Angry Tesla Owner Shares 25 Minute Video Detailing Just One Year Of Model S Service Issues

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Tesla owner Tyler Martin was ecstatic in December 2016 when he went to pick up his brand new Model S.  But the excitement quickly faded when he noticed several problems, including paint damage and trim alignment issues, during his new customer walk through. 

Unfortunately, the issues didn't stop there as a whole host of other problems popped up just during Martin's first six months of ownership including a series of creaks and rattles, a defective windshield and malfucntioning mirrors.  

The perpetual service nightmare that ensued with Martin's $80,000 electric vehicle prompted him to upload a 25-minute YouTube video chronicling every issue he’s had in his short 11 months of ownership.  Per Jalopnik:

Among the issues he mentions are paint imperfections, a dusty touch screen, and poor trim alignment on the door—these were what he found on the day the car was delivered. Other issues quickly crept up, but Martin waited about six months and 3,000 miles before taking his new car to a service center. When he did, he mentioned to the technicians that his electric driver-side mirror would only unfold partially; he had to physically push it the rest of the way.


Martin also asked the shop to get the door trim lined up properly, but allegedly the mechanics couldn’t quite get it perfect. In addition, Martin mentioned that his rear passenger-side door had a strange delay between the handle being pulled and the door actually opening.


On top of that, he told the shop about a rattle from the rear passenger-side door, a crooked steering wheel when driving straight, a front door that creaked when it opened, and a defective windshield with little horizontal lines in it.


But Martin's problems only got worse after his first service visit.  By the time of his second visit, with less than 10,000 miles on the car mind you, Martin reported a "number of new rattles," a steering wheel that was off-center while driving straight and passenger door paneling that had separated from the door.

By the time a technician came to Martin’s house for the car’s second service, a new rattle had popped up in the front passenger-side door. The technician fixed this, and replaced the windshield (with one that was also defective). Shortly after this service, Martin says he was sitting in his passenger seat, and noticed the door trim coming off (see above).


Over the next few thousand miles, the car developed a number of new rattles, including one in the center console and one in the B-pillar. The steering wheel remained crooked, the HVAC fan squeaked and the car’s charging port struggled to open with the remote.


But Martin says that his biggest disappointment of all came when he noticed a “weird yellow line” around the 17-inch touchscreen that is the hallmark of Tesla's technological superiority to other vehicles.

In my mind, Tesla’s core competency is their technology. And that 17-inch touchscreen is the embodiment of Tesla’s technological prowess.?
This failure was the tipping point for Martin, making him wonder about the Tesla’s longevity, saying:


If the car is built poorly enough that simple things are routinely failing, than is it such a stretch to worry about what the long term viability is for the major mechanical components?


With that, here is Martin's full list of Tesla complaints:

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balz's picture

Tesla is a religion. Burn the witch.

Looney's picture


If this whiney Snowflake still owns the Piece of Elon’s Shit, he is a double-moron!  ;-)


Shitonya Serfs's picture

At least DeLorean had spare parts

Donald J. Trump's picture

All Tesla's issues make them sound more like Yugo than the state of the srt auto producer they claim to be.

Just waiting to hear about mis matched parts.

Edward Morbius's picture

Their business is not cars, but vacuuming up tax credits. As a car business they are an EPIC FAIL.

end times prophet's picture

Good Christ!!  After 5 minutes of the video I was hoping Elon pushed an update to his car to lock him inside and short the battery.

NoDebt's picture

Don't like the squeaky, creaky malfunctioning interior?  Rip it all out and go drag racing!  Tesla P100Ds are absolute TERRORS at the 1/8 mile drag races- there's damned little that can take them down over short distance.  To wit, a little street racing action:


IH8OBAMA's picture

When you buy a new car in this price range you want it to be perfect when you get it and not start breaking right away.  I don't blame this guy for his gripes but he should cut his losses and move on to a well made Japanese car.


The_Juggernaut's picture

There's a Tesla owner born every minute.

swmnguy's picture

Hell yeah, I bought a new Toyota Yaris with cash in 2008, for crying out loud, and all I've ever done to it is change the oil, belts, tires, and brake pads.  That's considered a "cheap" car.  Didn't cost much; doesn't cost much to own.  I wouldn't trade it for a Tesla, even-up.  A Toyota Yaris hatchback.

JethroBodien's picture

I bought a Dodge Charger RT (Hemi) in 2006 and I've only changed oil, tires and battery with ZERO additional maintenance.  Still original struts and brake pads. 

I suspect every car manufacturer is capable of making a lemon.  I wonder if this guys experience is indicative of every Telsa owners experience?

swmnguy's picture

I wonder too.  If nothing else, he's not happy with how they're handling him.

francis scott falseflag's picture


Remember the VW ad by DD&B that introduced the Beetle in the US in 1960?  

The greatest ad campaign in history.





Maybe this is a Musk knock off?  His 'Hail Mary Pass' Youtube for Tesla?



Herp and Derp's picture

The whole lemon concept and lemon law comes from a management decision of what to do with all the garbage bad tolerance parts.  Most cars companies, even the other American ones now practice shorter logistics and better part problem reporting.  I suspect this is the introduction of lemons as the tesla line is old school beat on it till it fits order a ton of parts cheap manufacturing.

This guy should return it under lemon laws.

