Russia Begins Construction Of Two Nuclear Plants In Iran

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Iran has started work on two $10 billion nuclear reactors in the Bushehr nuclear power plant, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported on Monday citing Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Work on the two reactors “will commence next week,” the state television website quoted Behrouz Kamalvandi as saying.

Salehi said that Russia will begin construction on the two nuclear reactors, with work set to begin a year after Tehran signed a contract with Moscow to build the two reactors at the existing Russian-built Bushehr power plant in southern Iran. A series of agreements signed between the two countries last year foresees eventually increasing the total number of Russian-built reactors in the country to nine.

The start of construction follows a historic deal between Iran and world powers in July that ends a decade-long standoff over Tehran’s nuclear program. According to the deal, Iran agreed to dramatically scale back its nuclear program, making it much more difficult for it to develop nuclear weapons. The accord does not however limit Iran’s development of civilian nuclear sites. Construction of the two reactors will be bankrolled by Iran, Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Russia’s state nuclear company Rosatom, said last year.

Iran plans to build 20 more nuclear plants in the future, including four in Bushehr, to decrease its dependence on oil and gas. Russia had backed Iran during two years of nuclear negotiations with six world powers.

The two countries recently allied to prop up Syrian President Bashar Assad against opposition and jihadist groups, mainly the Islamic State organization. Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin eased restrictions on the country’s companies working on Iranian enrichment sites, enabling Russian firms to help modify centrifuges at the Fordo enrichment site and help Tehran redesign its Arak heavy water reactor.

Under the terms of the July deal, Tehran agreed to slash by two-thirds the number of centrifuges, machines that can “enrich” or purify uranium to make it suitable for peaceful uses but also for a nuclear weapon. Russian companies, as well as those from other nations, are eyeing business opportunities after sanctions on Iran are lifted, expected in the next two months, as the nuclear deal reaches its “implementation” stage.

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DirtySanchez's picture

The Russian State Uranium One firm that bought 25% of the USA uranium supply is likely supplying this fuel to Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and others.

Obama administration committed treason.

Clintons are power hungry, money hungry whores, willing to do ANYTHING, to achieve their objectives.




A. Boaty's picture

Kazakstan is best country in the world...

FoggyWorld's picture

And they let Frank Guistra of Clinton/Guistra buy one of their uranium mines with the help of Bill Clinton.

JibjeResearch's picture

The ladies are beautiful over there...  I like ehehehe

bshirley1968's picture

Help me understand.  When did it become illegal to sell uranium?   We sell steel, aluminum,  coal, copper, etc.  Why is the selling of uranium an act of treason?

What you should really be pissed about is the fact that the federal government believes this country and it's resources belong to it and not the people.  That is 100% unconstitutional. ......and treasonous. ......but yet you say nothing about that........hmmmmm.......that's strange.

bshirley1968's picture

You pussies going to keep down voting what you don't understand,  or is someone going to explain how selling uranium is illegal.

Not talking about the political corruption we all know exist.  How is it treasonous to sell uranium?

BTW, we have enough of that shit to blow up three times over or power the world for the next 1000 years.

SoDamnMad's picture

Some people would sell their mother and might even loan you the money if you were a little short.  Many countries have what they consider as strategic minerals which they control the price and volumes on. 

ThinkAgain's picture

No, Uranium One doesn't export the canadian and american uranium: they have no export license for that.

The USA is an uranium deficit nation:
This is why the USA liked to receive the 'waste' of the Russian warheads.
The USA bribed the men around the mostly drunk Jeltsin into
As they during the Jeltsin era loot Russia in all possible ways, this was one of these lootings.

By the way: All nuclear energy installations need special designed fuel.
The USA has for geopolitical reasons some problem with that.
That brings some risks.
But for some bucks and some influence technological demand can be altered.
The price of problems will be paid by other nations on other continents.

Since 1995, USEC has purchased more than 14,000 tonnes of such LEU, which has involved more than 250 shipments from Russia. This LEU has been used by the USA to fuel its nuclear power reactors, supplying nearly 10% of all US electricity over the past 15 years.

According to the OECD Redbook, the world consumed 67 kilotonnes (150×106 lb) of uranium in 2002. Of that, 36 kilotonnes (79×106 lb) was produced from primary sources, with the balance coming from secondary sources, in particular stockpiles of natural and enriched uranium, decommissioned nuclear weapons, the reprocessing of natural and enriched uranium and the re-enrichment of depleted uranium tails.[41]

In 2010 the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the deal because Uranium One only has a license for uranium recovery, not uranium export.

So the Uranium One story is BS.
Not BS is that the Clintons ran a 'policies auction' platform in general.
Trump can only dream of the level of corruption the Clintons mastered.

So the Russia Gate uranium facet is BS.
(like the Facebook ads story is too: advertisers only wish for such results of such low budgets: digital advertising is in most cases water under the bridge: with FB and Google cashing big time on this low effectiness)

Most info produced in the USA on Russia is heavy burdened by propaganda.
As European I don't get this Russia fetish of the USA.

There is no uranium outflow to Russia.
The contrary is the truth.

07564111's picture

Yep, but I think you wasted your time, truth is an unwelcome guest when eyes need be turned elsewhere.

Winston Churchill's picture

The trucking company had the export licenses, another sleight of hand.

The end user is supposed to sign the app, at least I had to back in the 80's on specialised computers I needed in the UK.

It was a pain in the arse getting them then.But I didn't know which palm to grease back then.

