Stockman Slams Mueller's Mugging Of America: The Case Of Baby George Papadopoulos

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Authored by David Stockman via David Stockman's Contra Corner blog,

This is how the Deep State crushes disobedience by the unwashed American public. It indicts not only ham sandwiches but, apparently, political infants in diapers too, if that's what it takes. Hence the sudden notoriety of Baby George Papadopoulos, who pled guilty to "lying" about an essentially immaterial date to the FBI.

Oh, and by all signs and signals that plea came after this 30 year-old novice had been wearing a wire for several months.

So here's how this noxious act of bullying by Robert Mueller's Federally-deputized thugs came down. It seems that during the early months of 2016, when Trump was winning primary after primary against all mainstream media expectations, the Donald's establishment betters began attacking his foreign policy credentials with special malice aforethought.

That was mainly owing to his sensible suggestion that it would be better to seek rapprochement with Russia rather than pursue Hillary's Cold War 2.0 and that 25 years after the disappearance of the Soviet Union from the pages of history that NATO was obsolete.

Since this totally plausible (and correct) viewpoint was deeply offensive to the Imperial City's group think and threatened the Warfare State's existential need for a fearsome enemy, Trump's ruminations about making a deal with Putin were belittled. They were, in fact, attributed not to a fresh look at the realities abroad or the possibility that homeland security does not require a global empire, but to the candidate's lack of any pedigreed foreign policy advisors.

Indeed, when it came to the Republican-oriented foreign policy establishment---nearly all of which had joined the Never Trump cause----the Donald added insult to injury. That is, by suggesting he got his foreign policy views watching TV (like most of Washington) and that he could do a better job against terrorism than the Pentagon generals (not hard).

At length, however, the "who are your foreign policy advisors" meme got so relentless that the Donald relented. On March 21, 2016 he announced a group of five advisors that exactly no one who was anyone in the Imperial City had ever heard of, and for good reason.

The group included two recycled DOD flunkies, an anti-Muslim fanatic from the Lebanon religious wars and two kids of no accomplishment in the foreign policy field whatsoever. In a word, the foreign policy establishment's boycott of the Trump campaign at that stage was 100% effective.

Indeed, under a snarky headline the next day about how the new Trump foreign policy team "baffles GOP experts", Politico laid on the disdain good and hard:

“I don’t know any of them,” said Kori Schake, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and a former official in the George W. Bush State Department. “National security is hard to do well even with first-rate people. It’s almost impossible to do well with third-rate people.”

One of the five, of course, was Carter Page who had actually spent time in Moscow years earlier working as a stock broker and didn't exactly share Hillary's fulminations that Putin was Adolph Hitler incarnate.

So Politico made very clear that Mr. Page was apparently some kind of Kremlin stooge for uttering true facts about Russia.

To wit, that Russia had not "invaded" Ukraine, but to the contrary, the February 2014 coup on the streets of Kiev was fomented, funded, and illegally installed in power by Washington agents on the ground. Among others, these included the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland ("Yats is our man"), CIA operatives under embassy cover, the National Endowment for Democracy and its NGO subalterns and, especially, the War Party's roving Viceroy, Senator John McCain:

Page, who has worked for Merrill Lynch in Moscow, has accused the State Department's top official for Ukraine and Russia, Victoria Nuland, of "fomenting" the 2014 revolution that overthrew Ukraine's government. That charge is often lodged by pro-Kremlin media outlets but is strongly disputed by the Obama administration.

In this context, Politico made short shrift of young Mr. Papadopoulos and properly so. This kid had no more qualifications to be named among the top five foreign policy advisors to the then near-presumptive GOP nominee than anyone else in the DC phone book----although at the time Baby George was called to duty he was apparently domiciled in London and perhaps listed in its phone book.