SDShack's picture

I bet people just like this guy can't wait for the next tech innovation... the "driverless" car. Just imagine the cluster-fuck that will happen on the roads with "driverless" cars when their technology invariably fails. Commercial aircraft probably have more autopilot tech then anything else on the planet, yet there are still TWO highly trained, experienced and certified pilots in the cockpit, and the aircraft are maintained by trained mechanics, and repairs must be signed off by FAA. Think any of that will happen with driverless cars?

Lumberjack's picture

My 77 Monza could beat motorcycles. I’d wager a bet with the Tesla.

zuuma's picture


What motor?

(I had a 77 monza with the vega motor. Sleeved, shaved head - pretty good - no MC beater, though)

Beat what kind of MC?  1950's harleys?  (Easy)

Honda 750 4 ?  Maybe not


Teslas are pretty quick - when the are running.

Mercuryquicksilver's picture

"down over short distance" in other words who cares. eighth mile is a joke for poseurs too cheap to find qtr mile tracks and lacking skill to road race.

I like EV's plenty and own one, but you're comparing apples to oranges.

EV's are fast down low because government hamstrings IC with regulations. 

Jibe Ho's picture

Electric motors are are torque monsters, they will get the hole shot every time.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

You'd think someone smart enough to be able to earn sufficient money to afford a Tesla car would also be smart enough not to buy one.

Chauncey Gardener's picture

It's an expensive "green" status symbol, nothing more. You're just not hip with the "green energy" crowd if you don't have one. You thought Prius owners were smug? Rank ametuers compared to these self-righteous, pompass asses.

Provocateur's picture

My family owns 3 Priuses  (Preii? ) 1 new, 2 used.  Best cars ever made IMO.  Low maintainence, 50-60mpg, and at least they burn gas, not coal.

Yeah, I got tax credits on the new one.  Sorry about that, y'all.

Templar X's picture

GM quality and durability has tanked in recent years, with near paper thin metal skins, computer problems, and crappy electronic sensors everywhere, etc. I never thought I would do this, but I will likely buy German or Japanese next time.

CJgipper's picture

Love my infiniti G37.  They're relatively cheap now too... and FAST (for a 15k USD car).

francis scott falseflag's picture

2005 G35 85k miles.  new tires, new battery, new crank sensor is all in 12 years


Best handling car i ever had.  Takes the 101 freeway merge to the 33 at 80 mph.

It could do it faster but I'm 78 years old.



oh yeah, new rear brakes at  50k 

robertsgt40's picture

Look at the bright side. The engine didn't knock.

Ignatius's picture

Now we understand the "genius" of Elon Musk.

Let's all just soak in it a little while, shall we...

Provocateur's picture

What do you expect for only $15k in subsidies? Maybe if the govmint gave tesla $30k per car, they could build a more reliable vehicle for $80k price point.


Throat-warbler Mangrove's picture

How do you double the value of a Yugo?  Fill the tank.

Saw one in perfect condition, just the other day.  Shock.

SoDamnMad's picture

It is a hand made vehicle made by people who never made a car before. Lighten up. It's just part of the learning curve. 

not dead yet's picture

It's a Model S and they have been making them for years. They are not totally hand made if you bothered to see videos of them being made. Typical fanboy making excuses for Tesla putting out a POS. All you Tesla lovers fell all over yourselves having orgasms when Consumer Reports said the Tesla was the best car they ever tested. But boy all of you went spaz and  foaming at the mouth when months later the same Consumer Reports put it on it's do not recommend list due to it's crappy quality. Quality that hasn't improved much since then. I loved the one where last year a guy flew in to pick up his new Tesla and had to take it back to the factory 5 times before he could even dare drive it home. You wouldn't be so charitable glossing over the crappy quality if you owned one.

Hugh_Jass's picture

And those snazzy "snow" tires.

Chuck Walla's picture

What is that dude, like 8?  Man, all that money and none of the sense.  Hmm, Married. I guess some woman spotted this chump.


I'm thinking mom did the bulk of the bitching at the dealer.

dilligaff's picture

He looks like a real douchebag...

813kml's picture

Comes with the territory when most of your customers have Asperger's.

Big Creek Rising's picture

How does a twerp like this have 80 grand to piss away on a fad-mobile?

Does he make $7000 per month from momma's rent-free basement?

techpriest's picture

He looks like a bourgeois communist. Maybe he LARPs as Antifa sometimes?

MrFriskles's picture

New age metrosexual bug man. Basically a high level insect. This guy and his ilk are a section of hipsters with even less spine. You typically see them on social media with their mouths open in some way during a photo. Weak.

Freddie's picture

Ha ha.  Bug man.  High level insect.  Classic.

Dig Deeper1's picture

Ya and he doesn't even know that those yellow lines on his display are secondary roads on Google Maps.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Time to reboot Back To The Future, but this time Doc Brown drives a Tesla.

DavidC's picture

A friend of mine refers to them as Tosslas. Not sure if he's referring to the cars or their owners, I certainly wouldn't buy one. Well over priced and crap.


NumNutt's picture

My '92 Toyota Corrolla with 300,000+ miles on it is still running strong. I don't think I would try to drive it across the country, but I know that everyday I need it, it will start on the first turn of the key. Oh and it doesn't take multiple hours to "recharge it". fuck these stupid electric crap....

cheech_wizard's picture

Got me beat... 2000 BMW 323Ci w/ 270K miles on it. When I go home on long weekends, its a 470 mile one way trip... (One tank of gas w/ 30 to 60 miles left to go upon arriving at my destination)... I do this 6 or more times a year... (check all the fluids/check tire pressure...and I am good to go.)