13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

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Talking heads act like Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is fair, impartial and unbiased.

But the facts are a wee bit different ...

Failure to Aggressively Prosecute the BCCI Scandal

The BBC noted:

[Mueller] is also known for leading the probe into the 1991 collapse of the Luxembourg-registered Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

Williams Safire wrote in the New York Times:

The B.C.C.I. scandal involves the laundering of drug money, the illicit financing of terrorism and of arms to Iraq, the easy purchase of respectability and the corruption of the world banking system.


For more than a decade, the biggest banking swindle in history worked beautifully. Between $5 billion and $15 billion was bilked from governments and individual depositors to be put to the most evil of purposes -- while lawmen and regulators slept.


Now the fight among investigators is coming out into the open. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who gave impetus to long-contained probes, told a Senate subcommittee headed by Senator John Kerry that he is getting no cooperation from the Thornburgh Justice Department.


Justice's Criminal Division chief, Robert Mueller, tells me he will have a hatchet-burying session with the independent-minded D.A. next week, and vehemently denies having told British intelligence to stop cooperating with the Manhattan grand jury.

Mueller's handling of the BCCI scandal as the point man for the Justice Department was widely criticized.  As noted by a Senate report written by Senators Kerry and Brown:

Over the past two years, the Justice Department's handling of BCCI has been criticized in numerous editorials in major newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, reflecting similar criticism on the part of several Congressmen, including the chairman of the Subcommittee, Senator Kerry; the chief Customs undercover officer who handled the BCCI drug-money laundering sting, Robert Mazur; his superior at Customs, Commissioner William von Raab; New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau; former Senate investigator Jack Blum, and, within the Justice Department itself, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Dexter Lehtinen.


Typical editorials criticized Justice's prosecution of BCCI as "sluggish," "conspicuously slow," "inattentive," and "lethargic." Several editorials noted that there had been "poor cooperation" by Justice with other agencies. One stated that "the Justice Department seems to have been holding up information that should have been passed on" to regulators and others. Another that "the Justice Department's secretive conduct in dealing with BCCI requires a better explanation than any so far offered.




Under Assistant Attorney General Mueller, the Department assigned nearly three dozen attorneys to the case. During 1992, the Department brought several indictments, which remained narrower, less detailed and, at times, seemingly in response to the efforts of District Attorney Robert Morgenthau of New York, the Federal Reserve, or both




Suddenly, on August 22, Dennis Saylor, chief assistant to Assistant Attorney General Mueller, called Lehtinen and, according to the US Attorney, "indicated to me that I was directed not to return the indictment."

The Senate Report also noted:

While the Justice Department's handling of BCCI has received substantial criticism, the office of Robert Morgenthau, District Attorney of New York, has generally received credit for breaking open the BCCI investigation.




In going after BCCI, Morgenthau's office quickly found that in addition to fighting off the bank, it would receive resistance from almost every other institution or entity connected to BCCI, including at various times, BCCI's multitude of prominent and politically well-connected lawyers, BCCI's accountants, BCCI's shareholders, the Bank of England, the British Serious Fraud Office, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Squashing Warning Signs that May Have Stopped 9/11

Larry Klayman writes:

Robert Mueller first hit my radar ... just months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.




I came to meet and later represent FBI Special Agents Robert Wright and John Vincent, of the agency’s Chicago Counter-Terrorism Field Office. During our meeting, both Special Agents Wright and Vincent revealed to me that they had been conducting a counterterrorism investigation of Saudi money laundering into and in the United States, and they both believed that a massive terrorist attack was imminent.


In the course of this investigation, both special agents had asked a fellow FBI agent who was undercover, one of Muslim descent, to be wired to turn up further evidence of this terrorist operation. The Muslim agent refused, indignantly telling both Wright and Vincent that Muslims don’t spy and rat on other Muslims. In shock, my soon-to-be clients reported this to their supervisors at the FBI, but no action was taken. To make matters worse, Wright’s and Vincent’s FBI supervisors quashed their investigation. They both believed that the order to kill the investigation came from the highest reaches of the FBI, and, upset it not outraged by this cover-up, Wright then decided to write a book detailing this breach of FBI honor.


The only way I could explain this cover-up was that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller was sensitive to the ties between the family of President George W. Bush and the Saudi royal family.




