Twitter Admits It Buried "Podesta Email", DNC Tweets Ahead Of The Presidential Election

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It was approximately one year ago, when angry tweeters alleged that Jack Dorsey et al., were purposefully censoring and "suppressing" certain content on Twitter, namely anything to do with the leaked DNC and John Podesta emails, as well as hashtags critical of Hillary Clinton while "shadow-banning" pro-Donald Trump content. We can now confirm that at least one part of the above was true, because during today's Senate hearing, Twitter admitted it "buried", which is another word for censored, significant portions of tweets related to hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in the months heading into the 2016 presidential campaign.

As Daily Caller's Peter Hasson reports, Twitter’s systems hid 48 percent of tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag and 25 percent of tweets using #PodestaEmails, Twitter general counsel Sean Edgett said in his written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Before the election, we also detected and took action on activity relating to hashtags that have since been reported as manifestations of efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. For example, our automated spam detection systems helped mitigate the impact of automated Tweets promoting the #PodestaEmails hashtag, which originated with Wikileaks’ publication of thousands of emails from the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account.


The core of the hashtag was propagated by Wikileaks, whose account sent out a series of 118 original Tweets containing variants on the hashtag #PodestaEmails referencing the daily installments of the emails released on the Wikileaks website. In the two months preceding the election, around 57,000 users posted approximately 426,000 unique Tweets containing variations of the #PodestaEmails hashtag.


Approximately one quarter (25%) of those Tweets received internal tags from our automation detection systems that hid them from searches.


As described in greater detail below, our systems detected and hid just under half (48%) of the Tweets relating to variants of another notable hashtag, #DNCLeak, which concerned the disclosure of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

And yet, this glaring act of censorship was not aimed at the sources of the alleged propaganda, but the content: Just 2% of the tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag came from “potentially Russian-linked accounts,” Edgett said.

He also explained that Twitter hid the tweets as “part of our general efforts at the time to fight automation and spam on our platform across all areas.

...And Hillary still lost?

Just over a year ago, on the same day that Donald Trump's "grab them by the pussy tape" was released, WikiLeaks dumped over 30,000 hacked Podesta emails, which were damaging to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, throughout the election. A prior Wikileak of DNC emails, which revealed party officials secretly aided Hillary Clinton during her primary battle against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders , eventually cost then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz her job. The leaks also exposed supposedly "neutral" journalists as pro-Clinton partisans.

The U.S. intelligence community concluded that Russian operatives were behind the original hacking of both the DNC and Podesta emails, which were part of Russian influence operations meant to disrupt the American electoral system.

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A question emerges: did Jack Dorsey, with his arbitrary decision to censor specific content damaging to Democrats, interfere with the election, and a funnier question: if Hillary lost with Twitter censoring anti-Hillary content, what would the outcome have been if Twitter actually respected the First Amendment?

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A few slices of baby pizza, a game of ping-pong, and then it's back to ruling the world.

Ah, the life of our betters!

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Fantastic picture !

Especially that ill-fitted tooth-crown, and that enormous overbite that would peel the foreskin of a camel in two snaps, or less.

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Hell... i am starting to believe there actually might be a UFO at area 51!

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The ETs are kept in the bunkers underneath Dayton Ohio's Wright-Pat Airforce Base! 

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I've done that tour. I refrained from saying anything when they walk you through the portion of tour on jews getting gaslighted. Your mind says; serves them right, you don't say a word. No ET's my friends. Awesome aircraft. 

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The little shabbos goy cunt depended on jew money to keep Twatter afloat.  Sold his soul to the Christ-killers.

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I have found from many observations that our liberals are incapable of allowing anyone to have his own convictions and immediately answer their opponent with abuse or something worse.

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Hillary's double is just as ugly as the original.

RIP Hillary.

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Owned and scripted.


What else is new?

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When The People vigorously protect rule of law, much of this behavior doesn't gain a foothold in the first place.

But as you see, The People don't give a damn about such things... even now.

The "even now" part is the great big bellwether.

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When are we going to find out that Google is/was/continues to shape the results of our searches to conform to it's idea of political utopia and what will, can we do when we find this out?


