What The Kennedy Assassination Records Reveal: Uncontrollable Incompetence

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Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Imagine Harvey Weinstein wielding a "top secret" stamp to block any exposure of the uncomfortable truth and you have the FBI, CIA and NSA.

One way to interpret the intelligence community's reluctance to let all the Kennedy assassination archives become public is that the archives contain evidence of a "smoking gun": that is, evidence that the intelligence agencies of the United States of America were complicit in the assassination of the President.

I think the agencies fear something larger: exposure of their gross incompetence, their "cowboy" recklessness and their disavowal of elected-civilian control. Their fear of this exposure is based on one simple fact: nothing's changed since 1963. They were unaccountable and incompetent then, and they remain unaccountable and incompetent now. The only difference is their funding has greatly increased.

We rarely get an insider's glimpse of the intelligence community's pettiness, hubris and incompetence. The Ministry of Propaganda is tasked with showing the NSA, CIA, FBI, et al. as super-competent, super-dedicated, and focused on defeating evil (which is always presented as unambiguously evil, i.e. anti-American.)

Although it's 30 years old, I still recommend this account of a top MI5 (U.K.) officer, SpyCatcher: The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer.

I've read many books on the intelligence community, but few (if any) reveal the inter-agency rivalries and bad blood that (as far as I can tell) still exist beneath a formal veneer of co-operation. The CIA and FBI were always envious of the NSA's SigInt (signal intelligence, i.e. eavesdropping), and so they've attempted to create their own versions, with laughably incompetent results in the case of the FBI's "Russians stole the election" inquiry.

The CIA was also envious of the Pentagon's Black Ops capabilities, so they created their own Black Ops division as well as SigInt capabilities. They also horned in on the FBI's monopoly on domestic spying in the 1970s; they wanted it all, and chose to create their own versions of the competing agencies.

Unfortunately for the nation, their petty rivalries, general incompetence and penchant for political vendettas, coups, assassinations, patsies, fall-guys, and other "cowboy" recklessness is vividly revealed by the Kennedy archives.

Rather than protect the nation, these unaccountable and uncontrollable agencies have endangered the nation behind their Iron Curtain of secrecy, a convenient cloak which masks their hubris, incompetence, pettiness and complicity in cover-ups of the truth that cannot be revealed to the American public lest it embarrass the powerful.

Imagine Harvey Weinstein wielding a "top secret" stamp to block any exposure of the uncomfortable truth and you have the FBI, CIA and NSA. Forget the smoking gun, look at the complicity in the cover-ups of incompetence and gross errors of judgment: no conspiracy or tin-foil hat required.

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Umh's picture

That is not nearly as true as you want it to be. The ability to get anything done when working for an organization where most people strive for stalemates is difficult.

Stan522's picture

I saw this not to add comedy to the situation. I say it because I have first hand knowledge growing up in a military family and dealing with countless civil servants in various positions including, but not limited to the delivery of health care.

SoDamnMad's picture

I can drink to that.  My first child decided to arrive at night and the local clinic called for an ambulance to take her 50 km to the main military hospital in Wurzburg, Germany.  Unfortunately the ambulance driver didn't know the way. Fortunately I had flown in in a helo and then consulted a map later and knew it. It was down hill after that.  Decided when my time was up I wasn't staying in.

house biscuit's picture

An absurd headline which suggests a limited hangout author looking to whitewash & minimize the remarkable competence of the shadow gov't

Bay of Pigs's picture

Agreed. A pathetic explanation on many fronts. What we DO have in the USA is tyrannical lawlessness in our FACE.

Wake up Mr. Smith. This isn’t about incompetence. This is about murder, cover up and conspiracy at the highest levels of government.

Jim in MN's picture

I'm actually reading the files.  There were several leads, contacts, people who saw things or were told things. 

One lead has to do with a meeting in Mexico City.  There's a long-running subtext of just how much US Deep State resources were in Mexico, their close relationship with the President of Mexico (former Interior Minister), etc.  It would have been the perfect planning/staging point since the CIA wasn't 'supposed' to be doing actual ops in the USA, let alone assassinations.  There's a memo in which it's stated that Agency assets were in the meeting with Oswald.  This was to be kept secret as it would unravel the Official Story.

Another lead has to do with the Texan branch of the John Birch-type white power militias.  They are reported to have seen an unnamed character who resembled Oswald working with one of their leaders getting ammo prior to the incident.

And the Chicago report about the Jewish support for 'dealing with' JFK. 