Director Mueller, along with his “yes men” supervisors at the agency, not only quashed my clients’ investigation and ignored the disloyalty of the Muslim undercover agent, but then missed the warning signs leading up to September 11 – the biggest intelligence failure in American history, even surpassing Pearl Harbor.


But shamelessly, despite this historic intelligence failure and the World Trade Center terrorist attacks that ensued, Mueller later led an effort to drum both Special Agents Wright and Vincent out of the FBI, in part by attempting to remove their security clearances, as a “reward” for their candor.

FBI special agent – and a 2002 Time Person of the Year – Colleen Rowley points out:

The FBI and all the other officials claimed that there were no clues, that they had no warning [about 9/11] etc., and that was not the case. There had been all kinds of memos and intelligence coming in.

But overwhelming evidence shows that 9/11 was foreseeable. Indeed, Al Qaeda crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was itself foreseeable. Even the chair of the 9/11 Commission said that the attack was preventable.

Mueller was one of the people who dropped the ball and let 9/11 happen.

Allowing Escape of Saudi Persons Connected to Bin Laden

Right after 9/11, American airspace was closed down. Yet Mueller was one of the people who allowed relatives of Bin Laden and other persons of interest fly back to Saudi Arabia.

Entrapping Innocent People for P.R. Purposes

After dropping the ball, Mueller then went on to entrap innocent people for P.R. purposes.

And Rowley notes:

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Mueller directed the “post 9/11 round-up” of about 1,000 immigrants who mostly happened to be in the wrong place (the New York City area) at the wrong time.  FBI Headquarters encouraged more and more detentions for what seemed to be essentially P.R. purposes. Field offices were required to report daily the number of detentions in order to supply grist for FBI press releases about FBI “progress” in fighting terrorism. Consequently, some of the detainees were brutalized and jailed for up to a year despite the fact that none turned out to be terrorists.

9/11 Cover Up

Rowley says:

TIME Magazine would probably have not called my own disclosures a “bombshell memo” to the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry in May 2002 if it had not been for Mueller’s having so misled everyone after 9/11.

In addition, Rowley says that the FBI sent Soviet-style "minders" to her interviews with the Joint Intelligence Committee investigation of 9/11, to make sure that she didn't say anything the FBI didn't like. The chairs of both the 9/11 Commission and the Official Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 confirmed that government “minders” obstructed the investigation into 9/11 by intimidating witnesses (and see this).

Mueller's FBI also obstructed the 9/11 investigation in many other ways. For example, an FBI informant hosted and rented a room to two hijackers in 2000. Specifically, investigators for the Congressional Joint Inquiry discovered that an FBI informant had hosted and even rented a room to two hijackers in 2000 and that, when the Inquiry sought to interview the informant, the FBI refused outright, and then hid him in an unknown location. See this and this.

Harper’s notes:

Bob Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told me recently that Robert Mueller, then the FBI director (and now the special counsel investigating connections between Russia and the Trump campaign) made “the strongest objections” to Jacobson and his colleagues visiting San Diego.


Graham and his team defied Mueller’s efforts, and Jacobson flew west. There he discovered that his hunch was correct. The FBI files in California were replete with extraordinary and damning details …




Nevertheless, Mueller adamantly refused their demands to interview him, even when backed by a congressional subpoena, and removed Shaikh to an undisclosed location ‘for his own safety.’

Graham also wrote that the FBI also “insisted that we could not, even in the most sanitized manner, tell the American people that an FBI informant had a relationship with two of the hijackers.”

And Kristen Breitweiser - one of the four 9/11 widows instrumental in forcing the government to form the 9/11 Commission to investigate the 2001 attacks - points out:

Mueller and other FBI officials had purposely tried to keep any incriminating information specifically surrounding the Saudis out of the Inquiry’s investigative hands. To repeat, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and the Bush Administration to keep incriminating Saudi evidence out of the Inquiry’s investigation. And for the exception of the 29 full pages, they succeeded in their effort.

Iraq War

Rowley notes:

When you had the lead-up to the Iraq War … Mueller and, of course, the CIA and all the other directors, saluted smartly and went along with what Bush wanted, which was to gin up the intelligence to make a pretext for the Iraq War. For instance, in the case of the FBI, they actually had a receipt, and other documentary proof, that one of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, had not been in Prague, as Dick Cheney was alleging. And yet those directors more or less kept quiet. That included … CIA, FBI, Mueller, and it included also the deputy attorney general at the time, James Comey.