Indeed, after rounding up an ex-Pentagon bean counter, a washed-up general who had "managed" (not well) the US "occupation" of Baghdad in 2003-2004 and Walid Phares, the Lebanese war veteran who claimed that the Moslem Brotherhood had infiltrated the State Department and was fixing to spread "Sharia law" to the towns and villages of America, you almost have the impression that the Donald instructed Ivanka and Jared to check out the Mar-A-Logo sandbox for candidates to round out the rooster.

That's apparently where Papadopoulos came from because he had graduated from college only in 2009, got two more degrees by 2011 in London, functioned as a junior researcher at Hudson Institute for several years and then "worked" on Ben Carson's presidential campaign for three months---- if you consider that an actual job.

Per Politico at the time of the announcement:

One of them, George Papadopoulos, is a 2009 college graduate and an international energy lawyer. Papadopoulos had previously advised Ben Carson's presidential campaign. According to his LinkedIn page, he was a researcher at the conservative Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., before joining the London Center of International Law Practice, which describes itself as dedicated to "peace and development through international law and dispute resolution."


Papadopoulos' LinkedIn page also boasts about his role at the 2012 meeting in Geneva of Model U.N., the student role-playing exercise on international diplomacy. It adds that he has "had experience lobbying foreign policy resolutions on Capitol Hill by means of coherent and concise arguments."

In a word, Baby George's "crime" came about in the process of trying to put on his Big Boy Pants and get noticed by higher-ups in the campaign. So doing, he came into contact on about March 14 with a London professor who claimed to be plugged into Russian sources with "dirt" about Hillary.

Needless to say, the London professor, one Joseph Mifsud, who had formerly served in a high ranking government position in his native land of, well, Malta (as assistant to the Maltese foreign minister), didn't know anybody in the Kremlin, either. That is, Mifsud was actually a no count talking to a another no count.

Prior to his appearance on the FBI's fake stage of international intrigue, in fact, Mifsud had been a "director" of some sort at the London Academy of Diplomacy-----a place that grants masters degrees to young people earnestly endeavoring a career in making diplomacy, not war. That is to say, by the standards of the Imperial City it's a kind of Quaker Meeting for idealistic diplomats on the road to Nowhere.

As it turned out, George never made any contact with any Russian state officials, didn't have any meetings with clandestine Putin operatives and came up with no anti-Hillary dirt at all----despite months of trying and sending loads of essentially unanswered emails up the chain of command at Trump Tower.

In fact, despite sending six emails volunteering his eagerness to set up a meeting between the Donald and Vlad Putin nothing happened. Even the government's charging document admits these missives were based on Papadopoulos' conversations with a "Russian National" who claimed to be Putin's niece, but wasn't; and someone who claimed to have contacts at Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), but also, apparently, didn't.

As it turns out, the latter unnamed go-between was one Ivan Timofeev,  a program director at a Russian government-funded think tank called the Russian International Affairs Council. The latter was actually a glorified welcome wagon which hosts public meetings with prominent visiting politicians and public figures from the U.S. and other countries.

Indeed, one guest speaker at this forum had been none other than Obama's former US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul. The latter is actually a fire-breathing Russophobe who can hardly be considered a pal of Putin's.

In any event, the government's charging document makes clear that Baby George's emails got nowhere. Indeed at one point the zealous Mr. Papadopoulos got swatted away by Paul Manafort, who---

.... replied to one such request by saying that "Trump is not doing these trips. It should be someone low-level in the campaign so as not to send any signal."

So finding no contacts, no meetings, no"collusion" or anything else validly related to Mueller's mandate, the latter's legal gunslingers came up with the usual default "crime" when a criminal investigations comes up empty. To wit, Papadopoulos allegedly perjured himself by telling the FBI early this year that he had met the no count London professor before beginning his service as a Trump advisor.

And that was true enough---except by the lights of the hair-splitting Torquemadas on Team Mueller.

It seems young George met the London Professor on March 14, about a week before the Trump campaign's official announcement of its Team of Five. But in the kind of twisted gotcha that only jerks with a badge and gun can come up with, Papadopoulos stands guilty of perjury by his own (coerced) plea.

