ESPN Lost 15,000 Subscribers A Day In October

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ESPN’s decision to suspend host Jemele Hill last month after her second violation of the company’s social media policy (she tweeted that people should boycott advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys after its owner sided with President Trump) did little to stanch the steady bleed of paying customers that is threatening the erstwhile “World Leader in Sports.”

As Breitbart reported, the troubled cable sports channel lost 480,000 paying subscribers last month - or about 15,000 a day. The loss coincided with Trump’s battle with professional sports over whether leagues should punish players for kneeling during the national anthem - a battle that Trump appears to be winning.

To put this loss in perspective, the number of subscribers lost last month is about equivalent to the population of Sacramento, the capital of California and the US’s thirty-fifth largest city.

Of course, ESPN isn’t the only cable sports channel losing subscribers as more consumers cut the cord and migrate to more affordable online streaming services. Fox Sports One lost 584,000 households in the month of October. Though, it is noteworthy, that Fox Sports One’s ESPN-esque decline has coincided with the channel’s efforts to introduce more politicized content, a strategy also tentatively adopted by ESPN. Case in point: the Reverend Jesse Jackson was brought in as a host on Fox Sports One’s Undisputed, the network’s flagship debate show, featuring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

Breitbart’s Dylan Gwinn explains why Jackson’s addition hurt Fox Sports:

Jackson bashed President Trump and used slave references to describe the how players are treated in the NFL. This move, straight out of the ESPN playbook, seemed really odd considering that FS1 has branded themselves as being everything that ESPN is not. However, considering that incident, in addition to the daily drum beat of liberal insanity coming from Shannon Sharpe; and one gets a pretty clear picture of why the network which branded itself as the alternative to ESPN, has suddenly become just like ESPN.

Still, the falling subscriber count is particularly disastrous for ESPN, which may find that it can no longer afford Monday Night Football after 2021, leaving the channel without any broadcast partnerships with the NFL - America’s biggest sports league.

Trump famously blasted the network for being politicized after Hill labeled him a “white supremacist” on Twitter.

Of course, Hill’s comments may have created an uncomfortable lose-lose situation for ESPN, because, as data shows, the NFL is equally well-liked among Republicans and Democrats. While liberals may have punished the network for suspending Hill, conservatives may have canceled their subscriptions without waiting for the network’s apology, given the steady stream of liberal-leaning commentary that has emerged in recent months.

Subscriber losses have led to layoffs of on-air talent in Bristol while also stoking speculation that Disney might move to spin off its increasingly embattled sports channel. How many more subscribers need to cut the cord before Disney decides it's no longer worth carrying ESPN's baggage?

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starve rat disney, they preach gloablism and hate america first!

jcaz's picture

Wow- the two dumbest announcers on TV added Jesse Jackson to their format-  that's HYSTERICAL!!!!

So the ghetto Urkel black guy and the white-on-rice fake resume guy needed Jesse to arbitrate-  almost makes me want to check out an episode just to soak in the pain......

JRobby's picture

Put a fork in it. ESPN had a good 35 year run. The last 10 or so was sickening. Cable and Satellite are dead.

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the sports networks have also bent over backwards AND forwards to try and shove boring faggoty soccer down America's throat to cater to the libtards and the influx of millions of illegal 3rd worlders who don't have a fucking clue what anything else but soccer is.  Nobody wants to watch that shit. 

There also used to be a ton of really great hunting and fishing shows that all got wiped out during the obama regime by the enviro-nazis. There were all kinds of good ones, but the sponsors all got shit on by protestors and other lefty assholes, so the networks caved in and cancelled nearly all of them. 

And on top of all that you'll notice that America still loves to watch racing and UFC fights.  Fox has the UFC all to itself, and the races are spread out amongst the different networks, so ESPN can go suck it.   

But hey you'll never have a shortage of figure skating and that kinda crap on the NBC rainbow warrior network.