Rowley also points out:

Mueller was even okay with the CIA conducting torture programs after his own agents warned against participation. Agents were simply instructed not to document such torture, and any “war crimes files” were made to disappear. Not only did “collect it all” surveillance and torture programs continue, but Mueller’s (and then Comey’s) FBI later worked to prosecute NSA and CIA whistleblowers who revealed these illegalities.

Anthrax Frame-Up

Mueller also presided over the incredibly flawed anthrax investigation.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office says the FBI's investigation was "flawed and inaccurate". The investigation was so bogus that a senator called for an "independent review and assessment of how the FBI handled its investigation in the anthrax case."

The head of the FBI's anthrax investigation says the whole thing was a sham. He says that the FBI higher-ups "greatly obstructed and impeded the investigation", that there were "politically motivated communication embargoes from FBI Headquarters".

The FBI's anthrax investigation head said that the FBI framed scientist Bruce Ivins. On July 6, 2006, he filed a whistleblower report of mismanagement to the FBI’s Deputy Director pursuant to Title 5, United States Code, Section 2303, which noted:

(j) the FBI’s fingering of Bruce Ivins as the anthrax mailer; and, (k) the FBI’s subsequent efforts to railroad the prosecution of Ivins in the face of daunting exculpatory evidence.


Following the announcement of its circumstantial case against Ivins, Defendants DOJ and FBI crafted an elaborate perception management campaign to bolster their assertion of Ivins’ guilt. These efforts included press conferences and highly selective evidentiary presentations which were replete with material omissions.

In other words, Mueller presided over the attempt to frame an innocent man (and see this).

Unsure If Government Can Assassinate U.S. Citizens Living On U.S. Soil

Rather than saying "of course not!", Mueller said that he wasn't sure whether Obama had the right to assassinate Americans living on American soil.

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley commented at the time:

One would hope that the FBI Director would have a handle on a few details guiding his responsibilities, including whether he can kill citizens without a charge or court order.




He appeared unclear whether he had the power under the Obama Kill Doctrine or, in the very least, was unwilling to discuss that power. For civil libertarians, the answer should be easy: “Of course, I do not have that power under the Constitution.”

Crippled Investigations of Financial Fraud ... Helping to Allow the Great Recession

In a 2013 piece entitled "Mueller: I Crippled FBI Effort v. White-Collar Crime", the country’s top white collar crime expert, William Black – who put over 1,000 top S&L executives in jail for fraud, and is a  professor of law and economics at the University of Missouri - wrote:

The FBI never developed “an intelligence operation” “to analyze threats” of even epidemic fraud.




White-collar crime investigations and prosecutions are massive money makers that reduce the deficit, but Mueller, Holder, and Obama refuse to make these points and refuse to prosecute the elite bank fraudsters. On substantive and political grounds their actions are either inexplicable or all too explicable and support my readers’ belief that the FBI leadership no longer wants to investigate and prosecute the elite bank frauds.

This is important because:

(There are a lot of people more responsible for the Great Recession - and for lack of reform afterwards - than Mueller.   For example, Mueller's boss (the FBI is a part of the Department of Justice) made it more or less official policy not to prosecute financial fraud.   But this is another example of Mueller dropping the ball.

Spying on Americans

Mueller participated in one of the greatest expansions of mass surveillance in human history.

As we noted in 2013:

NBC News reports:

NBC News has learned that under the post-9/11 Patriot Act, the government has been collecting records on every phone call made in the U.S.

On March 2011, FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee:

We have put in place technological improvements relating to the capabilities of a database to pull together past emails and future ones as they come in so that it does not require an individualized search.

Remember, the FBI - unlike the CIA - deals with internal matters within the borders of the United States.

On May 1st of this year, former FBI agent Tim Clemente told CNN's Erin Burnett that all present and past phone calls were recorded:

BURNETT: Tim, is there any way, obviously, there is a voice mail they can try to get the phone fcompanies to give that up at this point. It’s not a voice mail. It’s just a conversation. There’s no way they actually can find out what happened, right, unless she tells them?