That's because at the time of the meeting he had already been recruited from the sandbox and "knew" he would be appointed to an advisory committee.

So what!

Trump apparently met with the Five only once and that was for a photo op, and no one running the campaign paid much attention to them, either.

Still, Baby George's carelessness about the exact dates and sequences of utterly irrelevant and inconsequential events is enough to get him time in one of Uncle Sam's hospitality suites:

Defendant PAPADOPOULOS acknowledged that the professor had told him about the Russians possessing "dirt" on then-candidate Hillary Clinton in the forms of "thousands of emails", but stated multiple times that he learned the information prior to joining the Campaign. In truth and fact, however, defendant PAPADOPOULOS learned he would be an advisor to the campaign in early March, and met the professor on or about March 14, 2016......

That's all she wrote. This damning nugget appears on page 2 of the "Statement of Offense" and the balance of the 14 pages is a complete farcical joke. Papadopoulos' failure to get anywhere with the Russians in his digging for dirt on Hillary would make for a worthy episode starring the rascals of South Park, but that's about all.

Anyone not involved in the campaign to reverse the 2106 election and remove the Donald from office should be forgiven for splitting a gut laughing when reading this hideous and utterly bogus case against Baby George Papadopoulos.

Every single player in the cast of characters identified by Team Mueller---mostly unnamed by the prosecutors but already sussed out by the press---had no ability to influence anything, let alone 139 million voters in a US election bombarded with upwards of $20 billion worth of reported and unreported campaign expenses, and the mainstream media's free nonstop campaign in behalf of Hillary.

Yet the document and Monday morning's announcement are also cause for alarm. The "crime", if there was any, was the $10 million that the DNC and Clinton campaign spent on the Trump Dossier. Those scurrilous documents were actually purchased for real money on the back streets of Moscow and do cite actual, live Russian MFA sources, not allegedly "MFA-connected" people, who apparently weren't.

But, of course, that's not what's coming down. The self-righteous Mueller, who turned a blind eye to the massive stench of corruption coming out of the Uranium One deal in 2009/2010 when he was FBI director, has only one mission in mind: To mug the American electorate for its audacity in electing Donald Trump President, thereby disturbing the equanimity of the Deep State's untethered rule.

The truth of the matter, however, is nearly the opposite. Prosecuting anyone---one either side of the partisan aisle----for marginal and tangential contacts with a Russian government purportedly wishing to "influence" the US election amounts to the height of hypocrisy.

Meddling in the political life, elections and governance of virtually every nation on planet earth----enemy, foe, rival, neutral and friend, alike---is what Imperial Washington does.

It spends more than $1 billion per year on propaganda operations by the NED and the various agencies of the Board for International Broadcasting. And that's to say nothing of the tens of billions spent by the CIA, NSA and other elements of the $75 billion per year intelligence community hacking and stealing virtually all communications that course through the worldwide web.

But all of this is lost on the beltway media brats who front for the Deep State. Here is what one of the worst of these scolds and toadies, a "journalist" named Mike Allen, had to say about the Baby George case on his pretentious Axios platform this AM:

Be smart: There is zero doubt — and piles of new evidence — that Russia manipulated our election. This next phase will show if Trump himself was aware or involved, or has any interest in doing anything about it — and how extensively America's most powerful companies enabled the mass manipulation.

Is this guy kidding?

If there is any evidence of Russia meddling or of hacking the Podesta and DNC emails, it lies right there in the massive NSA server farms which capture all incoming communications to the US and outgoing, too. It is retrievable in an instant, but hasn't been because it's not there.

We didn't need Mueller's bully boys to bushwhack Baby George to find that out.

Then again, if you don't recognize that the Deep State and its minions in the press and both party establishments in Washington are pushing the nation to an extra-constitutional removal of a sitting President, you simply aren't paying attention.

So at least stay out of the casino. That's where the temblors will hit first.

