What The Kennedy Assassination Records Reveal: Uncontrollable Incompetence

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Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Imagine Harvey Weinstein wielding a "top secret" stamp to block any exposure of the uncomfortable truth and you have the FBI, CIA and NSA.

One way to interpret the intelligence community's reluctance to let all the Kennedy assassination archives become public is that the archives contain evidence of a "smoking gun": that is, evidence that the intelligence agencies of the United States of America were complicit in the assassination of the President.

I think the agencies fear something larger: exposure of their gross incompetence, their "cowboy" recklessness and their disavowal of elected-civilian control. Their fear of this exposure is based on one simple fact: nothing's changed since 1963. They were unaccountable and incompetent then, and they remain unaccountable and incompetent now. The only difference is their funding has greatly increased.

We rarely get an insider's glimpse of the intelligence community's pettiness, hubris and incompetence. The Ministry of Propaganda is tasked with showing the NSA, CIA, FBI, et al. as super-competent, super-dedicated, and focused on defeating evil (which is always presented as unambiguously evil, i.e. anti-American.)

Although it's 30 years old, I still recommend this account of a top MI5 (U.K.) officer, SpyCatcher: The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer.

I've read many books on the intelligence community, but few (if any) reveal the inter-agency rivalries and bad blood that (as far as I can tell) still exist beneath a formal veneer of co-operation. The CIA and FBI were always envious of the NSA's SigInt (signal intelligence, i.e. eavesdropping), and so they've attempted to create their own versions, with laughably incompetent results in the case of the FBI's "Russians stole the election" inquiry.

The CIA was also envious of the Pentagon's Black Ops capabilities, so they created their own Black Ops division as well as SigInt capabilities. They also horned in on the FBI's monopoly on domestic spying in the 1970s; they wanted it all, and chose to create their own versions of the competing agencies.

Unfortunately for the nation, their petty rivalries, general incompetence and penchant for political vendettas, coups, assassinations, patsies, fall-guys, and other "cowboy" recklessness is vividly revealed by the Kennedy archives.

Rather than protect the nation, these unaccountable and uncontrollable agencies have endangered the nation behind their Iron Curtain of secrecy, a convenient cloak which masks their hubris, incompetence, pettiness and complicity in cover-ups of the truth that cannot be revealed to the American public lest it embarrass the powerful.

Imagine Harvey Weinstein wielding a "top secret" stamp to block any exposure of the uncomfortable truth and you have the FBI, CIA and NSA. Forget the smoking gun, look at the complicity in the cover-ups of incompetence and gross errors of judgment: no conspiracy or tin-foil hat required.

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optimator's picture

The Big Boss usually operates under a different set of rules, that' why he remains the boss.

Crazy Or Not's picture

> "

Since Watergate US assets will not be used in operations which may compromise their agencies. Mossad is unique due to the consistent relationships of US Govt. with State of Israel .... AND .... it's ability to mask operatives as Palesitinian / Palestinian sympathiser / Arab. 


Crazy Or Not's picture

Some glitch on ZH comments box. Lost some text above. I wanted to include a link to a PERMINDEX / DOPE Inc. reference - one of the first to indicate HENRY KISSINGER's involvement with Covert Black Ops funding. and the timely resignation of David Ben-Gurion blaming JFK threatening of Israels survival. 

hannah's picture

'Uncontrollable Incompetence'........the definition of government is 'controlled incompetance'. nothing the gov does is right. in fact the outcome is always the worst outcome possible..FOR THE MIDDLECLASS GROUPS.

any_mouse's picture

Now "Harvey Weinstein" is a meme to be attached to unrelated articles?

How about simply the CIA/FBI/et al. covering up their complicity and incompetence in working against the People?

Snout the First's picture

Of course every government at every level is grossly incompetent.  And yet the brainwashed fools somehow believe that government is capable of managing the planetary climate.  Madness.

GunnyG's picture

That the CIA missed the fall of the USSR should have been enough to shitcan them, purge the dross, and reorganize them. 

DjangoCat's picture

You are dreaming, man.  The CIA brought down the Soviet Union, and moved in to steal all the pieces, using Edmond Safra and Bill Browder as a economic hit men.  Harvard Endowment Fund and George Soros were right there with them.

The Money Plane, Delta out of New York to Moscow moved over $40 billion in newly printed cash to Russian Banks to finance the venture.