CLEMENTE: “No, there is a way. We certainly have ways in national security investigations to find out exactly what was said in that conversation. It’s not necessarily something that the FBI is going to want to present in court, but it may help lead the ainvestigation and/or lead to questioning of her. We certainly can find that out.


BURNETT: “So they can actually get that? People are saying, look, that is incredible.


CLEMENTE: “No, welcome to America. All of that stuff is being captured as we speak whether we know it or like it or not.”

The next day, Clemente again appeared on CNN, this time with host Carol Costello, and she asked him about those remarks. He reiterated what he said the night before but added expressly that “all digital communications in the past” are recorded and stored:


NSA whistleblowers say that this means that the NSA collects "word for word" all of our communications.

Colleen Rowley writes:

Mueller’s FBI was also severely criticized by Department of Justice Inspector Generals finding the FBI overstepped the law improperly serving hundreds of thousands of “national security letters” to obtain private (and irrelevant) metadata on citizens, and for infiltrating nonviolent anti-war groups under the guise of investigating “terrorism.”

Covering Up for Turkish Terrorists

Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator who has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups, who the ACLU described as "The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America", and who famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”, says that Mueller covered up a Turkish terror network.

Gagging Whistleblowers

Edmonds also said that Mueller gagged her and other whistleblowers.


Rather than being "above the fray",  Mueller is an authoritarian and water-carrier for the status quo and the powers-that-be.

As Coleen Rowley puts it:

Mueller was chosen as Special Counsel not because he has integrity but because he will do what the powerful want him to do.

Mueller didn’t speak the truth about a war he knew to be unjustified. He didn’t speak out against torture. He didn’t speak out against unconstitutional surveillance. And he didn’t tell the truth about 9/11. He is just “their man.”


It’s sad that political partisanship is so blinding and that so few people remember the actual sordid history.

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I am Groot's picture

Mongo only pawn... in game of life.

Posa's picture

Mueller's role in FBI coverups especially the Bureau's OPERATIONAL ROLE in the 9/11 Terror Spectacle are even worse than what GW has documented about Mueller's stashing away the FBI informant Abdussattar Shaikh  from Congressional investigators . Shaikh  was providing logistical support with the Saudi agents to the alQ hijackers in San Diego.

But it doesn't end there. The FBI was also carefully surveilling the Sarasota, Fl cell led by M. Atta... of course the Feds (under Mueller) denied knowing a thing about it, but under a FOIA and investigation by Sen Bob Graham, the Feds were exposed as liars... and tangentially, the FBI were providing protection to the al Q hijackers for almost 18 months before 9/11

"Next the FBI said it had no written records—a claim the judge also dismissed, after Graham filed an affidavit saying he had already seen two reports from the investigation. Eventually, the FBI produced 80,266 pages of records, which contain information about Sarasota and other investigations and are now in the custody of Judge Zloch, who has been reviewing them, under conditions of intense security, for the last two years."


What all this measn is that the Feds were watching alQ hijackers party with KSA royally connected family members in Sarasota, did nothing to interfere, and then CONCEALED what they knew-- (even though the AG and the CIA were telling Bush an attack was imminent in the summer of 2001)... and then lied they ever knew anything.

This nefarious stuff goes on year after year, decade after decade... led by the likes of Mueller ... political assassinations, rigged elections, fake impeachment movements, coordinated terror attacks, and psy-war directed at the hapless American people...




Griffin's picture

When a special prosecutor was selected in Iceland to investigate coruption within the banks and fiancial/political sector, a sheriff from a small town called Akranes was selected.

That guy was sqeeky clean, with no connectins to any scumbags of any sort.

It is a poor decision to select someone as controversial as Mueller for this task, since his personal history will taint the investigation and all findings related to it.


I am Groot's picture

Deep State Hiring Qualificaions: I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

That's the idea. Yet another "investigation" will steered to its obfuscated conclusion. The US is a totalitarian state, albeit shiny and cute, so nothing incriminating leads anywhere. The whole game is rigged, again very believably. Mind you, the audience is so dulled it will accept anything that doesn't require critical thinking.

I note the sentence early on, "missed the warning signs leading up to September 11 – the biggest intelligence failure in American history, even surpassing Pearl Harbor." Neither event was a failure of intelligence. Both events were known beforehand and allowed to happen. The Japanese helped out in 1941, but in 2001 the Americans had to get their own hands dirty. Is everyone blind?