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small axe's picture

another day, another distraction while the deep state burrows deeper and consolidates power

HRClinton's picture

Sure, but even so...

Parents warn little kids, not to talk to strangers. 

Legal experts warn big kids, not to talk to strangers with badges.

Both are likely to phuck you over and toss you away.

In our house, we have a policy: "Do not talk to LEAs, w/o a lawyer being present. Ignore their provoke & bait tactics, to get you to respond w/o a lawyer."

If the presence of a lawyer seems unwarranted, then so is any dialog with them. You simply leave (if not being detained/arrested), or ask them to leave your property/premises.

Try to stream the encounter to the Cloud, so you can hit the lottery jackpot when they overstep their bounds.

Caloot's picture

If it takes saying Trump lied when he said he drank his coffee at 9 when it was 830, then that's what it takes.

DeadFred's picture

"George Papadopoulus I pardon you, Mueller, get ME if you can but otherwise this witch hunt goes nowhere"

Donald J Trump

I can dream

whackedinflorida's picture

This is just like the Scooter Libby case.  They knew who leaked the information about the CIA agent's identity, and it was no crime, because the person who leaked was authorized to do so.  Scooter "lies" about not remembering some telephone calls, and he is found guilty.  These investigations always start about a non-crime, then scoop people up for allegedly not telling the truth to FBI agents.  They also mutate into finding some crimes that have nothing to do with the original mandate, i.e., Manafort, or Bill Clinton perjuring himself about something that I cannot remember.  (blue dress?  cigars? )

The special prosecutor should be limited to crimes within the original mandate, and any other crimes should be referred to a regular US attorney for investigation, in the normal course of things.  As for this poor fool who entrapped himself and pleaded guilty, I am sure that "no reasonable prosecutor" would actually continue on with the case.  

One last point to make on this rant.  Who the hell is on these juries or grand juries that allows this BS to happen?  I would never vote guilty or approve a grand jury finding based on such BS.  IF they agree on guilt quickly they can go home in time for their shows?  Not enough hedge readers on these juries, thats for sure.

GeoffreyT's picture

Ken White (over at PopeHat) wrote a nice informative piece on how (Federal) Grand Juries work.

They don't require unanimity, so unless the thing was 'majority' old-school ZHers it'll always just be a rubber stamp.

People think that things with 'Grand' in the name must be important. Most people are simply not wired to think past the name of a thing (which is why screeching 'anti-Semite' still kinda works).

In the same way, the Department of War is now the 'Defence' department; don't get me started on the absurd notion that governments ever use the word 'Justice' in a title.


UPDATE: Ken's also written good pieces on the Manafort/Gates indictment, and Snuffalupagus's guilty plea. (I know, riffing off a Greek guy's name is a low blow, but I can't take this malakies seriously and I'm not naturally very funny).


fleur de lis's picture

Big, fancy, important Robert Mueller is a Deep State concubine.

i was going to use another 5-letter word but whatever.

He has complete knowledge of the 911 murder spree in NYC, and probably had more than passing knowledge of it before it happened.

If he had any gonads he would turn himself in.

But he is one of the most favored concubines ( the Swamp has a packed brothel of them ) 

Now he is wasting tax money on a Swamp racket that he knows is a crock and still stands up in front of us like a dummy with a straight face and tells us one fairy tale after another whilst soaking up more tax money for nothing.

He has yet to open his bark about 911, Hellish and the CF, the cocaine business in Afghanistan that the Marines are guarding before the poison is processed in Kosovo and send back to us, Soros and his rotting of our money, the the voting racket, Hollyweird abuses that he must have known about long before this, it goes on and on.

So he goes after a nobody and he tried to act like he accomplished something?

Does anyone believe him?

He only has the power of the badge and when that is gone he has nothing.