What will happen when Google reaches the abiltiy to have decent AI and how will that play into the shaping of our media?


Whatwill happen when Google brings us the singularity, as we mesh with machines and like a bad sci-fi movie, that take us over?


You can't make this crazy shit up anymore, so we might as well ask these questions now.




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In time, patient grasshopper. 

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Fuck off twitter and Facebook. You're not political speech warriors. I still figure out why people sign up with you. Plenty of alternatives to use in deepweb. The platform is a fucking joke. 

Grammar Nazis - YouTube

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The government doesn't need to squash the 1st Amendment, their crony capitalist tech monopolies will do it for them in exchange for not being regulated.

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Hookers, blow, and immunity from prosecution... second only to Wall Street.

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In another year when Trump walks off the job, will you still be blaming Hillary and Obama?

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You're fucking delusional. Keep doubling down, idiot.

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Did they wipe those with a cloth...?

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If I were to meet HRC right now, out on the street...I would ejaculate her.  /sarc

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Did the spam automation detection systems filter out all the automated tweets with anti-Trump hashtags as well?


Just wondering if the filtering was "politically neutral" or not....

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Trump should stop using Twitter and promote something else.
We can watch twitter collapse very quickly.

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Maybe the time is right to reclassify all these electronic bathroom walls as public utilities.

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RT et al appear more as paragons of virtue every day.

American and Western MSN sources lose their credibility because they are ROTTEN to the corew.

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A Must for true historical relevancy to be had : 

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step back and wonder why now... why the nfl and hollywood both being torn down?? both American institutions.... Vegas attacked as well... America melting as Soros casts his final rage

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This has been a pretty good year for us conspiracy theorists or rather conspiracy enthusiast analysts.

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My latest youtube video.  In the middle I talk about thte fact that I tried to RENT billboards in NJ for my new WEBSITE and HOW THEY WILL NOT RENT SPACE TO ME!!!!  We are so FUCKED, THERE is NO FREE SPEECH.  The name of the TWO companies I work with in my other business are Outfrontmedia  and Intersate , BOTH said I got REJECTED from corporate. 

My FIRST BILLBOARD was going to be:    Dear FBI, Las Vegas Shooting is a HOAX!    Please watch and subscribe, we are in TROUBLE!

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You need to start a billboard company.  Good luck

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Brother, I admire your enthusiasm and truth-seeking spirit, however, with all due respect, please take a closer look at your idol Eric. He is not who you think he is. Research his background. You are being led astray. He exists, whether he himself fully understands or not, to keep the disaffected and disillusioned chasing their tails by presenting what seems on the surface to be logical arguments, that upon further investigation crumble. You need to explore different cosmogonies. Then you will understand how he is deceiving you. Every one of his so-called "proofs" are easily refuted with real science. It is amazing what people don't know that they don't know. If you want to be able to judge the veracity of claims from someone like Eric, just remember the hermetic axiom of correspondence, "As above, so below. As below, so above." Then you can begin the journey to understanding the marvelous universe we live in.

If I may be so bold, you are at a point in your life it seems, just as I and many others have been, where paradoxically you are most vulnerable to manipulation, precisely because of your disillusionment and concomitant awakening to the false world around you, and the fact that you have a thinking mind and crave the truth. This is the moment you are most susceptible to change-agents such as Eric. Just some words of caution. Cheers.

ffed's picture

Thank You Brother.  You gave me just enought to really confuse me more haha, but I'll try and think of the above/below and learn on more that.  Its funny you say all that because I have had the experience of having to let go of other truth seekers who I came to believe were holding me back.  Maybe it was you who left all the comments and directions to watch and i will go to work and try to see the error in my thinking.  One QUICK QUESTION, Do YOU BELIEVE we live on a Ball spinning through space or something along the lines of a Flat Earth???  Thanks and I appreciate your thoughtful reply. 

Drachma's picture

Sorry, I wasn't trying to play word games. There are a lot of people trying to hold us back. Let me say this. I don't believe anything. I know or I don't know, and I don't mean that facetiously. What I do know is what I can prove for myself, here on Earth, where I stand, and then apply it to the cosmos, because the principle of correspondence hints at the fractal nature of the universe, from the very large to the very small.