Norfry's picture

Agreed that the Smith article has some of the characteristics of yet another potentially and subtly disorienting and truth-fogging  'limited hangout' missive. It begins with the red-herring-esque misdirection feint towards candidate for disgusting topic of the month Weinstein - no doubt a remarkably 'successful' perverted piece of shit in his own right - as very-not-apt metaphor for those who publicly executed JFK and then achieved a permanent til now USA coup d'etat and police state which also facilitated the ambition of, and the commission of mass murder and destruction to achieve, an earth-enveloping tyrannical control system.

Then we proceed to the "reluctance" of the "intelligence community": this police state matrix of institutions is now a f**king Community?!? And fighting tooth and nail against public exposure of the redacted and possibly fictitious and incomplete stuff from half a century ago is deemed being "reluctant". I am reluctant to accept the word reluctant as apt, and am also reluctant to go out in the cold without warm clothing. 

And then we have the reference to the cliche "evidence of a smoking gun", which is circumlocution is this case to avoid writing that even the redacted release of the JFK archives threatens the matrix of the present day powers that should not be in the United States. 

And then there's the use of the word "complicit", which can be stretched a long ways away from those directly involved in the planning, perpetration and coverup (which included murdering a lot of other 'inconvenient' people) of the coup/assassination. Complicit can be stretched all the way to 'was somehow to some extent kind of involved'....

And then there's that seemingly inevitable fall back position: the acute embarrassment of having one's institutional incompetence on public display must be avoided at all cost! And so on....

But it could also be that Smith is innocent of any manner of complicity in the intelligence communities never ending attempt to avoid a smoking gun moment re JFK, and was merely asleep at the switch and just sort of ambled his way quite innocently into creating a what serves as a subtly misleading verbal paint by numbers moment. 

VWAndy's picture

 Or CHS knows that some of us will lay out the truth in the comments?

Ozymango's picture

Y'know, it's possible for the CIA to be both unhinged conspirators working to overthrow the free world, and also be dumber than a box of rocks. 

VWAndy's picture

 No its not. I can prove it with basic logic too.

LA_Goldbug's picture

It's possible that he has narrowed his range of information sources resulting in his opinion that "they are little kids". But there is so much information out there today that if one explores it long enough one is lead to the the conclusion that .... JFK was setup to be murdered.

The hit of the Century is done using a Carcano !!!! Yepp, the Best Rifle for the job. Oh yehhhhh. This is the old ploy where they are literally making fun of us little people by throwing in an absurdity to make the whole thing less sophisticated. The hit was made by a mad man. It's like that passport in New York rubble in 2001.

DjangoCat's picture

Right.  How was that not a slap in the face to any intelligent person.  They make fun of us.

cesar's picture

They are still making stupid shit up for the 'little' people:

All the 9-11 attackers were saudis yet they attack Iraq?????    Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!  Cheney: "We will in fact be greeted as liberators"

Absolutely no consequences for any of their lies & crimes.  Bush is now being rehabilitated by the press.

DjangoCat's picture

How about complicity in drug smuggling.  How much of the CIA budget is made from illicit activites?  If they were officially disbanded, would it make any difference?  Trump is not driving this train, someone else is and the CIA are their gofers.


Kyddyl's picture

Let me guess. You're around 50 or less. You weren't even born when this all happened. Some of us were in college then and the "conspiracy theory" works today today as it did then. I happen to think it was correct. Kennedy didn't want Viet Nam and all the goodies called drugs and profiteering made from. When you get back from your hitch in Afghanistan let me know what you think then. The Taliban was the one getting rid of the poppies.    

Norfry's picture

I'm much older than that, and the JFK coup sent big shock waves up here in Canada. Douglass's JFK and the Unspeakable one of the best books I have read on subject. Many others. An interesting little book, not that well known, is Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency. cheers.

cesar's picture

I have read that book as well. James W. Douglass is the author.  JFK and The Unspeakable:  Why He died and Why It Matters

There is a ton of detailed information in that book! (even if only half of it is correct then kennedy was undoubtedly killed by conspiracy)

BTW I was 9 years old when Kennedy was assassinated. I remember exactly where I was when told that the president was dead.  Somehow George Bush can't remember???

slickrick's picture

Stop the presses! Why did Trump work so hard to get this information released? Was he looking for an insurance policy?

wide angle tree's picture

At least they are not dumb enough to document the crimes. Government is God. Government is above the law.

A rope leash's picture

So, they have exposed themselves. Anybody that's paying attention knows now, and no one is impressed. The coup happened in November '63...we've been dupes for our most of our lives.