WTFUD's picture

'As a European i don't get this Russia fetish of the USA'

It's quite simple really, Russia is interfering in their Regime Change & World Domination Aspirations.

Their Empire's in decline and they fear having to explain this Reality to their Citizens, that their Exceptionalism was/is an ILLUSION.

SoDamnMad's picture

I notice you link Westinghouse nuclear fuel to Ukraine but I don't see where you reference that it has created problems with both the life of the rods and the numerous emergency shutdowns they have created.  There were never as many (if any) shutdowns with the Russian fuel rods for similar problems  I saw a recent story about all the problems in Ukraine where they have to run the nucs flat out (if they can) because there is insufficient coal coming out of the war zone area.  The Ukrainians have signed off on the operating life extensions of many of their reactors without shutdown checks.  This is another "Chernobyl" waiting to happen.

css1971's picture

Could be we hit the nadir. May be time to start building up my nuclear portfolio.

Dr. Engali's picture

And once they are complete we will see a software virus from a small Middle Eastern country disrupting their operations.

taketheredpill's picture

Causing purification centrifuges to self-destruct is one thing.  Re-creating Fukushima in a neighbouring country is something else.


FoggyWorld's picture

The Fukushima reactors were designed and built by GE.  What's good for the goose .....

WTFUD's picture

They may be small but have expansion aspirations, albeit that those were recently curtailed due to their IS proxy's destruction in Syraq!

ThinkAgain's picture

Protection by S400 and/or S500 included.

Reaper's picture

Sadly, the dollar will not be used to pay for it.

CompassionateConservative's picture

Absolutely sickening.  Iran and Russia need to be nuked now!  I fear for Israel and the Jewish people.   Folks, a brutal and unrelenting global nuclear war is the LEAST we could do to support Israel and the Jewish people who were persecuted so much during the Holyhoax FOR NO REASON AT ALL!  Let's take the first step in atoning for the Holohoax, let's call our representatives and senators and tell them to let the nukes loose on the evil doers of Iran and Russia!  If you don't then you're an anti-semite and a nazi!

Fireman's picture

Blow the planet and save the hollow at all cost!


By the way a lot of Zeros don't quite grasp sarcasm, no matter how obvious.

shovelhead's picture

No, we just ignore the hamfisted attempts at it.

chestergimli's picture

90% of so-called Jews in this world are Turkic-Mongol Talmudists-ASHKENAZ from the not so ancient kingdom of Khazaria known in far far more ancient times as Magog. They are the Gog of the Magog. They are of the seed of Japheth not of Shem. They have no Semitic blood in them. Isn’t it about time for you Talmudists to realize that your psychological weapon doesn’t hold water.

Winston Churchill's picture

Your downvoters need you to put a s/ at the end.

This is not the ZH of yesteryear.

WTFUD's picture

You're correct Winnie, my up-votes have halved in size over 5 years, lol.

Which in turn could mean they're a more discerning lot and i got's to try harder or it could mean you're the righteous man and i'm the shepherd and it's the World that's evil and selfish . . .  pulp fact.

Fireman's picture

Unleashe the jooganda now! 6 million must be saved again and again.

(hey it worked once with our USSAN tax cattle)

Hollow Co$t Inc.

ThinkAgain's picture

It's a pity that Iran doesn't go full blown on solar. That was a part of made some years ago.

screw face's picture


“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

As they so enjoy saying in DC....


"It's not so much the crime, it's the cover up"


"What did Obama know, and when did he know it?"












How many others???


They're going to need a bigger prison.....

White Devil's picture

Payback is a mutherfucker

kahplunk's picture

Just what the world needs more radiation. We are all so fucked

just the tip's picture

Iran plans to build 20 more nuclear plants in the future, including four in Bushehr, to decrease its dependence on oil and gas.

substitute "iran" with "The US" or any nation/country in the west, and all the anti-nuclear song birds would be out in chorus about the dangers, in principle, of fission.

not so in this case.

odd that.

tomorrow ZH headline will read about venezuela building 20 nukes to reduce their dependency on oil and gas.

JibjeResearch's picture

More nuclear bombs/reactors ensure we live in peace or die together and brothers and sisters...


Able Ape's picture

It's not VERY comforting to think that life on earth depends on electric water pumps circulating water!...

FBaggins's picture

“Dangerous Crossroads: Tillerson and Mattis Try Justifying Endless US Wars of Aggression”  By Stephen Lendman, Global Research, October 31, 2017



With increased threats, provocations, and economic sanctions against Russia and Iran by the neocons and radical Zionists who run US foreign policy, the DOD, finances, the MIC, and the MSM, we are now back to a real cold war pending the likely outbreak of another major war – which perhaps is the last refuge of the scoundrels who have virtually bankrupted the Western economy with offshoring and huge trade imbalances in the name of free trade with China and other zero-labor-cost foreign nations, while making themselves even richer.  Why would Iran which had agreed not to develop nukes but finds itself now subject to threats and provocations of annihilation, not want nukes at this time for its own protection? After the slaughter in Syria it may be the best bet to deter the wars of aggression led by the US, Britain, and Israel in the Levant. 

SweetDoug's picture




So.... Some anal-sis here?

Anyone want to tell me how this fits in with the Non-nuke deal that the Iranians signed?

Who's looking after the spent plutonium?

Will Russia be using the American uranium that Hillary gave them?! (Sorry. That's uncalled for.)

What tech is going to spill over into the Iranian hands? What are the safeguards in place to prevent this?

Will these plants be monitored by the UN overseeing the non-nuke deal?