There's also no fucking reason anymore to pay for cable or satellite.  It's more than easy enough (and cheaper) to just use the internet to stream whatever you want and skip the network bullshit all together.  I've been doing it for several years now and there's no way they can stop us.

I haven't paid for a single pay per view event in YEARS either. 

And if the NFL and the African Sky Soccer leagues want to continue their bullshit protesting then they can all just stay on their knees like the douchebags that they are until they're begging for the fans to come back as their ratings and their big salary contracts continue to shrink...the people will continue to walk away from them until there's nothing left.  Even Papa John told the NFL to fuck off.  Good for him!

And besides all of that....there's a lot more to life than TV or watching these assholes run up and down a court or a field.  It's not even really very entertaining anymore and people are waking up to this by the millions.  Better to pay attention to what the corrupt politicians and banksters are doing to destroy our country than let ourselves be distracted by the scumbags in Pedowood or the lying scum of the media or the useless a-holes who make millions playing kids games.

A Sentinel's picture

Fuck ESPN and the whole disgusting MSM! On a long enough time line, they will all cease to be. It’s been long enough.

cheka's picture

espn, nba, nfl white genocide operation isn't playing too well.   shocked

Never One Roach's picture

Sunscribers to the left wing ESPN are dropping faster then American sperm count!

Ghost of Porky's picture

Doubtless they will double down with "Black Lesbian Sports Marxist Poetry Month"

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. Those numbers are pretty funny, but I'm disappointed they aren't even bigger. I cut the cord several years ago, any time it comes up I tell friends and family to do the same. ESPN and their spouting SJW nonsense on their fucking sports shows were a pretty big part of that decision. Fuck those people.

Nearly every weekend I can find a pistol match within an hour of where I live. That's much better than wasting time watching those tards. As is quality time with the family. Now that I don't really watch it anymore, it fascinates me that so many people will watch a bunch of dindus chase each other around all day, and give them their time and money when it's clear they hate us.

factorypreset's picture

Granted - soccer is boring as fuck to watch if you don't like it but try playing half-back for a 90 minute soccer game and get back to me on how faggy it is. 

No more faggy than a bunch of dudes in spandex "tackling" each other 

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Nobody can dispute that these guys run constantly during a game, I couldn't do that shit. That being said I believe the faggoty part of the game he was referencing has to do with the pathetic dives to get a penalty at the very slightest of contact...And by the way I prefer the term lawn dancing to soccer.

Mr Hankey's picture

Was wondering what could be gheyer than man-face-& hands-in-man-butt-catching-man-baby-& running-to be-MAN-HANDLED ABOUT-THE-HIPS-TORSO-SARCASTABALL!!!! The homo-erotic equivalent of womens beach volleyball, which I'd much rarher watch. 

Mr Hankey's picture

& no stoppages  dor full 90 minutes except for injuries AND those minutes are added at the end 

johnjkiii's picture

I remember an episode of Second City Television which was a send up of PBS. The comedian who played the station manager broke into the regular program, rolled out in a wheel chair, saying the break was for the annual fund raiser. He made a plea to keep on the air, send money etc. Every few minutes he would break in again and show the phone results, which didn't move. Finally after about 5 or 6 interruptions (all very funny) he came on and threatened to change all of the programming to one thing. He shouts to the director too roll the tape of what would be on 24x7 if people didn't start pledging money: Soccer. 

El Oregonian's picture

ESPN sounds like a killer spray repellant.

It works, it obviously exterminated their paying audience.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

ESPN is what you have if Huffington Post had a sports network.

kermudgen's picture

And quickly sliding into Mother Jones territory...

t0mmyBerg's picture

Well thats the key.  Talk about a channel that failed to know or understand their audience.  The kind of guys that watch ESPN dont go in for this neo socialist pandering bullshit.  oops.

greenskeeper carl's picture

It is funny to see them get that so wrong. They bet their network that 'normie' white guys would either get slowly brainwashed into SJWs, were too retarded to notice, or too addicted to watching that it wouldn't matter. It's good to see someone lose a bet like that for once.

