Trump Heralds GOP "Anger, Unity" As WSJ Warns Dems "The Russian Dossier Dam Is Breaking"

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In a series if tweets this morning, President Trump has exposed some of the narratives that much of the mainstream media seems loathed to touch...

Never seen such Republican ANGER & UNITY as I have concerning the lack of investigation on Clinton made Fake Dossier (now $12,000,000?), the Uranium to Russia deal, the  33,000 plus deleted Emails, the Comey fix and so much more.


Instead they look at phony Trump/Russia "collusion," which doesn't exist.


The Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but the R's are now fighting back like never before.


There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!

And while Democrats and their mouthpieces continues to try and focus attention on the unverified frivolous claims within the dossier - as opposed to the illegalities of the dossier's production, collusion, and exhibition - The Wall Street Journal's Holman Jenkins warns then that the Trump Dossier dam is breaking...

A U.S. political party applied to a hostile power for lurid stories about a domestic opponent.

’Tis the season of tossing out nondisclosure agreements. Victims and employees of Harvey Weinstein clamor to be released from their NDAs so they can talk about his abuse. Perkins Coie, the Washington law firm for the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton campaign, showed the way by voluntarily releasing Fusion GPS from its duty to remain mum on Democrats who funded the notorious Trump dossier.

May the example catch on.

Journalists who investigated the Trump dossier now say their Democratic sources lied to them. That’s already a start. Please, Democrats, release journalists from their confidentiality agreements so they can tell us more about your lying.

The revelations provide new context for Harry Reid’s “October surprise,” his attempt 10 days before Election Day to lever the dossier’s allegations into the press with a public letter to then-FBI Director James Comey accusing him of withholding “explosive information.”

Mr. Reid knows how the responsible press works. Implausible, scurrilous and unsupported allegations are not reportable, but a government official making public reference to such allegations is reportable.

Mr. Reid, though, failed to mention his party’s role in concocting the allegations, much less that the manner of its doing so left him no reason to suppose the charges were anything but tall tales spun by Russian intelligence officials in response to danglings of Democratic money.

This is a completely novel tactic in U.S. politics, applying to a hostile foreign power for lurid stories about a domestic opponent. Mr. Reid, please tell us more about your role.

Let’s also hear from Adam Schiff, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

He claimed on TV to have “circumstantial” and “more than circumstantial” evidence of Trump collusion with Russia.

In the event, what he delivered in a committee hearing was a litany of routine, innocuous business and diplomatic contacts between Trump associates and Russian citizens, interspersed with claims from the Trump dossier.

He failed to mention, though, that the Trump dossier was manufactured by Democrats paying a D.C. law firm to pay a D.C. “research” firm to pay a retired British spook to pay unknown, unidentified Russians to tell stories about Mr. Trump, in reckless disregard for whether the stories were true.

Mr. Schiff, a Harvard Law graduate, will know the phrase is not our coinage. “Reckless disregard” is the standard by which the Supreme Court says, even in a country that bends over backward to protect the press at the expense of public figures, the press can be held liable for defamatory untruths about a public figure.

Even so, journalists are presumed to know their sources, not to have paid a long chain of surrogates to elicit sensational claims from perfect strangers, let alone anonymous agents of a foreign regime with a known habit of disinformation. It is impossible to exaggerate how reckless Democrats have been under this standard. If they found the Trump dossier on the sidewalk, they’d be in a better ethical position now. Let’s hear what Mr. Schiff knew and when he knew it.

Finally, let us hear from James Comey.

The Trump dossier was reckless and irresponsible in the extreme, but only consequential after Election Day. It didn’t prevent Mr. Trump from becoming president.

In the new spirit of non-non-disclosure, it’s time for Mr. Comey to tell us about the Russian intelligence scam that may really have changed the election outcome.

In closed hearings, he reportedly acknowledged that his intervention in the Hillary Clinton email case was prompted by what is now understood to have been planted, fake Russian intelligence. The fake Russian intelligence purported to discuss a nonexistent email between then-DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz and George Soros-employed activist Leonard Benardo.

