Watch This Orwellian Pentagon Briefing On Syria: "Over 4000 Troops... No, Sorry... Just 500..."

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Whether it's the Middle East, Africa, or Eastern Europe, the familiar pattern of American military expansion goes something like this: first we are promised that US troops are merely in a country for limited "training" missions with "partner" forces; next we are told of "counter-terror" operations which require an increased "footprint"; after which we are assured once again that there are "no boots on the ground" but a "minimal" increase of train and assist missions; finally, US soldiers begin to come home in body bags at which point the 9/11 era AUMF is cynically invoked (Authorization For Use of Military Force).  

On Tuesday the whole Orwellian cycle of American non-deployment to non-wars (by our politicians' standards) was on display during a single Pentagon press briefing, when Army spokesman Maj. Gen. James B. Jarrard told reporters that 4,000 US troops were deployed to Syria, but then awkwardly attempted to walk back the statement less than 30 seconds later:

Army spokesman: I think it's a little over 4,000 US troops in Syria right now that are supporting efforts against Daesh, and supporting the SDF.


Reporter: So you have 4,000 US troops in Syria, cause I thought that publicly, previously the number was 1,000. So this would be four times - well it was actually 500, but your saying 4000 US troops are currently in Syria?


Army spokesman: I'm sorry I mispoke there - there are approximately 500 troops in Syria.


...[press pool breaks out in laughter...]

Interestingly, Major Jarrard appeared to have thought carefully as he struggled to articulate the initial "over 4,000" number. Though he begins his response by stumbling over his words, he actually appears firm and confident when he finally asserts the 4,000 number. It is only after the incredulous reporter points out the colossal leap in numbers (compared to previous official Pentagon statements) that the US coalition spokesman quickly walks it back and says, "I'm sorry I mispoke there - there are approximately 500 troops in Syria." 

American boots on the ground in Syria: 500 or 4000+, or more? Image source: The Arab Weekly

Though the DoD has long stuck to its official "503 U.S. troops, which mostly covers special operations units", it appears that not even the usually tame and docile Pentagon press pool is buying this, as the reporters broke out into loud laughter, after which long awkwardness and silence followed. 

And even the Military Times, in its coverage, isn't buying it:

However, those numbers don’t paint the actual picture of the size and scope of the U.S. footprint in either country. U.S. commanders on the ground have leeway to bring in extra troops for limited periods of time that don’t count towards the total FML.


The current number of troops in Syria is above the FML, Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesperson told Military Times. But the number of U.S. boots on the ground in Syria is “not anywhere near” the 4,000 figure Jarrard mistakenly told reporters on Tuesday.


The special operations commander “is only human; he just made a mistake,” Pahon told Military Times.

Last summer, in a move that angered the US administration, Turkish state media leaked the locations of no less than ten small scale American military bases in northern Syria alone (revelations of US bases in southern Syria began surfacing as well). As the Military Times further acknowledges, these bases - though likely special forces forward operating bases - require a broad support base of US personnel operating in various logistical roles inside Syria. 

And with the recent US-SDF build up in and around Raqqa after its recent liberation from ISIS, there is no doubt that this support base of US personnel on the ground in Syria has necessarily increased on a significant scale.

According to Military Times:

Images of massive convoys carrying coalition trucks and weapons and supplies to Syrian Democratic Forces could be seen on an almost daily occurrence, hinting that U.S. involvement in the Syrian battlefield was much higher than the 503 telegraphed in daily press briefings.


Moreover, U.S. forces have been operating in a number of capacities to include security presence patrols to keep the peace between Turkey and U.S.-backed Kurdish militants. Images of rangers steam rolling through the northern Syria countryside in Stryker vehicles brandishing American flags during the spring was a common sight for several months.


A task force of U.S. Marines has also been providing 24-hour all-weather artillery support to Syrian fighters. And U.S. special operations forces are actively advising and supporting SDF fighters as they continue to take ground from ISIS.

As we noted previously, even the former senior national security adviser to the Obama administration, Colin Kahl, (among the very architects of Obama's dangerous and disastrous Syria policy) admitted that that the United States has entered a “quagmire” and will inevitably climb “further up the escalation ladder in Syria.” It is perhaps an obvious sign that we have already long been in the midst of a quagmire in Syria (the result of failed regime change plans) when the Pentagon spokesman comically spouts obvious lies, which elicits press pool laughter at the obvious absurdity of it all.