He will be an out of work concubine.




koncaswatch's picture

Fluer... That would be poppies/opium/heroin that US troops were (are?) guarding in the Afghan countryside; not cocaine. Dovetails perfectly with the Oxycontin "epidemic".

fleur de lis's picture

Thanks -- point well taken -- I'm getting the narcotics industries mixed up.

The cocaine is from South America, then processed for poisoning.

If the CIA and all the other alphabetroids really wanted to stop this they could burn the fields where these accursed death plants grow. 



Katos's picture


bh2's picture

Yes, seasoned lawyers advise everyone to "never speak to the police". There are some videos on YouTube explaining what the consequences can be for innocents who "cooperate".

If no one except snitches spoke to the FBI, they and prosecutors would have to fall back on doing actual police work.

Martha Stewart went to jail only because she responded to questions she was not required to answer.

She could never have been convicted on a charge of insider trading because she had no fiduciary responsibility to stockholders of the company in question.

She was convicted for fibbing to federal agents.

No one must respond to questions by police who "interview" them, even if taken into custody. If that happens, just lawyer up.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: Get a lawyer ...

Yes, Martha Stewart was hosed by the Feds (as Stockman correctly states - "self-righteous, bullies with a badge.")

Who is going to defend someone "like Martha Stewart," the perfect "villain" for prosecutor seeking to get some headlines.

I think the same thing is going on with all of the self-righteous "outrage" over "rampant corruption in college basketball."

There is (probably) no "rampant" corruption or cheating in college basketball. The Feds simply put the screws on some alleged "crooked financial advisor." They then offer him a deal to reduce the time he will have to serve in prison. They then provide him with tax-payer provided money to go out into the world and "bribe" various figures in the basketball world who this guy thinks might accept said bribe money. It's a classic sting, entrapment operation. Yes, this dude probably is going to find a handful of his cronies who are willing to accept this free money. But the "illegal" activity was created by the Fed's themselves. Kind of like all the Fed operations which nail alleged terrorists. Anyway, it gets a week of positive press coveragefor the Feds who are "cleaning up the cess pool of college athletics." The Fed attorney gets to bask in the glow of being a legal version of Dick Tracey. No member of the press ever pauses and says, "Hey, it looks like these people were set up ..."



FringeImaginigs's picture

@bh2.  Best advice this year on ZH. KYFMS (Keep your fuckking mouth shut) should be tattooed on everyones dick so they see it a few times each day as a reminder.

loves the truth's picture

Get your bananas,,  From the Greatest Banana Republic in the World..  its so bad it makes the Russians blush.

BabaLooey's picture

Bernays would be astounded.

Goebbels - the fuck - would love this shit.

Orwell would be shaking his head......

The sheer amount of DIS-information, twisting, and outright lying as to this whole shit show affair of the absurd is scary.



small axe's picture

For Christmas 2012, I bought all adult family members a copy of 1984.

No one read it. No one. People I considered intelligent would rather not know. And five years down the road, still don't, for the most part.

pods's picture

They are living it now. Might be too much reality for them?

I cannot hold a conversation with anyone anymore.  They bring up the garbage being peddled around the media today and I walk away. There was clear evidence of a quid pro quo for the uranium thing and nobody hears about it. 

Yesterday the big news was social media was going to the hill cause "Russia" had bought ads for the election. Nevermind it was troll farms operating to the highest bidder. The amount of "eyes" that those fake reports and ads met was the big thing. Over a hundred million sets of eyes.  Which is complete BS.  How many retards on social media are giving a fuck about an ad that pops up?  Probably the same percentage of people here who look at the ads. Which is NONE cause everyone has an ad blocker or skips over them.  But that was the lead story on the radio yesterday morning. 

Fucking Matrix I tell you. And people are so invested in that system they will NEVER think they are being played.

Coppertops, one and all.