Personally I think all of these leads could be true.   There isn't any evidence that any of them were followed up on. The conspiracy was wide and deep.

People often say that this level of conspiracy and lying is impossible.  Did you know that the Holocaust wasn't ever discussed in Germany after WWII, and never taught about in schools, until the NBC miniseries about it (starring Meryl Streep) was shown on West German TV? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_(miniseries)

In January 1979, Holocaust aired in West Germany. With an estimated viewership of up to 15 million households, the miniseries turned out to be extremely popular during its initial airing, leading to an increased public interest in the crimes committed during the Nazi era. The series was watched by 20 million people, or 50 percent of West Germany's population, and it first brought the matter of the genocide during World War II to widespread public attention in a way that it never was before. After each part of Holocaust was aired, there was a companion show where a panel of historians could answer questions from people phoning in. The historian's panels were overwhelmed with thousands of phone calls from shocked and outraged Germans. The German historian Alf Lüdtke wrote that the historians "could not cope" as they were faced with thousands of angry phone-callers asking how these things could happen.[4] Subsequently the Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache named the term "Holocaust" as German Word of the Year.[5]


Not incompetence, a deliberate black hole.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

I’m just glad Meryl Streep was able to survive it.

She could have easily been one of the 67 billion killed by those animals.

Rex Andrus's picture

How could this happen? How could (((you))) publish these outrageous lies about us?

Jim in MN's picture

Thanks for missing the point.  (((Nitwit.)))  I'm an (((ordained))) Presbyterian deacon, incidentally.



Rex Andrus's picture

Don't blame me for your mistakes. You definitely don't have all the answers. Keep trying.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

it was LBJ, the Israelis and Jewish mob with, as always, non jewish confederates to provide the Gentile 'beard.'

Read Piper's book linked above.

During 9/11 Mexico's foreign minister oddly enough was a Jew.

There were a few reports about an attempted bombing in Mexico, on 9-11/01 suspects were a Mexican Jew and Israeli... they were quietly let go and story memory-holed...

Re ww2 "the myth of German villainy" is worth a read.

Jim in MN's picture

Hoover's role is most interesting to me.  Also, how Allan Dulles figures in....possibly Nelson Rockefeller as well. 

Certainly wouldn't be a surprise if the Israelis were involved.  But a big chunk of this appears to be anti-Communist paranoia combined with a simple lust for power.  Many ingredients in this stinking pot.


Posa's picture

Exactly... although really they are pretty sloppy... on really big stuff like the Gulf of Tonkin and Iraqi WMDs most (all?) or the citizens figured out none of these are on the level and real investigators come pretty close to nailing the lies and deceit (but of course no one pays the price for the treachery)

With JFK it was easy to smell a rat (JFK himself was reading Seven Days in May and  the movie came out near the time of the assassination so the idea of a military/ cabal coup was already in the air)... and any assassination that resorts to magic bullets, changing stories, bungling "lone assassins" with busted rifles etc... is pretty sloppy... Only the media echo chamber and blackmailing of legislators keeps the perps protected. Ditto fo 9/11 ... the details are all ther out in the open in government publications and key figures on YouTube.

Like this:


It's not the whole story, but a big chunk that shows Deep State perfidy


Rex Andrus's picture

It wasn't incompetence. Go back to sleep, cattle.

Hongcha's picture

Intriguing comparisons, JFK and Vegas. Query if LV was another rogue operation. We got the NY driver's ISIS conversion ... awfully quick. What about the LV patsy? They said he was ... where did that go?

The shooters in LV may have been the Rambos filmed walking through that other casino with their bandaleros and headbands ... they would be the "3 tramps" of LV.

insanelysane's picture

One of the comparisons that is the same is that the authorities set out to prove 1 shooter could have done it to "prove" that there were not multiple shooters.  This confuses the sheeple.


You can prove that there were multiple shooters if you can prove that Oswald couldn't have fired x shots in s seconds or that Paddock using a bump stock and those magazines couldn't have sustained continuous fire for 9 minutes without reloading and without having his weapon melt.

But proving a single shooter could have fired all these shots does not disprove there were multiple shooters even though this is the "proof" that is provided to "prove" single shooter theories.  

any_mouse's picture

They have you thinking there was a mass shooting in Vegas.

When the threads unravel and lead to nothing. Maybe there only is nothing there.

VWAndy's picture

 Its not incompetence kiddies. Its being done with intent thats easily proven.