Of course, the US was already very far up the “escalation ladder” from the moment it attempted to save face regarding the failed regime change war against Assad by investing itself in the war to the point of having to defend its SDF assets on the ground - a "plan B" of sorts: embed with the SDF  (or Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces). This "plan B" will no doubt lead to more and more troop deployments, which itself will likely result in more absurdly comical (and tragic) displays of Orwellian Pentagon press briefings.

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A Must for true historical relevancy to be had : 

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Understand that constant lies are the basis of any surge of the pro-western bottom feeders.

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America's Syrian Nightmare made in Israhell for Israhell.

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What a bunch of utter lying cunts. What the fuck is up with the general on the sattelite link. How long does it take to get a sentence out? I get he was taking instructions from an earpiece but JEEZ! standards guys, he came across like a complete fucking retard. How the fuck can you respect these people? Lying, evil bastards and to make it MUCH WORSE... complete and UTTER incompetence. Fucking STAY in Iraq motherfuckers! you belong in the fucking desert NO WAY ARE YOU AMERICAN.

FILTHY SELLOUTS for the joos.

Tarzan's picture

So here's the video, note the smirk as he back tracks to 500, from 55,000.

There are currently 55,000, I mean 5,000, ahhh, a little over 4,000 troops in syria.........

auricle's picture

Why do people listen to these people sit there and lie to them? 

Juliette's picture

500 is total bollocks, that is just about 3 companies. Must be 5000+ there. ...

Scar Bro's picture

You can't ask Russia because well, THATS treason. Meanwhile having AIPAC and now the fucking IAC (note the Israel now precedes America involved in every aspect of American politics IS JUST FINE AND DANDY!

ZeroHedge WHAT THE FUCK are you doing with 1 billion and one adverts on this site? I can barely type in this box without something popping up and stealing focus. All you do is copy and paste news from other sites, why do you think that warrants this level of revenue from adverts? For sure I know a jew runs this shit now!

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If they're not there, then the Russian AF didn't kill them in future bombings.

They killed "3500 Terrorists", per Russian sources.

Plausible Deniability.

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"Commanders on the ground have leeway to bring in extra troops for limited periods of time that don’t count towards the total FML."  Is that like "alli alli in free".

So a Russian tank unit straying over the Donesk border is the same thing of sorts?

Guderian's picture

USArmy doesn't get numbers right and now has a hard time distinguishing north from south and areas controlled by the Syrian army from those invaded by the SDF.

"Fuck The Facts!"

Keeping up with the Liars.'s picture

That low IQ African Obama got us involved in Syria where there is zero national interest.  Trump needs to find a way to gracefully exit.

therealestg9's picture

Zero national interest? You must be kidding right? Well maybe no interest for people like you and me. But for the elites and the megacorporations they control, there is immense interest in gaining a foothold in that land. Not only the oil fields which are the primary targets (just like in the Iraq war). But also the ability to shut down the Shia Axis, going from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus to Beirut, has been a major policy goal of the West for quite some time now.

It all goes back to Russia. The West wants to teach Russia a lesson for having the audacity to interfere in the Middle East. So they're trying to cut off one of the Russians' biggest allies in the region (Iran) from having any influence at all by putting American forces right in the middle of the Shia Axis to break it in half, stopping the flow of supplies and arms on the corridor.

gregga777's picture

No, it's actually all for the benefit of Apartheid Israel.

SoDamnMad's picture

I was always to eliminate the leadership in Syria to allow for a series of pipelines thru Syria for the gas from the Tamar and Leviathan fields thus breaking Russian dominance in supplying Europe without passing through Ukraine. Have you people forgotten. It's always about oil.

Huh Reeeally's picture

... not to mention the pipelines, Israeli Natgas fields in the Med and oh yes, protecting the Petrodollar by preventing others from introducing gold backed currencies - Iraq and  Libya come to mind. Saudi is pretty cozy with the one country that ISIS Daesh never attacks (perhaps because ISIS gets medical attention from those kind folks) as they play all sides while transitioning to the east.