Posa's picture

Well that's the only way you get the answers the Deep State is looking for... and Mueller is Deep

ChaoKrungThep's picture

Deep State already know the Answers. Mueller is there to provide the appropiate Questions. A few patsies will be sacrificed to maintain the illusion. Reminds one the Warren Commission constructing the JFK narrative.

bshirley1968's picture

Great research GW, but the ONLY thing you need to know about this guy.......he was director of the FBI.   You don't get there with our being an authoritarian, tyrannical yes man who is willing to crush anyone and their liberties for the greater good of the elites.

kikk's picture

War is when your government tell you who the enemy is.

Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

Not enough Americans have figured it out yet.

QIG's picture

Mueller is a political operative of the New World Order, a "commander" in that army. And, he is the closest we have these days to a Universal Church inquisitor. If this were the 1200's he would be collecting testimony via the rack. He even looks the part.

The only way he will be stopped is to stop him. He will never stop trying to cleverly make a way forward for impeachment, if he can. It is a full court press against the one hope as Americans we have to get our country back. If we cannot defeat him, then we deserve to be slaves.

Now they are trying to use Donna Brazil to "elevate" BIDEN as a replacement candidate for the next Peresidential Election. Yes, that same Biden who is missing part of his brain and likes to fondle youngsters at picture sessions in DC.

We need the justice department to work or we will never be rid of these parasites in America.

dvfco's picture

Maybe we need to import our Special Prosecutors & Investigators from Iceland.

I guarantee we wouldn't need translators and every single one of them would be more honest than anyone with a gov't job in DC.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

The Justice Dept - DEA, FBI, ATF - is about as straight as a dog's hind leg - add in the DNI, with its spying tentacles, and only a fool would believe anything they say. The game is over. Put up with it, or leave. 

LotUnsold's picture

"would be collecting testimony via the rack" made me laugh. :)

bh2's picture

"Muslims don’t spy and rat on other Muslims"

Precisely why none can be trusted.

Just as Mueller has said there will be no investigation of the FBI  ("a non-starter") and therefore also cannot be trusted.

Is-Be's picture

Mueller's actions are consistent with my model of 911.

The MIC did not stop the preannounced demonstration because they were powerless to do so.

They called in their friends the Israelis and the Saudis to concoct cover stories.

There is something out there dickheads, that they are very afraid of.

bardot63's picture

I'm still pissed at how Sessions has handled this since taking the AG spot.  What this all comes to is Jeff Sessions is either 1) a fucking idiot or 2) joined the Trump train initially to sabatoge Trump, or 3) was bought off or blackmailed after Trump named him AG.   Sessions did not serve this country by recusing hiimself and paving the way for Mueller to run a black ops on the Trump administration. Plus, Sessions just looks like a fucking wimp.

Maybe Trump has skeletons, but Russia is not one of them.  Trump would do well to fire Sessions and the next 50 ranking FBI/Justice people and start over.

dvfco's picture

I understand the common feeling on Sessions.  My only thought & hope is that he might be the only honest one in Justice.  By completely removing himself from Russia, Russia, Russia, he's overseen the arrests of thousands of pedophiles nationwide.  He's also been part of bringing down MS-13.  If youve been to Suffolk County, Long Island you'd see how important that is - and the importance of arresing pedophiles goes without saying.

I believe he may be keeping quiet in whatever investigations he has underway.  This is the way Justice should be run.  

This is the only time I've ever just let my faith in the decency and intelligence of the man tell me he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

He's also the only member of the Trump team to have had so public a spat and remain in offie months later.  I think it was a show to make it look like Trump & Sessions don't communicate.  I;d guess they are 100X closer than anyone reallly knows.

Trumps & Sessions know they are working under Deep State coup conditions.  I think they, along with ''Trump's Generals' may be the only thing keeping him in office.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

You don't get it? There's no starting over because it's all the same. The next vaudeville govt will simply have different actors, but the story's always the same. People actually believe the US has two political parties, that's how blind they are. 