This led directly to Mr. Comey’s second intervention, reopening the case 11 days before Election Day, a shocking development that appears now to have moved enough votes into Mr. Trump’s column to account for his win.

At the time, the press was all too happy to blame Bill Clinton for his wife’s loss when Mr. Comey, for nonclassified consumption, cited Mr. Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as the reason for his intervention.

The press is silent now.

The new story satisfies nobody’s agenda, and only makes the FBI look foolish. Mr. Trump is not eager to hear his victory portrayed as an FBI-precipitated accident. Democrats cling to their increasingly washed-out theory of Trump-Russia collusion.

And yet, if Mr. Comey’s antic intervention in response to Russian disinformation inadvertently led to Mr. Trump becoming president, this was the most consequential outcome by far.

*  *  *

President Trump has the final word however, asking (and answering a key question) - All of this "Russia" talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform. Is this coincidental? NOT!

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Nah, just put a noose around her neck and hang her from the closest tree. 

My apologies to the tree.

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The Crooked Cunt should hang from a lamppost… along with her Crooked Husband, Slick Willie.

All their ill-gained assets should be… no, not confiscated – BURNT!


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How about orange trousersuit and an eco friendly electric chair tastefully designed by Elon Musk?

At the inauguration Newt Gingrinch warned it would take until June before Trump could assume control of the agencies, DOJ and FBI. Better late than never, what the hell is the sucking sound that is finally getting louder, even without assistance of the current AG?

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BOTH parties are ROTTEN to the core and beholden to special interests.

What George Washington said and no one paid attention.

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On top of investigating the Clinton-Obama criminal syndicate, I hope the DOJ also busts up what appears to be a Adam Schiff pedophilia-ring cover-up!

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        LOCK THEM UP!



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Shiff looks like a serial pedo!!

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Trump is making his way through these mighty headwinds he faces from all directions.  Seems he may acutally survive the onslaught.   Hopefully then he can focus on his agenda without all the resistance.   It will take some time to expose and deal with all the bad apples but  things are evolving quickly. 

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The fact that during their presidential debate Trump had said he would put Hillary in jail, indicated he knew she was a criminal. It's disgusting how it takes the Clinton to attack him that he would go after them. There'd never been anything good about the Clintons and you knew it, dotard!

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Trump hasn't done JACK, but I just learned why yesterday. You see ... Trump is playing 6D chess ...


Trump Playing 6D Chess?!

Trump supporters first explained that he only seemed like a buffoonish NWO zio-stooge because he was playing rope-a-dope, like Muhammad Ali, in order to make his opponents overconfident.

As Trump continued to look like a buffoonish NWO zio-stooge, his supporters said it only seemed that way because he was playing chess while his opponents were playing checkers.

Not long after that, Trump's supporters had to explain that he was playing 3D chess ... then 4D chess ... then 5D chess, and now ... I just saw the first claim that he is playing 6D chess!

Or ... maybe the simplest, most obvious, and most probable answer has been correct all along:

03/03/16: Trump is a Ringer

11/19/16: The Globalists Chose Trump

04/09/17: Trump Confirms He Is NWO

07/30/17: Trump Calls For Lower Majority To Pass Laws

09/09/17: Trump Wants To Make Unlimited Government Spending Easier


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Don't forget his quirp about the Clinton's being "good people".

To most people, seeing Clinton nailed to an upside-down cross would be a victory of monumental proportions.  But to the real powers that be the Clintons were never anything more than trailer trash.  Face it, we don't even really know who these people are, and if we were to go after them if we could we would end up killing each other, never knowing the truth.  The entire "greatest generation" performed most of their feets of patriotism without ever having a clue who they were dying for.

jcaz's picture

LOL-  you "good people" chirpees still don't get it..... 

Try thinking beyond the bait for once.

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You are the President...

Clean the Obama leftovers out of the DOJ.

They are your problem.

Whatever happened to the words “You’’re Fired!” ?

Cell Block “G” from Joliet State Prison could do a better job of administering justice than the criminals presently at the DOJ..