Briefly, I know that an electrical current in a low-density plasma, through Markland convection, draws in and concentrates charges and neutral matter, layer by layer, according to the elements' ionization energy. A current produces a magentic field which then tends to confine the current that produced it, into filaments by a process known as a Bennett or Z-pinch. As the plasma discharge progresses the matter gets compressed and instabilities pinch off clumps of condensed matter into charged spheres, as well as other distinct 3-dimensional shapes. We see this after lightning strikes (i.e. arc-mode plasma discharges), where dust in the air and ground is drawn in to the axis of the discharge path, producing fulgarites and other stoney objects.

Everywhere we look in space (you can do this for yourself with a modest telescope), we see analogous plasma structures to those we see in the physics laboratory. The more detailed we obverve the universe, the more we see the same filamentary electrical processes underway (space is not empty, it is a very low density plasma with measurable charge concentrations). So in my cosmogony, all celestial bodies are produced by the same process of Markland convetion, just on a much larger scale, so that the a discharge that might take a millisecond in the lab, may take a million years to unfold on the distance-scale of light-years. On these larger scales, at a certain threshold of matter concentration, gravity takes over and the original pinched filamentous aggregation condenses into a sphere.

To me, this makes for a much more self-consistent, non-contradictory and testable paradigm than Eric's alternative, in which I can identify many contradictions and half-truths.

If I have sparked your interest in any way, you might want to check out an alternative cosmogony to the standard model, called the Electric Universe theory. I think it might give you a different perspective on things. In the end it's up to your own mind to decide what makes most sense to you. That is of course a difficult endeavor and requires much thoughtful reflection and discipline. If I may quote Heraclitus, " It is the thunderbolt that steers the course of all things."

So much more could be said, but I'll leave it to you to try my suggested path. Cheers.

P.S. I know that wasn't so brief.


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I'm actually planning to start my own billboard company so I can put my own billboards up ocassionally.

Also, I agree Vegas was a hoax.

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There we go.....

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Can we make it shorter. #Podestakidmolester ?

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$20 million dollar fine ought to make them think twice before doing this again.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

An entire years dividens payout, in the form of a fine, would hit home more.

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We now know Twitter's true core values:  Censorship, deceipt, Obamunism.

DeathingerStar's picture

Twitter... a place where any asshole can create a fake account to impersonate you. All they need is an email address and bad will. 

To try and get a fake account taken down, you need to provide a laundry list of shit, even if you are famous. 

Twitter is geared to fuck you over at some point. At least now, it's officially recognised.

scatha's picture

Only assholes use Tweeter so no harm done.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

Exactly. Tell me again why anyone bothers with Twitter. Do they also read tea leaves, watch for smoke signals, do astrology? Just drop it. Twitter is an establishment searchable database disguised as a harmless social medium. It's taking names, collecting future testimony.

aldousd's picture

Twitter is incapable of 'violating the first amendment' since it's not a government entity.  BUT, the question, phrased properly as 'if Hillary lost with Twitter censoring anti-Hillary content, what would the outcome have been if Twitter actually respected the facts on the ground' is still very valid.

frontierland's picture

Not if you're a Protected Class, like a faggots who's make-believe (State) "Right" to not be discriminated against cancels out the (Fed) First Amendment Rights of White Christians.


An Anti-White, Leftist Shit-Lib whines about implications for degenerates and niggers:


A conflict has arisen with broader implications beyond the issues raised in these small business cases.

A case will be made that these Tech Giants, serving as Utilities and benefiting from space carved out by Government Policy, will be subject to Government Regulation in the future and as an effect, will be required to honor the First Amendment.

Especially when you see Tech Giants blocking challenging startups as a market alternative for those denied service of say Twitter.  For example, Google & Apple booted "GAB" off their App Store because GAB allows actual Free Speech to those booted off Twitter.  Google & Apple are helping Twitter corner the market and FORCE their Ideology on the public by limiting the free speech of anyone who opposes it. 

This is a big fucking problem that will be the undoing of these Tech Giants moving forward.

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Jack Dorsey is a goy toy. Something to be used and thrown away later.  I hope that he understands this. 

frontierland's picture

He's the definition of a Soy-Boy Bugman.