Juggernaut x2's picture
ESPN=Disney=Protocols of the Elders of Zion
LaugherNYC's picture

Kittens with pencils in they heads
I’m here to tell you Jews did it.

Sorry PO

BarkingCat's picture

Who is the dumb fuck to hire Sharpe??

Guy sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

Not to mention that his IQ is likely around 80...maybe less

Clock Crasher's picture

I wonder where people will lose faith & confidence next? 

Stan522's picture

Liberalism trumps revenue to a Lib....

NotApplicable's picture

Better yet, the spin on the lib side (so I've been told) is that the declining numbers are due to people supporting the kneelers with boycotts.

That shit's funny, right there!

greenskeeper carl's picture

I've seen that theory peddled by tards on the internet, too. Which is funny, since SJWs don't watch sports. Competition of any kind is like capitalism- the devil.

JLM's picture

Lets insult half our customers.  Aren't we cool.  What can go wrong .... .

Christianman's picture

The best thing about this is that these people are so blind they will double and triple down on their agenda and eventually go out of business.  Like Hillary they are blind to the fact that they are their own worst enemy!

Boxed Merlot's picture

...blind to the fact that they are their own worst enemy...

"I am stirring up the Medes against them, who have no regard for silver and do not delight in gold..." - Isaiah 13:17

Power is not wealth, and as admirable as wisdom is, it isn't either.


twh99's picture

Politics should have nothing to do with sports.  Period.  Full Stop.

Kayman's picture

Waaa.... white people bad, non-whites all good. 

Cheap-shot racism, idiocy, mediocrity all good. Forward lemmings, over the cliff...

Fuck Disney and the poisoned apple from whence they sprung.

any_mouse's picture

The National Anthem should not be played at entertainment events.


Support your local team of thugs. Support The Troops, doing dirty work for criminals in our name. Go Team! Go!

BorraChoom's picture

So you prefer the HaTikvah while watching your DinDoo.

E.F. Mutton's picture

I hope to see Stephen Smith washing car windows for change someday.

Or fetching a shine box.

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

Now that is what I am talking about...........

Obama should be part of Pardon the Interruption....that would be one cracker and two niggas that never played a sport talking about just how it is done....

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Dead,

One is the Entertainment division of .Gov & the other Indoctrinates / Programs you.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Around the Horn used to be kind of fun to watch. Now you turn that show on and the panel is nothing but black men, white women, and lesbians (usually white), with a Hispanic thrown in for good measure.

cheka's picture

white genocide right in front of the cameras

Bay of Pigs's picture

You never saw Obama playing golf and hoops?


FreeNewEnergy's picture

Not that I give a flying fuck, but I think it's Stephen A. Smith, the A standing for Assholeracistbitch.

I hated that guy the very first time I heard him on the radio and wondered how such a douchebag could rise so high in the sports talk radio business.

Then I reminded myself that he is BLACK.

I've been saying for the past month or so (OK, it took me a while to get to this point) that blacks and white have to have a serious conversation about just what the fuck they want.

Seriously. The negroes in this country have free everything, but they always want more. How about us poor old whitey folks? We get shat upon every fucking day and never fucking complain. We just keep doing shit because that's how we were raised. Work, fuck, eat, sleep, maybe paly baseball or something if there's time.

Come on black people, engage me. What the fuck do you fucking want, because, as has been proven so often in the past, we'll fucking give it to you just to shut you the fuck up.

I've had it with black people to the point at which I've reverted to calling them niggers again. In public. I don't fucking give a shit since i'm a 63 year old white ass-hole who's worked and slaved all my life and I'm stillnot getting anywhere.

So, nigger, what the fuck do you want, and it better be good or I'm going to cap your ass like your dindu ghetto rap-fuck negihbors will if you don't shut the fuck up and do something useful.

Fuck all. Not sorry for the rant. Fuck liberals too. And most women, who are either too fat, too old or too stupid to properly tend to a man. Shit, I can do it better myself, bitchez.

vealparm's picture

Nice rant Free....I feel your pain.