Manthong's picture


And oh…..

Isn’t there a “Crimes Against the United States” statute or similar that the lot of them can charged with as they used their bogus dossier to interfere with the diplomatic relations between Russia and the US which engendered something near a new cold war?

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Nail on the head! Sounds like a Plea for Help which is a Huge Tell he does not have Anyone in his Administration he can TRUST. Again, his fault!

Putin surrounded himself initially with his own trusted friends to get him through the precarious first few years.

The only one (seemingly) who had his back was Bannon and yet he was forced out. The fact he's a President of the biggest pile of corrupt shit of a country means he has to go full Cosa Nostra Godfather.

jeff montanye's picture

possibly true yet he has put out what the law requires.  the rule of law.  what a gamechanger.  he is less likely to be a fraud.  that is a plus.

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"keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

Consuelo's picture



We actually do know who they are, but if their rather unknown and boring names become part of the daily lexicon of discussion, then what new exciting horrors lurk around the corner to keep us in perpetual suspense...?

The roster of the Bilderberg meetings, UN meetings and Council on Foreign Relations meetings are available for anyone to see.   As are the names of the largest global corporations.   Why, one of them that you already know quite well, visited the White House under Obama, an unprecedented 300+ times during his administration...



Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Weisshorn,

And, here’s the Dark Humor in this. I’m not an Agent / Esq. Attorney from The City of London. This is common knowledge anyone could Investigate for themselves.

Americans have always been fascinated with the Law. It’s the reason some of the highest rated Tee Vee shows we’re all based on Law or the presumption of it. Show such as “Law & Order” & CSI. Christ Sakes, look at the OJ Trail ratings.

We’re now a Nation of Men, not Law. Thus, to my point.

We’re now absolutely, completely, open in your Face

Tyrannically Lawless.

tyrone's picture


they should be the people in the flesh who gave meaning to the word.


Future Jim's picture

We now see that Trump supporters don't like Obamacare because ... Obamacare doesn't cover butthurt.

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

You still suking obama' dik? Next time just go to the Humane Shelter and adopt a black dog

Scuba Steve's picture

But oh contraire, it does cover your liberal butthurting perversions and their ilk.

Future Jim's picture

Come on Trump supporters ... Use your words.

Future Jim's picture

Hmm ... tastes like chicken ...

Spike the Railroader's picture

I upvoted you and had a good laugh at the "tastes like chicken".   I neither endorse or oppose Trump. Time will tell regarding the direction we take. It always is smoke and mirrors therefore I withold further comment on the billionaire. Thanks for the laugh Jim!

jeff montanye's picture

at this point i think a small endorsement of trump is warrented, pending monday's analysis.

NoDebt's picture

OK.  Three words:  elections have consequences.

Do you think ANY of this shit would see the light of day if she won?  

Three good SCOTUS picks is all I ever asked of Trump.  Slow roasting Hillary on a spit is just a bonus.  


jeff montanye's picture

may i continue?

she bargains.  the inquistor reminds her that fire is, arguably, the most painful.

she vomits all the worst stories about the clintons, the bushes, jfk, 9-11, las vegas and all in between.  much of it obvious perjury, some of it convincing confessions to murder one.

make her (them) talk.  there's a world to learn and to teach.


FIAT CON's picture

I want the main event... hitlery in a box.

Future Jim's picture

Wait, Trump supporters ... you think the system works ... because Trump won ... ?

You're faith in government has been restored?

You're not so anti-estalishment anymore?

The illusion of legitimacy is not an illusion after all?

The two-party theatre is not theatre after all?

Both parties DON'T work for the same people?

Certainly, if Hillary had won, it could have destroyed the illusion of legitimacy, which could have destroyed the NWO, and it looks like they reached the same conclusion about 10 days before the election.

It's almost as if ...

Giant Meteor's picture

Nobody puts baby in the corner ..

By the way Jim, I'm just talkin shit here because there is little left to do with this stuff ..