Chris88's picture

In all candor, have you ever heard Jeff Sessions speak?  I don't mean his goofy hick accent as entertaining as it might be, I mean actually hear him talk?  He's a fucking retard.  The guy is failed lawyer that immediately became a tax eater and never looked back, never had a private sector job, just a total simpleton who has skated by doing nothing.  I'm unsure of why you're surprised.

outofnowhere's picture

Mueller is dirty trash, but he had help. Those dirty-trash helpers who assist in the cover-up deserve the death penalty as much as Mueller. Not enough Americans are hungry enough, yet, to start a revolution to remove those criminals in power, and  DOJustice 'ain't' gonna do it. A military coup?... yeah right.

Stud Duck's picture

The author failed to mention he was in charge of the coverup/white wash of Ruby Ridge and the murder of Randy Weaver's wife!

bardot63's picture

Would not surprise me to learn Mueller had Seth Rich murdered.

alexcojones's picture

Thanks George. Brilliant beyond belief.

Keep hammering the scum and scammers

broke-but-hopeful's picture

Mueller is the deep state's hit guy and has been part of most of the fake investigations of crimes, horrors and financial crimes against our America for over 20 years.  He gets the call when misdirection and a whitewash job is needed to protect the elite, foreign and domestic who really run the world.  The swamp is hard to drain.

NumbersUsa's picture

Tell us the jew supremacists don't have incredulous control and ability to destroy whomever gets in their jew supremacist way ! 

The jew Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller (servant of the jew) to serve as special counsel

On July 7, the jewish Daily Forward revealed that Robert Mueller has hired three jew attorneys, Andrew Goldstein, Aaron Zelinsky and Andrew Weissmann to assist him in the case.

jew senators Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein applauded Robert Mueller appointment. Schumer even warned Donald Trump of “cataclysm” if he tried to pressure Justice Department to dismiss Mueller. I’m sure, Schumer knows that Trump’s attorney-general Sen. Jeff Sessions is a known israel First and Islamophobe.

jew Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, also said in a statement that Mueller's appointment is "a good first step" and said that "there's no better person who could be asked to perform this function. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HWxKahieBY&t=21178s  Epiphany Max, A Life Changer !!! 

broke-but-hopeful's picture

Numbers guy, yes the names you listed above are people who act to wreck America and put their interests above the law and Constitution but I don't think it's due to what religion they may follow.  I think they have signed on due to a personal lack of ethics, morals money and a hunger for evil power.  Much of our western civilization's respect for good behavior, rational thinking, respect for the individual and belief in one wise God springs from the Jewish religion.  I am an evangelical Christion, we honor and respect all good Jewish people.

TheReplacement's picture

He's just saying that it is rather amazing that such a small percentage of the population controls such a large percentage of the positions of real power and commit such a high percentage of the worst crimes against this nation and its people.  This is in contrast with the small percentage of people who represent a huge percentage of the population who commit similar and related offenses.

What is amazing is that they still have you evangelical Christians believing they are in any way related to the Israelites of the bible.  They are not.  Those people are long gone, having been dispersed and absorbed by other peoples and nations.  Look in your bible for those who present themselves falsely as the chosen people.  What does it say about them?  What does it say about you?  Does it say anywhere in the bible that evangelichal Christians should support and indeed follow anyone who claims to be the chosen ones? 

SmittyinLA's picture

Wait until congress looks at the Bridgewater fee schedule

seataka's picture

The only crime is being broke


SmittyinLA's picture

You forgot Jamie Gorelick treason coverup, Jamie was on the SLB board.


Six years of treason ADMITTED to by her own company in a deal crafted by her own minions, and the USDOJ omitted Jamie.

Jamie's own corruption hung herself out to dry.

Upside with Berghdahl off treason now gets a pass.

bamawatson's picture

thank you for mentioning cunt gore-lick

she was, maybe still is, KUSHNER'S attorney

Lumberjack's picture

I often wonder about Hillary’s two brothers, Tony and Hugh…


...The visa flap is far from the first instance in which Tony Rodham or his brother Hugh embarrassed their big sister. In 1999, the brothers organized a company to harvest and sell hazelnuts from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, and came to be seen as too friendly with a political rival of the country’s president, Eduard A. Shevardnadze, a strong American ally.