Talking heads say Iran next but as the Saudi's continue to go broke pumping a declining resource and trying to steal Yemen's oil field which is contiguous to theirs, losing in Syria and increasing domestic discontent should keep them occupied.

  The Saudi's will need to be nimble when the music stops.

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That graceful "peace with honor" bullshit cost us thousands of American lives, tens of thousands of casualties and untold hundreds of thousands Vietnamese lives and casualties. Just get the fuck out! We should have never been militarily involved in the Middle East in the first place.

Bay of Pigs's picture

I’ve been to Vietnam a few times. I have no idea why we would ever want to get involved there and fight those people.

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Funny how Hedgeless Horsey got bashed en masse  here recently for having the temerity to say soldiers ain't heros...

Can't have it both ways guys... US Patriotic Mercenariestm


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. . . and just how does he do that? Build a Trump Hotel in Deir Ezzor, perhaps.

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I wish we'd have zero troops in there and then drop 5 or 6 hydrogen bombs on that 98% muslim country. 

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Flagged as #American-Embarrassment

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Could you repeat that in Yiddish Hebrew Moishe... so as to give us a flavor of the original you've translated? Syria... home to a diverse ethno-religious checkerboard of peoples who... before the phony war created and directed by tel aviv in pursuit of it's strategy of terrorizing the muddled east into submission... by and large all lived together peaceable-like... must be bombed into rubble. So that the NON-muslim Alawites... and secular Kurds, the Circassian and Greek Orthodox Christians, the Syriac Aramaeans(still speaking the same language as did the "Nazarean"), Yazidis, and other diverse practitioners can be packed off into the same body bags as their muslim neighbors. Heck of a plan! How bout we jus pack you off instead, jerk off>!>?!?

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@ Rjh,

Are you from North Korea?

Even with a sarcasm sign, your comment is not funny.

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I'd go with........Suck my dick......cocksucker!

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Why stop there?

Drop a bunch more on KSA and Israel, and we'll have peace for centuries. And free oil. Not to mention a sea of glass for optics, solar panels and cool shades. 

DennisR's picture

War is Peace. 

gregga777's picture

Death is Life!

Lies are Truth!

Corruption is Integrity!

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Mattis asked for 4,000more to start in Afghanistan I believe...We Don’t need or have 4,000 in Syria if you just look at a map and where Raqqa is...We do have a sizable contingent on Jordan border with Syria etc and a bunch more in Turkey..Lay off the pipe people..

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In a week in which we get to "celebrate" ... along with Teresa May, and her boss... the former furniture salesman from Philly, now Pirate King of the s e Meditterranean...

the 100th Anniversary of the BALFOUR DECLARATION, and the formal folding of the formerly mighty JohnBull Empire into Greater Kharzaristan...

we are also witness to the unfolding - and  o so familiar, to those paying close attention - endgame strategem here, where the pattern of 'death to amerika/all hail poutine' crescendos into the full scale -JONESTOWN 2.O - whereby the west conveniently suicides itself... to the greater profit of the comin Pax Sionista so beloved of the legion of its sockpuppets here.

That's right folks!  ENDGAME ... and winner takes ALL...yur stuff belong to us now! zHEeple trained to root for their implacable enemies will no doubt feel some shock and horror at being shown their fate - first under the bus! - but, it will all be over quickly, no worries dudes! Golemized America, a zombie-like proxy bully for Sraels' new Jerusalem enfoldment of the muddled east, will be meeting that same fate... its' task.. and usefulness to the sionists, finished.

A dark miasma of civil war, fracturing USA, while its' allies turn to their old foes for protection in the coming storm. All predictable consequences of the psyops played out on the pages of 'alt-media' sites. All predicted and reported pon.

"Who coulda see it coming" they croaked?

All but the blind. "Orwellian" indeed!

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Colourful yet succinct.

Orwellian indeed!

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Can you imagine the kind of amazing and wealthy country America would be if it didnt spend all its money on the military industrial complex?


Imagine where the world would be if all that money since WWII has been spent on science and education and curing cancer

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@ slipreedip,

I'm with you John Lennon!

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FYI.....Curing cancer is a CON.....nature's way of limiting global human/primate overreach!


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Cancer is cured just have too look for the answers.