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, a great day for schadenfreude, and pistachios ..

jeff montanye's picture

why i come here.  you and jim have a bit of the poet between you.

however he has the less of the argument, now, given events.  how about if mueller charges trump with some sort of treasonous russia thing?  hillary has the real uranium one and the fake russiagate.  where does this end?  in the house of representitives?  in the senate?

do we get to depose mueller on 9-11?  why not?  it certainly speaks to his ability to "be objective" on a presidential (possibly off the reservation) investigation.

also russiagate and charlottesville are wonderful examples of the false flag, poorly done..’s-left-russiagate-–-are-we-down-1000-paid-trolls


JRobby's picture

Your solution will be posted momentarily no doubt.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Investigations, probes.?

Nothing short of






Execution for Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against the American People will suffice.

You would think the Criminal Law Enforcement Agencies would want to get back to good standing with the American People. However, whatever trust, loyalty & respect the American People had for them has been squandered.
And, they only have themselves to blame for not arresting, indicting, enprisoning & Executing Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath Hillary Clinton and others.

Fuck Them!

And, their

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

jeff montanye's picture

alright silly ones.  no one's going to be executed.

if you want to have hillary clinton brought to actual justice, one must set events historically, when capital punishment existed.  examine the nuremberg trials and executions.  consider what we already know.  perhaps a million dead.  

leave it at that.  

unless she'd like to tell us what we suspect but don't know.

squeeze her til her eyes bleed.

Scuba Steve's picture

well, she should get choice:

A) The Saddam Hussein treatment in the end

B) The Muammar Gaddafi treatment

Demologos's picture

A lot of people don't like Obamacare, not just Trump supporters, because they have had their premiums double and triple while insurance company stocks skyrocketed on their backs.

If Trump were simply another NWO tool there would not be such crazy efforts to railroad him and his administration. And the railroading is being done by the swamp creatures from both sides of the false two-party paradigm.

Since at least the assassination of McKinley, the swamp creatures have turned the false two-party paradigm into a very lucrative gig. Using war and financial crises to suck the wealth away from the producers, the elite families amassed wealth unlike anything accomplished by any prior empire. They are now using that wealth to continue the game a little longer as the empire is visibly crumbling under the weight of corruption.

Go back to the future, Jim. Coming here to mock people using some crappy links courtesy of the swamp creatures makes you their tool. Maybe the swamp has won and in your future world the only history you have was written by the victors.

jeff montanye's picture

history is written by the victors and we are writing that narrative right this second.  this internet, smart phone, social network is democracy made more than law.  if the police harass you, film them and upload their sorry asses.  uh, this is a game changer.  also a legion of websites occurs that proves as far as an increasing number of observers conclude, the establishment is corrupt.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Future Jim, Trumps win - despite the unequivocally clear anti-Democracy intention by the establishment that Hillary should - is legitimate cause to restore folks faith in the system a little. And Hillary's election would have put the NWO in a place of power by which any appearance of its legitimacy would be immaterial - it could go ahead with its agenda regardless. So I dont get your point

True Blue's picture

No, no, nope, etc. etc.

I voted for someone to burn it down and I'm pretty pleased with what is happening.

You have to bear in mind that with this government and the Federal Reserve and all the rest; State, local and on and on: these are the kids you went to high school with who were too dumb, too corrupt or too busy being 'popular' to be the 'best and brightest.'

They didn't do their homework then, and they don't bother to read what they are voting on now. They either shook down kids for lunch money in the bathroom or they scammed them out of it, or they sold them the answers to the tests (if not drugs.) They were the football team taking 'basket weaving' and 'gender studies' majors. They believe John Maynard Keynes was anything but a crackpot and fraud.

They force you to pay them 30%+ of your wages; 30%+ of your labor and time away from doing what you may want to do. Imagine if 30%+ of your wages or leisure time weren't being siphoned off by the very worst of the dipshits you went to school with -for their own gain.

They are taking vast amounts of pharmaceuticals -both legal and illegal.

And they have been running your lives for decades.


