Corey Feldman Vows To Release Names Of 6 Powerful Hollywood Pedophiles

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For years, actor and former child star Corey Feldman has been warning anybody who would listen that Hollywood is a place where adults have more inappropriate contact with children than probably anywhere else in the world.

So it’s unsurprising given the renewed focus on sexual assault and harassment brought about by the Harvey Weinstein scandal that Feldman’s accusations would receive renewed attention, considering he made the media rounds as recently as 2016 to talk about how a pedophile ring in Hollywood abused him and his friend, fellow actor Corey Haim – actions Feldman blames for Haim’s eventual death from a drug overdose.

And yesterday, he returned to the “Today” show and, during an interview with Matt Lauer vowed to release the names of six men who he alleges participated in the abuse of himself, Haim and other young stars. The interview followed Feldman’s announcement in a YouTube video last week that he was launching an Indiegogo page to try and raise money for a feature film about pedophilia in Hollywood that he hopes to direct. However, as Lauer pointed out, Feldman’s target budget - $10 million – appears lofty. But the former child star appears determined to tell his story the way he wants it to be told.

Here's an excerpt from his interview:

LAUER: “Why are you talking to me? Why aren’t you talking to the police right now?”

FELDMAN: “I told the police. In fact if anyone wants to go back to 1993, when I was interviewed by the Santa Barbara Police Department. I sat there and gave them the names. They are on record. They have all of this information, but they were scanning Michael Jackson. All they cared about was trying about to find something on Michael Jackson.”

LAUER: “Who you said, by the way, did not abuse you.”

FELDMAN: “Who Michael was innocent. And that was what the interview was about with the pollice in 1993. I told them, he is not that guy. And they said, maybe you don’t understand your friend. And I said, no, I know the difference between pedophiles and somebody that is not a pedophile because I have been molested. Here’s the names, go investigate. And let me push this forward, there are thousands of people in Hollywood that have the same information. Why is it all on me? Why is it, if I don’t release the names in the next two months, six months or a year, I’m the bad guy. I’m the victim here. I’m the one who has been abused. I’m the one who is trying to come forward and do something about it.”

LAUER: “But —“ [crosstalk]

FELDMAN: “Please, I’m sorry. There are thousands of people out there, Matt, who have this information. Any one of those child actors that went to the teenage soda pop clubs with me when I was a kid, know who those people are and the people who ran it. Anybody can go back through history and look at the Teen magazines and say what was the name of that venue they were promoting and who ran that venue own who endorsed it.”

LAUER: “You said you have death threats because you have this information.”


LAUER: “And have threatened to expose it. Another reason I think to go to police. That’s a crime to threaten someone’s life.”

FELDMAN: “I’ve gone to the police with that, as well.”

LAUER: “And what would be wrong about going to the police now again? Didn’t work out in Santa Barbara.”

FELDMAN: “There’s a statute of limitations, Matt, in the state of Claifornia which protects people. It’s not that way in New York. It’s that way only where the movie industry is, conveniently enough in California. That’s the seriousness of this. You cannot. Because if I were to go to the police, I would be he one who’s getting sued. Henceforth, I need a team of lawyers and I need a team of security to be around me at all times, to keep me safe so I can get this message done.”

LAUER: “Really, really quickly.”

FELDMAN: “I’m not playing around. It’s serious stuff. I vow I will release every name that I have any knowledge of, period. And nobody’s going to stop me this time, as long as people support this.”

* * *

Of course, legal problems stemming from sexual-harassment or -assault allegations are a major problem for Hollywood’s victims, as the Weinstein scandal helped to expose. Yet Feldman, who starred in 1980s classics like “Stand By Me” and “The Goonies”, is wrong about the California statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases – it was thrown out late last year by Gov. Jerry Brown. Still, it’s not altogether unreasonable – particularly for somebody who is not accustomed to having his allegations taken seriously – for Feldman to be afraid of legal repercussions of outing powerful pedophiles.

But after simmering on the backburner for years, the levee of public outrage over pedophilia in Hollywood could very well be about to break. Case in point: Over the weekend, actor Anthony Rapp – famous for his roles in “Rent” and “Dazed and Confused” – accused actor Kevin Spacey of molesting him when he was 14. In an unprecedented development, Netflix cancelled Spacey’s show House of Cards, and the actor has suffered tremendous reputational damage that could threaten his ability to find work.

In the shuffle of the Weinstein allegations, some have pointed out that Bryan Singer, who directed the X-Men movies and other mega-budget blockbusters, has been repeatedly accused of pedophilia, has been able to easily find work despite the stigma. Two lawsuits alleging abuse by Singer were eventually dismissed, but actors have continued to single him out.

Regardless of whether Feldman ever comes forward, it appears Hollywood is finally being forced to acknowledge that both men and women are subjected to sexual abuse and coercion, though perhaps not in the same numbers.

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historian40's picture

"Judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron deception.  There is no concord between antichrist Pharisaism(Judaism) and Christ.  Fyi.


Anyone claiming to be "Judeo-Christian" should be suspect already, as they lack even basic knowledge of Christendom they claim to be a part of.

