This was at Bellingham airport, which they seem to use more than Americans.  They drive down from BC and fly out of Bellingham because it is cheaper. 

Paul E. Math's picture

As a Canadian, I find this kind of comment a bit surreal.  Yes, it's true that, in general, Canadians are kinda shit-heads.  Which makes them exactly the same as Americans, Chinese, Indians, you-name-it.

It's not a Canadian thing - it's a human race thing.

Colonel's picture

GTFOH globalist shitstain and race traitor.

DanDaley's picture

No, real Canadians are nice people, but Canada is now Canistan...different place, different people.

XBroker1's picture

We're pretty much fucked if we allow Canadians to speak for the HR.

AtATrESICI's picture

Plebs love a fire sale as much as the oligarchs.

freedom1798's picture

Looks like the local nigger walmart.

Global Hunter's picture

That neighbourhood is almost 100% immigrants. It doesn’t look bad from the car because 30 years ago it was a decent suburb. About 2km West is Bayview village which was a white with some asians upper middle class neighbourhood.

Last decade I never go near Toronto.

BlindMonkey's picture

I drove through a section of Toronto from the airport heading north out of town. I was shocked to see that there were literally zero white faces on the street. 

Global Hunter's picture

Yes it has always been diverse but in the last 20 years it went off the rails. Had to go in April and I was counting a ratio of 2 non whites to 1 white downtown. It was white majority up until last 15-20 years, but last decade has been warp speed.

A lot of the suburbs north end of Toronto are completely non white. Brampton is called Bramladesh now and has been for 20 years.

I think we should kick toronto out of Canada. Rural Canada is still normal. It’s odd. 2 parrallel societies existing with no common culture or shared values. Give them Ottawa and Vancouver too.

Paul E. Math's picture

You might benefit from getting out more, getting to know some non-whites.  Or maybe take a more critical look at white people.

Either way, the world is changing and there's a lot to enjoy about these other cultures if you look for it.  Food is the obvious one but there's much more.

Anyway, you can either embrace and enjoy the change or you can keep beating your head against a brick wall.