FORD_FIESTA's picture

True, burn it to the ground and let the rats eat whats left......Time for a reset on this shithole fedgov......needs to be cut by 75 percent.

jjtech's picture

I, for one, don't support ANY politician. I agree on "anti-establishment", illusion of legitimacy, two-party system being a theatre... and especially the fact that both parties work for the same people. 100% correct....

I do not understand how electing Hitlery (sorry to Hitler) could haved possibly destroye NWO? Can you elaborate?



John Kerry-Heinz's picture

There is military term from what is occurring here, it is called “closing the ring”.  The object of the operation is too quickly and with overwhelming force attempt to encircle an enemy army.  This type of operation creates a “ring” like appearance on the command map.   “Closing the ring” is the final step in Phase 1.  Once ring is closed, the enemy is trapped and encircling army does everything in its power to prevent enemy combatants from escaping through holes in the perimeter.  At this stage you have what is referred to as a “pocket” and Phase 2 can begin.   Phase 2’s goal is to assess and then annihilate at will all enemy forces trapped within the “pocket”.  Think the Battle of Kiev, the Stalingrad cauldron, or the Falaise gap which were some of the most successful in military history.

In the political arena, this type of operation is occurring in a similar fashion.  In the last week or so this has all been publically exposed with more information coming by the day:

1.        1.Uranium One (Klinton Krime Family, Obama, FBI, Justice Department, Russia)

2.      2.  Klinton\DNC\MCain proof for the ordering of the “Dossier”

3.      3.  FBI Corruption Investigation (Comey, Mueller)

4.       4. Hollywood Pedophile scandal (Congress, Deep State)

5.       5. JFK records released (Bush Krime  Family)

6.        6.   ?

Similar article viewpoint posted by Lord Feverstone published here.

Outrage and resignation:

1.       Past Presidents came out publically in the last two weeks, proclaiming how “unstable” Trump is.  He is now a very bad man, we are told

2.       Two NEOcon congressmen state they are abruptly resigning and more emerging.

So we are left with three scenarios as to how this most likely plays out:

1.       Trump, congress, and the justice system accomplish very little even with overwhelming facts and information.

2.       The Banksters create an “event” to deflect and distract from the incoming information and investigations.  I.e…

a.       War with North Korea

b.      Trump is removed

c.       Crash the financial system and go scorched earth in attempt to save their necks.

3.       The trapped enemy within the political pocket is annihilated.  Elitist civil war goes Nuclear.

So ask yourself this question again, why has Trump surrounded himself with so many past dedicated generals?

The ride from now through 2018 is going to be spectacular.

Hillary Clinton- "If that F#$king Bastard wins we all hang from nooses"


11b40's picture

What #6 should be is the Awan Brothers/Debbie Wasserman scandal in Congress, with over 40 Congressional office computer and communications systems compromised....for more than a decade.

This thing absolutely cannot keep any traction in the news cycle.  Not even Fox will ride this horse for more than a minute.  Something is deeply wrong, as this is likely the biggest spy scandal in American history.  Think about it.  Every committee these compromised Congress Critters sat on was compromised simply by them being there, along with all their staff.

Where are all the Republicans on this?  Where is Trump?  Where is Sessions?  Where is the little ineffectual peacock super investigator Gowdy?  What happened to the coverage that was getting started on ZH, for that matter?

Oh look!  A squirrel!

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: What Trump wants ...

As far as policies or ideology are concerned, I doubt Trump "wants" anything. He has no firm political convictions; never has. He wants/wanted to be elected president. Probably to prove he could do it and to feed his ego and desire for maximum attention.

Once in office, he probably wants his business emprire to remain solvent, maybe become richer. He wants to get loud ovations at these rallies in Huntsville, Alabama (so he will do things like attack NFL players who "diserespect our country). He wants to stay out of prison. Any dirt the "deep state" might have on him, he'd like to keep that under wraps.

He'll "play ball" with the real powers that Be as long as he can continue to play president, make his tweets, give his speeches at rallies. 

What he really wants probably has nothing to do with all that stuff he said in the campaign. He wanted to get elected. He's done that. Now he just wants to stay in office.