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the power of western evangelical christianity.


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..."Judeo-Christian" should be suspect...

The term still has significance and legitimacy in "Christendom". The Christ's bloodline is firmly established in 2 of the accounts written by witnesses of his own and those closest to Him before, during and after His incarnation. That bloodline establishes the veracity of the written accounts preceding His birth and even referenced to personally by He Himself as He held Moses and the Prophets in the highest regard, second only to His Father.

Christians today rightfully view as "ours", those recorded in what's considered the "Old Testament" as root stock to our own walks of Faith. I think this is easily understood with the 1st century apostle Paul's description that "they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:..." - Romans 6:9

His 11th chapter of the same book does considerably more to show the relationship between the called and God's eternal purpose. Suffice it to say the final verdict is it's God that decides who gets the call and for what purpose.


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Meanwhile, as Corey protects pedophiles - more Mandalay Bay Massacre witnesses are massacred. 

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If you act now, I will expose the names of people who continue to this day to sexually victimize innocent children. All it takes is you, your ten million dollars and a dream....


In Memorundum - Corey Ian Haim (December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010) :

In 2011, Feldman claimed that a "Hollywood mogul" who abused Haim was to blame for his death.[93] The 2013 memoir by Corey FeldmanCoreyography, details the sexual abuse he and Haim suffered as young actors in the film industry; during the filming of Lucas, Feldman stated that Haim "allowed himself to be sodomized",[94] and "had been tricked into engaging in a painful session of anal sex by a man on the movie set. The man told Haim that sex between men and boys was normal in Hollywood, saying that 'all the guys in the entertainment world do it.' After this experience, Haim proposed the idea to Feldman that they should be engaging in that with each other as well. Feldman turned him down, explaining that was not 'just what guys do' and that children should not be having those kinds of interactions with adults."[95]"

shimmy's picture

I wonder if Matt would ask the women in the Weinstein drama why they didn't go to the police. Amazing how the libtard media can even act like cunts when it comes to possible pedophile victims.

I do agree with others that if Feldman is telling the truth then he should just release the names already. It's probably true given the way that cunt Lauer was acting towards him. Lauer is probably a pedo himself.

8iron's picture

Why does he need $10m if he has proof---ie the LAPD police report he supposed gave?  Iron clad.

No other accuser needed $10m....Spacey got sacked for something nearly 30 yrs ago.

Right now, the media is giving every accuser full credibility and pretty much everyone accused is guilty as shit.

I get he should worry more about "swimming w/ the fishies....permanently"

MCDirtMigger's picture

Can you read, or are you just plain stupid? He needs the money to make a movie about what happened to him and others.

petroglyph's picture

Makes you wonder how many actually read the articles before commenting doesn't it? It's been happening alot there at the Hedge.

Eyes Opened's picture

Yep... people askin why he didnt go to the cops/feds.... 


And TRY not to be sooo fucking judgemental....

8iron's picture

Why does he need $10m if he has proof---ie the LAPD police report he supposed gave?  Iron clad.

No other accuser needed $10m....Spacey got sacked for something nearly 30 yrs ago.

Right now, the media is giving every accuser full credibility and pretty much everyone accused is guilty as shit.

I get he should worry more about "swimming w/ the fishies....permanently"

RubyPetunia's picture

Fair questions. OTOH, Feldman came out with this stuff long before the scandals exploded.

MrBoompi's picture

Since the statute of limitations has passed for many of these crimes, the only suitable punishment might be the loss of prestige and future income.  The public is capable of inflicting its own form of punishment.  

Aireannpure's picture

And Hollywierd's women are? Not to be heard. Where is the outrage? Who will protect children first and foremost? WOMEN!

Honest Sam's picture

Women, mostly white women, signed on to Roe V Wade 40 some years ago.

If it's o.k. for them to legaize and enthusiastically endorse the murder a 6 month old baby in the womb, what morality exactly do you think they have?

Women are 'situational' protectors of children. 

But the real problem is sexual gratification.  This limbic brain thing that puts itself above all other considerations. 

Who knew the orgasm would not by now be contained to some extent and used in the context of a whole life, instead of practically the only reason for living? 


Miss Informed's picture

People want to believe that women naturally protect and stand up for children but that is not the case.

ToSoft4Truth's picture
Morality seems to be expensive.
Eyes Opened's picture

But ZH opinions are ten-a-penny.... 

I don't know if morality is expensive... but I DO know compassion, empathy & understanding is a rare thing here....

Judge not lest ye be judged ??

Soph's picture

...and I care about any of this, why exactly?

Robert Trip's picture

I don't give a fuck who they are.

That cesspool out west doesn't interest me.

They make some great movies but as to their personal lives I just don't give a fuck.

joego1's picture

Your attitude is exacly why we end up with Pedos for leaders in Washington D.C. You must be a troll.

MAAAHM's picture

With a pic like that, I don't see clean hands here. 


any_mouse's picture

"They make mind fucking programming, but as to their personal lives I just don't give a fuck."

All entertainment is cultural/social/political programming.

TV "programs". Right there, in there your face.

Computer programs.

Government programs.