 Did ya ever hear about the Nonsmoking gun theory? Thats the one where LHO gun did not work at all. Proving without any doubt he could not have killed JFK. Its in the official records if you read up on the gun tests it gets spelled out rather clearly.

VWAndy's picture

 It clearly implicates not just the FBI/CIA but pretty much the whole flippin government top to bottem.

VWAndy's picture

 Hey Moneybots! Lets dance! Bring ur friend Sosueme.

rlouis's picture

Great chart of the agencies!

The level of disconnect from reality is like watching a Fellini movie.  Thought I would see what the web could come up with...  here's #5 on someone's Fellini Top 10 list


Fellini's Roma (1972) – Probably one of the best examples of Fellini's fondness for the surreal. Roma has almost no plot, making it feel like snap shots of the city through the eyes of someone on a really weird acid trip. It's filled with huge pieces of Impressionistic art that range from stunning to all out frightening. It blends in elements of Fellini's own arrival in Rome as seen through the eyes of some of its most glamorous citizens.






konadog's picture

Hoover had the surgeon general's autopsy report showing that Kennedy had been shot multiple times. He had the limo with the bullet hole in the windshield. The cover up is called accessory after the fact. Congress should defund the FBI, shut it down and start over, but they won't because most of them are just as corrupt and compromised.

DjangoCat's picture

"Congress should..." trouble is, Congress looks to be subverted.  All bought out and blackmailed into submission.  It is not looking great.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

The biggest lie the CIA has spun on the US was a rather simple one.
But it was an important one, because it sure stuck.

That notion of...
The Conspiracy Theory.

Conspiracy is not a theory. It’s a fucking felony. And right now, that sleepy fuck Sessions should be passing out felonies 24x7.

Good news is...my spidey senses have been screaming something big has gone down. Something huge, just out of view.

Citizen G's picture

Good news is...my spidey senses have been screaming something big has gone down. Something huge, just out of view.

Well said, I think the same way. There are just way too many distractions right now and we all know the “M-O”. It may or may not have happened but there is something big looming.

Anybody with a functioning brain cell left knows that JFK shooting stinks to high heaven, it just doesn’t make sense and quite frankly seems impossible, just like building 7. I don’t need released documents to confirm it, I have common sense and the power of free thought.

VWAndy's picture

 They like to brag about these events. Its a bullies tactic.

VWAndy's picture

 They bragged about the screwing that was the federal reserve act too. It was clearly illegal from the start.

Bavarian's picture

So the cartoon Spy vs Spy  is based on real events (non-fiction).  The IC is a joke and should be shut down and thoroughly investigated with a resulting new charter (that they promote) of simply acquiring intelligence to keep the country safe.  No cowboy operations, illegal regime overthrows, and endless war narratives.  This needs to end if we are to have a country.  It's that simple.  Serious oversight and audits and justification for every penny spent.  No exceptions.  They work for US, not the other way around.  Somewhere along the way, this basic fundamental was lost...no help from Hollywood who props them up in some sick, twisted admiration for what they really are - a shadow government. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Bar,

Spy Vs. Spy. Begs the question. Has the Criminal CIA been hacking the NSA & vice versa? The implications in that scenario are gargantuan.

For now, the Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths at the CIA have been exposed. They cannot out right execute Trump. However, they'll continue to "Neutralize" their enemies accordingly for now.

SRV's picture

So Chuck, which one is it?

Incompetence or purposeful criminal behavior... ya can't have it both ways!

And isn't it a shock to anyone with a pulse it's the later... so help me with what point you're trying to make?

Ozymango's picture

Whaddya mean you can't have both incompetence and purposely criminal behavior? Of course you can have both incompetence and purposely criminal behavior, go check out your average mugshot list at your local police station, it's chock-a-block with incompetent criminals.

Mena Arkansas's picture

Although "officially" the FBI, CIA and NSA are working on behalf of the american people that is just another lie we have believed all our lives.

They are more like organized crime and work for themselves and their elite paymasters.

Phillyguy's picture

There is an excellent discussion of the Kennedy assassination in this book.

See- The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government by David Talbot; Link: www.amazon.com/Devils-Chessboard-Dulles-Americas-Government/dp/006227617...

VWAndy's picture

 Thanks CHS ill take it from here.

VWAndy's picture

 Nobody could have made LHO shot with a gun in that condition. The scope needed to be shimmed. The bolt action was fd. Its in the official records folks.

 That nobody official called BS is clear.

