Final Destination: Two More Vegas Survivors Die In Bizarre Ways

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Just weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a married couple from California died in a fiery wreck when their car rammed into the gate of their gated community and burst into flames less than a mile away from their Riverside County home.

Dennis Carver, 52, famously jumped on top of his wife Loraine, 53, to shield her from the gunfire during the Vegas massacre.

When Dennis Carver realized the loud cracks weren’t fireworks but instead rapid gunfire, he jumped on top of his wife, Lorraine (Lora) Carver, to shield her from the bullets. –Las Vegas Review-Journal

Officials report it took firefighters over an hour to put out the fire caused by the Carvers’ wreck. Their 16-year-old daughter, Madison Carver described hearing a “loud bang,” and saw her parents’ crashed car in flames when she went to investigate.

The Carvers’ eldest daughter, Brooke, 20, posted the following on Facebook Oct 20:

“This week we have been through more pain than we have ever been and probably will ever go through again. It’s hard to see Gods (sic) plan right now and how this was all part of it, but through the support of family and friends we have been pushing through.”

Other mysterious deaths

Granted – any event with 20,000 attendees will statistically have a few people who don’t make it to Christmas, however two other survivors of the Vegas massacre who notably said they saw multiple shooters have died weirdlyand one of them was trying to organize a survivors’ group to coordinate accounts of the incident when she died.

Kymberley Suchomel

Vegas survivor Kymberley Suchomel died October 9 in her Apple Valley, CA home just five days after she posted her version of events to Facebook. Her grandmother told the Victorville Daily Press that Kymberley appeared to have died in her sleep:

“Kymberley had epilepsy and she’s always been prone to seizures — she told her friend that she recently had three focal seizures,” Julie Norton said. “I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.”

Kymberley’s said on Facebook that “every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground.” 

A longtime friend of Suchomel’s also posted screenshots of a conversation with Kymberley in which she said she was planning to “organize a group of survivors” in order “to piece things together.

“You can share my comment for sure,” Suchomel told her friend,  “And you can leave my name” she added. “I’m trying to organize a group of survivors so if anyone wants to contact me they can. Because this fucked up shit doesn’t make sense and we are trying to piece things together.”

Five days later Suchomel was dead.

Danny Contreras

The next mysterious death of a Vegas massacre survivor is Danny Contreras – who described multiple shooters as well. The 35 year old reported his account all over – with one of his tweets shared hundreds of times which stated “can’t believe i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns.”  

Contreras was found dead in a vacant Las Vegas home with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said 35-year-old Danny Contreras was found dead at 7:05 a.m. Monday. A woman who thought she heard a man groaning had called 911 requesting a welfare check on the 5800 block of East Carey Avenue, near North Nellis Boulevard.

Contreras died of multiple gunshot wounds, and the coroner ruled his death a homicide. –Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas Police homicide Lt. Dan McGrath said it’s possible Contreras had gang ties based on the fact that he had tattoos, though the killing was likely related to narcotics rather than gang activity.

Neighbors said they did not hear any gunshots, however they heard arguing and a dog barking.

While the fiery death of the Carvers’ after careening into the gate of their gated community is indeed mysterious, the couple did not post publicly about multiple shooters. Kymberley Suchomel and Danny Contreras, on the other hand, most certainly did before their untimely deaths.

What do you think - multiple shooters or lone gunman with unknown motive?


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crazybob369's picture

In order to put to rest the conspiracy theories behind the Vegas shooting(s), I have put together a summary of what transpired, as per official accounts. It all seems above board to me…but, then again, I’m pretty stupid. So, here goes:

An out of shape, 64-year-old former accountant, current professional video poker player, checks into a large suite and adjoining room at a Las Vegas casino. Over the next several days he manages to lug 29-50 guns (pick a number), and thousands of rounds of ammo up to the rooms. He does this, presumably over several days, while stealthily managing to avoid the security cameras in the hotel, casino, hallways, elevators. With the hardware safely stashed away he patiently waits for the Route 91 concert to start. To be safe, he wires some cameras outside the room in order to monitor any potential threats to his dastardly plan. Before he can start his shooting spree, he is interrupted by an undocumented (sorry, unlicensed) security guard. He proceeds to blast 200 rounds through the door at the unlucky interloper. Fortunately, the guard appears to have some serious Ninja skills and manages to avoid all but one of the 200 bullets fired at him. The surveillance set-up also appears to have survived unscathed. The good fortune of the guard continues as the only bullet to strike him must have simply grazed him, as he did not seem to require immediate medical attention to what should have been a very serious injury.

Undeterred by the interruption, Paddock goes to the window and starts blasting away, Rambo style, holding two automatic weapons, of different calibers, in each hand. He makes sure that they are outside the window, as, for whatever reason, he does not want to many ejected casings to fall on, and mar, the nice carpeting in the room. His incredible accuracy leads to the death of almost 60 people and injuries to 500+ others, including several people who were shot in the chest multiple times (a physical impossibility from that distance with a weapon on full auto, but since we abandoned the laws of physics on 9/11, WTF).