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Only certain people are dying of cancer.  Only certain people are facing the deadly diseases.  As you were jerking off, stroking it, telling yourself "what a guy" you are, the scenario of Pretty Genocide has taken hold.  Any deaths in Syria are patriots, and who targets them are globalist sympathizers within the military.  Any children in our school system who reach Yale are fasttracked by a selection which has nothing to do with nature but cheating their way to the top is a nonstop flight, filled with celebrations, while the nonselected children are sent into a stone-cold winter of stupidity, failure to analyze their predicament is compounded by their parents who are little more than care takers of a few hours, strangers who send their children into the arms of the enemy daily, willingly, eagerly.

This is a war plan.  Vaccines are the bullets.  Vitamins are the bullets.  A glass of water is the poison.  The air is a gas chamber.  The teachers are prison wards.  The town is the prison.  A short life of half sick children in a mental straight jacket is the blood on the field.

In the end, when this ponzi scheme collapses, the prison labor required to give the global economy a jump start will be white skinned, dull-eyed, sinless Americans, Europeans who dared escape the clutches of a family of thieves in high places and it will never happen again.

Cops in Las Vegas who went along with the skit to push gun legislation through are one example of how embedded the globalists have become.  If Trump is not the man he said he was, he has trapped the American Patriots via forcing them to stand up and be identified so they would be taken out on the street, through business transaction designed to fail, job applications tossed in the trash.  The globalists have spent a century and if this man is an example of the type of men in the US army, every Trump supporter now has crosshairs on his back.  But no one will know because to say it will be a soundless scream.

Tricked, outsmarted.  Nothing has changed.  Prices are going up.  Shelves are half empty.  Only the foreigners are doing well.  The only people working are the globalist sympathizers and the foreigners who will be required to vote. 

It may be that not a person on stage, regardless of their speil, is an anti-American.

Americans have no appreciation of the word "revenge."  It happens when you leave your enemy alive to resurrect itself.  Christians will carry the cross to their grave while sending their children into tax slave status, to receive their punishment, rape, torture, starvation, brutal murder.  It has already begun.

If you do not take over the media, kiss your country and your ass good bye.  If the president of the USA is so weak he has allowed the enemy to operate the news networks, he is a failure or in on it.

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you scared the shit out of me.  it will only get worse btw, there is no cure for this othen than a full blown enema. there is cure for cancer but not for stupid.

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97% of all Chemotherapy patients die within 3 years.

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There are fewer than 250M taxpayers, so if you eliminated the Pentagon-DHS-CIA, and redistributed the savings equally, everyone could buy an off-lease Mercedes every 5 years, for starts. Or everyone could have free groceries every other week. Or the alkies could have a free fifth every weekend, and the stoners could smoke a free blunt every day of the year.

Instead, MIC has stolen $1.5T from our MC to increase the Pentagon budget to $754B. The Pentagon has absolutely no idea where that money is going, they've been completely hacked, twice,and have never had an audit.Next they'll steal our SS, then you'll have to decide between groceries for your kids, or putting Gramma into a Tent City.

Now please stand and Pledge Allegiance to the Blood Splattered Banner of the Luciferian Satanists who are bankrupting you, and will be organ-harvesting your children.


GoatHollow's picture

I can't stop thinking about the $6 1/2 TRILLION the pentagon has LOST, gone they can't find it.  GAO Audits can't find it either, it's simply gone.... vanished.  A nice neat stack of $100 bills, 4,400 MILES HIGH.

Winston Churchill's picture

$20tn across Govt.aint just the DoD.

dogismycopilot's picture

Amazing to think about.

Instead we are in hell and just don't know it.

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I think about it every day.

Ms No's picture

Just if we owned our own money, removed the monopolies and were a true Republic.  We would be loaded.  Instead people get fined 500 dollars for not buying Obamacare, can't make enough to pay the highest housing costs we have ever seen and there are homeless everywhere. 



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We don't fucking need more people on the planet!  Fuck you slipreedip and your PROG agenda.

I refer to the US Constitution where is says....PROVIDE for the common DEFENSE. PROMOTE general welfare. 

Liberals and Progs can never understand.  So fuck them.

PROVIDE (fund) is much different from PROMOTE.