VWAndy's picture

 Whats really fn scary about this fact is we let it bounce off our collective heads. The government basically came right out and admitted it. Kinda rubbing our faces in it.

just the tip's picture

i have always thought there was a shot fired from the depository window, just not by oswald.  the shot fired was the "starter's pistol".  just for good measure it was fired at the target, but it was just the starter's pistol.

Chupacabra-322's picture

The agencies that are supposed to represent the people and enforce the law have morphed into political tools for the Democrats.  How are you going to get an agency like the FBI to investigate the Clintons when they are in on the scam? 

A score of senior and rank and file agents should have gone to prison for burning all those women and children to death in Waco.  The Clinton Administration gave those agents a pass, and in the process the Clintons purchased the undying support of the agency.  When the very tool you would use to bring down a criminal enterprise has been coopted by that enterprise, you better tread softly.

I am beginning to understand that we are at a tipping point.  People are beginning to grasp the import of agency lies about the assassination of President Kennedy.  It is clear now that the lies were not told to protect the public. 

They were told so that the coconspirators could perfect their coup.  Once the coup was completed successive generations of politicians were given the message.  That message was simple.  We the shadow government can kill anybody we choose.  Look what we did to Kennedy.  You either toe the line or you will send in the cleaners.  Those that would not kao tau to shadow rulers got to meet their John Hinckley or died under suspicious circumstances in some West Texas ranch.

( Doesn’t matter the Criminal alphabet Agencies, the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA have decades & Trillions invested over the decades planting “Agent Smiths” in all of them Pentagram MIC included.)

People are beginning to understand that they have been herded by acts of terrorism conducted by their own state.  The scenario of the lone shooter with spectacular marksmanship and fantastic kill rates has lost its credibility. Just another in a lone, long line of “book depository”False Flags.

Trump full well understands that he is in mortal combat with a sinister and entrenched oligarchy.  This is not their first rodeo and they are extremely dangerous.  He has to be sure of his footing before he takes his next step.  By the grace of God, he may just very well be able to pull back the curtain and expose these monsters.

If they manage to kill him, buckle up because any agency with federal in its title will have lost any claim to legitimacy.  The oligarchs tried to steal the election and that failed.  If they steal the election by killing the President, what follows next is a turkey shoot.

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

VWAndy's picture

 Both parties are in on it along with pretty much the whole government.

insanelysane's picture

So true.  The IRS was targeting the Tea Party groups and far left groups at the same time.  Both groups are dangerous to the status quo RNC and DNC.  If you look carefully you will see that the RNC isn't threatened by the DNC and vice versa but both groups have problems with factions of their own party.

just the tip's picture

i have never understood why no one has ever "talked".  yeah, they are, or can be, disposed of.  but something like this is a shadow gov't and it has got to be big.  and that means lots and lots of people.  and someone somewhere has had to have been slighted or pushed aside.  and he or she, in this day and age could release something more damaging than the kennedy papers.

VWAndy's picture

 Money plain and simple. People will do most anything for some fiats. Ask anyone thats been thru family court.

Galieo's picture


"A score of senior and rank and file agents should have gone to prison for burning all those women and children to death in Waco. "

LA_Goldbug's picture

The people that work for Spy Agencies are far too smart to be let off the hook by saying "they were incompetent". It is a serious business where very clever people are involved. The agencies like to make us think that they act like children when the light reaches their dank and dark secret corners.

Take a look and ask yourself the question "Why is that spot on JFK's head SO BLACK ?"


redmudhooch's picture

AIPAC eludes US law, part of international lobby for Israel


The most powerful and effective foreign-government lobby in Washington is so dominant that it has been able to avoid registering for the past 55 years. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was last confronted by FARA when its predecessor organization the American Zionist Council was pressured by John F. Kennedy’s Justice Department in 1962 and 1963. Kennedy’s death stopped that effort—and ended White House attempts to hold Israel accountable for the development of its secret nuclear weapons program (which depended on nuclear material removed illegally from the United States with the connivance of a company located in Pennsylvania called NUMEC).

AIPAC’s website declares that it is “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby,” so by its own admission it functions pretty clearly as Israel’s proxy. 

Lobbies exist to subvert the public interest. They promote particular agendas and are not intended to enhance the general well-being of the American public. Lobbyists would argue that they are in the information business, that they make lawmakers aware of facts that impact on pending legislation, but the reality is that every lobby is nevertheless driven by self-interest.

The power of the Israel Lobby and of AIPAC is not cost free for the American public. The current $3 billion plus that Israel, with a thriving first world economy, receives in military assistance is on top of the $130 billion that it has received since 1949.