So now what? The government is controlled by an elite society of murderers and pedophiles, who have put on a televised puppet show for decades to keep us distracted. These folks have built a tremendous military and they have been sticking it up the world's ass for quite some time. We as a people have become accustomed to it, and Empire now just creates its own reality for dissemination to the ignorant masses, who continue to consume the lies as truth.


The Monster is exposed. Will that alone kill it, or will we trudge on as if it doesn't matter, because there's nothing you can do?


"Politics is the entertainment arm of military industrial complex" - Frank Zappa

Darth Rayne's picture

Excellent article. Quite a range of bizarre comments from the peanut gallery.

British Intelligence helped set up U.S. intelligence, has it ever occurred to anyone that we stitched you up? 

Anyway, yanks know best. Booyah! 

mrviolin22's picture

NY Terror….It's all about changing the news cycle. In this case they wanted to "memory hole" a couple things…Uranium 1 and Las Vegas….mission complete. Yes, I'm saying we have a stable of terrorists we control ….we send them out on missions….they may be told it's a "drill" but they can be terminated at any moment. 


They are easily planted, killed and used. Or allowed to live. News cycle controls the information. 

Gophamet's picture

Politics = Uncontollable Incompetence

Alananda's picture

Charles Hugh-Smith -- takes one to know one, I suppose. Or not. Either CH-S himself is incompetent to assess this "cons' piracy theory" or CH-S just burned himself as an "asset" of the Deep State, a limited hangout that exposes his own complicity. Given the information already available (see links in comments below and prior revelations (e.g., VeteransToday)), I cannot fathom why this putative "economist" published such drivel. Perhaps he tired of his calling. ZH does service if only to test one's ability to discern.

FredGSanford.'s picture

Charles Hugh Smith is senile. Not a bad dude but absolutely irrelevant. For example, dig. In 2011 he showed a chart of the DOW that he claimed was a ‘head and shoulders ‘ which proved that the market was in for a big correction 6 years later the DOW has doubled. He is senile

But he is a nice guy.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

The answer lies in us the people. The next time someone shrugs and says "it will never change" or "The government is too powerful"

Slap their face.

Yes. Slap their face.

We talk about guns and shit. Start with something non-violent. A slap to the face.

just the tip's picture

from the wiki page about the book this guy references, is an interesting tidbit that relates to present day actors.

The UK government attempted to halt the book's Australian publication. Malcolm Turnbull, later Prime Minister of Australia, represented the publisher that defeated the British government's suppression orders against Spycatcher in Australia in September 1987, and again on appeal in June 1988. The legal costs to the British Government was estimated at £250,000.[4]

i wonder if malcolm has been "turned"?

Kyddyl's picture

So many commentators here were not even born or were still in diapers when Kennedy was assassinated. Some of us were in college on that very day and there were very serious questions from the first. A a good number of the young men after Kennedy went on to enjoy the hospitality of South East Asia and haven't been the same since. Seems like Iraq and Afghanistan are having the same effects only there is no draft, yet. The poppies are still thriving after all these years... 

NumbersUsa's picture

A Must for true historical relevancy to be had : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrKaDpn80SI 

In.Sip.ient's picture

Never ascribe to conspiracy

that which is more fully explained

by stupidity.


Yup, another century and it still works...


sauldaddy's picture

There trying to hide something bigger????
How about the fact that kennedy wanted to reveal the existance of UFOs
That was so quickly remove from the zero hedge Website.


chickadee's picture

He should actually read the new records BEFORE giving an opinion on them. Headline is horseshit.

Trifecta Man's picture

Not incompetence.  Premeditated.

We were not duped.  They tried to mislead us.

el buitre's picture

I used to pay attention to CH Smith, even bought one of his books.  But he lost me on this one forever.  He is an idiot.  There was a huge group who wanted and conspired to murder Jack Kennedy.  The Joint Chiefs, the FBI, the Fed, the Rothschilds, LBJ, cross dresser J. Edgar Electrolux, Israel and the Mossad, the MIC, but first on the list was the group  he was going "to break into a thousand pieces" and its defrocked director - the CIA and Allen Dulles, and his local, on the scened  co-ordinater, I can't remember where I was on Nov. 22 1963, the arch Satanist George HW Bush.  Smith, take your incompetence and shove it up your ass. They scattered Kennedy's brains all over Deely Plaza and the sheeple let them get way with it.  Incompetence?  Smith reminds me of Ned Flanders.