Give Me Some Truth's picture

All the nefarious Russian "trolls" together allegedly spent $100,000 on Facebook copy. As Stockman points out, Hillary and Trump (legit) supporters spent $20 billion trying to "influence" voters. I still haven't seen any examples of the nefarious copy/info the alleged Russians planted on the Internet. If I did see this, maybe I could make a determination about how likely it was that such copy would be compelling enough to change the votes of hundreds of thousands (millions?) of voters. I think if some senator did show us a screen shot of one of these "anti-Hillary" articles and show us where it was posted (and how many other posts and comments were made on that site on that particular day) that everyone would laugh at the Senator's proposition that this is how Russian trolls "hacked" or "stole" an election.

And if Senator Graham did show an "example" of the copy that was designed to belittle Hillary (and somehow he proved this copy was disseminated by a computer nerd at a Moscow Troll Farm), would he also at least acknowledge that for every one anti-Hillary story placed by a KGB Russian Troll there are probably 10,000 anti-Hillary stories that were placed by regular, All-American Americans who simply can't stand Hillary. And 99 percent of these were probably placed and shared for 0 cents. Pro Bono Anti-Hillary Outreach.

Satire and sarcasm are the best tools to debunk these BS claims that are passed along as truth. (I love that Stockman uses examples of real "journalism" - like the smart aleck who states that there is no doubt - and tons of "evidence" - that the Russians stole an election.) Well, buddy, present some of that evidence for your readers.

It's surreal that this whole charrade has been taken so seriously, and no person has debunked and ridiculed the whole episode. Or no one in Congress or the MSM ... they can't; they either buy the BS, or know it's BS, but think it's their job to spread and defend such BS. Stated differently: They created the BS. And they're sticking with it. And, I guess, there is strength in numbers. The BS-ers outnumber we the the "BS-callers." And those who do "call BS" don't get invited to Congressional hearings or quoted in Politico stories.


small axe's picture

After losing friends and family to blind belief in this madness,  I too have stopped trying to convince people that we're living a future that was never supposed to be. Talking sense is counterproductive and too frustrating now -- people have been conditioned too well to accept what's passed down from above as the truth.

It's frightening. I can only hope that this will change.

Jacobra's picture

I hear that. Talking to the normies is gettonig harder and harder. I try to drop little red pill crumbs now and leave it at that but sometimes they want more and you canwatch the cog-dis glaze over their eyes as they shutdown from the knowledge bombs. We have to boil the frog of the blue pilled kin. Time is something we don't have though. 

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

The brainwashed, braindead, brainless masses are umpossible to speak with. They’re total cluelessness, is depressing. I seriously wonder how they make it through the day...

bookwatch's picture


We are in the final stages of the Cultural Marxist Revolution, explained by Yuri Bezmenov in the 1980s...


“The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already. For the past 35 years, actually it’s over fulfilled because demoralization reaches such areas where previously not even Comrade Andropov and all his experts would have even dreamed of such a tremendous success. Most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to lack of moral standards. As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore.  A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom, when a military boot crashes it. Then he will understand, but not before then. That’s the tragedy of demoralization."

Fecund Stench's picture

Had a Korean war vet who gave out copies of None Dare Call It Treason one year.

Nobody read it, thank God.

What an idiot.

Juggernaut x2's picture

You idiots are so obsessed with Nat-zees but they never took shit off of anybody- that's more than can be said for the Orange Idiot and the retards that work for him.

Kayman's picture


It's time to take an Engiish 101 course. Your drivel is not readable.

fleur de lis's picture

Cut him a break.

He is a product of the public school system and its PC brainwashing.

hxc's picture

Nazis are nothing more than racist socialists. Hitler was NWO

aliens is here's picture

If they have the audio play it if the STFU.

venturen's picture

Did they ever release the Benghazi Video Maker from jail?

NYC_Rocks's picture

Great article.  You wont see this perspective in the mainstream, liberal media.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Mueller is the liar, conspirator and main problem. Why hasn’t he been fired and replaced? Some others too.

WTF is going on here?

HRClinton's picture

Why? Because Trump is all Stump, Thump, and a little Nuts.

Look at the bafoons he hired! 