Exhausted by his efforts after about 10-15 minutes he decides (being the true gun-nut that he is), that his weapons need to be cleaned and proceeds to do so, evidenced by the pictures provided to the media of the nice, clean, virginal looking weapons seen displayed on the floor of the hotel room, next to several shell casings some of which appear to be on top of his blood, rather than covered by it (see above regarding laws of physics).

Looking at his surveillance cameras (which miraculously survived being shot at through the door) and realizing that the cops are closing in, he proceeds to blow his brains out with a shotgun, even though a perfectly good handgun was available, a much easier method of killing himself, but then again, his face would have been recognizable, and he was by now so riddled with shame and regret that he didn’t want to be identified.

As I said, a perfectly resonable explanation as to what happened. Now, stop with the conspiracy theories already.

DeplorableAndy's picture

And now... another one bites the dust.  Orville Almon, lawyer representing Jason Aldean and the Route 91 Harvest Festival found dead.


Just an odd coincidence, I'm sure.

Bastiat's picture

They aren't subtle anymore are they.  Pretty soon they'll just start offing people on live TV --- maybe make it reality TV.

"Almon’s death, described by local Nashville media as “seizure during sleep”, mirrors that of Kymberley Suchomel of Apple Valley, California, a shooting survivor who was found dead in her home, hours after her husband left for work."

gdpetti's picture

Same situation after the Kennedy hit when local witnesses were warned to keep quiet or else... so many of them died off suddenly.... if they were better informed and positioned, they would know that 'friendlies' don't tell tales not scripted for them already, and then, in the uniform of the day, as rebranding is so common in our merc army and/or actors... such as this one:

‘SDF Medic’ Shown In RT Documentary ‘The Road To Raqqa’ Appears To Be Former ISIS Member
Storm-Clouds's picture

The recently arrivied dead are not talking.....

However they are not surprised by the fading investigation.....

With Mueller wandering throughout the msm, hollyweird daily rape & pedofiles announcing gayness & associated apologies & the ups & downs of the uranium market & Hillary’s excuses tour & saber rattling & tweets & the NYC mow down celebrations & kneeling & election bribes taking up air time & the World Series &........

It’s not like a conspiracy or blatant murder.....

Is it Seth?

Sorry gotta go another few just arrived....

It gets busy around Election Day......

But the dead don’t care......

koan's picture

I would be interested in knowing what sort of car they drove, did it have corruptible computer systems on board? What were the findings of the accident investigation?
As always, a lot of conjecture and hysteria with very little in the way of actual evidence.

i poop pink ice cream's picture

An ititial report (about 2 days ago) said the car was a 2010 Mercedes.

koan's picture

Wouldn't be hard to forge that video, seems like a lot of scammers and "like whores" were putting up anything to get hits.

ProsperD9's picture

Is it true that this was a Chirstian country music event? Whether it was or not....this is getting sicker and sicker people.

Honest Sam's picture

"Forget it, Jake.  It's Lost Vegas." 

steveo77's picture

Poll -- And Surprising Results Ongoing -- You Can Vote -- Outlaw Islam in the USA?

steveo77's picture

So far 26 of 26 say Outlaw Islam

Old Hippie Patriot's picture

Washington D.C. officially declared war on the American people on November 22, 1963. Las Vegas is another aggression of the war. They want everyone that believes in liberty dead.

konadog's picture

Yep. Trump finally released the declaration - now 54 years later - and the sheep are still more worried about the moron Kardashians or the spoiled brat NFL players.  Geezus, what the hell does it take to shake these f*cking sheep awake?

Consuelo's picture



Fear, leading to Confusion, leading to Disillusionment, leading to 'Bimbo Fatigue' (if those here old enough to remember the days of Billy Jeff, that colloquialism for 'tired-of-hearing-about-it'.) 

Such are the tried & tested psy-op tactics used to condition a mass of people (citizenry).

Above all else, there must be Confusion.   Keep that in mind. 

Honest Sam's picture

Yes, and this was widely known by many:


"In chaos, there is immense profit. In serenity, there is none."

RubyPetunia's picture

In what kind of car was the Carvers riding? I clicked the link to the Fox News story. I didn't see it.

BTW, "Cars bursting into flames after an accident is a pretty rare event


i poop pink ice cream's picture

Initially, it was reported the car was a 2010 Mercedes.

John Kerry-Heinz's picture

Remember every bodies favorite CEO of Chesapeake Energy, one day after his indictment?



Mr. Universe's picture

Then crickets. This is one they got away with with no one daring to ask the hard questions of the right people.