Children are given up by their parents to be fed into the beast. North Hollywood Hills. Disney program.

You should give a fuck about it.

Where and how did divorce become easy peasy? Marriage vows became temporal and fluid. Marry, divorce, and remarry, like changing outfits.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Hopefully Corey has already districuted the names to many trusted individuals who will release them in the event of his untimely suicide.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Feldman is an arsehole. We all know the background story and it's really tragic, sad and I have genuine empathy for the guy, but lets forget the games and just out the kiddy-fiddlers and be done with it, before these molesters silence him. Out them now, or shut up.

Village-idiot's picture

He has a wife and children to worry about.

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

just name  ((((((Spielberg)))))  and the entire Hollywood pedophile cult will burn to ashes 

Ejonsie23's picture

These days, all it takes is an accusation.  There was that one time Heidi Klum molested me....

Robert Trip's picture

Former "child star" Feldman wants me to give him money towards making a pedophile movie and then wants me to spend money to go and see this Hollywood filth?

I'll take a pass asshole.

Dr. Acula's picture

He's waiting for bone spurs Trump to release the JFK files first.


michaeljay's picture

Is it possible that these names are hiding in plain sight?


Movie / director / producers

Gremlins / Joe Dante / Michael Finnell, Steven Spielberg

Goonies / Richard Donner / Harvey Bernhard, Steven Spielberg

Stand by Me / Rob Reiner / Bruce A. Evans, Andrew Scheinman, Raynold Gideon

Lost Boys / Joel Schumacher / Harvey Bernhard, Mark Damon, Richard Donner, John Hyde


Don Pancho's picture

Hollywood is full of sinful men wow what a suprise.

sniffybigtoe's picture

And he was in Lost Boys.

World-Gone-Mad's picture

I believe Corey. The MSM has been derelict, even complicit, in the pedophilia and sexual abuse in Hollywood because they refuse to do their jobs as real journalists. It's the same in all the other major issues. The MSM is bought and paid for. Alternative media breaks all the important stories, then the MSM tags along for click bait.

MAAAHM's picture

I'd say some parents refused to do their jobs. 

jms2112's picture

Drop the fuckin names already and be done with it.  This is getting old.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

is he waiting for vegas to start running odds?

Panic Mode's picture

People never thought Hollywood is overfilled with sins are retarded. If this can happen to church, how it won't happen in Hollywood, especially the place is infested with sex, drug and alcohol.

Watchout those Hollywood big names speak out for Hillary. They are hypocrites to the bone. They act like they are for the poor and yet there are many allegations that they dodge paying tax.

historian40's picture

Sometimes these "child stars" spend years trying to recapture their former fame.  I have to balance that with what they come out and claim to know, but refuse to say for years.  Especially when they want money to tell something as important as who is molesting children in jewish hollywood.

Nevermind that rabbis are sucking blood from baby penises in their "circumcison rituals" and getting away with it.  A big "oh well" to those baby boys getting herpes from the freaks.

Metzitzah B'Peh


Auberge's picture

Dude, you have hit the nail. (German saying)

This means that you are 100% right.

They suck blood from baby penises in their "circumcison rituals" and get away with it.

saldulilem's picture

You're damaging an entire industry

Fireman's picture

Start the Save Satan crowd funding gig

samsara's picture

Youi should have used the quotes and the reference.

On The View,   Barbara Walters Says To Corey Feldman

"You're Damaging An Entire Industry"

falconflight's picture

You didn't provide proper attribution.  Barbara Walters many years ago responding to Corey's claim of rampant pedo behaviors in Hellywood.

kumquatsunite's picture

You are a jerk to say such a thing; Hollywood has NO RIGHT to abuse anyone in order to keep "an industry" afloat. Hollywood, for those of you who don't know, is around 12% homosexual. They have pushed the homosexual agenda of bathhouse behavior at All Times. Corey Haim is now dead, Corey Feldman is trying to get you to say this is wrong.

Homosexuals are notorious for sexualizing the kids and sexing them up. They like fresh and innocent And Aids Free. ha ha. 

Check the top management at Disney and you find a homosexual whose "agenda" is the homosexual teen support system he supports.

Actually, check any studio or company in Hollywood and at the top you find homosexuals grooming kids in one way or another. Andi Mack is a Diseny show for kids, about kids. They have decided to Coopt the show for the homosexual agenda:

Joshua Rush, who is according to the statistics, fifteen is supposed to be playing a young man showing "interest" in the Same Young Man his best friend, Andi Mack, is interested in. So According To Disney, Females are not supposed to be INsulted that the males are going to compete with them for the same men, as though all males are potentially available to the homosexuals. If you disagree with this, it is not that you think homosexual behavior is disgusting, but that you are a "hater." So JUVENILE.

CDC says that spreading fecal matter is at the top of the list for causing disease (See: HIV). Why should anyone be required to Support any behavior? Stupid Hollywood. Burn the place to the ground and start over with no homosexuals in charge. Women are too stupid to tell the homosexuals they are NOT their competition. Women have the real thing; don't need to use the pooper. Soft, warm, sweet. Women only.



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Read my and FalconFlight's comments