Kayman's picture

Whatever TRump is, he was elected by the American People, and doesn't need to dance to the tune of the Washington Mob.

A Likely Story's picture

Well, actually, he wasn't elected by the people.  But don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

A Likely Story's picture

Well, actually, he wasn't elected by the people.  But don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

NEOCON1's picture

Am I the only one that wants to take a ball bat to Mueller's pretentious Nazi wide jaw?

GunnyG's picture

Fuck the ball bat. I want to hang the motherfucker.

Rainman's picture

"Mueller has hired too many high-powered lawyers to go home without a scalp."

    ~ Newt Gingrich

HRClinton's picture

Well, you know what Shakespeare (King Richard?) said about what to do with lawyers, don't you?"

Didn't Napoleon concur? 

See what happens when you provoke lawyers, instead of hanging a bunch on a regular basis (to Darwinise the scum layer)?

Kayman's picture

There are lots of scalps on Team Mueller- starting with Mueller himself.

RubyPetunia's picture

Mueller is the criminal. The way it's going to work out is that nobody ever talks to federal investigators unless compelled and with a lawyer present. 

illuminatus's picture

So sick of these FUCKERS it never stops.

Shibumi2's picture

Zerohedge is on the vanguard of the new journalism movement.

The shit coming out of msm is insane...glad you are showing someone's paying attention

Give Me Some Truth's picture

ZH performs an important function by simply publishing articles and commentary that are skeptical of the "approved meme" passed on by the Establishment (including the MSM).

However, the only way to actually change the Status Quo is to employ an army of fearless journalists who will do the job the MSM journalists refuse to do. 

Picture "Investigative" pieces that attack every meme that is bogus. This is a whole lot of in-depth pieces that would have to be investigated, reported and published ... when no one in the power centers is going to speak to your reporters, or if they do, tell them the truth. Your efforts to obtain the truth would be stonewalled at every location. You yourself would probably be attacked in myriad ways.

In other words, this is no small job. Sissies should not apply.

On the flip side, no one else is doing this. Such an effort would completely surprise and beffudle the "Powers that Be." It would probably throw them off their game and force them into mistakes, damaging admissions, etc. And the effort would probably be cheered by millions of world citizens who sense that they are being screwed and lied to on a massive scale by "the authorities" and the Top 1 percent of crony bankers and capitalists. As your efforts begin to bear fruit, you might even pesuade reluctant "whistle blowers" to come forward. Indeed, persuading people with knowledge of what's really happening in the world to become "whistle blowers" might be THE key to success for your whole operation.

Write the stories. At some point, write the book, sell the movie rights. Just the fact that an army of reporters "took on the world" would make a gripping story itself. Film yourself in staff and brainstorming meetings. Turn this footage into a documentary years down the road.

God Bless ZH, but copying and pasting stories of some insightful contrarians probably won't change anything.

If the "regulators" won't investigate and report what they should ... if government prosecutors won't, if the reporters for The New York Times and Washington Post won't, if members of Congress won't, who will?

Nobody who is operating a business today probably. The ultimate hero of the world probably hasn't come up with his business plan yet. But maybe he or she (or they) are out there, pissed off, thinking, planning, scheming. If these people do emerge, I think millions of people will support and pull for them.





NYC_Rocks's picture

Great article.  You wont see this perspective in the mainstream, liberal media.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Stockman made his mark as Reagan's budget director. It turns out his greatest gift might be as a writer and critic of all the hypocricy and BS in the "Imperial City." 

Anyone with any common sense who reads this piece will see what a farce this whole investigation is ... and how "journalists" in the MSM promote such fiction as fact.

Bay of Pigs's picture

I used to be pretty hard on Stockman because of his ties to the DC Swamp.

Not anymore.

TeethVillage88s's picture


"This is how the Deep State crushes disobedience by the unwashed American public...It indicts not only ham sandwiches but, apparently, political infants in diapers too, if that's what it takes..."