RightLineBacker's picture

I've driven Mercedes for many, many years. They are specifically designed to NOT burst into flames during a collision.

i poop pink ice cream's picture

Try telling that to Michael Hastings who was driving a 2013 Mercedes C250 that exploded during a collision.



el.kabong's picture

With the possible exception of the Ford Pinto circa 1975, I think 'not bursting into flames' is pretty high on most car design feature lists.

el.kabong's picture

With the possible exception of the Ford Pinto circa 1975, I think 'not bursting into flames' is pretty high on most car design feature lists.

el buitre's picture

Sounds like the famous Michael Hastings accelerator car computer hack with combined small incendiary device.  I hear that In-Q-Tel (the CIA venture capital corp) will be offering a kit on Amazon shortly.

idontcare's picture

Las Vega is so October.  Time to move on to Black Friday and the iPhone X; afterall, aren't those events what best define the 'American culture' we're all so rabid about protecting domestically and abroad?


[Be a good American - work, spend, invest in the stock market, drink, drug, watch tv, pay insurances, pay taxes.... wash, rinse, repeat.]

redmudhooch's picture

Can't have the slaves finding out the truth now can we?

Thats why they like putting "terrorists" in Gitmo, they don't want you to hear what they have to say.

I, for one, would like to hear them out.

el buitre's picture

But dead men tell no tales.  I recall that something like 75 witnesses to the JFK hit died mysterious of things such as karate chops in a shower.  

PitBullsRule's picture

It was ISIS.

They had a guy in the room, and they had some guys on the ground in the crowd.  

The reason the cops and the media are ignoring the guys on the ground, is because the cops are ashamed of the way they handled it.  It was a complete failure from their point of view, they know it, so they want to claim it was one crazy white guy in the hotel, and they couldn't get to him because he locked the door.  

Thats not what happened, ISIS killed Paddock and used the room to spray the crowd.  They had a couple more guys on the ground that started spraying at the same time.  The guys on the ground, and the two guys in the room escaped, Scott free.  

If you were a Vegas cop, would you want to admit ISIS killed 59 people and wounded hundreds more, right under your nose, and then escaped?

Unfortunately, thats the way cops are.

Snaffew's picture

ISIS is a synonym for CIA, NSA, FBI

i poop pink ice cream's picture

Correct, however they are all controlled by ISIS, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

el buitre's picture

Forgot to mention Mossad.

Doomer_Marx's picture

4 deaths of those ages out of 20,000 is well within the norm. If a few more deaths occur, we can start calculating probabilities. Until then remember, on a long enough timeline....

RubyPetunia's picture

Actually, that sounds seriously high. Kimberly Suchomel was 28, Danny Conteras was 35 and the couple were in their early 50s. Four people of those ages dying within a month in a community of 20,000 is not the norm.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

zh must stop posting vegas shooter stories..history is being erased..quickly..the "eyes wide shut" program is full on.

Grandad Grumps's picture

I think it was a drill with actors, as the hospital people said it was before they were told not to say anything. I think no one died until after the concert. It is also possible that it was a weapons test of a drone that was designed to pick one or more targets out of a crowd and kill only them with a so called "strike from god" (arrogant name, eh). Or maybe a projected sound device test... where people heard people chasing them with guns... or both. Still don't know anything for sure.

IMO, Paddock was likely filming the event as part of his job and was set up to be the patsy. You take gifts from Satan and he does with you as he will. Maybe he died of natural causes or maybe he is still alive.who knows?

But yes, there was a drill and a lot of fake video and when the Feds stole peoples' phones and wiped them, that in my mind is proof that the official narrative is total Bullshit!

QIG's picture

I do not believe that anyone died in Las Vegas. I do beleive there was a drama pretending to be an attack. Now the deep state is trying to nail the "narrative" into everyone's mind by give us the list of everyone dying who was there, as in years ahead they all die, and everyone will be "Las Vegas Survivors Die" headlines as the years roll by. Like a never ending strobe light to be mind control.

The solution is to "turn off the media" in your life, and get a life.

el buitre's picture

There is convincing video evidence and witness testimoney of non-crisis actor types of people shot dead on the concert grounds.  There is convincing evidence of crisis actors and the inevitable drills with these events.  It was a hybrid event involving both crisis actors and real murders.  Helps to muddy the water.

opport.knocks's picture

"Deep State cleanup in aisle 6 and bring the heavey duty media sanitizer."

bunkers's picture

Soros had a $42 million put option on the MGM, a week before this shooting.

RubyPetunia's picture

MGH honcho Jim Murren sold off more than 80 percent of his MGM stock and there was $200 million in insider selling from officers and directors of MGM in September.

bunkers's picture

We may have a new way to judge what will be hit next.

bunkers's picture

On Kevin Galalae's YouTube Channel at

Kevin discusses "Phases of Depopulation"

Getting down to the nitty gritty, folks.

bunkers's picture

I'm sorry. This only brings you to the general Kevin Galalae depopulation channel. I am unable to correct it.

lakecity55's picture

The MO does not change! Just like JFK, the witnesses begin to vanish....


shutterbug's picture

When it sounds like a duck, looks like a duck, feels like a duck, tastes like a duck  ... it's probably not a duck...

This according to NSA, FBI, CIA and all their murderers walking around with a government badge ...

Nobodys Home's picture

I'd believe you but you forgot quacks!