The Rodhams, Back in Georgia
By David Ignatius

Wednesday, December 29, 1999; Page A27

Despite assurances last September that they would withdraw from an embarrassing business venture that involved harvesting hazelnuts in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, the first lady's brothers, Hugh and Tony Rodham, were back in the Georgian port city of Batumi this month.


aliens is here's picture

I don't need to know anything more about this asshole Muller. One look at him you know he is a fucking crook. Trump needs to find a way to investigate this asshole Muller.

aliens is here's picture

I don't need to know anything more about this asshole Muller. One look at him you know he is a fucking crook. Trump needs to find a way to investigate this asshole Muller.

KekistanisUnite's picture

My faith just been shattered when Trump announced Jerome Powell a Keynesian who lied about Ron and Rand Paul's audit the fed legislation as his Fed chair appointment. If he goes hard after Mueller then maybe I'll be more restored in my faith.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Do you know how 'your faith" somehow got tied up with the actions of Donald J Trump?

How tragic.  Is there a pill you can take?

Or just electroshock therapy?  

We'll be happy to #gofund you.

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Up yours libturd.

YOU LOST which makes you a LOSER.

Stick that up your ass and twirl.

Almost forgot, Kum-bay-ya loser !

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Your mom told me your panties look like the floor of a slaughterhouse.

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I put them in a double ziplock bag to mail to you just like you asked.

You probably moved from Fire Island Pimes back to Key West. Wait a minute. Your entire Florida wardrobe must be at the dry cleaners from hurricanes Irma. Now you don't have a thing to wear to the transsexual Ball.
You poor thing.

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Keep talkin' sponge gums it feels good.

RightLineBacker's picture

President Trump!

Shut down the fucking Mueller clown show and fire all of the existing FBI leadership NOW. Use the Military if necessary.

If you wait, you and all honest US Citizens will live in a lawless USA for the foreseeable future.

Chupacabra-322's picture

We’re living in an absolute, complete, open in your Faces

Tyrannical Lawless

one now.

FGopher's picture

When Robert Mueller was the Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston, he worked diligently to keep four innocent men in prison for a murder commited by an FBI informant.

"Albano was appalled that, later that same year, Mueller was appointed FBI director, because it was Mueller, first as an assistant US attorney then as the acting US attorney in
Boston, who wrote letters to the parole and pardons board throughout the
1980s opposing clemency for the four men framed by FBI lies. Of course, Mueller was also in that position while Whitey Bulger was helping the FBI cart off his criminal competitors even as he buried bodies in shallow graves along the Neponset.“Before he gets that extension,’’ Mike Albano said, “somebody in the Senate or House needs to ask him why the US Attorney’s office he led let the FBI protect Whitey Bulger.’’


dogismycopilot's picture

They forgot to mention his role in the Waco BBQ of 70+ humans.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Little Jimmy Carter was deeply involved in the BCCI scandal .... habitat for terrorism ?

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Leftists are in a state of "perma-consternation" for the way the free world overwhelms the pathetic socialist world .... I especially love it .... when freedom's trailer park trash .... creams the socialist elite .... we are playing "with half our brain tied behind our back" .... as Rush would say .... I relish the day when when we unleash our pit bulls on the scum ?


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Wow. I hear he also invented cancer and ebola, personally raped all the Sabine women, and tipped Atlantis into the sea.  He personally invaded Iraq, tortured civilians, and flew the Ben Laden family home from the States after 9-11 on his private jet (which he stole from an orphanage for abused white christians).

Poor Bush Jr., Obama, and Trump.  Powerless against such an evil man as Mueller.  I guess this was all secret information up until now or Trump would have raised these points when Mueller was appointed special counsel.


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Wow.  Pulitzer Prize winning sarcasm.  +0.5

Mueller is the quintessential team player.  And when that team is the 'deep state', we don't

know whether to commit suicide or grease our butt holes.  Bush gave him Hoover's job and

Obama asked him to stay on until the entrapment issue of the Boston Marathon was settled

and Ibragim Todashev was dead after having attacked 4 armed FBI agents and 2 Mass State

Troopers with a table or a stick or some other imaginary WMD.  His body had 6 or 7 bullet

holes in it one for each of the force who were there.  "All for one; one for all." 


Looking at Mueller from the deep state perspective, he's just a guy who believes in the 'team'

more than he believes in the (majority) greedy, selfish, ignorant citizens who now populate the US.


The only Americans who respect the 'deep state' are the members of the 'inner party' and you 

won't find too many writing comments at ZH.  Or, if they are, they're probably full of rumors 

and false news.  And sarcasm.